The hunt for good video continues

I’ve become a quick fan of Kevin Nalty’s funny videos and blogging about video. Today he reports on YouTube’s “customer-support fiasco;” the other day, he put together a good list of video predictions:

1. Online video and television collide then converge. . . .
2. Consolidation of online video sites will increase exponentially. . . .
3. Viral video creators will “cross over” to television. . . .
4. Many television shows will develop online manifestations. . . .
5. Consortiums will form for economies of scale. . . .
6. Select amateur video creators will begin to make a full-time living without “crossing over” to television. . . .
7. A major news story will break via live (or close to live) footage by “citizen journalists” holding cameras. . . .
8. Marketers will get smarter about how they gain consumer mindshare through online video. . . .
9. Real vs. fake will be a major 2007 theme. . . .
10. The “big boy” sites are going to start sharing advertising revenue with select creators like some smaller sites (Revver, Metacafe, Blip, Brightcove, Lulu). That means Google, YouTube, Yahoo and AOL will finally realize that good content means eyeballs. And eyeballs means more revenue.

I’m no fan of year-end top-10 lists and predictions, but that’s a good list.

Appropriate to the meta-ness of Nalty’s video-on-video existence, one of the most entertaining video on his site is a local Fox video about his videos. The best part is is wife complaining about how everything he does is on tape.

  • Nigel Bassett

    Good post Jeff-

    One thing I would add on the list is that video will be used more and more as a standard medium on general websites. In the same way as pictures are used today, we will see an explosion of videos. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Video is worth a million. Videos make content more accessible and require a shorter attention span, which makes video a perfect medium for the web.

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  • nalts

    Thanks for the trackback, Jeff. Consider it an honor coming from you.

  • bittorrent

    I’m starting to see a big problem with Web2.0 and the whole idea of ‘top-rated’ content ending up top of the list…

    Let’s face it, America dominates the web. And, fact is, many Americans aren’t the slightest bit interested in stuff that isn’t American in theme.

    They ignore it or, worse still, rate it down because it isn’t the humour or the cultural references they understand.

    So where does this leave other, smaller, countries?

  • Andy Freeman

    > So where does this leave other, smaller, countries?

    It leavesl them competting with Mississippi.

    Should it be different? Why?

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