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City AM, a new, free paper in London aimed at the financial district, has just started a podcast with a twist or two. First, they call it City PM, which means that they expand their service and brand into another daypart. When they registered that name, some thought they’d producing a second edition of the paper. But, instead, they’re producing a show; they’re thinking past their medium. And instead of just downloading these podcasts (I can’t find the site where I could), they’re ‘casting them through the air via bluetooth:

It is now launching the podcast via mobile using Bluetooth technology targeting homeward-bound business commuters using London’s Liverpool Street and Waterloo stations. Under a deal struck with outdoor specialist Titan, the “transvision” screens in both stations will run a 15-second commercial for the service, every two minutes from 5.30pm to 7.30pm daily. The ad will air 45 times a day.
The five-minute podcast can be delivered to 150 mobile phones simultaneously.

That may be geekgimmick or it may be a sensible way to distribute ‘cast content in an unwired world.

Another overdue recommendation: Filme und So

Here’s another overdue recommendation: One of my favorite podcasts from two of my favorite podcasters — Filme und So (translation: movies and stuff) — is now in video, as I hoped it would be. Fans of Annik Rubins and her most charming voice from her other podcast, Schlaflos in München, can now see her award-winning dimpled smile. Cohost Timo Hetzel has produced a simple and shorter versin of the audio podcast and I like the added connection it gives us with both of them. They know how to podcast well by being informative and casual but still professional and just slick enough. OK, so most of you won’t be able to understand a word (and I can’t understand every word) but I use them as a model for what podcasts and vlogs can be.

: I also just saw that Annik Rubins has a podcasting book from O’Reilly (auf Deutsch).

: And more: Annik held a contest to come up with a podcasting logo. I like it.

Geek Martha

Alex Albrecht, costar of Diggnation, has just premiered his new cooking show for geeks with the greatest title alive: Ctrl+Alt+Chicken (download it there or watch it, free, via iTunes).

It’s a hoot and a half. He and his girlfriend (I think), Heather Stewart, try to make chicken cordon bleu but fail spectacularly. It ends up burned on the outside and perilously raw on the inside. But it’s still fun watching them and, if you care, you do get the recipe. The show goes just a touch over the top when actors must act in a sketch moment near the start. It’s best when they’re just having fun in the kitchen and, in the great tradition of the Galloping Gourmet before he found the wagon, they’re getting sloshed on wine. The couple thing works. So does the honesty. As they’re melting fat and more fat in a pot and they get rather disgusted at this, Alex says in a cooking show, “This is why people don’t cook. Becuase you look at it while it’s cooking and you don’t want to eat it.” Heather says, “It takes forever and my pizza would have already been here.” They’re planning an episode when they just eat the cold pizza. Now that is cooking for geeks.

Note well that this isn’t just people sitting and talking to the camera. They’re actually doing something. They’re entertaining. They made a show. And they showed the world. They did it without studios or executives or networks. Welcome to the future of TV. I like it.

Media on media in media

Media Guardian, where I am proud to write a column, has started a podcast. Here’s the first episode (MP3), with my editor, Matt Wells, as host. I’ll be listening in the car in the a.m.

A whole lot of monkey news

Having been sent into podcast orbit by the Guardian, Ricky Gervais is now planning to charge for his show via Audible. Hmmm. I enjoyed it but I’m not sure I’d buy.

All the world’s a podcast

NPR has a new directory with tons of public-radio podcasts. I just with This American Life was on it. It’s the only thing I still subscribe to via Audible but I never go get the shows because it’s such a pain in the ass.

Dr. Podcast

Harvard Medical School is putting its lectures on podcasts. And here’s a list of medical podcasts.

Monkey news!

The Ricky Gervais podcast has passed 2 million downloads:

“Usually, in order to be heard by millions of people you have to do a show on Radio 1 or Radio 2,” said Gervais. “The problem is, those stations expect you to be competent and professional. We had to find a way around that.” …

“To have such a huge success with a podcast so early in the medium’s development is enormously encouraging,” said Emily Bell, the editor in chief of Guardian Unlimited.

“Guardian Unlimited’s approach to podcasting, as with all new opportunities that the internet opens, is that we want to challenge assumptions and exceed expectations of what a newspaper website is and what it can deliver.”

Challenge assumptions, indeed.

: And by the way, a great new line from Pilkington delivering monkey news in the latest ‘cast: “A chimp off the old block.”