– NY Post calls Congress

– NY Post calls Congress “Wimps.” On the one hand, I can sympathize with these “wimps,” turning into one myself. On the other hand, the symbolism of shutting down the Capitol is too virulent today; they should have decided to hold committee meetings in local hotels or TGIFridays; they should have said they were keeping moving with business as usual in spite of the fright. They should have asked themselves: “What would Rudy do?”

– Bin Laden’s mom. His dad. His shrink.

– Geologist reads the rocks behind bin Laden in his video; says he knows where the culprit is.

– Dan Rather as Churchill… From the CNN caption: “Anchor Dan Rather says ‘our biggest problem is not anthrax,’ but fear.”

NY Times joins the Post (and me and half the country) complaining about the government’s uncoordinated response to anthrax. The LA Times jumps on the pile.

Three Mile Island receives “credible threat.”

Putin is said to tell Russians not to come to the U.S. because of terrorist attacks; Gorbachev cancels speaking tour.

– One down: Report says one bin Laden crony killed.

Times of London big graphic on anthrax.

Who’s Who of terrorist groups around the world from the Independent.