It wasn’t just Muslims who

It wasn’t just Muslims who were offended by the choice of Operation Infinite Justice as our military moniker for this war; my sister the Christian theologian found it offensive as well; many say it’s God who has the final, infinite justice. Even Pravda complained (mocking it as Operation Infinite Arrogance, Operation Infinite Hubris, Operation Unlimited Chutzpah). So now we have a new name: Enduring Freedom. Or you can pick your own.

Thanks to Jim Romenesko for the link to The NY Observer and the link (isn’t the Web grand) to an incredible Israeli site on terrorism and intelligence: Debka.

Never did like Starbucks anyway. The bozos charged rescue workers for frigging bottled water to treat shock victims.

From The Guardian: “A branch of the coffee chain Starbucks charged New York rescue workers for water to treat victims of the suicide attack on the World Trade Centre, it emerged today.Ambulance workers were forced to scramble in their pockets for money to pay a $130 (£88) bill for three cases of water used to treat victims for shock after the twin towers collapsed.”

I’m hoping this is the end not only of the age of irony but also of the age of coffee.