Google “news”

About a year ago, GoogleNews got in trouble for selecting a neonazi site as “news.” After a small furor, the site was taken down. Now MediaGuardian is reporting that Google is putting up “news” from the far-right British National Party, led by a man often accused of inciting racial hatred, above the news of reputable sources. My problem with this remains one of transparency: Google does not reveal its policies or sources and should. Because Google won’t reveal its sources, blogger Private Radio began compiling a list and it’s now fascinating reading, by the way.

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  • Seth Finkelstein

    Hmm? The British National Party being in Google News is rather, err, old news:

    Tide of migrant BNP PR menaces Google News
    News picks a bit illiberal?
    By John Lettice
    Published Sunday 7th November 2004 11:36 GMT
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    Google News, which last year accepted that press releases counted as news, now apparently thinks press releases from the far-right British National Party count too.

  • Bobbie Johnson

    For the record, I think this has become an issue again because BNP leader Nick Griffin is currently on trial in the UK. Interesting though, since National Vanguard was removed as a source because of hate speech (if I remember correctly) — and that’s effectively what Griffin’s in the dock for.