Title help, please

I need your help, dear readers, with the title of what I hope will be my next book. I won’t summarize the whole thing but the essence of it is this:

There are three responses to change: (1) Resist it, which is futile. (2) Complain about it, which is unproductive. (3) Find the opportunity in it. That is the only sane response. I’ll be writing about the fundamental and permanent change brought on by our shift from the mass, industrial economy to what follows, a new economy based on knowledge and abundance. Entire industries are collapsing — automotive, newspapers, banking, huge swaths of retail, and others will follow — and they will not rise again after a mere financial crisis. So I’m looking after the destruction to the opportunity to see what can be built and on what principles it will be built. I want a title that imparts the imperative and inevitability of change but the opportunity and optimism I see in it. (UPDATE: Since I see confusion in one comment and one blog post elsewhere, let me make clear that I’m not talking about all change, of course; I’m talking about this specific change from the industrial, mass economy to what is emerging now; there’s no stopping that.)

We’re stymied. That’s in part, I think, because What Would Google Do? was a bell-ringer. It’s also hard to get across that dual notion of destruction and optimism. And we don’t want to be tied to the current “crisis”; this is about something more, something bigger and more forward-looking.

I hesitate to list ideas for titles, because I don’t want to prejudice you and cut off any grand inspiration. So you may want to stop reading this post now. In any case, if we end up using a title you suggest, you’ll have (1) my eternal gratitude and admiration, (2) full credit in the book, and (3) a great lunch. I mean it, so please identify yourself with your name so I can thank you.

UPDATE: Here is a list of some of the titles I like so far from the comments and also Twitter and email (though comments are the best way to leave suggestions):

Damned if You Don’t – Alison Black (a favorite)
Doomed to Succeed – Karl Pearson-Cater (another favorite)
The Phoenix Paradox – John C Abell
Next – Steve Baker
Atlantis 2.0 – Joy Fulton
Ch-ch-ch-changes – Joy Fulton
Change is Good – Joy Fulton
The Future is Now (inspired by hers: Future Now) – Joy Fulton
The Leapfrog Economy – dlawless
Return on Innovation, the new ROI – Allan Hoving
Shift Happens – Cem Basman
Shit Happens – id withheld
What Will You Do – Heather Staines
Yes You Can – Philipp
Bring It On – Howard Poon
From Grave to Cradle – Adam Eland
Clean Slate – Dean
The Dawn is Inevitable – Nikos Anagnostou
Renaissance 2.0 – Dan Brian
World 2.0 – Morten Langkjaer
Another Day, Another Way – Aalia
Apocalypse Yesterday – Laura O
Embrace! – Microkultur
Colbert – Kevin (pretty funny way to get publicity)
When Everything Changes, Change Everything – Wendell Wittler
From Ashes to Action – Steve Gorelick
Mind the Gap – Weltenweiser (pity it’d work only in the UK)
Break on Through to the Other Wise – John Grimes
Profit of Doom – (inspired by John Grimes)
Year Zero – Javier Z


My working title was Reboot, but that feels inaccurate (rebooting only restarts what was before). I suggested Grave Dancer but, gee, my editor and agent didn’t like it. Wonder why. Other, more serious candidates — and if you like any of these, please come to their defense:
* Resistance is Futile (this is probably the leader at the moment)
* The Great Restructuring (title of my posts, where the book has been germinating)
* The Upheaval (thanks, Ben)
* The Day After (Will that mean as much to people too young to remember the movie?)
* The Phoenix
* Rise Like a Phoenix
* The Leap
* The Wrecking Ball
* The Link Economy
* What Follows the Fall
* The Rise of the Next Economy
* Stop Whining, Start Building
* Prophet of Bloom
* The Dawn After the Destruction
* The Day after the Destruction
* Build, Don’t Bail (Catchy, but probably too short-term)
* Building the New Economy
* Optimist Amid the Rubble
* Cause for Optimism

  • Paul Hayes

    Creative destruction

    • Renaud

      “Be the hunter, not the prey”

      • http://www.ahoving.com Allan Hoving

        “Return on Innovation: The New ROI”

    • http://wyman.us/ Bob Wyman

      Another vote for “Creative Destruction” which came immediately to mind the moment I started to read your post.
      To understand why this makes sense, read the Wikipage on the phrase:

      bob wyman

  • http://www.themodernjournalist.com Brad King

    The Meritocracy: Stories from the New, New Economy or simply The New Meritocracy

  • http://www.tbd.com Robin Wolaner

    Splendor in the Ash

    I guarantee your audience is too young to get the reference :)

  • Gerhard Oestermann

    Creativ deconstruction

  • http://www.lizhover.com Liz Hover

    Hi Jeff,

    Several suggestions:

    1. Step Change

    2. Changemakers (or The Changemakers)

    3. Mind Shift

    Any of these could be proceeded by the more descriptive title suggestions to form a subtitle such as ‘Building the New Economy’ or “Optimist Amid the Rubble.’

    Good luck!

  • http://www.danielbachhuber.com/ Daniel

    The Next came to my mind first, but it seems too forward-thinking. What you’re really trying to do is describe what’s happening right now. More ideas:

    Here, Now
    Future Today
    Foundations for Change

  • John Doe

    Don’t resist, be streamlined.

  • http://paperbackjack.net Jason Weaver

    After the Break

  • http://www.SuccessSkills.com Jim “Da Coach” Rohrbach

    Cloudbreak: The Silver Lining of the New Economy

  • http://www.codybrown.name Cody Brown

    I actually think ‘Grave Dancer’ is great.

    It’s a way to capture a common criticism of your work and turn it on its head.

    Why didn’t your editor like it?

  • Rob Holland


  • http://www.mediareformation.com/ Jonathan Zuk

    Perhaps “Seizing the Apocalypse” – I considered “Apocalypse Wow!”, but apparently that was a children’s book written in 1997. I don’t know if that would be a copyright issue. Apparently, it didn’t sell too well.

  • http://sprechblase.wordpress.com/ Cem Basman

    “Shift happens”
    “The next big shift”

  • http://www.weltenweiser.de Weltenweiser

    Reading your thoughts i had the impression of a phoenix as well so i would call it: Phoenix construction time.

  • http://bennett.com/blog Richard Bennett

    Orphan Workers

  • http://twitter.com/winsorc Christina Winsor

    – Remolding (or Reshaping) the World (with a Silly Putty or Play-Doh reference if desired)
    – Stretching the Elastic Band

    All the best of luck with this one!

  • Heather Staines

    How about:
    What Will *You* Do?
    with a subtitle like: Resisting Change is Futile

    (It sets up your three reactions to change nicely, and plays off the title of the previous book.)

  • http://www.themodernjournalist.com Brad King

    @Cem: Shift Happens is BRILLIANT! but too brilliant (http://www.amazon.com/Shift-Happens-Powerful-Ways-Transform/dp/0977761827)

  • http://colincarmichael.ca Colin Carmichael

    A couple come to mind:

    Everybody is Wrong: the opportunity of catastrophic change.

    Rebirth: capitalizing on the opportunities of catastrophic change.

  • http://www.ostroplog.de Philipp

    Yes You Can

  • Lyle

    2nd Creative Destruction

  • Martin Dworak

    What about something out of the line: “Lunch is at stake”.

    I think about people loosing there jobs. But unfortunately this title ignores the dual notion you want.

  • http://sprechblase.wordpress.com/ Cem Basman

    @Brad King: Oops. Didn’t know. What a pitty.

  • http://wallscorp.us/ Nathan L. Walls

    – Who Stopped My Press?

  • http:[email protected] Alison Black

    …Damned If You Don’t

    (which does allow for the possibility that change can involve some loss, so to some extent you’re Damned If You Do)

    But I’m also a fan of Shift Happens

  • http://www.markfrary.com Mark Frary

    How about The New Optimism?

  • http://marketingexposed.net Steve Gaines

    The Ordination of Change

  • http://www.simonpayn.com Simon Payn

    The Spider Always Starts Again (I’m thinking of what happens if a web gets broken – the spider gets back to work – maybe with a new design.)

    The Poppyfield Economy (Poppies thrive in disturbed/plowed land – eg WW1 poppies)

    Seeds Amid the Charcoal (or something about how some plants need wildfires to grow or germinate) Shoots In the Charcoal. Plants tat are adapted to the wildfire regime. Imagine a totally black book cover with a crimson flower or bright green leaf.

    Make Tomorrow Today
    Wake Up Facing Forward
    Take Off Into the Wind

    I also like The Great Restructuring

  • http://www.newwest.net/stateoftechnology sharon fisher

    Riding the Tsunami

  • http://tedshelton.blogspot.com Ted Shelton

    I think either something about how this change is inevitable or something about how people need to get on with it or admit they are washed up. And I think the Jeff Jarvis brand demands that it be edgy and even a bit of shouting at people – not the Kramer kind of shouting, more of an exasperated “why do you people not get it?”

    So in that spirit I would suggest a riff on: “lead, follow, or get out of the way”

  • http://paperbackjack.net Jason Weaver


    Shame. I was up for Shift Happens too.

  • Howard Poon

    Now that you’re awake again.
    Bring it on.

  • Kevin Loker

    Knowledge and Abundance: Today’s Only Investment for Any Economy Tomorrow

    (consider “best” for “only,” or “best and only”)

  • http://cbs.com Adam Elend

    The Open Window
    Turn and Face the Strange (from Changes by David Bowie)
    FEAR CHANGE (opposites are always fun)
    don’t FEAR CHANGE (with the “don’t” really small)
    Sailing the Sea Change

    Just a few – but I like Resistance is Futile too

  • http://cbs.com Adam Elend

    Also maybe Grave to Cradle (playing on McDonough’s Cradle to Cradle)

  • http://www.protocolostomy.com Brian K. Jones

    Opportunity Judo: Using the Momentum of Inevitable Change to Your Advantage

  • http://www.themodernjournalist.com Brad King

    I really dig Here, Now + CRTL-ALT-DEL (although the second one would need a great subtitle; but probly captures the spirit of the geek taking over)

  • Dean

    Clean Slate

  • http://twitter.com/brunoboutot bruno boutot


  • http://webtropic.cc Nikos Anagnostou

    How about “The dawn is inevitable” ?

  • Pit

    Play IT again, Sam!
    What Americans can learn in the link economy

  • http://www.kalamazoogle.com Ben Jones

    How ’bout:
    “Don’t Fear the Reaper”
    “It’s Coming!”
    or simply: “DUCK!”

  • http://Tips.WiseCareerMove.com Diane Rines

    “Tidal wave; the Antithesis of a New Dawn” would be my recommendation.

  • Anonymous

    “Swimming with the Dinosaurs”?

  • Rachel

    We Wanted Change
    And Now We Have to Deal With It

  • http://www.connectme360.com Brian Hayashi

    “You Can’t Push A Rope”

    “Oh No! It’s Googlezilla! and Other Fairy Tales”

    “Link Rot”

    Good luck!

  • http://cbs.com Adam Elend

    Sorry, this is the last time, I promise…

    Catch the Rogue Wave: Thoughts on Surfing the New Economy
    The “What Next?” Economy

  • http://www.trasel.com.br/ Träsel

    How about “Who moved my cheese?”. ;-)

  • http://www.squidoo.com/hope2revival Pascal H Gillon

    From ashes to a more genuine society: a crying call answered


    Economy2sustain: the renaissance is coming again

  • http://www.trasel.com.br/ Träsel

    Or maybe “The sun also rises”?

  • invitedmedia

    make things happen, watch things happen or say “what the F just happened?”

  • Brian B

    Told You So, Vol. 1

  • Christina

    Choosing Evolution

  • Laura O

    Nowhere to Go But Up
    A Good Year to Be a Dreamer
    The New Rebound Economy
    Green Shoots Amid the Rubble
    After The Sky Falls
    Start All Over Again (taking a page from the president, who’s occasionally used the phrase “pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again”)

  • http://Prlink.com.au Dan brian

    Suggested titles:

    Renaissance 2.0
    Recovery tsunami
    Remapping the future
    The Global Reformation

    I also like the link economy, prophet of bloom, I think given wwgd hit such a vein u need to replicate that interest and edgy-ness in thetitle. Can’t wait to read the new book.

  • Dave Bags

    The Opportunity in Obsolescence
    Opportune Obsolesence
    Unplanned Obsolescence
    Sunrise in the Storm
    Feasting in Failure
    The Feast of Failure
    Progressive Postmortem
    Positive Postmortem
    Riding The Rogue Wave
    Positive Faults
    Fresh Tracks
    Paddling Downstream
    Prescribed Burn
    Positive Mutation
    Positive Adaptation
    After the Flood

  • Morten langkjaer

    Resist the futile

    World 2.0

    The new black

  • Aalia

    A few suggestions from me:

    1 Reload
    2 Fresh Perspective
    3 Reinventing the problem
    4 Another day, another way

  • Laura O

    OK, now I can’t stop thinking about this. A few more:

    When Tomorrow Comes
    The New Frontier
    Apocalypse Yesterday

  • http://the-blank.net/contains/andreas/ Andreas Jungherr

    How about “Change Happens”?

  • http://bennett.com/blog Richard Bennett

    I take back “Orphan Workers,” I want that for myself. Instead, here’s one that Howard Stern would like:

    “Who Farted? Embracing the New Dynamics of Change”

  • microkultur


    it´s short and imperative. although destruction is not mentioned, i think it has this allusion.

  • http://chuckwarnock.com Chuck Warnock

    How about “Getting Up: What To Do After Everything Has Fallen Down”

    I have always wanted to eat at Tavern on the Green. Thanks.

  • http://twitter.com/themediaisdying Paul Armstrong

    10 cents! Thanks for the opp Jeff!

    Turning the umbrella upside down.
    Have you turned the umbrella upside down.
    Are you a past-hugger or are passed hugging the past.
    Clinging to the past, leaves you with no hands for the future.
    Rock meet hill.

  • adamclyde

    Hah! Trasel, I was thinking the exact same thing. “How about ‘Who moved my cheese?'”

  • Jtussing

    Revolution Mindset

  • B. Nelson

    Phoenix Riding…

  • http://www.nfiresearch.com chuck martin

    Hey Jeff
    (Keeping in mind that none of my publishers have ever taken my title suggestions in titling any of my books), since the book is about getting to the opportunity ultimately, how about just:

    It DOES knock!


    It WILL knock!

  • Pearl

    Irrisistable wave

  • B. Nelson

    Re: Phoenix Riding,
    I have some subtitle ideas,
    but if it works… you will also I am sure.

  • http://twitter.com/Towens149 Tom Owens

    It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine).

  • http://www.outforthediscount.com Scott Colvey

    Ashes to Cashes

    Do I get my lunch now?

  • Jim

    The News is not the Paper: creating, publicizing, distributing and profiting from your product in the new economic reality

  • http://www.jay.fm Jay Levitt

    Turn Around
    Synthesis: Information Fusion and the Link Economy [or a subtitle that’s actually good]

  • http://www.retailsmart.com.au/ Dennis

    The Cradle Economy

    (If I have to explain it is possibly obtuse, but:)

    Once a baby lies in the cradle.
    Resistance is futile
    Complaining is unproductive
    You just have to raise it…

    No lunch – I am in Aus, but a signed copy or two will do…

  • http://Contrarymarketing.com/blog Carl Lyons

    The shaken kaleidoscope

  • http://www.twitter.com/melbourn3athlt Kevin


  • http://twitter.com/lucidanna @LucidAnna

    how about


    “The Wave of Change”

    PS I’m the one who photographed WWGD with a chocolate icecream on the plane ;-)

  • Gregg Morris

    The 3 finger salute to the Industrial Revolution-

    I can think of a number of sub titles should this main one appeal to you.

  • Allan Moult

    What would Apple do?

  • Brian

    It’s Your Move!

  • http://www.internetmanagementresources.blogspot.com rex eagle

    “Transition to the Now”


    “The new Kingdom”

  • http://www.wendell.me/ Wendell Wittler

    (Reboot? How about…) “NewBoot”

    “When The Next Generation Has to Be a New Species” (yeah, too long, but get the idea?)

    “The Next Everything”

    “Redesign, Then Rebuild”

    “Don’t Rebuild the Ruins”

    “When Everything Changes, Change Everything”

    (tongue in cheek) “How to Profit From the Apocalypse”

    “Not Your Father’s…”

    “Well, We Never… No, You Didn’t.”

    “Thinking Inside a Different Box”

    (a little newspaper-centric, but…) “Stop the Presses, Start the Change”

  • j

    Can’t reboot mean to start up clean after all the crap happens?

    xxxxx the xxxx xxxxx

  • http://wearetheweb.wordpress.com Steve

    If you want to go a little high brow, perhaps borrow a phrase from another would-be prophet, William Blake: “Red Clay Brought Forth”

    Read his “Argument.” It poetically captures the potentiality for tremendous creation amidst great destruction:

    “Rintrah roars & shakes his fires in the burden’d air;
    Hungry clouds swag on the deep

    Once meek, and in a perilous path,
    The just man kept his course along
    The vale of death.
    Roses are planted where thorns grow.
    And on the barren heath
    Sing the honey bees.

    Then the perilous path was planted:
    And a river, and a spring
    On every cliff and tomb;
    And on the bleached bones
    Red clay brought forth.”

  • http://twitter.com/brunoboutot bruno boutot

    Subtitle with “Liftoff”:

    Rising With The Linked Economy

  • Keith Porter

    I like that WWGD was derivative of a popular saying/title. S keeping wiht that theme:

    Who Moved My Opportunity?
    Who Moved My Life?
    The Changing Point
    The Jarvis Code

    Carpe Varius
    Carpe Oportunitas

  • http://www.davidsanger.com david sanger

    “The Times They Are a Changing”

    note: you cannot copyright or trademark a book or song title.

  • Jason

    Couple tries —

    “The Revolutions Continue”

    “Breaking Up for Good”

  • http://blog.angelaconnor.com Angela Connor

    “Change Agent”
    “The Inevitability of Change”
    “Resist, at your own risk.”
    “Ignorance is Bliss.”

  • Anonymous

    Making Lemonade

  • Barrett

    How about:

    “Wings of Change”
    As the world collapses, some will fall and others will find their wings.

  • http://bromo.craigbromberg.com Craig Bromberg


    “2.0” (just 2.0) although if it already seems to have become a shoddy sales anthem like “dot.com.” (And is now getting swept past by 3.0 and semantic web.)

    Restart (Reboot is too olde and English and PC for me), because it implies an optimistic and eventual return to a smoothly functioning eco(n)system—and in doing so points to a wise philosophy of history—neither conservative or revolutionary.

    Another way to think about this: historical antecedents. Paul Hawken’s Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution; Daniel Bell’s The Coming of Post-Industrial Society. Our friend Umair’s book (something like Reconstructing Capitalism). Not saying these are right titles, but they suggest a certain way of thinking about the problem.

  • http://www.kentslife.blogspot.com Kent Schnake

    The Madness of Crowds Redux

    Living through crises as we always have.

    (Hat tip to Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, by Charles Mackay)

  • http://gabrielmagana.com Gabriel Magana


  • http://ivandylko.blogspot.com ivan dylko

    “What would Darwin say?”

  • http://gabrielmagana.com Gabriel Magana


  • Joy

    My suggestion: flex (as in be flexible or flex your muscle)

  • http://gabrielmagana.com Gabriel Magana

    What would silly putty do?


  • http://www.sunvalleyonline.com Dave Chase

    I’ve used “The Great Restructuring” quite a bit since reading your piece and it has been well received.

    I also like “The Great Opportunity” – it kind of turns something like “The Great Recession/Depression” on its head which seems to be your message.

    Another one would be weaving a frequent theme we hear of Abundance with Opportunity…”The Abundance Opportunity” or something to that effect.

  • http://seylewords.com Bill Seyle

    What would Mr. Bill Do? (Ohhh Nooo)
    In the field of opportunity it’s plowin’ time again (with a nod to Neil Young)

  • LMHuntley

    “The Industrial Resolution”

  • http://www.knightopia.com/ Steve K.

    Seize The Daze

  • anon

    Après déluge le Écouter

  • Guy Bjerke

    Reformat>Reboot – Why We Must Start From Scratch To Make The Future

  • Steve

    From Ashes to Action:
    Seizing and Embracing Change in the Coming Post-Catastrophic World

  • http://www.mcnultymedia.co.uk Ian McNulty

    It’s The Future, Stupid!

    Embracing Reality

    Dr. LinkLove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Life

    (P.S. Not sure you can say that resisting change is futile. It’s called maintaining stability and security – aka what Big Brother did in 1984)

  • http://www.mcnultymedia.co.uk Ian McNulty

    Opportunity Knocks?

  • Deb

    Phoenix immediately came to mind but is on the list. Though also cliche, perhaps Metamorphosis 3.0.

  • Deb

    Ah – not as cliched – similar idea – Googlemorphosis –

  • Aaron Ding

    “Rise of The Phoenix – From Ashes To The New Epoch”

  • http://danielferraz.com/lifestream/ Daniel Ferraz

    The Opportunity Economy

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  • http://gabrielmagana.com Gabriel Magana

    Embrace change or die

  • http://gabrielmagana.com Gabriel Magana

    Bigger. Faster. Better. Different: The new business climate

  • http://gabrielmagana.com Gabriel Magana

    Change is coming: Deal with it.

  • http://gabrielmagana.com Gabriel Magana

    Inflection point: Are you ready for the new opportunities?

  • http://gabrielmagana.com Gabriel Magana

    Born again business

  • http://gabrielmagana.com Gabriel Magana

    Clean sweep: Old industries die. Will YOU replace them?

  • http://gabrielmagana.com Gabriel Magana

    Dazed and confused: Opportunity knowcks like never before

    (ok that was my last one, sorry for so many replies)

  • http://www.mcnultymedia.co.uk Ian McNulty

    Change Is Gonna Come


    or: How We Can Avoid Going Forward to the Past

  • http://sprechblase.wordpress.com/ Cem Basman

    Jeff, any comments on these proposals so far? There are some good ones in the 100+ list. Have a nice sunday!

  • http://www.mcnultymedia.co.uk Ian McNulty
  • http://www.gurteen.com David Gurteen

    Embrace Change

  • http://sprechblase.wordpress.com/ Cem Basman

    Here are some brainstorming ideas:

    Building blocks are the keywords “Crisis”, “Chance” and “Change”…

    “Take the chance for change”
    “Crisis: A chance for change”
    “Crisis & Change”
    “Change happens”

    Or: “Jump into the future!”
    Or: “Take the A-Train”
    Or: “Next Exit: Your Future”
    Or: “What are you gonna do tomorrow?”

    OR: “Pass Google!” – (overhaul, outperform,…)

    OR!: “REFIT!”, “Refit your Business!”

    OR: “Refit your Business! Pass Google!”

    OR: “Googlelize it!”

    But they are not really catchy and provocative.

    I still favore “Shift happens” :-) …I love it.

  • http://sprechblase.wordpress.com/ Cem Basman

    OK. A last one:

    “Next exit: Your business”

    As a non-native speaker I can’t come up with more witty stuff :-)

    Bonne chance, Jeff!

  • http://www.ianwaring.com Ian Waring

    Maybe something as arcane as:

    (knowledge+abundance) over (mass+industry)

    That highlights the direction of the economic trend even if it’s a crap book title (but maybe better as a subtitle). “Out of the Crisis” would have been a good title if it wasn’t already used by Deming’s seminal work.

    Ian W.

  • http://www.papascott.de/ Scott Hanson

    “Blinded by the Light”

    … at the end of the tunnel, is it an oncoming train? Or daylight? Your choice! And you get a free Springsteen reference to boot!

  • http://www.markfrary.com Mark Frary

    Most of the ones I come up with sound like the subtitle for a new episode of Star Wars. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

    The New Change Imperative
    The Social Revolution

  • http://www.weltenweiser.de Weltenweiser

    @Mark Love that. How about Consumer strikes back. Just kidding.

  • http://www.weltenweiser.de Weltenweiser

    There is a british train classic which fits in here nicely:

    Mind the gap.

    Because there is in my humble opinion a big gap between old and new economy and you show ways to get over it.

    Some will stay behind

    Would be another suggestion. Because not all will change and some companies will die. Do they already call you the Webinator?

  • http://twitter.com/vpsingh praveen

    From survival to evolution

    Survival of the fittest

    Adaptation to the changing environment is evloution

    The change imperative

    Dealing with change

    Evolving into a market


  • http://robinmizell.wordpress.com/ Robin Mizell

    To quote Douglas Adams, creator of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “…anything that gets invented after you’re thirty is against the natural order of things and the beginning of the end of civilisation as we know it until it’s been around for about ten years when it gradually turns out to be alright really.”

    Change: It gradually turns out to be alright really

  • A. Wolf

    The New Internet: “Commerce In The Cloud”

  • Julian F. Mueller

    “It’s gonna be great”
    – why we should love the economy (and her destructiveness).

  • http://www.permissiontechnology.com Dave Hendricks

    ‘Resistance is Futile’ or ‘What would the Borg do’

    Looking forward to it.

  • http://jburg.typepad.com/future Jon burg

    _ “change happens”
    – “life after the death of the status quo”
    – “life after change”

  • http://www.ahoving.com Allan Hoving

    “Return on Innovation: The New ROI”


    “Perestroika 2.0” (goes with your “The Great Restructuring”)

  • http://prinzip.livejournal.com Vasily Gatov

    After reading Your explanation, something like “Prophet’s Third Option” hit my mind – if mountain doesn’t walk to Maghometh, he can walk himself to a mountain – but there’s a third option”. After thinking and reading the replies, I changed my idea to something like “Beyond Google and Crisis” – because I beleive that’s what people really want You to say: what type of news, entertainment and medium lies after those two fundamentals of the current time.

  • http://teseeantites.wordpress.com José Moreno


    Why its futile to fight it. Why its imperative to lead it.


    Why its stupid to fight it. Why its clever to lead it.

  • invitedmedia

    binary in the coal mine

  • http://www.snodi.it Federico

    Cultural Resilience

  • Stefan Hyttfors


  • http://sprechblase.wordpress.com/ Cem Basman

    Just straight forward:

    “F*ck the economy. Build your own.”

    Why not.

    • Deb

      Everyone participates and everyone has a chance to make at least as poor decisions as some of the industrial giants have made in the past. Very catchy title suggestion!

  • http://zemanta.com Jim Hirshfield

    Spare Change

    The Morning After – A Tough Pill to Swallow

  • http://sprechblase.wordpress.com/ Cem Basman

    “You don’t want to work in your dad’s office or mom’s shop. Do you?”

    The essence.

    For short: YDWTWIYDOOMSDY?

  • http://twitter.com/bigboxcar Karl Pearson-Cater

    “Doomed to Succeed” seems to fit.

  • http://www.inevitable.ning.com Michael Kutch

    You can use our title: I think synchronicity has very much to do with everything we are talking about – in human beings and their being the driver for the new age; Synchroncity, It is Everywhere Just Look to See!

  • http://www.internetmanagementresources.blogspot.com rex eagle

    another potential “As the Web2 turns”
    looks like plenty of responses
    (the power of SN)

  • Susan F

    Positive Forward

    Connecting to the Dance (inspired by your Title)

    A Whole New Ballgame

    Here We Go

    I’m There – You Coming?

  • http://johngrimes.info John Grimes

    ‘Break on through to the other side’

  • http://www.inevitable.ning.com Michael Kutch

    My wife suggested: ‘Rise and shine,’ ‘Prophet or Doom,’ ‘Just a Shift of Habit,’ ‘I Changed My Mind,’ ‘The Game is Over,’ ‘The Game is Up.’

  • http://Jzarracina.com Javier Z

    Year Zero

  • http://www.inevitable.ning.com Michael Kutch

    Here are a few more: ‘Welcome to the future,’ ‘Change is in the air,’ Its coming!, ‘The Seedling in the Ashes,’ ‘We Didn’t Loose Anything!’ ‘Still Standing!’

  • Rdie

    Get out of my yard!

  • http://www.kingkaufman.com King Kaufman

    Being the Phoenix

    Stop the Funeral, I Want to Get Going (or Working?)

  • Tobe Berkovitz

    Uh, oh. Opportunity knocks.

    (This builds on some of the previous ideas submitted. Sort of a string.
    Glad to share credit, or blame.)

    • http://www.wendell.me/ Wendell Wittler

      Opportunity Knocked and Broke the Door

  • Jynx macTavish

    Riding the Dangerous Wind

    Reference to Chaos, of course, with that positive slant.

  • http://leanderwattig.de Leander Wattig

    The People Economy
    Getting Ready for the People Economy

  • http://leanderwattig.de Leander Wattig

    Trust Us

  • http://leanderwattig.de Leander Wattig

    Make Love, And Business

    We’re not waiting for you

    Ready, set, go

    Go For Tomorrow

  • http://leanderwattig.de Leander Wattig

    Economy Zero
    Business Zero
    Company Zero
    Economy 0.0
    Business 0.0
    Company 0.0
    Biz 0.0

  • http://www.inevitable.ning.com Michael Kutch

    A World of Change

    Where Were You?

    Change is Good.

    The Late Learning Curve.

    Learning how to Learn Again.

    The End of the Learning Curve.

    The Shadow and I are One!

    Trusting Yourself, and Trusting Others.

  • http://konstruktors.com/blog/ Kaspars

    ‘News Soon Forgotten’

    ‘A Chance to Change’

  • http://www.inevitable.ning.com Michael Kutch

    Are you following me?

  • http://leanderwattig.de Leander Wattig

    It’s your turn
    You’re next
    Your Turn for U-Turn
    Update Needed

  • http://mjaysplanet.wordpress.com Martin Spindler

    Just a few cents:

    “Resist, Complain, Adapt — Survive the Economy”

    “How to lose your business”

    “Dazed and Confused — Adapting to the new environment”

    “The Great Collapse — Is Your Business Ready”

    “Ignorance Is Bliss? — The Blindfolded Industries”

  • http://www.worklifenation.com Judy Martin

    Hi Jeff,
    I’m throwing my hat in the ring;

    New Economy Rising:
    Rebooting the American Dream From Crisis to Clarity

  • Walter Abbott

    “Many to Many”

  • http://www.henkblanken.nl Henk Blanken

    Jeff, two:
    The end of the masses
    Fast Forward

  • http://leanderwattig.de Leander Wattig

    Fix the Fail Economy
    Economy Leap
    Business Leap
    Disruptive Economy
    Disruptive Business

  • http://leanderwattig.de Leander Wattig

    Mass Change, Mass Chance

  • Bernhard Schulte

    Catch The Cluetrain

    considering that The Cluetrain Manifesto predicted most of what happens now

  • http://leanderwattig.de Leander Wattig

    C2C / Change-to-Chance

  • http://twitter.com/paul_m_hayes Paul Hayes

    Terminator vs Status Quo
    Terminator vs You

    or maybe just re-NEW

  • chris i.

    “OBSOLETELY” [Fantastic]

    • http://www.wendell.me/ Wendell Wittler

      or “Obsoletely Fabulous!” (I like it)

  • http://mayersononanimation.blogspot.com Mark Mayerson

    Stonewallers, Whiners and Winners

  • http://www.permissiontechnology.com Dave Hendricks

    How About:

    Crossing The Rubiconomy – Why shedding the past will help you unlock the future.

    This seems to be somewhat of a meme of yours.

    • http://www.wendell.me/ Wendell Wittler

      I LOVE “Crossing the Rubiconomy”, I just hope the reference is familiar enough to enough people.

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  • j

    What would Darwin Do?
    Survival of the fittest.

    • http://www.tomredwine.net TomR

      That first one’s beautiful! I want that on a T-shirt or a bumper sticker! Or perhaps a little wrist-band with just the initials…?

  • http://www.geirmund.com geirmund knutsen

    The Alpha and Omega of Delta

  • http://blog.magix.com Georg Krueger

    my ideas:

    – please, fasten ur seatbelt
    – whats coming next…
    – after the house of cards
    – reinvent(ing) the wheel!


  • http://www.ironicsans.com David

    My serious suggestions:

    – Insert Change to Continue
    – Change for a Dollar
    – A Dollar for Change
    – Changeover
    – The Changeover Hangover

    Otherwise I say you go with:

    – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

    • http://www.wendell.me/ Wendell Wittler

      …or just “Large Change” (as opposed to small change)

  • Danny L. McDaniel

    Centrifugal Force: The Economics of Modern Global Change.

    Danny L. McDaniel
    Lafayette, Indiana

  • http://www.tomredwine.net TomR

    Jeff, some may think this could only resonate with older readers, but I’ll bet there are lots of the younger ones who’ve heard either Pete Seeger’s or the Byrds’ version of “Turn, Turn, Turn.”

    Just scanning the comments made me realize how many folks have already utilized the word “turn” in their suggestions and comments. Perhaps the simplest would also be most evocative (with the proper sub-heading):


    I will also pitch the other more wordy, alliterate, and somewhat baser title that came to mind:

    “Change Your Ash Into Cash!”

    Which, I know, sounds more like something Billy Mays would be promoting on cable, but it was in my brain and had to come out. ;-)

  • http://blog.magix.com Georg Krueger

    format c:

  • Dirk

    The Überconomy

    • http://sprechblase.wordpress.com/ Cem Basman

      Nice. I like it.

  • http://www.vraaghet.wordpress.com Marcel Schrijnemaekers

    Dear Jeff,

    Just finished your book. Great thinking, especially about the education.

    Please see below a few suggestions for the title of your new book:

    The reshape of change

    The reinvention of change

    Change 2.0

    Best wishes from The Netherlands

  • Hugo

    I hope you’re not REALLY going to write a book arguing that resistance to change is always futile. The myriad counterexamples from the whole of recorded history might make you look a little foolish.

    • http://www.buzzmachine.com Jeff Jarvis

      The resistance to THIS change is futile. I’ve spent the last decade and a half watching people in at least one industry resist the internet and that was more than futile; it was damaging.

  • http://www.ianwaring.com Ian Waring

    “The Dawn of the Datarati”

    albeit that probably came from Google too – see http://www.wired.com/culture/culturereviews/magazine/17-06/nep_googlenomics?currentPage=all

    Ian W.

  • http://thenicholsphere.blogspot.com/ Renee K. Nicholson

    Hi, Jeff–

    There’s a lot of creative energy here, and hopefully the perfect title will emerge. I’ve thought of a few, although who knows if they’ll work.

    There is something Gatsby-like in this current collapse, and at the risk of over-sentimentalizing from the novel, also something akin to the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock. In this vein, either SEARCHING FOR THE GREEN LIGHT, or, to be more rhetorically in-line with the question format of WWGD?, WHERE IS THE GREEN LIGHT? (Which isn’t limited to the *Gatsby* reference, but also, traffic lights.)

    The idea of the phoenix is interesting, rising from the ashes, and does conjure up ideas of rebirth from destruction. But I think perhaps it leaves out the idea that we’re all relearning what we know. Everything is changing. As well, you want to include something about the linked world we live in. So, you might consider a title like: (RE)LEARNING, (NET)WORKED.

    Good luck with the title, and the new book!

    (which means “reborn” in French, of course)

  • Brian Laszakovits

    Dear Jeff,

    Your book, What Would Google Do? (WWGD?), laid out the changes occurring in our world right now so concisely that I immediately began exploiting new opportunities resulting from the abundance of knowledge now available to me. I can’t wait until your new book comes out :-)

    To me, the new book that you are working on describes, “The Beginning of Tomorrow – The New Opportunities in the Abundance of Knowledge.”

    I am glad to read that you are optimistic about the future, we can all use a bright light to focus on these days.

    Keep up the good work, and Best Wishes on your new book!

    – Brian

  • Phil T

    Goodbye Caterpillar, Hello Butterfly – The coming Global Metamorphosis

  • http://lexisnexis.com/lawschool David Delrahim

    Techo-change 2.0
    Technology changes, so should you
    Change quick or be obsolute
    Beating the buzz

  • http://pariscom.info Jinjoo Choi

    Change or collapse
    Trasform or collapse

    I’m both staff reporter of old media(a daily newspaper) and blogger.
    I agree with your coherent opinion.
    As soon as your book is published, I’ll buy one.
    Good luck!

  • http://www.wendell.me/ Wendell Wittler

    Glad you liked “When Everything Changes, Change Everything”, but I can’t stop thinking of ideas…

    “The Revolution Will Not Be On Paper”


    “Re-Media” (if the focus is more on the Media Business than Business in general)

    Instant Pop Culture Overload: “Are You A Terminator, A Transformer Or A Trekker?”

    “NewVolution” or “NewVolving” (I’m still partial to my earlier “NewBoot”,

    Besides mine, there are enough good titles here to fill the Business section of a bookstore.

  • http://www.burnsconsulting.ca Kathy Burns

    The Rise of Opportunity

    Look Forward to Opportunity

    Linking to Opportunity

    The Evolution of Opportunity

    Opportunity is Inevitable

    Opportunity is Irresistible

  • http://www.worldplenty.com John Banfill

    I think this is a fantastic illustration of the future. You issued a request for title suggestions and get hundreds in a couple of days. Now apply this same phenomenon to journalism and see why an individual or small group can achieve so much in the future journalism.

    If you are doing an investigative piece – issue a request to interested people about where you should look, what questions you should ask and who you should see. If the response is anything like just happened with your title request the job will be easier than the present practice.

    Post a beta version of a story in a blog and let the blog readers help to fill in gaps, provide references and challenge weak or fuzzy points.

    The future will not in corporate journalism, individuals or small groups of collaborators will be the new journalism.

  • http://projectheresy.com Tim M

    JJ, before I read the titles I already had settled on

    Resistance is futile: the opportunity imperative.


    Change Sunrise
    Chameleon Dawn
    The Optimism Imperative
    The Opportunity Imperative
    The Change Imperative
    The Chameleon Imperative
    The Optimism Dawn (or Sunrise)

    No doubt some of the suggestions will see the domains disappear – I did not take any of them (which exihibits some hubris on my behalf – assuming they’re good enough)

    Tim M / Project Heresy

  • Kyle

    Several quick thoughts:



  • Dougie Kipps

    The Clock is Ticking-Transformation to the Technology Economy of Knowledge and Abundance from the Customer of Mass Consumption.

  • http://www.recherche-info.de MarcusLindemann

    I’d go for Jeffonomics ;-)

  • zu

    Busting into the Next Age (new age)
    Busting into Profit
    Doomed to Profit
    Ashes are burning brightly
    Ashes to Opportunity
    Profit 2.0
    Next 2.0
    Opportunity 2.0
    Transformation 2.0
    From Big to Small
    Great smallest
    A-bun-dance 2.0
    Wave 4: Opportunity
    Small is beautiful again

    I liked:
    Resistance is futile: the opportunity imperative.
    Doomed to succeed!
    Goodbye Caterpillar, Hello Butterfly – The coming Global Metamorphosis

  • Sharon S

    Limitless: A View of The New Economy

  • Sharon S

    Another Door Opens

  • http://sprechblase.wordpress.com/ Cem Basman

    Hey, got an inspiration this morning:

    “Buzz to Business”
    “Buzz to Biz”

    Cool. A lil’ bit of ‘BuzzMachine’ and a dash of ‘Business’.

    How do you like it?

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  • http://ripanti.yiid.com Marco Ripanti


    * I’m < We are

    * We are what we share

    * Shareconomy

    * BETA, 2.0, … and now?

  • http://www.fastagent.de Peter Claus Lamprecht

    “Upgrade and re-install”
    “Better change a loosing team”

  • http://www.weltenweiser.de Weltenweiser

    One more, because i think it fits you in a way, old industry and of course some real estate agents will see you:

    Heretic 3.0

  • Andre Warnecke

    “The door opens – pass!”

    My first thought was “The window is open …”, referring to the window of opportunity picture. But you’ve asked for imperative, too. The metaphor with the door fits to the need to move and to take action.

    General remark: the essence of your new book reminds me to Joseph Schumpeter’s “Creative destruction”. I’m curious to read your book.

    Best regards,
    (Hamburg, Germany)

  • http://kapilsood.blogspot.com Kapil Sood

    Hi Jeff – I could think of:

    1) Can’t beat Change. Join it!
    You can’t beat Change. Join it!
    If you can’t beat Change, Join it!

    Somehow I feel that these titles could capture the spirit of your words – “I want a title that imparts the imperative and inevitability of change but the opportunity and optimism I see in it.”

  • http://www.susuh.de Stefan aka @susuh

    What about:

    “Rise to the occasion – it’s inevitable”

  • http://www.providentpartners.net Albert Maruggi

    Darwin’s Socialism
    Super you Super Me

  • http://blog.magix.com Georg Krueger

    *** The Circle of Life – Every end is a start ! ****
    *** Everything has it’s good side***

  • Rob K.


    I like “The Phoenix Economy” because these industries aren’t going away (like buggy whip manufacturers) but rather being reinvented. Maybe they won’t make it all the way to the ashes like a Phoenix but they seem awfully close. When Warren Buffet says he won’t buy a newspaper at any price, it sure does seem close.

  • http://www.thepomoblog.com Terry Heaton

    Jeff, Firstly, congrats on this. Who knew you’d become the world’s favorite media author? When Allie and I launched our business, we called it “Donata,” because odonata is the latin name for the species dragonflies and damselflies. These creatures live half their lives under water and half their lives in the sky. And isn’t the concept of metamorphosis what you’re really talking about. The change is inevitable and what follows is glorious beyond imagination. I’m terrible at titles, but how about something like “The Dragonfly Effect?” I like “Resistance is Futile,” and it’s certainly appropriate, but it doesn’t have that optimistic ring that some of the others have. Anyway, good luck. Long time followers of you are very proud.

  • Brian Laszakovits

    Dear Jeff,

    Here is one more:

    – You Never Know What the Bad is Good For –

    Brian Laszakovits

  • http://twitter.com/elginthompson Elgin Thompson

    Title for new book – “What’s Done is Undone” You’re welcome.

    Be well,


  • http://www.suffragettes.fr Suffragettes


    Here are a few suggestions.
    Hope you like them :

    1- …Press Enter §
    2- Don’t sit in the stairs, climb it !
    3- Tomorrow begins today
    4- Change is coming, don’t miss the train
    4bis- Don’t miss the change train
    4ter- Jump in the change train


  • http://www.weltenweiser.de Weltenweiser

    Some information to the title Shift happens. It was the name of a conference here in germany and is the nam eof a marketing blog here already. So i think it´s kind of used already. The conference wasn´t that good, the W-LAN wasn´t functioning right over all three days, so its maybe slightly doomed.

  • http://www.weltenweiser.de Weltenweiser

    i lke from the suggestions so far “The future is now” a lot. and i forgot to thank you for the nice talk on the next about possible “google killers”.

  • Carla Ledbetter

    The Phenix Mentality

  • http://www.fixmbr.de Chris

    The future happens now

  • Ray Harper

    “Head On” How to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

  • http://www.ianwaring.com Ian Waring

    I keep on thinking that King Canute, faced with a title wave, would do better sitting in a canoe than enthroned on the sea bed. Can’t seem to make a pithy few words to describe this though…

    • http://www.ianwaring.com Ian Waring

      make that *tidal* wave…

  • http://shop.savafashion.com/wordpress/ Sarah Van Aken

    Progress Pandemic

  • http://www.xtrategus.com Hamilton Barretto

    Change – This is Stability

  • Laid Off Too

    Hello Jeff. Enjoy your column, and your challenge. A couple for you to consider:

    From Tragic To Magic


    Laid Off Too

  • http://www.ktvz.com Barney Lerten

    Every Downfall Has an Upside
    Finding the Silver Lining

  • Dave Morgan

    It’s Inevitable: Making Your Decisions Now

  • http://www.coroflot.com/daveallen Dave Allen

    I suggest you call it


    which is, of course, a cheap anagram for living in shit.

  • http://twitter.com/dskok David

    Title sugggestion:


  • Claudia Muehlenweg

    Complain, No Gain
    The New Knoconomy
    The 2009 Econoquake — The Beginning of a New Era
    The End of the World As We Know It — Finally!
    Tomorrow Never Dies
    The 2009 Wake Up Call
    Sunrise @2009
    Why it doesn’t matter anymore if the Chicken or the Egg came first

  • http://www.newsagencyblog.com.au/ Mark Fletcher

    What waveriders can teach business about embraching change

  • http://keldscookin.com keldwud

    “Link Economy” is the only one that jumped out at me. If I were browsing books, this one would definitely grab my attention. As a book title, it also feels like it contains more of your personality than the others and would look good on a bookshelf next to ‘What Would Google Do?’.

  • http://keldscookin.com keldwud

    As an aside, the other titles you have suggested come across as presumptuous, navel gazing, or self-important.

  • Zach

    Life After the Implosion
    (or instead of “Life”: Innovating, Living, or The Economy)

  • Klaus Hofenbitzer

    Not quite sure if this is to the point, but I was thinking about a comment a colleague one made to me about the constant change in corporate America:

    Don’t resist change, hug it!

  • http://www.worldpointx.com Scott

    “Grow or Die”
    – You Only Have Two Choices in Business or Nature

    “Win, Lose, or Get Out of the Way”
    – Like it or Not, Everything’s Changing Faster

  • Dan Bothwell

    Title suggestion:
    Know Your Platform


  • http://lindaraxa.blogspot.com julieta Cadenas

    Power to the People – The New Economic Revolution

    Power to the People – An Economy in Transition

  • http://journo101.com Anna Haynes

    Problems are only opportunities in work clothes
    – Henry J. Kaiser

  • http://www.businessword.com Donald Johnson

    Appologies if these have been offered:

    Make a changing world yours, First movers on changing markets and technologies win big

    Change Vultures Rule; It’s all being in the right place at the right time with the right idea to make the most of new technologies and markets

    Bleak is good! When things look bad for others, the opportunities are yours

    Pray for change, Why new technologies and markets open the doors of opportunity.

    Strong people love change, How changing technologies and markets create opportunities, can make your career and made Bill Gates and Steve Jobs rich and famous

    Promote yourself by promoting change; 99% of your competitors fear change; it’s the 1% who see opportunities in new markets and technologies who win

  • http://www.businessword.com Donald Johnson

    7 Ways to be a Change Vulture, use one of my previous sub titles

    10 Changes you want, Any one of these changes can make somebody [you] rich and famous

    10 Steps to prosperity from despair, plus sub title

    What is real change, and how you can make it work for you in 10 easy steps. Well, maybe not so easy

    Unexpected! 10 steps to turning disastrous change into the next Amazon, Apple or McDonald’s

  • Hannes

    “The Monkey Keyboard”

  • http://sonofgeektalk.wordpress.com Gianni

    I like “Resistance is Futile” a lot, but I find it a little negative – what about a pun on it with a positive spin like:

    “You will NOT be Assimilated”

  • http://expad.ie Markham

    Abort, Retry, Succeed?

  • Rob Levine

    How about The Rich Get Richer! That seems to be what you’re always celebrating.

    • http://www.buzzmachine.com Jeff Jarvis


      • Rob Levine

        I apologize for my tone, which was inappropriate. Despite the fact that I disagree with most of what you say, I think you have the best of intentions.

        HOWEVER, based on what I know about your vision of the future, I find it *very much worth resisting* and I’m not going to apologize for that (although I will certainly phrase my disagreements more politely in the future – you’re right about that, and my apology is sincere).

        When I look at Google, I see a company that has built a business (YouTube) by exploiting and devaluing the intellectual property of others; I see a company that compiles data on the activities of almost everyone online without giving them much notice; I see a company that preaches transparency but hides its truly valuable resource (its search algorithm); and I see a company that’s being investigated by the DOJ as a monopoly. To me, this is very much worth resisting, and I do not think that’s futile AT ALL – and the EU antitrust judgments against Microsoft and Intel prove it.

        I think a future where Jimmy Wales and Craig Newmark make millions off of “free culture” while marketing themselves as anti-corporate gurus is worth resisting. I think a future of tax breaks for telecom providers and cable companies is worth resisting. And I think a future where Arianna Huffington is regarded as anything other than a high-priced beard with a disinclination to pay taxes is worth resisting most of all.

        I’m sure you see this future differently, since I know you have the best of intentions. But I don’t think the same of those you’re defending.

        • http://www.buzzmachine.com Jeff Jarvis

          “The best of intentions” remains condescending. I repeat, Rob, get a blog. Coming here merely to harass — that is, to disagree with attitude and repetition in attacks — borders on trolldom. I would think you, teaching criticism in the new age, would practice the new criticism on your own. The discussion happens from those platforms. Here in blogs, as in the academy, collegiality counts. Disagree with me all your like. But in your prior comments and this one, please leave the psychoanalysis on your couch.

          As for Google, I too, criticize them. Have you read the book? The point of it is not so much Google but the changes in our world and understanding them through the lens of those who have been successful. The YouTube saw is getting old; it wasn’t just built on others’. There is a vast amount of wonderful creation. As a critic, I’d hope you’d be curious enough to go find it and see what it says about society and art. Making the algorithm public? You must be joking; that would bury you in spam and devalue the internet. I wish they would make other things transparent, as I say, again, in my book; but that is the last thing they can open. DOJ and EU judgments prove nothing. Microsoft is no longer a threat and that only reveals the folly of the efforts to bash it down. Microsoft did that to itself. The market did.

          As for Craig and Jimmy: what difference does it make what they earn? (When you make more for a magazine piece, does that make it worse?) As I say in the book, Craig has created a system that has left billions in the pockets of the people doing the transactions. that money never belonged to newspapers; it was extracted from the market at unfairly expensive prices. If you want to dislike monopolists, look to our own industry, Rob. Both Jimmy and Craig have, indeed, created the means for people to do what they want to do. If you respect the people – and I think that is what is at question here – then you have to respect that – or at least, as both a critic and a teacher, give it more attention than the thin antimarket picket sign. As for Arianna, I can’t even understand your hostility from your snark above. She, too, created a means for many to say what they think. I celebrate that as a democracy and a culture and I think it is worthy of attention and study not snippy dismissal. Again, what they have accomplished says a great deal about the culture and that is what you observe and teach.

          In my book, I observe this culture. This is not about some emotional this-side-or-that-side defense that you think you should nya-nya me about (any friend of yours is an enemy of mine). Please don’t insult me with such shallow rejoinders. There is incredible, rich, meaningful change going on in the culture and these are windows onto them. Open them.

          : And one more thing: Do you exercise this same financial analysis toward the art and entertainment you judge as a critic? If artists get too rich, do you discount them? If Michael Moore, Oliver Stone, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and 50 Cent make to much, does that rob them of their credential as men of the people? Do they need to file 1099s as you expect web people and companies to do?

  • http://bettymingliu.com Betty Ming Liu

    Makeover Matrix: How America Reinvented Itself During the Great Recession
    The Makeover Matrix
    Makeover Matrix: How the Great Recession Transformed American Business
    Makeover Matrix: How the Great Recession Remade the American Dream

  • Gretchen Scheiman

    Hi Jeff,

    Your post reminded me of the old chinese proverb, something about change being a curse. So, as a follow up to WWGD?, maybe “The Blessing of Change”.

    I also liked the suggestion (from another poster) of “Turn”. Simple, elegant, and you don’t need to make an acronym to refer to it.

    Can’t wait to hear what you decide to select.

  • http://www.publishr.nl Remko Zuiderwijk

    – Hand’s up
    – Do not resist
    – Restructure the future
    – You’re not surrounded
    – Resist complaining

  • http://virtualeconomics.typepad.com Seamus McCauley

    No Inevitability (from McLuhan’s “there is no inevitability provided there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening”).

    Restruction (because some people enjoy spurious neologisms).

  • Todd

    Complaining may be unproductive, but it sure is fun!

  • Elliott

    the best place to change direction is at the top of the wave.

  • http://www.writershore.com Jonathan

    “The Art of Loving Change”

  • http://sprechblase.wordpress.com/ Cem Basman

    “Got some change?”

    Man, am I creative today. Thunderstorms outside my window.

  • kyle

    Saw something on HG Wells last night and his uncanny ability to predict the future, esp around atomic bombs…..
    HG Wells wanted the below written for his epitaph……..This is kind of a moxie title and probably won’t be taken seriously as a suggestion but had to share regardless. Enjoy!

    “God damn you all, I told you so.”

  • http://blog.gfst.net Guillermo Salas

    “Who Said Fear?”
    “From the other side of your past”
    “Your new present”
    “The gift of change”
    “Knocking down the past”
    “Nada es igual” <– “Nothing is the same”
    “Today Tomorrow”
    “Breakout. Motivate, Inspire… Change”

  • Debbi Higginbotham

    How about “Threat is the New Opportunity?”

  • http://auditguy.net Dennis Arter

    Riding the Cluetrain to Success

  • A.C.

    I didn’t read all the responses, but how about:

    “Shut up and Change!”


  • James Thomson

    Here are a few suggestions for a book title:
    Halt and Catch Fire
    Crash and Catch Fire
    Booting Up the Future
    Paradigm Lost
    Halt, Load New Paradigm, Run

  • Mike Zelenty


  • http://societeamore.blogspot.com Rowe

    Change Has Arrived But Where R U ?

  • http://epicfu.com Zadi

    I really, really like “Shift Happens” suggested by Cem Basman

    I would definitely give the cover a double-take if I saw it somewhere. Has spunk, is calling to another (very true) saying, describes the feeling a lot of people are experiencing right now, hints at technology (shift key), and describes the change you’re talking about and how it’s a natural part of evolution.


    • http://blog.magix.com Georg Krueger

      ur absolutley rite…its is THE untouchable suggestion. moreover, i think it IS the rite title for the book. it contains everything! Jeff should use it!

      BUT: there are already 3 books with that title…

  • http://www.pricebonus.com/ PB

    “The Monkey Keyboard”

  • Oliver Czok

    What would Jarvis do?

  • http://www.futureofprint.blogspot.com Ian Walthew

    Resist, Collaborate or Surrender

  • Aaron

    Phoenix Paradox is OK, but one I would suggest is “Something From Nothing”. There is a children’s book of this name actually, and the idea you have for the book reminds me of the concept of this children’s book.

  • Andy Freeman

    The best title is in Mark Clare’s comment http://buzzmachine.com/2009/05/22/nobody-can-be-a-newspaper/#comment-394972 .

    “Change Doesn’t Care.” (It’s the response to “People don’t like change.”)

  • thom von muehldorfer

    “Generation Google “

  • LC

    “Shrink and Grow Rich”

  • Kristi D.

    In your list of possible book titles I see “Damned if you Don’t” and “Doomed to Succeed,” which brings me to my personal favorite; “Doomed if you Don’t”

  • Kristi D.

    On second thought, how about:
    “Damned if you Do, Doomed if you Don’t.”

  • Uwe Press


    Let’s lunch in Berlin/Germany.

  • http://projectheresy.com Tim M

    What abouts:
    Goodby: now, Hello: future.

    (Stole it from your post about Star Tribune)

  • http://www.s-o.se Magnus Hellid

    put a nes after anything that means something, changenes, and create your own religion. I know your book is not about change all over, let an typographic illustration of a tree symbolize what you will touch in your writing.

    Best of luck (hard work)

  • http://www.s-o.se Magnus Hellid

    Or Obamanes. :)

  • http://www.marketingbrillo.blogspot.com Nancy Scott

    What Would Archimedes Do?

  • Derval Aquino

    The only way out
    I say goodbye, I say hello

  • Vince Crunk

    plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

    or shorten to — plus ça change

    the more things change …

    French is probably NOT what you are looking for but it was the first thing that came to mind.

  • James Thomson

    More suggested titles:
    . . . And the Googliest Shall Inherit the Earth
    Feasting on the Carcasses of Dinosaurs
    No Really, The Sky IS Falling!
    . . . And So the World Ends, Now What?
    Surviving the Mass Extinction

    (I’m picturing cover art with dinosaurs watching a large fireball falling from the sky. It’s corny but evocative.)

  • James Thomson

    . . . And the Googliest Shall Inherit the Earth
    Feasting on the Carcasses of Dinosaurs
    No Really, The Sky IS Falling!
    . . . And So the World Ends, Now What?
    Surviving the Mass Extinction

    (I’m picturing cover art with dinosaurs watching a large fireball falling from the sky. It’s corny but evocative.)

  • dan macht

    Rise of the Machines. I know, I just saw Terminator…

  • Fabian Zinser

    Opportunity Inc. – Change is…

  • http://anti.anxma.com Anti

    Unfortunately “The Ultimate Reboot” is a term already used by Mr. Juan Enriquez. It would fit your book well. I would keep the title Reboot but add a subtitle. Something like:

    Reboot – A Step into the new generation?

  • Richard Clinton

    The following is my suggestion for the title of your forthcoming book. “Time to move on !! ” Reminds me of of very wise teachers past that gave certain know it all students to the point advice. Thanks and best to you. Enjoy !!

  • Laid Off Too

    Interesting comments Jeff. I think Rob’s comments actually illustrate your points. If someone is resentful of a person or a company because they are perceived as taking money from people’s pockets or doing things ‘unethically’ or ‘as a monopoly’, then those same people probably won’t follow the Googles and Huffingtons into the future. Rob may not like how they operate, but I still respect how much success they have, and I’d consider looking at their business models to see if they’d apply to my fields of interest.
    By playing ostrich Rob and the newspapers (and automakers, etc) are not realizing what is happening. And while I agree he should show off his ostrich skills on his own blog, it is a good reminder for the rest of us of what ostrichs look like, and that they exist.

  • Lee

    “From the Ashes”?

  • http://kufikufi.blogspot.com richard abas

    There are 3 types of people;

    one, makes things happen;
    two, watch things happen;
    three, ask “what happened?”

    Proposed title:

    so make it happen

  • Alicia Stout

    Book Title Suggestions:

    Rebuilding Change
    Rebuilt Around Change
    Abundant Knowledge
    Abundance Changes Knowlege
    small is the new BIG
    Change for Opportunity
    Bricks & Mortar Crumble But Change Lasts
    From Mass to Opportunity
    Mass Upheaval

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/daltonmoraesjr Dalton Moraes

    1st – Greenfield – what is left after change. (you can play with the word, like Gr$$nfield).
    2nd – The day/month/life After
    3rd – Giggles – lafter after (also opens chance to use Giigles)

    4th – Cocoon – R U Comming out? – matamorphosis is a change that creates a new being. if you stay in the cocoon … you will die.

    Note: Just reading your WWGD? book. Loving it.

  • http://www.mediawireless.eu Harald

    Shift, Share and Change

  • http://www.ranchocordovapost.com Geoff

    Change or Die

  • http://bjimba.blogspot.com Jim Russell

    My title suggestion:

    “King Ludd’s New Loom”

    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luddite for background.

  • Marc Breidbach

    Economy 2.0
    Collapse of a System – Chances 2.0
    What Would Jeff Do?

  • Jan Vangrinsven

    The darkest hour is right before dawn

  • Duncan Hurd

    Hi Jeff –

    How about:

    Change … everything!

    As a possible subtitle:

    The incredible opportunity created by the new knowledge economy

    I’m no graphic designer, but I would ask about designing the word “everything” in a manner similar to the iWork ’09 graphic – so that it somehow captures the essence of many different sectors of the economy through each of the letters.

    All the best,

  • http://www.davidsanger.com david sanger

    Two Point Plus

  • http://npharder.wordpress.com ken

    “Under Destruction”

    bright yellow cover with an image of a worker with a shovel in the ground, or digging into a pool of logos, like the old “under construction” signs — evokes destruction, and that something else is being built.

  • Willem Bonneux

    What about:
    *After the darkest hour
    *Waking up in a new economy

  • Pingback: Wendell Blogs About Ads, Verbally in Wendell.Me.

  • http://www.globalmojo.org Stephen Quinn

    Opportunity Knocks: How the knowledge economy breeds abundance

  • Lara

    i have two sujestions for your book tile and i have explained the reasons for my ideas bellow

    * unchangeable change
    *the inevitibility of change

    My sujestion is that you include Change in your title, since that seems to be mostly what you book is about. I often think about how nothing is set in stone except for the past, because that is the one thing we cannot change, it is certain then that there will be a past, which also means that there is a present and a future, but that transition through past, present and future is a change and I think that change becomes as certain and inevitable as the simple facts of life, we live and one day we will die. Change is certain, certain as life, because to live and to be alive means to change, otherwise we could not exsist but like statues. so change becomes a fact of life and as you pointed out there a three basic ways people react to change, this because it is human nature i believe is also rather unchangeable, and because change exsist without the ability to be altered, for what else could it be? I think that change itself is unchangeable hence my ideas of unchangeable change and inevitable change.

  • http://www.twitter.com/foxeen foxeen

    Here’s my 5 euroCent’s worth:

    I very much like your pun “Prophet of Bloom” as a trigger – so, why not add a subtitle to it:

    “Prophet of Bloom – Information Economy Reloaded”

    “Prophet of Bloom – Recultivating Global Economy” (strong Edenic slant)

    “Prophet of Bloom – Beyond the Spill”
    (which needn’t refer to oil in the Mexican Gulf exclusively… but of course only makes sense if you also work in recent events, the oily waves they created yet to be overcome?!*)

    *(I’ve blogged a piece using “The Spill” as a metaphor… our civilization leaky at the foundations… http://textgruende.wordpress.com/2010/07/04/4th-of-july-in-year-1-of-the-spill-a-bitter-world-cupful/ )

    • http://www.twitter.com/foxeen foxeen

      sorry – got distracted from another reading path and ended up here – overlooked the time stamps of earlier commentaries… by now, your book is probably far into the making and its title long been found? Couldn’t find a mention of it anywhere though, – would love to read it…

      • http://www.buzzmachine.com Jeff Jarvis

        thanks. I actually switched topics. I’m now writing a book about the benefits of publicness called Public Parts.

      • http://www.twitter.com/foxeen foxeen

        Oh, of course you do… Loved your “public parts” talk at re:publica 2010 incl. ash cloud reports in the aftermath… good luck for that book, which I will want to read, definitely. And yet hoping, post-apocalyptic renewal script in the drawer might be resurrected one needy day?

        Btw – here the documentary pics I posted via Twitpic after listening to your talk in Berlin, when the ash may have swallowed up many links:


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