Exploding TV

At the same time that Nielsen announces that the TV networks had their lowest ratings in recorded history — averaging 20 million viewers at a time — YouTube announces that it’s serving 100 million videos a day. Insert apocalyptic punchline here.

  • http://c.huntwalker.com/cdilla4rilla CDilla4Rilla

    What a coincidence. Broadband video is really taking over. Online video has become over the last year or so what mp3 files were back in 1999…and more because much of it is created by users. That’s quite a correlation of stats, and it’s kind of scary for the television industry. I wonder how this will affect the figures we will see in this year’s scatter market and next years up-fronts.

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  • http://bennett.com/blog Richard Bennett

    Yeah, but Amanda Congdon is more proud of appearing in a cameo on CSI than being the former face of RocketBoom for a couple of years.

    Until Howie Kurtz has a hard time finding blogger guests for Reliable Sources, I’ll figure the revolution isn’t just around the corner.

  • http://amandaunboomed.blogspot.com Amanda Congdon

    I am?

  • http://bennett.com/blog Richard Bennett

    Yeah, you are. That’s why you want to move to LA.

  • http://amandaunboomed.blogspot.com Amanda Congdon

    Ha! Do simple clichés help you to better digest the complex world around you? Interesting. You have no idea who I am or what makes me proud. Nice try though.

  • http://bennett.com/blog Richard Bennett

    I know you tried to perpetuate the myth that Cox Cable blocked Craig’s List and a week later you were unemployed. Karma’s a bitch.

    Craig’s List finally fixed their bug, BTW.

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