Back to the knife

They’re very nice there, but I really need to stop hanging out at Memorial Sloan Kettering. I’m headed back Friday to get the remaining half of my thyroid out.

The biopsies show no cancer but the nodules growing in my thyroid could turn bad, so they say it has to come out. The first half came out about a decade ago. I asked them then why they didn’t just take it all out, since the medication I take obsoletes my thyroid anyway. Risk to the voice, they said. Oh, joy.

When I get laryngitis, that’s a straight line: Oh, many will celebrate Jarvis losing his voice. Now it’s rather sobering, as I make my living teaching and talking. Look at it this way: What’s worse for someone in my position–damaging my potency or my voice? That puts my last operation at Sloan Kettering in perspective.

I haven’t given you a progress report on my prostate recovery in awhile. That’s because there’s not much new, fortunately and unfortunately. But since I said I’d be open about these things, I’ll give you an update soon.

This surgery is no big deal; I know since I’ve had it before. It’ll hurt like a beast to swallow for a few days. For a few weeks, I’ll look like I had my throat slashed, unsuccessfully. And then I’ll be my usual ornery self, I hope. If all goes well, I plan to be growling on This Week in Google next week, as usual.

  • Dave D.

    Hey Jeff, hope everything goes well! Looking forward to seeing (hearing) you back on TWIG.

  • Steve Rubel

    Best of luck Jeff. Thinking of you.

  • tech

    Good luck. Hope all goes well

  • Alex Schleifer

    All the best Jeff. Know we’ll all be waiting patiently for you to fully recover.

  • Priscilla

    Jeff, whether you can talk or not you are a shining star. You have plenty of people rooting for you and wishing you a speed and uneventful recovery. You have WAY more fans than will take a moment to comment here. Take good care.

  • Moobie

    You are in our prayers Jeff God bless!

  • Frank


    Hope everything goes well and here’s wishing you a speedy recovery!

  • Vinny

    All the best, Jeff. :-)

  • José Luis Amores

    Best wishes, Jeff. The best people like you don’t need luck.

  • Ben

    All the best Jeff. I wish you a speedy recovery, and I hope to hear and see you speak very soon.

  • Laid Off Too

    All the best Prof Jarvis!

  • sandeep

    best wishes…i’m glad you caught them before they turned. talk to you soon.

  • Jonathan

    hope all goes well Jeff, look forward to hearing you back on TWiG!

  • Denys Yeo

    I live in New Zealand and have been reading “”What Would Google Do” as part of my holiday reading activities (we have a long summer holiday this time of year); it’s a great book! Good luck with your medical procedure.

  • Andy Malavsky

    Looking forward to having your “orneryness” back in full swing. All the best for a speedy recovery Jeff.

  • Doug Sprei

    Get ornery soon, Jeff!

  • TommyL

    Good Luck Jeff :)

  • Andrew Friedman

    All the best – And looking forward to “talk” soon!

  • Walter Abbott

    Good luck, Jeff. We will be praying for you!

  • David Fraser

    Best wishes, Jeff, for a full and speedy recovery.

  • Ed Cone

    Best of luck, Jeff, you have a lot of people rooting for you.

  • Tim Windsor

    All the best Jeff! Prayers and good wishes headed in the direction of the Jarvisplex.

  • Jasidog

    Just a good luck wish Jeff! I’m sure you won’t need it. :)

  • Jeff Manes

    Good luck with the surgery and have a swift recovery.

  • Beau

    My positive thoughts are with you Jeff. Best wishes on an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery.

  • Carolyn Valliere

    Sending well wishes your way for a speedy recovery! Looking forward to hearing you soon.

  • Tex Lovera

    Here’s hoping everything goes well for you, Jeff.

  • Victor

    Dear Sire. Take care and recover well. Your voice is a beacon in the dialogue between present information and future knowledge.

  • Kirk Caraway

    Good luck with the surgery. We need your ornery insights to save this business.

  • Russell Thom

    Jeff your book WWGD has been a great read. I have really enjoyed the way you write, think and comment on what you see in the world.

    I am involved in lecturing and working with people with disabilities. Your book highlighted so many opportunities in both areas for me. The greatest fear I have is the concept of public persona not just for me but for my kids. Do you ever feel that because you make yourself so open that people you don’t know think they know you? Is it the fear of openness that creates the ability for people to be malicious and dissipative?

    I have a friend who has to go through the same procedure soon and she is very scared about it. Would love for you to let us know how it goes and what she can expect.

    Good health to you.

    • Jeff Jarvis

      For me, the procedure was a piece of cake this time. Last time, I had trouble swallowing for about a week. I’m now home about 30 hours after surgery with a Starbucks. Maybe my basis of comparison is different having had prostate surgery in the meantime or the procedure has improved or I picked a better doctor this time. But in any case, the worse case wasn’t bad and this was better. I was worried, too, especially about my voice. But my enemies will be sorry to hear me still. So tell your friend not to worry.

      • Greg Toombs

        Jeff, glad to hear you’re recovering well (again.) Good luck and God bless you from your favorite ‘rabid Bushie’.

  • Sebastian Sellhorst

    All the best Mr. Jarvis and a quick recovery.

  • Andre

    All the best, mate. Love listening to you!

  • Stuart Webster

    Best of luck Jeff, I hope you make a speedy recovery the world needs more people like you and your voice.

  • Michael Nevins

    Positive thoughts are with you, Jeff.

  • steve Gorelick

    I wonder if thyroid nodules the world over have any idea of the global notoriety that they are about to get when they feel the bright light of “Full Jarvis” transparency. One, maybe two, days and your average thyroid will be seeking privacy in the disguise of a duodenum.

    somewhere tonight one thyroid nodule is bitching to another: “oh God, we better enjoy the peace and quiet tonight. Just remember how jarvis screwed things up for the prostate. I’m going into hiding somewhere down by the pancreas before the TV satellite trucks get there. And stay away from the penis. Jarvis guaranteed permanent team coverage for that putz.

    Hang in there Jeff. Only the best. And a speedy recovery.

    Steve “a half-Jarvis of transparecy is better than nothing” Gorelick

    • Jeff Jarvis

      Thanks, pal. No tumor is safe.

  • Greg Mefford

    Does this mean no Chipotle? Wishing you a speedy recovery and a quick return to This Week in Google!

  • SpaceyG on Twitter

    A speedy and full recovery to you Mr. J! You look FAR better than Glenn Beck ever did post-op. Much!

  • Nicolas

    Hope you get feeling better soon.

  • LMVPhoto

    Good luck Jeff!

  • Mefford JK

    Jeff, whether you are able to talk or otherwise you are a shining star. You’ve plenty of people rooting for you personally and wishing a speed and uneventful recovery. You’ve WAY more fans than will require a moment to comment here. Take excellent care.

  • Digidave

    Hope you are feeling better and talking a mile-a-minute before I can finish this comment ;)

    Here’s to you boss Jarvis!

  • Tim Hennagir

    Best wishes and prayers, Jeff.
    Give giving those that need hell the total business.

  • Motorolajos

    All the best for a speedy recovery Jeff!

  • bilo

    Good luck Jeff!

  • bush

    Positive thoughts are with you, Jeff.

  • Victoria Miller

    Hi, just wanted to wish you good luck on the surgery. “What would Google Do?” Has given me so many ideas I have trouble focusing one just one for our site. Thank you making it avaliable in “traditional” book format.

  • Savny

    Wishing you safe, uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery!

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  • alex

    Here’s hoping everything goes well for you, Jeff.

  • Lillian

    I hope you fell better and speedy recovery.

  • Rob

    Hi Jeff, The very best wishes to you.

    While I appreciate your hard work and fine opinions; one thing I have no idea about is this “Chipotele” business.

    Here in Australia the term is unknown so forgive my ignorance.

    Though I won’t destroy the mystique by goggling Chipoletle ; if you’re a fan I’m right behind you ..!

    all the best Sir


  • vanessa

    Good luck Jeff!

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