The week in YouTube

The Sunday papers are reviewing the YouTube deal. Richard Siklos The New York Times says it’s a loopy deal that still makes sense. Dominic Rushe in the Sunday Times of London gives the overview of the phenom while Andrew Sullivan admits addiction. But the best indication of YouTube’s power is the effort and development that goes on around it — the ways people adopt it as their own; see this list of YouTube aps [via Steve Rubel]. If you want to be big in media in the future, make yourself into an API.

And getaloada this: My silly, crudely done YouTube video, done just to prove a point, has had 1,200 views.

: And Rachel Sklar just told me that a snipped of the video appeared on Reliable Sources (I watch when it comes up on my iPod). I was supposed to be on the show this week but the virtual me preempted the real me!

  • Brett Rogers

    Your silly, crudely done video impressed the hell out of my co-workers when I used it to give a comparison of text-to-read vs. video-to-watch. You were engagnig and the juxtaposition blew them away for the effectiveness and stickiness of video. I had my little Sony Cybershot handy and then proceeded to show them how easy it was to make a video. One woman told her husband that the only item he’s allowed to get her for Christmas is a digital camera.

    You’re changing the world, Jeff :)

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