What a Lulu

I’m excited: I just ordered my first Lulu book and, best of all, it’s by David Weinberger: a novel my kids are sure to enjoy. You can always tell a good book by its first line. When I started Entertainment Weekly, an amazing editor I worked with, Joan Feeney, invented the book browser, reprinting the first lines of a handful of books every week. The start of this one:

I can’t say that Friday, April 13, was a good day even though that’s when I won the lottery.

  • http://moseswilburwordpress.com M. Wilbur

    Maybe he works weekdays…

  • http://www.njconcierges.com Serge Lescouarnec

    I have signed up with Lulu but have not published anything yet.
    My wife Crizella wrote a kids book on growing up meeting Jazz Greats. I encouraged her to self publish but she is still waiting for a Big Publisher.