News innovation in Germany

Via Martin Stabe: Die Welt in Germany went web-first and pageviews are up 40 percent in a month. The new site, launched in February, includes regular TV news reports from Die Welt, podcasts, blogs, a generous list of recommended outside blogs, and links to competitors; one can subscribe to anything via RSS and comment on all articles.

And here, the head of Welt publisher Springer Verlag, Mathias Döpfner, says (if I’m translating correctly): “Editorial quality will be the crucial. The digital transformation gives us completely new opportunities to invest in editorial content.” Now that’s the wise strategic view.

  • Martin

    I’ll vouch for that translation, Herr Jarvis. I might substitute “decisive” for “crucial”, though.

  • Falk Lüke

    Well, in fact most of the page impressions on german newspaper web sites are not because of all the nice articles, it’s all the galleries.
    The Welt website relaunched in february and they had a loss of about 16% (correct me someone if I’m wrong, didn’t look up the ivw numbers again, just remembering it from the sieve called brain) compared to the month before (most web sites had a loss, since february is a short month and carnival is having a measurable impact on visitor/page impression numbers) and thats more than most of the others had at the same time. Simple reason: they killed a lot of those stupid galleries. Will be interesting what happens on the long run. Apr 11 we will find the counting numbers for march on

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  • Mike

    Welcome to the 21st century!