Rudy Guliani on Letterman (thanks

Rudy Guliani on Letterman (thanks to Ken Layne for the link to the video): “These cowardly terrorists tried to separate us, tried to frighten us and what they achieved in doing is unifying America more than it has ever been unified before.” Rudy knows. A few of my colleagues noticed yesterday that the fever to fly the American flag is universal: Ethnic and immigrant groups that didn’t do so before or that flew their native flags higher are now embracing Old Glory as their own. We are one.

Hollywood is suddenly rushing to protect us from reality. That’s the last thing we need. Instead of delaying movies with megatonnage they should be showing more of them. That’s the way it worked in WWII; that’s the way it will work in WWIII. If I were a network programmer (an ongoing fantasy) I’d be scheduling Kick Ass Week: the best of Schwarzenegger and Willis. What America needs now is something to cheer at. America needs adrenalin. America needs victories.

New Jersey is freaky, too, these days: The NY Post dubbed Jersey City TERROR TOWN on Sunday (that’s where I work, a block from all the action). And today, The Star-Ledger finds that the terror pilots rented planes here for practice runs at Manhattan. They were our neighbors.

Meanwhile, racial profiling returns to NJ with a different target. Is anybody going to argue?