WWGD? – The videos (5)

And they never end: Here’s the fifth day of videos from the aborted v-book edition of What Would Google Do?:

First, a lesson in turning a challenge into an opportunity from the German publishers of the Wikipedia Lexicon:

This one’s probably not for you. It was intended as an appendix to the book to suggest ways for the unGoogley to get Googlier:

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  • http://www.powerofthought.org Nuruddin Abjani

    Brilliant advice, Jeff!
    In fact, I took your advice from WWGD and started my blog – Power of Thought – a couple of months back and love it!
    I am going to embed your video on my blog to share it with my friends.
    Great going Jeff, you dont know how many people you inspire!
    God bless you.