To BS or not to BS, that is the question

The FCC has asked a federal court to delay action by three network affiliates appealing a recent indecency order so it can hear the affiliates’ arguments and reconsider the case. The ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates concurred; Fox’s stations did not. I need an attorney with experience here to explain what this means. Should we smell a rat? The FCC has studiously avoided court tests of its indecency rulings and I wonder whether this is another effort to sidestep the Constitutional challenge that is inevitable. I still want to take the FCC to court in defense of bullshit. ACLU, networks, political groups, anybody want to help?

  • Rich Drees

    In my completely unscholarly legal opinion, I’m guessing that the FCC is looking to settle out of court to avoid any court challenge that would reveal the unConstitutionality of their obscenity rules.

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  • http://none Patrick

    I’d love to “help.” Are you asking for a contribution?

  • Falstaff

    Rich, you may be right. I am not at all surprised that the FCC would reconsider its own arbitrary and subjective decisions in light of their unconstitutionality. Maybe it remembered that it has a duty to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, not subvert it.

    Check out TV Watch, at, for common sense answers to TV indecency questions.