The exploding book

Harper Collins is touting the fact that it put up Bruce Judson’s new biz book for free online with ad support (not tons of ad support, though: Yahoo text ads). Says the Harper press release:

Each page of the book’s text will be indexed for search engines and accompanied by contextual ads served by major search companies. Additionally, the site will include a link to an online bookseller where consumers can buy a copy of the book.

The permalinks within the book are the more important part of this, as far as I’m concerned. More on that later.

  • ninefish

    Where’s the book link? Currently it points to Jake and Windows Defender for some reason

  • Jeff Jarvis

    oops. sorry fixed.

  • ninefish

    Thanks, appreciate that

  • Alan Kellogg

    So Harper-Collins is doing commercially when others have been doing privately for years. About damn time. :D

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