Davos07: Claudia Schiffer, media moguls, global warming

Here’s a quick video from a fun party at Davos thrown by Hubert Burda, German media mogul and the most gracious host I know. The real star of the show was Claudia Schiffer, whom Dr. Burda dragged around like a sunfish on a hook, introducing her to everyone (even me). Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, also speaks (you have to hear him talk about — and pronounce with Germanic gusto his avatar).

  • http://heuer.sajonara.de Timo

    Hubert Burda did a great German-English speech – was very funny ;-).

  • http://www.subhub.com Evan Rudowski

    Hi Jeff,

    Hope you’re having fun at Davos. My wife and I found ourselves sitting next to Claudia Schiffer at a Starbucks in Notting Hill about a year and a half ago. My son and hers shared grapes and played cars together. Sadly my son had a major meltdown . . . so no follow-on play date. Oh well!


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