– Bin Laden’s kidney stones.

– Bin Laden’s kidney stones.

– Gotta love them Texans: The “harshest right-wing station” in Texas (yow, that’s frightening) is raising money not to feed Afghan children but to buy a bomb! [Via Romenesko]

– I’m fascinated by stories about what’s left standing below Ground Zero (perhaps because that’s the part of the WTC I saw every day). Here’s the narrative from Dan Rather‘s 60 Minutes II report from down there tonight.

– Osama to his cultists: Fire at will.

– Waiting until spring for the big attack?

Star-Ledger: Government “backed away from their insistence that the general public is not at risk.”

– Our buddy Blair: “I am completely confident we will get the mass murderer Osama bin Laden, of that I have absolutely no doubt.”

– A tip of the Former Pacifist baseball cap to Matt Welch for baiting me to make the charitable calculation below.