This is brilliant. Absolutely fucking brilliant. Go play it now! (Hat tip: Dawn)

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    Snarky lyrics to “My Country Tis of Thee” brilliant? What’s brilliant about that? Like that’s never been done before? Or is it that it’s on YouTube is what’s making it brilliant? It’s a commercial for a website. Please clue me in to what I’m missing.

  • Dave_Violence

    Yeah, yeah, we’re living in Nazi Germany…

    Only I didn’t understand that the FCC chooses what I hear and see. Really? That would explain why my home was raided and all my books, papers, “recorded media” and other stuff have mysteriously been expurgated.

    I’d much rather watch brain-rotting, mediocre fictions on my computer than on television, too.

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    I’ll say a prayer for all you heathens.

  • Jay in Cincinnati

    Jeff, I’m surprised at you. This song has been around for at least six months; when it first appeared it was played on radio stations all around the country. But not by Howard Stern, it seems.

  • Mark

    I take it you don’t have Steve Earle’s “F The CC” on your ipod?

  • Carson Bennett

    Brilliant? It is a celebration by the choir for the choir.

    If this ditty had slightly different words supporting the FCC, I’m pretty certain that you wouldn’t find it “brilliant but wrong;’ you would find it derivative and simplistic.

    Regulars to this blog know that you have a tendancy to equate anything any form of support for your personal enthusiasms with either a high art form or a fundamental insight. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; it’s just that this time it took you a bit far afield. “Cute” is about the best that can be said for this production. “Brilliant” is an assessment in league with Roger Simon saying Borat made him “believe in movies again.”

    And “cute” shouldn’t be demeaned — it’s an under-rated compliment, I think.

  • Borats

    Yes, it is a sad sad era when “brilliance” becomes synonymous with a whiney diatribe in support of every moral transgression portrayed by Hollywood. Take a long look in the mirror every now and then and ask yourself the following, “Am I the image of glutton; the image of a whiney bitch that FEELS repressed; do I want to live in Sodom and Gomorrah with all of the empty souls who have no sense of right and wrong”. Come on folks…wake the hell up. Live responsibly, with a sense of duty and honor for your country, and with some level of discernment so that even those of you on the left side of the bell-curve may have a chance at making a difference. The FCC is to be commended for instilling a sense of right and wrong. My friends, you SHOULD NOT have to expose your mind, heart, and soul to all of the moral transgressions of this world to feel good about who you are. If that is where you are at in life, then God help you. There is time to change, and it begins with the simple understanding that there is a well-defined line between entertainment and mind-numbing rot. Stop being a junkie and a puppet to Hollywood and the media. Stand for what is moral and true. Most of all, when you hit the wall again, take a look up once in while and ask for some guidance. You just may wish you had if you never do…

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  • BeezerMike

    I can hardly believe the hateful self-righteous condescending sanctimony I’m reading from most of the responders to this piece. Must you people think only with your emotions and feel only with your fears. Did someone outlaw critical thinking and reflective consideration while I had my back turned. Does hateful, ignorant, self-righteous spew like this help you get through the day? Must you hatefully belittle someone in order to feel alive, to validate your existence? I think you worship delusion because you don’t have the integrity, courage and intellect to deal with real life. I pity you people. Oh poor sad world, that has such people in it.

  • Daniel Canaveral

    It is laughable to suggest that the FCC controls your access to content. It provides limits on what is allowed over a narrow portion of available media: the public airways. Those limits are based on input from our representative democracy. Don’t like the current limits? Maybe you will like the next administration’s limits better. Sorry if the system doesn’t work as perfectly as you think it should. I listen to Howard Stern on Sirius daily. I think his show is better then ever now that he can say and do almost anything that he wishes. I say almost because even Sirius radio has its limits. As a private entity it enforces limits on the content it provides based on its self interest. The chief of the FCC is appointed and serves at the pleasure of the President so he will lean which ever way the wind is blowing. I challenge you to come up with a system that works better.