Prof. Wacky

Maybe I should think twice about wecasting my classes! Based on a comment, I took the wacky prof video down.

  • Jim Harris

    Like several of my professors at the University of Connecticut … Brings the cost of admission into question [or not].
    Seriously, Jarvis … When are you going to put the beard back on? Your face is a lot like mine — requiring hair to give it that “third heat.”

  • Jim Parsons

    Jeff, I’m a devout fan of your blog so I think it’s prudent to advise that BoingBoing covered this a week or two ago (which you probably know by now). BoingBoing also posted an update to their post that this guy was/is pretty badly in need of help, the University knows this, and he’s getting treatment he needs.

  • Grayson

    Yeah, careful lest one drink too long of the video-Kool-Aid vat. It’s not for everyone. But try telling that to white men over 40.

  • Harry Forbes

    “White men over 40”??!!!

    You mean HUMAN BEINGS over 40 who perform without the help of makeup artists!

  • K-Rick

    The ‘comment’ is hidden behind a WordPress logon; so what use is it?

  • mike

    K-Rick — he may have linked to the comment incorrectly, but a quick look at the comment # in the URL reveals that he is referring to the second comment, by Jim Parsons.

  • sports fan

    Darn I missed it lol.