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Media on media

I, too, will be on Reliable Sources at 10:30 to talk about the death of networks or some such.

: LATER: I kept harping on how CNN is a fool not to put up Howie’s show afterwards so we can watch it or find it on YouTube (for a far younger demo!) or on our blogs.

Proving the point, Ian Schwartz put up the video.

Explaining it all

Peter Day at the BBC’s In Business delivers an in-depth, half-hour show on how blogs, et al change media and business. Day interviewed me (twice, thanks to damned technology) at We Media in London and I haven’t enjoyed an interview that much in quite some time. Maybe that’s just because he let me blather. But I think he does a good job of stringing it all together. Here‘s the MP3. [via Hugh]

Media on media

Going to be on Howie Kurtz’s Reliable Sources on CNN at 10a today dishing Couric.

Aw, shucks

Jon Friedman writes a too-kind profile of little ol’ me at Marketwatch. (BTW, the chunk he quotes in the middle is from the world editors’ conference site, not me, just to be clear.)

Hitting what was once known as the big time

I was interviewed for a story on the CBS Evening News on the state of media and all that. It’s airing tonight.


I’ll be on CNN twice Sunday: on Reliable Sources at 10a and On the Story at 1p (a rerun from Saturday night). Subject: West Virginia.

I did my first blogcast with CNN, this time using Apple’s iChat and iSight (with my son’s invaluable assistance). When I used to do these with the late Connected show on MSNBC, we had to use Microsoft Messenger (of course). Apple’s solutions work far better: higher quality images and sound and easier to set up (except for those pesky router ports).

Howie on Howard

I’m about to be on Howard Kurtz’ Reliable Sources on CNN at 10a ET for two segments: one on Howard Stern and the next on blog blather.

The king of all media

I’m going to stop by 56th Street this morning to see Howard Stern’s farewell — and his fans’ farewell — to broadcast. Mark this day: We’ll track back to this as a tipping point for broadcast, though the truth is that that came years ago, when the internet gave us control of media and when the FCC tried to take our control of media away.

At 11, I’ll be on Brian Lehrer’s show on WNYC … and Sirius satellite radio, too. Subject: Whither papers.

While we’re on a hyperoll, I’ll be on Howard Kurtz’s Reliable Sources on CNN Sunay. Subject: Stern.

: LIVE: It is insane on 56th Street. Thousands upon thousands of fans are jamming the street from west of 6th avenue to east of 5th avenue. Bigger than any megachurch.

I’m sitting in a Starbux on 56th and 7th, watching the show on Yahoo and listening on the radio and telling you about it. I have my Howard poster, which I’ll proudly carry around New York today, and my Howard sticker and my Howard Id card. Laugh if you want, but thousands upon thousands of us are here doing the same thing because we belong.

When a Stern regular walks by, the crowd starts chanting his tagline. There goes Elegant Elliot and the crowd chants, “Riiiiighht.” Inside joke. Hadda be there.

Robin says now on Yahoo: “There is nothing wrong with what we do. We are just having fun.”

Howard takes the stage and says: “I stand before you today erect. I don’t mean like that…. I love you guys, I really do…. Does anybody work anymore? No wonder the Japanese are beating our asses…. How am I going to sum up 20 years with you guys… I’m here today to let you know how much I appreciate you, the audience… My friends, we’ve done it all…. Clear Channel commmunications, the religious right have taken over the airwaves… I am the last of a dying breed…. We will not bow down… You guys are the last of a dying breed? When are we ever going to see an audience like this again?… There will never be another radio show like this. There will never be another audience like this… We are all the last of a dying breed. Together, we are strong. Thank you for being in my corner for all these years…

“When I was 5 years old, I dreamed I would have a club, a crowd, a show [and someone from the audience adds: a naked girl]… Everybody said we couldn’t get away with this we couldn’t get away with that but we got away with it all. Why? Because we are the last of a dying breed.

“I don’t think you’ll ever see the likes of this radio show again… We are a bond, this is a family, we’ve done it all, we are the last of a dying breed….

“When everybody else played by the rules, we didn’t…. And I’m proud of that. And I think this ride is just beginning….

“I’m coming across America. Uncensored. Are we ever gonna bow to the government? No. Are we gonna bow to the religious right? No. Are we gonna bow to the FCC? No…. Because we are the last of a dying breed…. The government clean up your act and we say never…. We beat ’em at their own game….

“There’s a reason the rain stopped. There’s a reason the sun is shining. Because we’re the last of a dying breed….

“F the FCC. They can’t break us, the can’t break the bonds between us…. The religious right is the American Taliban and we can beat ’em. All these radio stations that fired me, F ’em. You fire me? We fire you!… Their radio stations sunk because they stunk….”

Howard thanks his fans, family, and friends as a big, purple double-decker Yahoo bus with Howard plastered on the side backs up into the scene by the Starbucks window. More later….