So far, they’ve hit (1)

So far, they’ve hit (1) business, (2) the military, (3) media, (4) government. What’s next? We shudder to imagine. Entertainment? Commerce?

– Anthrax info: CDCJAMAHHSWebMD CBS HealthwatchDr. Koop

– Washington Post: More justified criticism of the government’s handling of the anthrax attack.

– So the FBI said they didn’t see a connection until now. But the letters made reference to 9/11 and said “Death to Israel” and “Allah is Great.” Bozos.

– Today’s ridiculous anthrax scares: incense and tampons.

Iron your mail to kill anthrax? DEBUNKED.

– First, smoke alarms. Then carbon monoxide alarms. Now, in Jane’s, chem-bio detectors.

Maureen Dowd wigs out. I don’t blame her. So am I.

– Iranian radio says our troops are in Afghanistan [via Times of India].

– WWIII will be “between the West and the rest of the world,” says the security chief of Indonesia.

– Today’s idiotic overreaction: Robert Altman says that moviemakers (of which he is one) inspired the massive violence of 9/11 and they should be ashamed of themselves. What a crock from the old coot. The people who did this hate and decry American culture; they didn’t grow up watching it; they’re foreigners! And besides: I thought Nashville as an overrated bore.