Signs of London

Puke a pie? No thanks.


Wouldn’t we all like to post that over our doors?


  • Justin Lewis

    Hey Jeff, it’s “Pukka” which means proper, authentic or superior in it’s British usage or more accurately cooked or ripe in it’s original Urdu or Hindi meaning. Pronounced Puck-ka.

    We have a low level insult here along the lines of “Who ate all the pies!” when addressing someone of larger girth, one reason I have for many years been the unofficial face of Pukka Pies, it’s been my avatar in many places for a long time….

  • Mark A. Dodge Medlin

    We have the Famous Chicken in San Diego, but I guess that’s somewhat different from the Famous Cock.

    … unsuccessfully resisting the urge to ask if the Famous Cock sells bangers …

  • Julie, writer

    I guess such landmarks are difficult to bypass without a smirk or two. I have never been to London but one day, I hope to actually have the resources to get on a plane and travel for hours and hours. But for now, I guess I’ll just make do with the funny stuff we have back in our country.

  • Ben Perreau

    What’s funniest is that you consider these unusual, Jeff. Everyday sights for Londoners like us. Pukka Pies are a (somewhat regrettable) national institution.

    I never considered the vomit connotation or indeed the fowl ulterior motive of sinking a couple at the famous cock.

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