Ze deal

The Observer profiles Ze Frank and reports that he is going Hollywood with an agent and a plan to break into movies. I’m a fan and wish he’d stick with the small screen. Ze had created his own unique visual voice and his own comedy HQ; too bad he’ll be abandoning both in March.

  • Ben Sparks

    Ze Frank is a creative person. Not a business man. When your creative, there is no money with “your own unique visual voice and comedy HQ.” You need the business to survive.

  • http://copyrightings.blogspot.com/2006/11/congressional-elections-and-copyright_55.html Kevin

    Ze is great and deserves the recognition.

  • http://jonnygoldstein.com Jonny Goldstein

    Don’t know whether Ze likes the small screen or big one better, but he’ll probably be able to afford a lot more duckies with a Hollywood payday. Go Ze!

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