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By Matt Davies, via Make Them Accountable.

  • Eric Jaffa

    Jeff Jarvis –

    Have you gone from being an Iraq War supporter to an opponent?

    If not, I’m not sure how this cartoon makes sense posted by you.

  • Michael Turro

    Funny how the Clinton peeps can claim media bias in an environment where she has so small of a chance at getting the nomination YET is still covered as if her nomination is a 50/50 possibility. This meme is simply not grounded in reality. But I guess that’s just presidential politics – get enough money and enough monkeys to say you have a shot and you have a shot.

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  • Jonny Goldstein

    You’ve got chutzpah Jeff, I’ll give you that.

    First you support the wrong headed invasion of Iraq, and now you’re dissing the candidate that DIDN’T give Bush the green light to pursue this unnecessary war.

    Well, ya know how to stir folks up, and I do admire that. It’s a skill.

    Meanwhile, I do have great respect for your thoughts on media and policy. Just not on war, peace, or presidential politics.

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