Is it too soon for

Is it too soon for humor? Yes, unless it’s at the expense of our enemies. So it was risky — perhaps even incredibly stupid — for humor site The Onion to take on terror. But, amazingly, they mange it. Among the headlines:

– Rest Of Country Temporarily Feels Deep Affection For New York

– God Angrily Clarifies ‘Don’t Kill’ Rule

– President Urges Calm, Restraint Among Nation’s Ballad Singers

– Even the TV listings are funny.

Thanks. we needed that.

Call Bill Maher incredibly stupid — he deserves that and oh, so more after saying on Politically Incorrect that America is “cowardly” for lobbing missiles from 2,000 miles away while the terrorists who stayed in the jets were “not cowardly.” Incredibly stupid, insensitive, arrogant, idiotic, offensive… words fail in the face of such brainlessness. Network executives, sponsors, an army of columnists, and even the White House are attacking him and he deserves every slap. But I stop short of wanting to see his show canceled just because he said something offensive. We’ve gotten carried away with the power of offense in recent years: Anytime anyone says anything offensive, it’s the highest sin demanding the highest punishment. That’s not what we’re really about. We’re all smart out here in the audience; we can tell an idiot when we see one and we all know Maher is an idiot. We don’t need anyone to protect us from that; we can turn the channel ourselves. So maybe we won’t watch. Maybe his show will die of its own weight. Fine. But let’s not do anything to damage our right to free speech. That’s what we’re fighting for.