Google Trends new service that allows you to get audience stats through Google’s eyes for any site doesn’t work for … Google.com.

  • Sebastian

    Heh?? Oh yeah, I forgot you’re in the process of writing a mash note to Google.

    Heh it is then.

  • http://www.firecreeksystems.com stocks

    It doesn’t work for the majority of Googles websites, like blogger, (but it does for wordpress) or youtube.
    Ironic that they share everyone else’s information, but not their own.. eh?

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  • http://www.juliopreuss.com Julio Preuss

    Neither for Orkut, which is really disappointing for us, Brazilians :-(

    But it does show more reliable figures than Ibope / Nielsen NetRatings, which is the industry standard here in Brazil even though it only covers residential internet access. Wish Google Trends adds the ability to search subdomains soon!