– Rousing Julie Burchell rant

– Rousing Julie Burchell rant on Islamofascists … Booker Prize winner Peter Carey’s letter from New York.

NY Post victim: “ANTHRAX THIS!” … The National Enquirer: “Evacuated, medicated, dedicated!” … Anthrax in Rio … in Argentina … in Kenya

– Striking Spiegel cover: The wounded city.

– Well-done Al-Ahram on the squeeze on Sharon and Arafat.

– Islam Online finds anti-bin-Laden sites.

– The Egyptian view of Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations (below). More against Clash. Moderates say there is no clash. That’s not what Bin Laden and the Ayatollah say. Yes, there is a clash of civilizations; the only question is whether we are civilized enough to get past it.

– Sell Creamora stock.