New name — Warlog: World

New name — Warlog: World War IIICheney on this war: “It may never end — at least, not in our lifetime.”

– Another appropriately edgy Maureen Dowd column: “Many government officials here do not yet have a grip on an enemy etched in disappearing ink. Washington is rife with contradictory signals. The White House urges us to go out while Dick Cheney is under wraps. Congress urges us to stay calm and go about our business while the entire House takes a powder at the first sign of powder. We are supposed to shop till we drop, literally, as the F.B.I. and C.I.A. warn of major attacks at any moment. The capital is the heart of confusion.”

– Interview with Clash of Civilizations‘ Huntington: “Instead of the West versus the rest, could the clash become Islam versus the rest?”

– Britain’s plans for biowar.