A Jersey app – yagottaproblemwiddat?

My friends at the Star-Ledger have opened a $5,000 contest to create a great Facebook app for New Jersey. They’ve offered up their feeds but using them is not required; they just want a great Jersey app. If Tony Soprano ran Microsoft… (well, they do bear similarities). The judges are Barista Debbie Galant, Winegod Gary Vaynerchuk, Ledger visionary John Hassell, and none other than my son, Jake Jarvis. So what makes a great local app?

  • http://blog.syracuse.com/newstracker Brian Cubbison

    A Google map of the exits? Just kidding.

  • http://debragalant.wordpress.com Debbie Galant

    I think you meant Barista Debbie Galant, brilliant social satirist and author of the new novel, “Fear and Yoga in New Jersey” (St. Martin’s Press). Right?

    Of course being a Facebook app judge was always my dream as a child…

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  • http://www.thisisgoingtobebig.com Charlie

    Please please please someone do one that involves http://www.njguido.com.