David Lee Roth: Amtrak FM

I set the alarm to wake me up to David Lee Roth’s start on radio from the top of the former Howard Stern Building.

I fell back asleep.

I’m sure he’s a nice guy — EMT and all — but Roth reminds me of the business traveler you find yourself stuck next to at the end of a crowded Ramada Inn bar when you’re just trying to read your paper and have your beer and eat your wings and get out of there and back upstairs to the in-room movies. The guy won’t stop yammering but he never says anything. You do a lot of uh-huhing and know-whatcha-meaning and oh-reallying while the thought bubble over your head is a mix of question marks and Zs.

Roth has forgotten to talk like a real person. He peppers his speech with lines like, “I don’t care much about the finality.” And that doesn’t mean anything. He seems to know it doesn’t, for he ends a lot of unfinished thoughts swith “etcetera, etcetera.” He takes calls and then ignores the callers and starts yammering about something related perhaps in his mind. When he thinks he’s being really profound, he pauses profoundly and brings the background music up while he breaths and starts in again.

Things picked up when Roth had on his 86-year-old Uncle Manny Roth. Maybe they should give Manny a show.

OK, I know it’s unfair to judge the show before the first episode is even over but this is a train going nowhere except to a wreck.

: Later in the show, someone calls in to complain that he just keeps talking. She works in satellite radio. Roth says that apart from her and Stern, “Most satellite radio is like a radio archive.”

David, you are an archive.

: But give Viacom credit for some smarts: They’re streaming the shows online, which they should have done long ago. And buried in one of the players is even a chance to subscribe via RSS.

: Jim reviews all the Stern wannabes.

  • http://www.beggingtodiffer.com BTD Greg

    I caught part of Roth’s show during my morning commute. It was terrible. I really hope my Dallas station figures out that it’s awful and starts putting Adam Corrola’s show on instead.

  • http://larrison.blogspot.com Jim Larrison

    I agree with you. I listened to all of the replacements and wrote-up a review also.

    I think Roth is the worst of the bunch, and you hit it on the head with your summary of his show.

    I spent the morning not working; I was listening to the Stern replacements on the radio. Overall the shows were not bad. Check out my review and let me know your thoughts…


  • Bart

    Wow, great review Jeff. Couldn’t agree more.

    I was wondering which would last longer, Benjy Bronk’s show or DLR’s Morning Zoo?

  • http://likelihoodofconfusion.com Ron Coleman

    I whizzed through the program on the way to work for a few minutes. Couldn’t believe how amateurish it sounded — and they had all this time to prepare. I could just see the programming director sinking, sinking, sinking into his chair…. no, this is NOT going to work…

  • http://tonypierce.com/blog/bloggy.htm tony

    Corrolla, who is far more talented on the radio, wasnt much better on his first show, despite having his buddy Jimmy Kimmel right by his side for the day.

    The highpoint was when they ripped Stern off and had Corrolla’s dad in the studio and asked him questions about Jimmy’s career.

    I have higher hopes for Corrolla’s show since he did 10 years on Lovelines and was near genius. If only he could get a partner as good as Dr. Drew.

  • Ron Pettengill

    does anyone know if stern’s sirius show will be streamed over the internet? i live in the uk.

  • http://www.tonypierce.com/blog/bloggy.htm tony

    howard has never been one to stream his show on the web, and now that he’s Sirius’s cash cow, i doubt that that will change. however you may want to go to Sirius.com and see if they have a way that you can pay for a subscription and hear it on your computer – however im not aware of such a feature.

  • Angelos

    I don’t pay attention to the radio, but this seems like a strange choice to begin with. Who decided DLR is relevant? What bunch of over-paid “executives” made this genius decision?

    Jump came out when I was in high school, and I didn’t much like Roth or the band then, but at least he was culturally relevant.

    Why would I, or anyone else, care what he has to say 20 years later?

  • Mark

    I just don’t get Jeff’s and other people’s fascination with Stern and the frequent affirmations of how “great” this guy is.

    At one point, I think he was breaking new ground but that was a long time ago. Every time I’ve tuned him in, either on the radio or TV in the past 5 years, it’s been the same thing. Stern telling some bimbos how hot they are and how he’d like to do things to them that he can’t say on the air and then encouraging them to show them what they’ve got (take it off).

    Am I missing something?

    I can’t help but feel that people comparing Stern, Corrolla and Roth are essentially trying to pick which pile of crap smells the least. They’re all pretty lame and uninteresting.

  • http://www.tonypierce.com/blog/bloggy.htm tony

    yes mark youre missing something.

    sounds like youve been watching selected E! shows and not actually, you know, listening to the radio show.

  • Ron Pettengill


    i guess it is a matter of taste. I have listened to stern for the past 20 years. the last 2 years i have been working in london. i had been getting the daily fix via a friend who radiosharked them for me. all over. he was like a favorite relative. sometimes obnoxious and annoying but always loved.

  • Mark

    Yes, I’d caught them on E! so maybe I’m only seeing a selection (or maybe a poor selection) of them on E! and it’s not Howards fault that E! only chose the crappy ones.

    I’ve tuned in from time to time on the radio and wasn’t impressed, but it could be clouding of my judgement based on what I’ve seen on the TV. I’d pretty much tuned out Stern and haven’t been back to give him another chance after I decided that I’d had enough.

  • athospaco

    Sirius won’t stream Stern, even for it’s paying customers. Wow.

    We are tens of thousands (maybe more) who will simply download or bootleg stream. Talk about lost revenu and power. Ears = ratings = power.

    I want to pay for it yet Sirius treats it’s customers like the soup nazi. No stream for you!

    Wonder if they remember at the end of that episode, the customer (Elaine) wins.

  • The SpinMD

    I — fortunately it sounds like — did not hear Roth or Corolla this morning. In fact, I haven’t heard anything on “the radio” in over three years. I listen to my audio uncensored on XM. As for Stern, his time has passed, satellite or no satellite. He was a pioneer, but his schtick faded many moons ago. XM’s Opie and Anthony (with Jim Norton) have taken over his throne and are, as Stern will quickly realize, light years ahead in the satellite race for innovative programming. That said, I hope Stern does well at Sirius, as it will spell an even quicker demise of traditional radio and puritanical FCC cowtowing.

  • Howie

    I enjoy how Howard handles interviews with the great washed among us. He’s a guy who gets paid buckets of money yet still is a filthy human, with all the normal faults. There are few with his reach that are as real. Yes his humor is juvenile. Most is. But, like movies and primetime tv, it’s all about the personalities and he’s got a nice collection in tow.

    Listening to Roth at the moment and agree with the rest that he’s a bit hard on the ears. Thick delivery with no real direction. Just when you think you’ve got an idea of what he’s talking about, he switches gears and loses the listener. And yes, the ever-present music in and out doesn’t work.

    Roth reminds me of Ted Nugent. Lots of opinions but the message gets lost in the hyperbole.

    Concerning satellite… why are they so hooked on selling radios? I thought the subscriptions are how they make their dime? Why not allow members to hear Stern online and why even make subscribers buy a radio in the first place. I’m sure many would be happy with just net access.

  • J

    “athospaco” brings up Seinfeld, and that’s a good example here, i.e., give Roth some time to get his act up to speed. He may never be any good, but who knows. I think Seinfeld is the best TV show of all time, but IIRC even it had to be pulled off the air and “retooled”. Some of the first season episodes are painful to watch.

  • tigh

    Well after listening for an hour or so of DLR I can say one thing for the show…

    It made me want to “JUMP”!

    Right off the GW Bridge…

    Maybe he will last the 18 months but I seriously doubt the geniuses who hired him will…

  • otto

    there is no way the east coast listeners are going to be accepting of any stern replacement, no matter who they are. Viacom knows this, DLR is a patsy, or fall guy. He will stink the place up so bad, Managment will step in and say “the audiance has spoken” and “by popular demand” we are replacing DLR with Corolla. it is so obvious that corolla is the only choice for even a half way decent show. Poor Dave, love his music and his attitude, he just isnt a talk show host.

  • Mark

    I hope Stern does well at Sirius, as it will spell an even quicker demise of traditional radio and puritanical FCC cowtowing.

    Actually, be careful what you wish for. If traditional radio were to meet its demise too quickly, the FCC would surely be more tempted to begin regulation of satellite than otherwise. Or more accurately, congress would want to keep their fingers in it by changing the law to let the FCC do just that.

  • sean

    i listened to the first couple hours before heading out the door today, i thought it was a decent first day for dave.
    ill keep listening to it for awhile and give dave a chance.
    i have to ask myself , who else could they have gotten to fill sterns shoes?
    snoop dog?
    for some reason i dont think ill miss howard and the seven hundredth time he will have the world farting champion on his show, breaking wind on some crack whores face. so long howard.

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  • http://www.beggingtodiffer.com BTD Greg

    I actually think that the move to satelite will be good for Howard. Not because it will allow him to get nastier, but it will assure that he doesn’t end up killing so much air time complaining about the FCC and playing the martyr.

  • http://www.popularthinking.com Sean L. McCarthy

    Amazing how few people seem willing to give David Lee Roth a chance. That said, I listened to all four hours Tuesday morning, and noticed that DLR has a longtime radio personality serving as his backup and was even more surprised that he didn’t debut with anything prepared other than his long chat with Uncle Manny. You can read my full log of DLR’s first show on my blog here: http://popularthinking.blogspot.com/2006/01/david-lee-roth-first-day-liveblog-i.html

    Or read my review in Wednesday’s Boston Herald here, which includes a nod to Corolla’s first day: http://theedge.bostonherald.com/tvNews/view.bg?articleid=119767

  • http://blowingsmokethemovie.com Jim Treacher

    Anybody else read Roth’s book, Crazy from the Heat? It’s obviously a transcription of Roth just yammering on, and it’s all over the place, and I gave up trying to separate reality from Daveworld somewhere in the middle of the 3rd paragraph, but damned if I didn’t keep turning the pages. Whether I’d actually want to listen to it for hours every day, though… Well, they won’t have to worry about dead air, that’s for sure.

  • DC

    I thought the DLR show was horrible – but funny enough I thought Manny was terrific. At his age, he is more interesting than DLR will ever be.
    Funny enough, Manny was my landlord in the city for a number of years. He is priceless!!

    I am hoping that they move Booker to the morning slot. That Radiochick also stinks and now I have nothing to listen to in the morning until my Sirius is installed this weekend. That evening slot Booker is in is bad for my drive home…I hope they move him b/c he has more talent that DLR that’s for sure.

    Who had that great idea of an over the hill adequate non-relevant entertainer like DLR be the morning guy?

  • sean

    Who had that great idea of an over the hill adequate non-relevant entertainer like DLR be the morning guy? LOL.

    david lee roth may someday soon be stepping onstage as the frontman for the biggest world tour in history, if vanhalen gets back together it would make a rolling stones tour look like the blue man group.

    i wouldnt call him non-relevent. what a dumbass.

  • Mark

    DLR = Damn Lame Radio. I hope they keep him on for a long time. With Howard I wanted to lay in bed listening to what would happen next. With Dave I’m so confused after 3 minutes because he has gone thru 10 topics without saying anything that I can’t wat to get out of bed and off to work. Dave needs to realize he is the host not the rockstar being interviewed and stick to the topic.

  • DC

    sorry i’m a dumbass – that’s me
    i don’t think he is relevant – he doesn’t make any sense, the show is totally disjointed
    he’s boring and he’s arrogant
    i can’t remember the last time i brought cd’s from home to listen to during my morning drive

    they must be screening those calls like crazy b/c they are all his fans
    today he said he hates his boss…is his boss Tom Chiusano?

    i am sure VH has tons of fans — and they’ll be huge when/if they get back together
    but on air DLR is not great
    again that’s coming from a dumbass

  • Sushik

    He was speaking today about Parenting. Not just speaking but preaching to people about it. Does he even have Kids???

    He is an idiot; he keeps projecting himself as an expert in every field.
    He Ain’t!

  • Sushik

    And what is up with the sound bits he plays?

    Does he realize they are TOTAL displaced and make no sense????

  • Stevo

    yes folks it is quite sad

    I’ve been waiting patiently for the DLR radio thing, and i hate to say it but i was bummed.

    I was a legendary VH fan and couldn’t get enough of DLR and Eddie and the music and all that stuff.

    But DLR on the radio… WOW, man, is he arrogant or what? please tell me if I’m wrong but he sounds like one of those guys we all meet that think they are the Cat’s Ass.

    I really wanted to like him on radio, but sadly, i too pressed the snooze button, and then the off button.

  • shan

    howard surprisingly went live on sirius during a test. a caller asked if they would be streamed online. he said they were working on it. whatever that means.

    i’m in cali and have listened to all of 10 minutes of adam. although, i was never a big fan of his, so i’m biased.

    howard’s E shows is nothing like the radio show. i love the radio show but i can barely stand to watch the show. although! i did notice that a lot of the girls are actually not as hot as howard says on the radio. i think he just says that for the men listening.

  • Rob

    DLR sucks. Period. I couldn’t follow where he was going or what he was trying so say. It was like being lectured by a wannabe lawyer who pretends to know what he’s talking about. Fortunatey, I got my satellite radio now, so I’ll never listen to FM radio ever again.

  • Dan

    Brilliant synopsis of “Roth in the A.M.” Scary thing is that I can’t stop listening, and I find myself laughing aloud at how bad and corny his sayings really are.

  • http://www.azerivista.com Anna

    You guys are pretty funny.
    Thanks for entertaing us:)

  • Jim Says

    hey,,,, you got to respect where the man came from. he’s a showman. He has alot of experience under his belt (black belt), and he’s damn proud of it. he’s also has the gift of what it takes to be a front man. thats a person who got drive, ambition and lots of pride and confidence behind it. thats exactly what we’re hearing on the radio. the experience of being the front man for one of the largest rock bands ever who we all loved back then, and still do. i couldn’t handle that position and i’m sure most of you can’t either. but come on, give the guy a break. its his first week on. it’ll take him a while to get the sound bits straight and make it right for the audience. can you imagine filling howards shoes never doing radio before?
    howard started as a d.j., slowly working his way up the ladder. Diamond Dave just STARTED radio this week filling Sterns spot. a monumental task.
    I say, cut him a break and let it ride for a while before being too critical.

  • Lovegun

    Well, I remember years ago, when Howard first appeared, He wasnt the polished host he is now. But then again, most of you were probably still riding your big wheels , and dont remember his inaguration into talk radio.
    So, give Dave a break. If he dont cut it in this gig, he can always go back to doing what he does best, singing.

  • Leif

    Well… I’ve been listening to Howard Stern since 1997 when he saved me from a really boring campus job. Call me spoiled, but I have given DLR each morning and I must conclude that he is terrible. His show is about nothing. No themes, no development. Just thoughts coming from nowhere and developing into 3 minute bits. His voice is over the top and the commercials are his attempt to show you how smooth a voice he has. His singing during the show is completely unappealing as is his choice in songs. He calls soda “pop” and songs “tunes” and probably thinks he sounds in some way cool doing so. I’d say he is no more a radio show host than he is an EMT. He’s doing it, in my humblest of opinions, in order to add that to the list of things he can speak with authority about. He’s a know-it-all and soon he will know about radio. As was mentioned, Booker would make for a better choice.

    KROCK, in general, has been going down the tubes for a few years now and I basically gave up listening to them when Howard was not on. I gave the Radiochick a chance. They were trying to decide whether faygola was a better insult than re-re (retarded retard). I may give her 5 minutes tomorrow. It’s funny that they follow that show up with yet another show featuring a group of 20-somethings who are ambiguous stoners and speak with that same disaffected tone that is common with young white people in this here city.

    My alternatives are: NPR on 93.9 and WWOR on 710 AM in the morning. On my short drive home, I listen to Michael Savage on WWOR. He’s usually good enough that I turn the radio on when I get home instead of the TV.

  • Craig

    Jeff, I couldn’t have said it better myself, I agree with BTD Greg with any luck Dallas radio will put on Adam Corrola and save its morning slot.

  • BB

    I got Sirius radio 2 weeks ago (only for Howard). I listened to a replay of his Tuesday on air “rehearsal” for next week’s first show. He stated that Sirius will be streaming his show online. When this will actually happen, he did not say.

  • Riv

    In order for Dave to last at K rock more than a week he needs to immediately do 4 things. Fire the zoo-like idiots who are hysterically laughing at nothing, stop the water torture concept of turning up the music everytime there is a second of blank air time, slow down his talking and stay on one subject at a time. Until this happens, the show is completely unlistenable. DLR has the potential to be compelling. Howard proved it when Dave was a guest.

  • Mark

    I started listening to Howard back in 1980/1981 when he was on DC101 he was 100 times better back then then DLR is now. This morning they added a woman named Robin I guess that was to make us think Robin Quivers was in the studio, maybe next week Dave will change his name to Howard.

    Like I said before the only reason to listen to Dave is that it’s so bad that you want to get out of bed and turn it off as quick as possible. The watch should be not how long he lasts, but how long before Tom Chiasano is working at Sirrus with Howard.

    As to a Van Halen reunion who cares they were an average band with average talent, with a way over-rated guitar player. If they get back together it will be only for the money.

  • Brian

    If all of the Van Halen fans are as amused with Dave’s ramblings as he is the show may last into the summer, but how long can the rest of us listen to this train wreck? He’s a childless parenting expert with no regard for the facts. He confused Bill O’Reilly with Pat O’Brien and it takes his producers so long to weed out the negative phone callers that when a DLR fan finally gets through it’s three topics too late. Can a guy with a hair weave really characterize women with breast implants as shallow? He has already taken to complaining about the studio and repeated himself several times. Even his in-house fan club can’t seem to laugh at Dave for four hours. I’m sure he’ll do well with the opinionated EMT demographic.

  • Riv

    How is it possible that high level administrators decided to replace Howard Stern, the greatest radio personality that has ever lived (Jean Shepherd runs a close second) with someone who can’t be listened to for more than a minute? Proof once again that the “Peter Principle” of administrators rising to their level of incompetence is alive and well.

  • pd johnson

    roth is an arrogant know-it-all. his show is a complete mess. if he is still on in july, i’ll be shocked.

  • CatFish

    DLR’s show is starting to take shape. Give it some time and Dave will get it together. Howard wasn’t all that great his 1st week.

    Cum visit us at http://www.diamonddavidleeroth.com

  • Bernice

    ROTH RADIO is rocking the world, despite the critiquing from STERN listeners who haven’t ran out to buy Satellite. As Dave indicated well before he took a seat at CBS/Infinity, he clearly stated that his format would never be like STERN’s and he stated that there is no competing.

    Let’s face it, STERN will remain “King of All Media” (DLR acknowledges this fact and highly respects Howard, like we all do.). There have been plenty of days that I’ve listened in to find that STERN did not have a guest on his show and no specific topic for discussion was prepared. Artie’s drinking binges, Wendy The Retard’s latest date or hearing the graphic detail of a stripper kissing Beetlejuice after he has digested sardines? T & A, Strippers & Drunks can be funny and interesting, but they do take their toll for morning radio and soon it becomes redundant.

    I, personally, am excited to hear ROTH’s stimulating subject matters, a few good debates and an opinion by a man who, I have alot of respect for, having lived the life of a Rock Star and lived to tell you and I about his experiences behind the VH1 and MTV persona.

    I don’t think we generally observe a ROCK STAR and assume he or she as having a serious opinion about life and having the desire to take on America’s most important issues. That’s the ROTH difference.

    Many stereotype DLR as nothing more than an 80’s personality, famous for the spandex and living every man’s fantasy of Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll.

    Truth is…..ROTH has participated in it all, but, you’ll be surprised to learn that he is an avid reader, eloquent speaker, a “Mark Twain” teller of tales of his off-stage antics, as well as his humanitarian work as a Certified EMT on the Brooklyn Beat. ROTH also carries the unique coveted title of being the “Legendary” Frontman of Van Halen, perhaps the Greatest American Rock n’ Roll Band to grace stadiums and radio airwaves throughout our country and around the world. With DLR’s format style, he brings his personal experiences to the table with a raw energy and delivers with it with a smile. Topics ranging from a music and medical background to current events in the Middle East, ROTH can deliver with ease. He’s serious about taking on important issues with regards to discussing our youth’s culture in America, what is happening in our own backyard with the epidemics of drugs and asking the question: HOW DO WE RESOLVE THIS? He has a patriotic spirit, an opinion and a positive agenda….Educating one another….period.

    Knowledge is power and DLR is a follower of this principal.

    Talk Radio has just undergone a major metamorphosis….A New Buzz is happening and you’ve got a choice to make:

    You can RUN WITH THE DEVIL or JUMP ?!

  • mish

    at my work, my co workers and i are furiously trying to get sirius but the reception just hasn’t come on yet; the windows are too high to reach. No i don’t work in prison although there are times i feel like it…howard is a great storyteller and i love his honesty even if i sometimes diagree. i can’t wait until monday , at least i can listen in the car and home. BUT i will not give up at work , i can’t go through work without listening to howard!

  • http://eyrestes.blogspot.com Leif

    It’s not that I don’t believe he has fans out there, but I find it hard to believe that many people would argue that his first week was anything more than abysmal. He made a brief turn around today, I admit, but he has a long way to go.

    “You can RUN WITH THE DEVIL or JUMP ?!”

    Bernice, I imagine that damage control of this sort will be your primary task for weeks to come. Good luck. You have a large job ahead of you as there will be a fair amount of damage to control.

  • JB

    I agree with Bernice and Catfish. By Friday I was hooked on DLR.

  • jack

    I have been listening to dave in the morning, even though it is not great, it actually was refreshing diff from stern. Ill keep listening.

  • Angela Mendez

    David Lee Roth is something else. He spent 2 shows basically bragging about what he has accomplished: speaking different languages, EMT, surfing, flight lessons etc etc etc…blah blah blah. Lets face it he is a “has been” lead singer from an aging rock group and now we are being asked to listen to him ramble about non stop nonsense. I’d rather listen to anything else on the way to work…A.M. talk, CDs..anything but this goof.


    It’s amazing to me that all of you critics want to just blast Diamond Dave off the airways right off the line. Wow, how fast we are to forget the years we spend hailing this man as King! After all, this is only the first week and the show gets better each day. Give Dave a break, Do all of you blast into high gear, first day on a new job? neither have I….but as times moves on, you get better and better!!! Dave is an amazing entertainer, and source of energy! keep rockin Dave!

  • Eric_W

    There is no question that DLR sucks, and I think everyone’s done a great job here elucidating the reasons why. I’d like to add another: The basic reason that he sucks is that he’s not a comedian, nor is he remotely funny. That’s what morning radio is all about–getting your day started with some fun, some entertainment, some humor. Fart jokes, trivia contests for idiotic strippers, masturbation, and interviews about celebrities’ drug use and sex lives. Howard’s show gave us humor, and that’s what we want (and no, it doesn’t get old). Moreover, Howard is obviously very intelligent. The audience respects his thoughts on subjects (even in disagreement) because he always has a compelling, cogent argument.

    On the other hand, Dave’s humor is all one-liners that aren’t funny. He’ll say, “Coughing and hacking like a stripper on Sunday morning!” and then let out a rapid fire fake laugh to signal that it was supposed to be funny and his cronies join in. That’s not funny, that’s cheesy and annoying! He’s like a schmoozy door-to-door salesman; he’s trying too hard, and he is so unlikeable. Beyond his personal un-funniness, his whole concept for the show is wrong. It seems that he wants to make it a forum for callers to participate in discussions of deep subjects (which always fail to be deep). Parenting issues?!?! That’s not funny! We want fart jokes you moron, not roundtable debate of opinions from people with sub-par intelligence about dry, boring topics!

    Finally, BERNICE, I also feel sorry for you, but it would appear that you come from the same group of idiots that selected DLR. If your job is to promote David Loser Roth on message boards you’d probably be more successful if you didn’t make your aim so obvious. By the way, you misspelled “principle” in your line, “Knowledge is power and DLR is a follower of this principal.” Principal is the head of a school. Don’t you just love the irony of that sentence?

  • Karla Black

    Also, Bernice, in your first sentence you said, “listeners who haven’t ran out to buy Satellite.” That’s RUN out, dumbass. I got Sirius for a Christmas present, thank God! Howard’s test show was better than anything I can find on the radio anywhere. Also, satellite radio rocks for other reasons too. There are tons of shows with things you can’t find on FM and a much bigger selection of music and talk. I’m so glad to have it. I can’t wait to listen to Howard again.

  • Jay

    …All the haters just don’t get DLR’s sense of humor. Obviously those waiting for Lesbian dial-a-date are going to be disappointed, but the show has been quite funny. Dave’s show has improved daily, and will only continue to do so. He’s intelligent, articulate, and well-versed on a variety of subjects. I’m stuck with Carolla in the mornings, and seriously– one must resist the urge to fall asleep at the wheel during the morning commute now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Stern fan as well, but you should give Dave a chance, or go buy satellite, so you can get your daily dose of fart jokes…

  • Bernice

    To Eric W. and Ms. Karla,

    First of all, I appreciate today’s english lesson – shit happens when you are trying to type fast.

    Secondly, I’m happy for you Ms. Karla, Santa was so generous to put Sirius your tree. Now you can listen to Howard 24/7. You’ve got a choice and that is what I was trying to convey, dumbass.

    DLR does not need my promoting to convince anyone to listen in to his show. Apparently, he already proved himself with the major players at CBS/Infinity….DO YA THINK ?

    I’m a huge fan of both ROTH & STERN. Their formats are completely different…Apples and Oranges….so why so disgruntled?

    My advice to you both is to quietly go over to listening to “Fart” Jokes and nude girls getting slapped on their asses with lunch meat for your morning cup of java.

    I will listen to DLR discuss issues that might change my life and leave me with a laugh and a smile to begin my day.

    I’ll bet both of you strive for excellence in your respective job positions, but neither of you were able to achieve it in less than a week!!! To be technical about ROTH’s airtime……….4 days! Give me a break!

    ROTH is just getting warmed up and will get his groove going…

    My $$$$ is on ROTH, since I “choose” to listen to FM Radio. He’s clever, witty and he looks at life with the glass 1/2 full…something we need plenty more of these days!!!!!

  • bob

    Diamond dave is just heating up, need Hutch to work the board better, David lee has to tell him to take a caller down, bring him up, Dave needs to get some guests in the studio, dave is a great interviwer, I would love to get some musical guests in the studio, how about Alex Van halen? he is lining up Heidi fleiss to come in, the show will need a month to get its sea legs. My money is on dave, be patient.

  • http://www.rotharmy.com Mr. White

    I thought DAVE was the best of the new bunch…witty, topical and entertaining. I’m surprised by people that don’t get his humor…maybe it’s over their heads. The guy is educated and well spoken. He’s lived an exciting life and isn’t the typical isolated “Rock Star”.

    And just a thought…Stern’s been on the air for decades…he was terrible when he was on in Detroit in the early 80’s. Given time DAVE will excell at this new field.

  • JEFF




  • fhs

    OK first things first but I am a horrible speller and it wont be long until everybody realizes the same. Having said that – I completely agree with Bernice, JB, Catfish, Kevin, Jim and Love Gun.

    Yeah dick and fart jokes are funny and have their place, but Dave’s sense of humor is much more high brow. He IS funny. At least to me. And he is intelligent. His show is interesting and has gotten better and better each hour of every day. I find Dave’s sidekicks, particularly Animal, extremely funny.

    I think Dave’s niche is going to be high brow humor that goes over the head of some of the Stern audience hoping for Hank the Angry Dwarf to come back from the dead (damn Hank was one funny mofo! “Go have sex with your motha!!!”) coupled with discussions about current events that falls short of the analysis of a political call in talk show.

    I do not think anyone is counting on Dave to convert the Stern audience. Like Dave said – anyone that tries to replace Stern will probably only succeed at it about 20%. CBS has already kissed a large portion of this audience good-bye and I think Dave’s initial ratings will be solid enough for the suits and the accountants to buy him more time to improve and invent his own market. And he will improve – he just needs to find his groove, and after listening all week, he is well on his way to finding it.

    Of course, if you don’t like Dave in the first place, and I noticed a lot of the critiques in this Blog say as much – you certainly wont like his radio show – so don’t even waste your time. But try to be fair for the man – after all he is a rock star, not a dj and he is learning a new, difficult trade in front of 7 million people.

  • http://rotharmy.com Jerome

    What on earth can be wrong with David Lee Roth show?? There is no entertainer on this planet who can rival him, really… Plus he is just 100 times smarter than that Stern whom so many folks seem to regret… Why don’t they change channels and leave Dave alone? Who are these cold fish who have nothing else to do in their lives than dragging their own mediocrities along to try and soil such an exciting show?

    Let those miserable moaners wallow in their stupidity, and stay away from Diamond’s Dave garden, as nobody compels them to enter it!

  • Carmine

    Has anyone taken into account that ROTH has only been on the radio for four days? I mean c’mon…did Stern get syndicated all over the country in 4 days? I think not. It takes time, energy and focus. All of which ROTH has in everything he does. The show took an upward progression as the week went on and I’m sure it will continue to climb. It is not the Howard Stern show. It is in fact..the David Lee Roth show. Political, social and economic topics… and David Lee Roth? Who woulda thunk it? Obviously, the folks at CBS radio. Keep up the good work Dave. I enjoy the show greatly.

  • Van Aaron

    Stern’s show is over. He is going to take his money and run as there is no way Sirius will bring in enough revenue to afford him( everyone on wall street knows it). I listen to radio all day in several different formats and Diamond Dave is clearly a natural. Retard radio is not funny or shocking anymore, appeals primarily to jerk offs, and can be copied by anyone (just listen to Carolla). Dave can always bring on lesbo’s, porn stars, and retards. Stern will never possess Dave’s intelligence or quick wit. Ralph is probably rubbing lotion on Howard’s rash as we speak.


  • http://www.rotharmy.com Coyote

    I’ve only got two things to say about Roth’s show:
    1) It’s better than Stern
    2) Give it a couple of months for it to get the groove right

    And for those of you who claim they can’t understand Roth’s humor…
    Do you even have a sense of humor? Or are you just dissappointed for the lack of midgets & strippers on the show?

  • freak

    I realize there is a loyal contingency of Stern fans out there who are dissapointed that Roth hasn’t had a retard pass gas on a stripper yet. Stop whining, charter a little yellow bus, don your helmets and make a field trip to Walmart. Satellite radio is not that expensive and Sirius, I’m sure, could use the all the help they can get to pay for the two-channel freak show they just bought.

    My only complaint about Roth’s show is that it doesn’t play in Chattanooga and I have to deal with webcasts as a result.

    Tell you what. Pull Dave’s show off FM and put *him* on Sirius. Let the knuckle-dragging masses have Howard back.

  • Douglas T.

    AAhhh the shallowness of negativity! stern will no longer be a shock jock just a stock jock now! On FREE FM he was walking a thin line being edgy! Now he’s just lulling along with the same ol’ show … selling porn on the street corner to the lower level!! I’m an open minded person who welcomes anything! Like I heard DAVE say “If you have to use the ‘F’ word you are just not wise enough to use proper language!” Something along those line but I’m sure much more eleqauntly! Oh and DAVE will never fart in his ass chaps! Yeah that’s my hero FARTMAN! LOL
    DAVE is a BREATH of FRESH AIR and a positive thing for FM and I am glad he’s there! First few days where bumpy of coarse … who’s first days at workaren’t! i’ll imagine he’ll do well!

  • Natra

    I’ve been listening four days to the roth radio extravaganza and think he is just as entertaining as one could be…for all you DLR haters, it takes three things to understand the wisdom of roth…

    1) humor
    2) intelligence
    3) an education that goes further than the fences of the trailor parks you live in

    I don’t find any of it in you reviews…

  • Brad

    Maybe, just maybe you need an active mind to keep up with Roth’s show.

    I don’t fault you for not having enough intelligence to be able to grasp and hold onto the conversation.

    It would be very easy for Dave to sloooooow it down and bring on the miscreants of society to make you feel better about yourselves.

    Bravo Dave!!!! Keep it coming!!!

  • mike

    Oh so there’s no more howard, no more dumb dick and fart jokes? Oh the ratings may have been better, but I could listen to dave all day.

    I thought howard was hilarious, but Dave is by far more intelligent and in my opinion a more well rounded personality.

    Love the show.

  • Eric_W

    Hi Natra,

    I’m surprised that you would refer to Roth’s show as a “radio extravaganza.” Do you listen to much talk radio? Wouldn’t you say that the show is a bit simplistic and disjointed? I listened to Roth each day too. Each time it was just him taking calls on wandering topics.

    Many of these last posters have referred to the “high brow” nature of Roth’s humor, and have implied that Stern fans simply don’t understand it due to their lack of intelligence or education. Come on now. First, the critiques in this thread are logical and articulate. Second, are you trying to say that Roth is an intellectual? I think that this is a bold claim, and I would love to hear you elaborate on it.

    I’d also like to know what people think about my earlier comments regarding Roth’s constant one liners.

    To respond to Jerome’s comments, which I would paraphrase as “if you don’t like it then don’t listen,” I agree. I gave it a try and I’ll be changing to Sirius. I still, though, like to post my thoughts and critique.

  • R Rob

    Eric_W… You sound like you are a smart guy, who can probably carry his own in a conversation. I’m confused…why would someone of your intelligence be stimulated five mornings a week by fart jokes and dizzy porn stars. And why would you, or anyone else take pleasure in corrrecting another persons spelling. Is your opinion of yourself that low that you need to find fault with others. I’m sure that must give you some satisfaction, since your boss or someone close to you must put you down on a regular basis.

    Yes, I do like David Lee, not because I think his morning show is breaking any new ground, but because I respect a man who when he was sick taught himself spanish, for adventure learned how to become a EMT, and for shits and giggles he learned how to fly a chopper. So,Eric_W, what the hell have you done to make yourself any better or contribute to society. Besides hearing a new fart joke to tell your friends….yeah your real stimulating you jerk-off.

  • D.G.

    Dave isn’t so much funny as he is fun. I had fun when I listened to Dave this week.

    I heard him say that he is really good at lifting people.

    He’s got THAT right!

  • Eric_W

    R Rob,

    I corrected the grammar because Bernice’s statement about knowledge was ironic when you consider the error. Bernice said “Knowledge is power and DLR is a follower of this principal.” Do you get the irony?

    It’s really pointless to ask me to compare my accomplishments to those of David Lee Roth, as though it would make any difference to my critique of his RADIO PERFORMANCE. If I had done greater things in my life than he has, would my critique be any more or less valid?

  • Crazy Kiwi From The Heat

    Give David Lee Roth a chance people,he has only been on a week.Rome wasn’t built in a day,so come Monday put that morning show on and Roth with me baby.

  • jgdrag

    Roth will deliver, always has always will

    Van Halen was only an average band with an over rated guitarist, did you just come out of a comma yesterday ?

  • R Rob

    Your right, your critique would be no more or less valid. As far as I’m concerned, most critics are those who never got in the game.

  • R Rob

    and yes, I got the irony..nice exchanging jabs with you…

  • Cosmosis

    I have a gut feeling Daves show will be very successful. I’ve been a long time Howard listener and wish him the very best but i have to say the whole change had a nice fresh feel about it. I wasn’t expecting it but it started to become addictive by the end of the week.

  • rusty

    I pasted this because I’m lazy.

    Defending Roth?

    What’s there to defend?

    He’s not the real king of media. He’s not a talk radio veteran. He’s a Rock And Roll Icon with the gift of gab and a brand new fucking gig.

    If anything, the world that’s spinning beneath our feet is saturated with MEDIA…..I mean like saturated and jaded.

    It’s a fucking joke….I’ve read enough critical diatribes’ on this deal to make Jim Goad’s proof reader dizzy. Did Howard Stern have to deal with this level of hype and sensationalism when he was trying out the training wheels?


    Did Howard Stern’s style and schtick that mesmerizes’ the millions and millions of lowbrow afficiandos’ evolve over the course of two fucking days?


    Will Dave Roth be as popular a radio host as Howard Stern?

    I don’t know.

    I know this much:

    David Lee Roth was stomping around the whole fucking planet, and OWNING it long before the era of mass media. He has NOTHING to prove to ANYONE.


    David Lee Roth doesn’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks…..never has. He wouldn’t give a flying fuck if Howard Stern signed a contract with No fucking Doubt to be their new front thing. You know, Stern would be stepping into a gig belying his field of expertise!

    Would Howard Stern do such a thing….like, as a SERIOUS endeavor?


    The parallelium is there folks. Eat it and Fucking Smile.

    You’re the man Dave. Take that fucking radio show to Vegas and play a Casino.


    That might just be on the docket.


  • minkahed

    well, I checked out Dave’s show a few times this week and I liked it. I applaud his efforts, and respect his constant need for change and learning new things.

    He will eventually find his groove and when he does, he will SMOKE!!!

  • Maximus

    The Mighty Diamond David Lee Roth doing radio…

    WOW!!! Where does one even begin?

    Here’s a man who’s accomplished everything in life and by his own rules. Let’s see he fronted one of THE GREATEST ROCK AND ROLL BANDS OF ALL TIME. Look at what happened to them after he left? lmao

    He’s written a best selling autobiography, traveled the world all whilst doing things most of us can only dream of. He can fly a helecopter and in his spare time became an Emergency Medical Technician and did the latter as volunteer work.

    I say the naysayers are all probably just jealous and fat.

    Although I don’t get his show in Salt Lake City, UT. I listen to what’s available on the net and the guy has talent for this whether anyone wants to admit it or not. Heck, think of the radio experience that he’s gathered over the years by just doing interviews? He’s a natural.

    Yes, he’s no friggin’ Howard Stern and praise da lawwwd. One can only listen to a shock-jock asking a chesty broad to remove her bra in the studio so many times and still claim originality.

    It’s only been one week folks and Dave’s doing a stellar job.

    Eat Us And Smile.

  • freak

    Van Halen was only an average band with an over rated guitarist, did you just come out of a comma yesterday ?

    No, I’ve been rooming in a semi-colon.

  • Maximus

    [quote]Van Halen was only an average band with an over rated guitarist[/quote]

    Whatever person wrote this ’tis probably correct. ONLY cos the Van Halen name was tarnished once Dave said “laaaate.”

    This is funny yappin’ with yayhoos who are slammin’ a dude (who they know NOTHING about) after his first week as a rook to radio. rotflmao

    What have you all accomplished besides the perfection of whining?

  • Jagoff

    where to begin indeed. who the f*** would come out and say “david lee roth has been owning the planet for 20 years” or “he’s the most accomplished entertainer in the HISTORY of music” …. WHAT??? HUH??? let’s see… when was the last time david lee roth played madison square garden? the santa monica civic center? was a guest on the tonight show?? how many times since march of 1985 has he done such things? oh you mean the sam and dave novelty tour.. oh yeah that’s right.. VAN HALEN related. what happened to van halen after david lee roth left. oh yeah a REAL downward slide.. they had their first number one album and single… in fact a string of them. sold tens of millions of albums. did some million audience tours and became a fantastically successful band. they opened the MTV awards in 1992 playing one of the top selling songs that year… by then david lee roth, and don’t get me wrong.. i DO think the band during his tenure with them was better than it was after he was gone.., but dave was no longer an in demand celebrity and was already C and D list by then. his skills as a singer were well in decline by the time he had left van halen.. and let’s remember WHY he left van halen. to do a 25,000,000 dollar budgeted film about some dynamic character he would play. the money fell through… he destroyed his relationship with VH because his ego expected them to tag along as sidemen to this bold new project. this has to have been the worst blunder any entertainment figure has every made in recent pop music history!!! i could go on about this… but hagar a less charismatic and entertaining singer.. but a BETTER singer was able to help that band reach the top ten of the pop charts consistently for a decade. it’s just the way things turned out and not much more can be said.

    i have no hatred for dave.. great guy.. fun raconteur… does challenging and exciting things… but let’s be real here.. new york city has many EMT’s and america has many helicopter pilots… there are many men on this earth who have climbed mt. everest and perhaps a dozen guys who have actually walked on the moon… being entertaining on tv and radio and being the sort of person who might make a fun GUEST on tv and radio are not the same thing and while we can’t make judgements from Roth’s first week that are final, let us say this. to claim that David Lee Roth will DOMINATE the radio field in any significant way over adam carolla, mancow, imus or even the f****g GREASEMAN is absurd. Roth’s fast talkin’ rap came off far better and more incisively in 1980 and 1981 when he used to be a guest on rockline with bob coburn. those shows were done by radio professionals who knew how to produce, program, prerecord, and edit content into the shows to make them complete. put in the HOURS of work required to produce every hour of tv or radio. i honestly don’t think roth is going to do this.. he will become a slave to his producers and he will indeed fade into the mass of hundreds of morning zoo guys and shock jocks as the corporate media consolidation continues.

    as for stern.. i have my problems with his self description… an equal opportunity insulter who is just the most purely honest font of comic truth on earth who strikes fear into the heart of hypocrites… IN HIS DREAMS… stern is a first rate ballbuster and verbal ass kicker extraordinaire. his symbols are drunken dwarfs, troubled giggling black women, and doofy italians, irish, and jewish working class white “ethnics” from the urban northeast… and he uses these symbols to do everything from low humor to, when he’s not being a complete loafing on his ass layabout which is about 85 percent of the time since 1994, he can do some clever stuff and make some significant commentary about the illusions of post WWII America. problem is we no longer live in post WWII america… no.. 20 year old strippers CAN’T name the Beatles or know who Ed Sullivan is or maybe have never had a glass of Tang(Poon or Grape!). yeah he speaks fearlessly.. but he speaks MOST fearlessly about black men be they HIV positive basketball millionaires, station janitors, mistreated retarded midgets, drug addicts, undereducated rappers, crack whores, stressed out comedians, or the SSI receiving mentally ill disabled underclass as a whole. snoop dogg and his b****s and all those thugs living the high life off of their suspected ill gotten gains are the running joke that animates WEEKS of stern’s show… BUT mention john gotti jr, victoria gotti or al d’amato doing the same thing (or beloved governor pataki’s nursing home fraud where the state paid for a nursing home almost exclusively used by his father) and howard begs off with an under the breath chuckle. yeah… some equal opportunity humor is more equal opportunity than others. the strippers and t** baring girlies are howard’s way of staying a naughty little boy to his core blue collar and working class workplace audience. in the old days of the 80s he sold brother copiers, northville gas, car cash, 1 800 mattress, fidelity diamonds and snapple fruit drinks… that was his common denominator and why he worked in parts of the country he wasn’t expected to succeed in. sure he was a lower middle class jewish guy from new york with a smart alecky sense of humor.. but he his politics hewed towards the right working class reagan democrat or suburban republican politics of the kind shared by the ramones or kinison or any of the other soul mates Stern found along the way. Notice the regulars for whom stern reserved his greatest derision or damning familiarity.. belzer, seinfeld, lewis, brenner, gottfried, paul reiser… all jewish comics born in the 50s who hewed toward a rather tepid politically correct liberalism… all of them fell away in the years after 1993, howard’s peak… he was about to become big time JUST LIKE they all did in their own ways… he was going to do movies and big guest stars were finally going to ignore their agents and go on howard ANYWAY! but it didn’t happen.. for whatever reason… stern’s self described too much censorship argument or he just got old… stern’s humor relied more heavily on crude sexism and racism to carry it through. stern told us that the reason daniel carver ended up with more prime radio airtime than anybody this side of regis philbin is because howard was SO clever that he was putting that fool on to just LAUGH at how silly this old time genocidal racist ideologue was being. stern believed his ability to distance himself and the message of his show from this ranting racist SO heavily that he literally believed his own hype.. despite a show which supported every republican leader in the state of new york… which praised rudy giuliani at the height of his personal scandals pre 9/11… in which every serious discussion was turned over into a “who cares… focus on going to work and making money and don’t worry ’bout the pointy headed stuff” message that republicans had honed to a fine point by 2004… and so stern figured he could turn on a dime and have his audience do the same just like flipping a switch. stern’s credibility was so low by the time of the election that he ended up inspiring a significant number of his listenership to vote for Bush and turn on him until he turned away the politics. the last phase of his broadcast show because a series of rants against the powers that be. powers he had spent his entire career kowtowing to and supporting.. massive consolidation of media entities.. passed in 1996… good news when mel karamazin took his infinity group into viacom but BAD news when clearchannel fired stern from 12 stations(note stern’s assension 1 year before when clearchannel banned the dixie chix from their stations for speaking out against bush). stern was shocked by the general tone towards him on his message board and in the post election results.

    then he signed up to SIRIUS and just played that FCC card until it ran out december 16.

    and so my friends.. stern starts tomorrow and will be in his own learning curve. OR he may have called it accurately and he might hit the air running and do a show that is as varied and multitargeted as the work he was doing 1985 to 1993… and if he can do that for 5 years… then he might just whoop some real ass on these guys.

    listen… the game is not whether dave is so brilliant.. stern is so stupid… stern fans are knuckle draggin’ retard haters… BS. there is only ONE question… are american men 18 to 34 or 50 the most important, significant, manipulable and profitable market demographic in the united states consumer and economic market? yes or no? if no.. then older people.. women… teens and immigrants are as or more significant and any shows that appeal to this variety of groups will do very well and make people lots of money no matter who they are. if YES, however… then one reality exists today. THOSE YOUNG MEN are getting their entertainment NOT at the movies or on the TV or in the magazines.. they are getting it from the internet, the gaming console or from niche products like the ipod, cell phones, pda’s and the niche narrowcasting technologies like the satellite radio perhaps. can THESE YOUNG MEN be kept watching tv and listening to am/fm radio by adam carolla, david lee roth… that guy who used to be in van halen MORE THAN 20 YEARS AGO and has since then done a handful of albums and become a figure of memories of summers long long ago?, the radio chick, mancow?? OR will stern and Xbox360 and iPod take them into a new realm offering them MORE if not absolute choice over what they buy and the virtual universes they consume it in. THAT’s it… Roth could be on the radio 100 years.. but if 20% or whatever of those young men 18 – 54 bleed off into poof.. the ether… then it doesn’t matter WHAT the guy says or how many pop songs he wheezes along with between his lame bits. it’s all going out the door. love him hate him.. admire him .. be pleasantly surprised by him. Roth is here to PREVENT bleedoff of 18 – 54 men… and damnit i DON’T think he can do it 914 536 3158 [email protected]

  • http://rotharmy.com Jerome

    JAGOFF, Van Halen was never meant for singles in charts… before DLR quit the band. If you judge artists by the record sale amounts, then you must be a Bon Jovi fan, among others. Why not?
    Yet, is talent necessarily to be measured after packs of bucks collected? Other groups sold about as many records as VH in the end of the 70s/early 80s, or had number one singles at that time, but what remains of their works? Van Halen’s recordings with Dave holding the microphone are timeless stuff, as Hendrix’s or Led Zeppelin’s in their way.
    So, maybe Van Hagar hit the charts a couple of times with sickeningly soft, cautious, middle-of-the-road songs that were totally unworthy of the bold, incredibly skillful, inventive, humorous, outstanding feats of the early days.
    As for Dave on air, the point may not be for his show to smash others: he’s just doing it his own unique way – so comparing him to established speakers is meaningless, unless you have been convinced that uniformity should rule in every field, as we are slowly heading for -, and if not everybody gets it, then I can see no problem at all… those who don’t just have to switch to other stations, Stern’s for instance. Humour is something that you cannot force… Let me just quote a famous and very controversial French humorist, late Pierre Desproges: “Can you laugh about everything? I’ll answer ‘yes’ without any hesitation. Yes, you can laugh about everything. But not with everybody.”
    So let Stern carry on below the belt, and let Dave be Diamond.

  • Thrills

    Detox, it’s a Bust.

  • wendy

    I agree on all points! I was giving DLR a chance untill I hooked up my “ahah”.I am a fan of Howard’s for many years and I loved DLR and saw him many times live…in the 80’s,I would never compare the two.DLR is capable of saying funny things,not for 4 hours a day.The cheesey “Quiet Storm” music breaks are distracting and the phone calls are from anywhere but where Stern ruled.His uncle needs a show,Tom Chiasano must have stomach cramps.Why is he singing along to songs?I am embarrassed they couldnt even get him a B or C list guest for his first show?Wow…love my new sattelite radio,hooked it up last night!I am never going back!!

  • Hugo Fitch

    Natra Says:
    January 7th, 2006 at 9:51 pm

    3) an education that goes further than the fences of the trailor parks you live in

    That’s trailer, you imbecile. T-R-A-I-L-E-R. Ah, the irony…put the stones down until you move out of your glass house.

  • Eric_W

    R Rob,
    Nice jabbing with you too.

  • Jurak

    Gee, Dave’s doin great as far as I can see……..he is , afterall….an entertainer…….and will do just fine, give the guy a break will ya

  • Rich777

    DLR’s show is a horrible, unlistenable, putrid, train wreck. I couldn’t get Sirius installed quick enough! Yes I bought it to listen Howard, but I also found a wide range of shows. It’s great!

  • Bernice

    Rusty…You “effen” ROCK! I’m speechless and agree with you 200%.

    Looking forward w/much anticipation to ROTH’s broadcast on Monday (1/9/06) and I won’t be surprised if ROTH gets STERN on the air to congratulate him…but that would happen because ROTH is a CLASS ACT!!!

  • Rich777

    Class act! Class act! More like class clown. The show on a national basis is a joke. Well half a nation. DLR is a low to middle of the road regional show. Hopefully our local Dallas station will yank his ass ASAP. The mid-day, afternoon and night shows are great. DLR sucks.
    It pains me to say that as a life-long DLR Van Halen fan. Being the front man of the greatest rock band does not make you a radio host. Sad but TRUE!

  • fhs

    Hugo – Did it ever occur to you that maybe Natra’s first language is not English? In fact I know the man and he is from Europe in a country where English is not spoken primarily. He is certainly not an imbecile. And to discredit someone for misspelling a word on a message board anyway without saying anything about the substance of their post makes you appear less than intelligent.

  • Vic

    Bernice, you are a lousy shill. Who do you think you’re fooling?

    DLR reminds me of Chevy Chase, a star in the 80’s who couldn’t make a transition to today’s media. I’m actually embarrassed for him.

    Howard’s audio test on sirius last week was better than anything on DLR.

  • rusty

    Welp, where to begin?

    Long winded diatribes about the incredibly complex history of talk radio?

    Cuntplaints’ about typographical errors’?

    Sophmoric, beaten-to-death cliches’ regarding David Lee Roth?

    I’d rather wax every blade of grass on a St. Augustine sod farm.

    Opinionated, negative rhetoric regarding Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky taking over a fucking radio show is just ridiculous. I mean, it’s fucking mind numbing. It’s not Ted Nugent….it’s not Michael Stipe. It’s David Lee Roth. I’m cuntinually amazed by the shallow, stereotypical perceptions regarding him.

    He’s been on the air four days.

    Now everybody go outside and look at the trees, buildings, hookers, or whatever the fuck it is you have to look at. Take a deep breath…..

  • Hugo Fitch

    Funny, your foreign friend had no trouble with extravaganza. As for my ridiculing his spelling, it was done in the context of pointing out how silly one looks when criticizing the education level of those with whom one disagrees, and misspelling simple words while doing so.

    As for the substance of his post, anyone who thinks DLR is spewing wisdom on that execrable dreck they pompously call Roth Radio clearly has a low threshold for profundity. His opinion is undoubtedly colored by a nostalgic loyalty to a cheesy 80s schlock-rock band, a bias likely held by all the DLR Show defenders here. FWIW, I have no allegiance to the Stern show, as it grew stale years ago. I just know dog shit when I smell it, and Roth has no business being on the air.

  • fhs

    profundity, huh? good post! I disagree but it made me laugh!

  • Claudette

    I turned the show on a few days after it started. Within 30 seconds, I heard Roth say “irregardless.” I turned it off. Enough said.

  • DC

    This morning on Howard they played an old tape of DLR being interviewed by NED some guy who works w/ Bubba the Love Sponge — DLR had the same cliches that he uses on his show now…something about Purple Mountain Majesties…

    This was from some interview when he was touring, so that must be from a while ago —

    I also don’t like the fact that when a caller was on this morning talking about Queen, and “Truth in Advertising” and hung on him since he didn’t have the same opinion as DLR. I found this a bit weird but it seems like all the callers are huge fans…

    I listened for a week, hoping to find something good about the show — all he kept on talking about was VH and the past. BORING — Oh well, I tried to listen.

    Got my Sirius set up and I’m part of the Revolution…

  • DC

    This morning on Howard they played an old tape of DLR being interviewed by NED some guy who works w/ Bubba the Love Sponge — DLR had the same cliches that he uses on his show now…something about Purple Mountain Majesties…

    This was from some interview when he was touring, so that must be from a while ago —

    I also don’t like the fact that when a caller was on this morning talking about Queen, and “Truth in Advertising” and hung on him since he didn’t have the same opinion as DLR. I found this a bit weird but it seems like all the callers are huge fans…

    I listened for a week, hoping to find something good about the show — all he kept on talking about was VH and the past. BORING — Oh well, I tried to listen.

    Got my Sirius set up and I’m part of the Revolution…

  • Teresa

    All these people who say DLR needs a chance and has to warm up, tell me this, do doctors get a chance to warm up when they first start? NO. If you are hired to do something you are expected to do it right from the get go.
    Also, HS is not all FART jokes, I’m tired of people saying “go get your fart jokes at the HS show”. I don’tt hink you’ve ever listened to his show if this is all you can say.

  • Mark

    Now that GeorgeTakai from Star Trek has joined Howard, while DLR get someone named George for his show since he has a Robin to laugh at his bad jokes.

  • joe

    Tom (Chiusano),make Artie a better offer ,DLR will destroy your advertising rate !

  • Crusty Z

    Please everyone calm down, and stop trying to impress us with your intelligence.
    Stern is not just about low-brow humor.
    DLR will do just fine.
    The two can co-exist, you do not have to choose sides.

  • 5150

    Read some of these lame replies. One from Mark says that Eddie was a way-overrated guitar player. It’s legit to badmouth Roth, since ANY singer would have made VH great, but don’t discredit the best guitar player in rock history. Mark must be an expert on the organ (his own).

  • mike

    It’d be one thing if Roth said “OK I’m gonna do a show that is going to pick up where stern left off and you are going to think he never left.” If that was the case I’d say he failed miserably.

    He said he was going to do a show that was totally different: Now who can argue w/ that, I’d say his show is different that stern’s its not as lively but give it some time. Also a guest wouldn’t hurt either

  • Mark

    5150 – If you think Eddie Van Halen is a great guitar player than you must be tone deaf, and a big fan of 80’s schlock rock bands. Best guitar player in rock history I think NOT, maybe he’s in the top 100 but near the bottom of that list. DLR’s persona made the band a hit not VH.

  • Cubic Zirconia Dave

    After a week of intermittently being subjected to ‘Roth Radio’, I have a sudden newfound empathy and sympathy for Eddie Van Halen and rest of the band.

    For years we were led to believe that it was Dave who left the band and we scratched our heads as to why VH replaced him and let the music and legacy of the band suffer. And why there’s never been a reuniting? But now we know, now we pitifully know.

    It must have been a living hell having to be trapped on a tour bus with this guy day in and day out for 5 years. Can you imagine driving through Des Moines for the tenth time and this ADD moron pipes up about “makin good vibes” or “this time I went to Figi” at 7am while you have a hang over? You just want to hit him and scream ‘Shut the fuck up!’ At least we can shut off our radios but they couldn’t. POW’s have had it easier, those guys deserve purple hearts for bravery and courage for having to endure that egotistical scatological fool for so long.

    Granted the music was better but now we understand it wasn’t worth it. Please Eddie, Alex, Michael…except our apologies and for god sakes somebody please replace this fool with Adam Corolla pronto.

  • http://roth bryan



  • Chairman of the “Bored”

    Plain and simple, David Lee Roth SUCKS. Can this show be anymore
    boring? David Lee Roth put out some great music with V.H., but in concert he sucked. He would talk on and on about nothing instead of playing music. During a 3 hour show David Lee Roth’s V.H. would play about 10 songs. When he toured with Hagar, it was joke, even Sammy had to leave that tour. The band hates him, Hagar hates him, Stern fans hate him, and soon all of you will hate him too.

  • Miss Physical Education

    It’s funny how so many people with important lives to lead, have enough time to slam Dave. And that’s what DLR want’s…whether they’re hating ya or lovin ya – at least their talkin bout ya. Don’t listen if ya don’t want, but I’ll bet anyone that Dave will have a show as long as he wants to get up at 4am.

  • Rob

    Yep, he’s irreverent, he’s intelligent, he’s incisive, he’s led an incredibly interesting life which has given him a wealth of personal experience to draw from, and he clearly isn’t worried about gaining anyone’s approval. He handles criticism with great aplomb, and he’s not afraid to tell anyone to take a flying leap – even his own sycophantic megafans, who call in just to blow smoke up his ass. This is stuff I respect.

    And yep, he’s arrogant, he’s repetitive, he’s unfocused enough to be the Ritalin poster boy, he’s surrounded by cronies who have apparently been trained to laugh on cue at his tiresome one-liners, and he’s still not over the Sammy Hagar thing. This is stuff I can do without.

    I’ll keep listening. Stern is a tough act to follow, and the chances are very good that Roth is simply the fall guy, brought on to take the inevitable hit. Wouldn’t surprise me; it happens all the time – but there’s only one way to find out.

  • Petey

    I am not a fan of Roth or the VH legacy so many listeners still seem to hail to. I am embarrassed for him. Forget his arrogant, self-absorbed, autonomous rap, the man might as well put on the clown suit now. Just get it over with man. I expected his delivery and pressence to be cheap and sad, but I did not expect him to be so completely out of touch with current pop culture stream. The show is the most painful thing I have ever put myself through (willingly). I guess I am a masochist. The feelings Roth’s show brings to surface are identical to the feelings I have if I watch QVC Home Shopping Network; utter and complete contempt. I feel like…it would bring great joy and satisfaction into my life, if one of Roth’s sidekicks would slam the microphone into Roth’s mouth! I don’t like feeling this way. I would not be surprised if some wack-job in that city (NYC) attempts to snuff him out.
    The show is so bad.

  • Boston Girl

    I can not even believe the response that David, Howard and Adam are the SAME?? And that all Howard does is tell women to take their tops off. ??!?!? Clearly you are only catching clips here and there. And if it is of no interest to you as you say…..then WHY WHY WHY are you writing about it? Discussion of people like YOU is what Howard is about. People that are afraid to be honest with themselves and who’s narrow mindedness will condem them to live forever on the back of the band wagon heading down the road of tunnel vision with the rest of the idiots. Good luck to you and your boring life. You clearly have missed the point. Keep tuned in to David Lee Roth….you two seem perfect for eachother. Afraid.

  • Lemmywinks

    DLR is shockingly bad. Who auditioned him anyway? Colin Quinn had a late night cable show a little while back called Tough Crowd that had a bunch of comics sitting around talking. It was really funny, THAT is a show that might work here.

    What is the over/under on DLR staying on the air? Wanna bet he’s off by Memorial Weekend (May).

  • blake southerland

    a friend from NYC sent me a copy of Roth’s show…I am a HUGE Howard Stern fan and now only listen to Sirius but I was curious as to hwo Roth would do….one word : HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!

    I imagine listeners are leaving in droves!!! what a bomb…what a disaster..I loved Roth in Van Halen and think he is one of the greatest frontmen in rock history but as a radio host HE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • JM

    Roth has continually been better and better each day.

    He is the new Bill Maher of radio and look forward to hearing his show every day.

    I think he will do fine. Stern is having fun too. It’s Roth all day from the podcast and Stern Replay at night. Best of Both Worlds.

  • david

    you’re all wrong.. DLR will outlast Howard. what everyone forgets is that satelite radio is going to come and go like 8-tracks with a shelf-life of about 4 or 5 years.

  • Brian

    I’m trying to sit through another DLR lecture. He’s railing against junk food for Christ’s sake. I don’t miss the dick jokes but I do miss a well informed, knowledgeable host who doesn’t speak down to his audience…you follow?
    Howard, Robin and Fred knew about the topics they were covering, be it Middle East politics or Kate Moss. The DLR crew starts with a story on Pam Anderson but they don’t know if she’s a vegan or omnivorous and the story goes nowhere. His rants are so filled with “something or other” and “whatnot” that they are about as relevant as the review of the Cream reunion…from November. But I guess the real reason to talk about any topic on Roth Radio is to bring it back to a Dave story. All roads lead to the dead end that is Dave and as far as he is concerned no topic is more interesting than Dave. This show is never serious or funny or informative and maybe there is an audience for that whatnot.

  • http://msn dannnydeath

    really crappy show,,there was no bigger vh fan in 1980S then me(or so i thought)so i loved dave,,all the guys i knew were musicians so eddie,,steve vai,,billy sheehan,,were our gods,,but dave wont candidly talk about vh or his personal life in general,,its seems as though there is a constant need for laughing and approval from each other instead of just talking and being natural..its pretty damn hokey

  • Redcattrice

    Give the guy a break, he is a rock and roll icon! admire him for trying something different (especially with the beating he has taken from the public over the years) One thing for sure…none of you got ask to replace Howard!!

  • Damn Greg

    Satellite radio is awesome.Its nothing like radio FM/AM does not even come close. Why are any of you wasting your time on FM/AM to keep 12.95 a month? If you got either XM or Sirius you’ve got an incredible value in your hands.If you dont listen to the radio now and dont feel the money is worth it you will be a radio listener after you get a load of the content on satellite.FM/AM is’nt going any where it will always be there but you wont listen.
    If you can’t afford it your a loser and deserve to listen to Old fashioned radio and DLR.Plain and simple.

  • 5150

    Mark – As an experienced guitar player I can attest that I am not tone deaf. Yes, I am a fan of early rock and most bands did not survive the 80s. A few did. VH survived on the strength of their TALENT. After Roth left, Sammy came in and the band reached even loftier heights, scoring 6 more multi-platinum albums. And VH did a tour last year after many years in limbo where they sold out every large arena they were booked in (with Sammy, not Roth). Large arenas had to add more shows to meet the demand. People came to see EDDIE – the best living guitarist of all time. If I am tone deaf, then so are millions of others and most credible ratings like Billboard which continually rank Eddie No. 1 or at least in the top 5 all time. Many rank Hendrix higher but you would be hard pressed to hear him play live today. If you are an X-generation Dave Matthews fan, or are fond of elevator music, then I understand why do just don’t get it.

  • Mark

    Sorry 5150 I grew up on 60’s and 70’s rock and no matter what you think VH is not the best, just got a lot of good hype in the MTV days. I listen to jazz music today I wouldn’t know a Dave Matthews song if I heard it.

  • cindy
  • ppie14

    DLR show is insipid and is unbearable to liten to. First of all why does he have several nitwits in the background that laugh at every other sentence that he says on queue. I want to reach through the radio and strangle them. He could replace them with a laugh track and it would be more entertaining. This and the music constantly playing in the background reminds me of the z morning zoo. Roth said his show would be completley different than Stern’s, he would be better served to copy Stern rather than the z morning zoo. Dave mentions a topic and takes calls on it but the conversation never goes anywhere. The most interesting thing about Dave was that he was in VanHalen and he was a rock star but he never talks about that or himself unless he’s bragging.

  • jre777

    I guess I shouldn’t be but remain slightly stunned the numbers defending dlr. Mostly those claiming his “humor” is “highbrow”, and how “intelligent” and “articulate” he is. He would be all those things if “roth radio” were a bunch of 10th graders sitting around discussing “important issues” for fours hours every morning before school. Sadly if he does ‘become successful’ it will affirm my sneaking suspicion that this country is over. Howard is a genius. David lee Roth is a boor.(sp:))

  • cindy
  • Manny

    Really Nad recent DLR review. Poor Bastard. Hate to see him goe out like this.


  • Moe

    Roth Radio show is a slow cruel death. I feel sorry for th guy too.


    can’t get the show here in LA, is he at least playing vintage live VH going into the breaks

  • Sandy

    No.. he is playing jazz and urban stuff.. no format to the show.. weirdand hard to listen to. Just bought Sirius and very happy I did. Listening to Howard reminds me what a radio pro is.

  • Joey

    The show just plain sucks.. tried it for a week. Killed me

  • Laura T

    Sad, just sad.


    dude should be making prank calls to Eddie on the air or be calling Val and trying to hook with her, that would be good radio.
    The Adam C. show is know better out here either, his voice and delivery makes you think that the target audience should fa……..gs

  • MARK

    Howard said today that DLR is having alot of problems with the suits at Infinity. Do I smell the beginning of the end or a repeat of the EVH cold war, only with Infinity. DLR does not seem to play well with others.

  • Gerard L

    Howard aws really going off on Roth today. Seems that people from the station are still tight with Howard and giving him the inside dish. If Roth did not play well before.. who knows now after Howard went off on him with the inside info. I m going to give a listen on Monday to see if a good old radio war evolves. I don’t see Roth in radio too long. Loved him in VH, still do.

  • 5150

    Jazz music, eh Mark. Gee. Wow. Plenty of hard rock guitar listening there.

  • Phil Drucker

    Dave’s getting better – sure there are some slow spots, but he needs to work out the content. Remember, Howard’s first shows were a train wreck – he even jokes about it in his movie. I think Dave will come around.

  • Jake

    Tried listening again Friday. This guy does not let anyone get a thought completed or get a word out of their mouth. His interviews and questions to listeners or guests sound more like an interrogation. By the time he comes around everone will have found another radio station or go to Satelite.

  • will2

    Come around to what?? The dude is unlikeable unfunny and superultamega ANNOYING. Oh and he’s and A hole too.

  • I’m through

    I’ve finally had it. DLR just sits there and interviews himself all day long. He is starting to tell stories he already shared with us the first two weeks, and they weren’t interesting the first time I heard them. I can’t take it. I’m going to satelite. Good-bye free radio.

  • Tom

    David Lee Roth is so so bad. I am listening to CDs on the way to work. I guess I will pay to see Howard. It is very lonely and I have a 90 minute drive to work.

  • beetlejuice

    david leroth is a punk and i kick his ass he come down here

  • Mike

    I don’t really care what anyone says, good, bad, or indifferent. I, for one, am enjoying the Roth show to the fullest. Admittedly, this is a dream come true for me, as I’ve been a huge fan for a lot of years, so maybe there is a small hint of bias on my part. I’m not saying I didn’t like Howard, but I grew tired of hearing about farting, his ratings, and breast implants. It was time for him to take that act up the road and let someone else take a swing. I get a different topic each day, from politics, to music, to pop culture, and Dave’s ability to skewer with a sense of humor is second to none. The first day, fine, he may not have involved his cast of characters enough, but he has made remarkable strides since that time. I’m hoping his run on radio is long and distinguished.

  • kida

    Shhh, don’t look up there.. a crazy person is in the room.

  • Mark

    Is it my imagination or does his sister sound exactly like his side kick Robin?
    Luckily I only have to suffer for 5-10 minutes in the morning.

  • Dan

    I’ve been listening to DLR since day one. The show started out really rough but he is starting to sound more comfortable on the air now. I don’t think he’ll be on the air this time next year though. He does come off as a know-it-all which grates on my nerves. His chatter is all over the place. He’ll start to discuss something interesting and then goes off on these tangents that are completely mindless. Maybe it’s ADD. Who cares. Thank God I got an ipod an the car kit for Christmas.
    Ultimately, I don’t blame DLR for the poor show. I blame the mgmt at Infinity for not getting a more seasoned professional who is willing to prepare for the show the way Howard, Robin et al did.

  • Doug

    After trying to listen to this show (on and off) for over a month now I have come to the conclusion that I will never really know who DLR truly is. Not even his sister can put him at ease enough to draw it out. There is no fun, no intrigue, no character or staff develoment or significant involvement of others to make plots… The show is like a bad relationship… eventually you really don’t hear or care to hear what someone has to say. It may be FREE FM but I guess you get what you pay (or don’t) pay for. I will be buyng Sirius this weekend. How will I do it??? I don’t have to drink a 4 dollar a day Latte from Starbucks… EVERYDAY… its that simple to make up $13.00 a month. Sorry DLR…Stick to music before its too late and too much damage is done.

  • Mike


    In response to you, as well as to most of the intellectuals that have provided nuggets of wisdom on this blog, I would say that if you want to get to know where DRL is coming from, if you really want to “get to know who he truely is”, then read his book, “Crazy From The Heat”. Most people who give the guy 5 minutes and dismiss him as some loud mouth know-it-all would not take the time to read his autobiography, but for those who do, they would figure out pretty quickly what his influences are, and what has developed his personality and career. For instance, it would explain why it is that he is not playing classic Van Halen music, or other hard rock samples, on his show. Hard rock is not even his favorite type of music, or his main influence. He enjoys “house”, or MoTown, or frankly, disco, before he pulls out a hard rock record, which explains the background music you hear on the show. But to most of the contributors of genius-laiden prose found here, it’s not going to make one iota of difference what he does. He could play classic VH background music, and he’d be lambasted for having the gall and ego to play his own music. The fact is, to most of you, he’s not Howard Stern, and thus he can’t possibly have anything meaningful to contribute. In fact, no one can.

  • Rob

    What an intellectual you must be.
    Fuck you!


    let’s try it once again…pick up the phone and call eddie, then hang up keep doing it till EVH picks up….tell you are Val’s lawyer and she wants to under go a sex operation……great radio from the minds who brought you this shit!

  • Bill at Road Kill

    Quit your pissing and moaning. Here in Los Angeles we are stuck with that idiot Adam Corolla. No shit, this Muke spent 10 min. discussing the Acadamy Awards …….”FOR EGGS” Thats right folks, lets see if I remember there was Hard Boiled, Soft Boiled, Scrambled, Poached (this one took 3 min by itself) and they all agreed that the Egg White Omelet did not really deserve an award. Its hard to believe that Infinity and the other big boys are that dumb. Oh wait I get it. The listeners are so F’n relieved when the commercials come on that the radio station can run even more of them and charge the advertisers even more money……I knew there was a method to this madness.

  • Doug

    LAMIKE.. that was priceless.. for real. Now that would be funny radio..I must say. Maybe DLR should run his own “rock star” show to see who can be a van halen singer.. now that would piss off ed and co.

  • Doug

    Oh.. and Rob.. you are such an intellect cursing at me.. here’s a tip.. it won’t change the truth about how bad the DLR radio show is… honest…

  • bob

    Anyone who thinks Howard is “one of us” is nuts! Just because Johnny Depp played a pirate doesn’t mean he’s a pirate, does it?? Howard plays “one of us” because he gets paid to play “one of us”. He’s just an entertainer, for Crisake. He knows which “opinions” his audience wants him to express. There’s no reason for him to change – He knows that for every listener that grows up and gets tired of his schtick, there’s a new 15-year-old who hasn’t heard it yet. He’s smart enough to play to the same age group over and over, and if a few brain-deads never get tired of it, all the better for him. DLR just hasn’t figured out that the audience doesn’t want his REAL opinions – the audience wants to hear their own opinions, but said by DLR as if they were HIS opinions.

  • lloyd christmas

    DLR is absolutely awful. the guy is the worlds most arrogant asshole. He’s nothing more than a cocky “has-been” rockstar, who was disowned by his own band. I gave these guy a fighting chance, but after month 1 I’ve had enough. The content is horrible, the cast is bland and its painful to here them make ill fated attempts to laugh at DLR’s unfunny jokes. Im sick and tired of listening to him refer to himself as a “rockstar”….NO ONE FUCKING CARES, YOUR NOT A ROCKSTAR ANYMORE, YOUR A WASHED UP FAILING DJ! Infinity couldnt have a made a worse choice in hiring this dushbag, they will reap the day they let HS go. And how about some real guests, no gives a shit about ur 98 yr old Uncle or ur boring sister. Spice the show up a bit for Christ sake, its so fucking boring, and no one cares about ur views on politics or social issues b/c the truth of the matter…..is that ur a social degenerate who has made enemies wherever u go (NO ONE LIKES U, INCLUDING YOUR OWN BAND!!). My adivce, fake a heart attack and drop the show while u still can, ur a fuckin joke on the radio and by bailing early, u may be able to salvage whatever positive image people may have about u in ur former “rockstar” days.

  • Mike


    What is “ur” mean? Just curious.

  • Tom

    Hey Lloyd, I don’t want you to hold back. So tell us how your REALLY feel. LOL.. great post


    man, this sounds real bad…..can DLR show be that bad..
    remember, you can’t fire the players only the coach…my bet is that the producer is the 1st to getthe boot…or in rock jargon “bootleg”

  • Andrew

    Hey I though this ws a death pool? DLR out of radio before the crummy ratings come out…

  • Diz Grace

    Drink some coffee in the mornings, fools. If you can’t keep up with what he’s puttin’ down, then it’s you’re own problem. DLR is the new Pastor of Disaster in the grand Church of Radio.

  • Layla

    Hey Diz. now I know why they call you Diz, although I do agree with you about Dave being a disaster. I have two masters degrees. One of them is in ENGLISH. Even I have no clue what the heck Dave is saying most of the time, or where he learned to speak English. His show is so boring and hard to follow. Honestly, I tried to give it my best shot. For V-day my husband is buying me Sirius. Thank God.

  • Diz Grace

    Lay ya, c’mon. Would you prefer to spend your mornings enduring discussions of breast augmentation, as well as grooving to the sound of well-executed flatuance, or would you rather be educated by an unblemished paragon of princely virtue such as DLR? For all I know or care, Howard is off doing the Vagina Monologues.

  • Zeke

    Whats wrong with Vaginas? Ok, I get it. Lets listen to DLR talk about current events. All he does is repeat what blurb is in the local gossip column He has no depth of knowledge about current American culture. The guy admits he does not know how to surf the internet. No wonder he repeats himself, self..self…self…self…self… Diz Grace…just curious. How yellow and tarnshed are the DLR posters on your wall? Have you ever washed the cheek that DLR sprayed with Jack Daniels during that 1983 concert? Bet not…

  • Greg

    Bad bad radio. Why on earth would his management have put him in this position. Dave did not need to go out this way. VH reunion would be as big as the Beatles. His management should have worked on that, not this mess of a radio deal. Its a crime

  • Brian

    This guy gives bomb a bad name. I like the fake heart attack idea. He could break out the paddles and resuscitate himself right in the studio. Unfortunately there’s nothing he can do for his show. I know he’s not out to save the world…..that’s Bono’s job… because I’ve heard him use that line three times and, at this point, I can’t listen for more than 20 minutes a week. I just keep checking to see if he’s still there. DLR is more of a fart in the bathtub than a tomahawk missle in my cheerios and like the farter he’s the only one laughing.

  • Seth

    Yeah but how long is it going to take the suits to admit they made a mistake and back out gracefully? Going by the JACK replacing CBS oldies fiasco in NYC sounds like a long time. These suits at Infinity were riding on Howards coat-tails for so long they forgot how to produce real radio. They never had to chase sponsors and Howard produced his own show. The rest was musc. Bet alot of those suits get the boot or wind up at a station in the middle of nowhere. Serves them right for bringing us this shitty shitty DLR show not to mention the rest of those boobs. Although Booder Show in NY is good.

  • Diz Grace


    The DLR poster you speak of, in which he is fashionably festooned in assless chaps, is actually framed on the wall, next to my Bo Derek “10” poster. You foolz fail to realize greatness when it’s in your presence. DLR provides a level of class and dignity heretofore absent on the radio. And he repeats certain lines just to make sure you’re payin’ attention. Get over the loss of Howard. Y’all sound like sour grapes.

  • Seth

    Class and dignity??? ohh…K..yeah sure… My dad repeats stuff too.. he’s senile.. Ok.. Diz.. I admit it.. I’have sour grapes… Dave still sucks.. I now have Sirius.. thank God. Love the product. By the way… are u Hot?

  • Eddie

    Sign the get DLR off the radio petition, some funny stuff on it.


  • 5150

    I’m surprised that DLR is as good as he is. I saw him on stage a coupla years back on the Dave/Sammy tour and he had a hard time remembering the lyrics to the song “Jump” (all 4 words of it). Thot he was just another burnt-out Ozzie type. He’s no Howard, but he’s not bad. Time will tell. One thing for sure, I’m hearing more VH played on other stations now and that alone is an improvement.

  • Sal

    Could not listen to this guy. I’m suprised he is still on the air. There is no substance to this program. No continuity. Very happy with my Sirius purchase on Sat. I missed Howard but I love all the variety. To each his own but DLR in my opinion is bad. I can find all the VH i need from my ipod and sirius radio.

  • Tallyho02

    Dave’s show is getting better and better. i have heard every show since day one and there is no comparison between Day 1 vs Today’s. If Dave keeps improving month to month and you monkeys keep listening and posting these silly blogs, then apparently you are finding some redeeming value in his show. I agree that he needs to open up and share what is really on his mind. Whenever a dj is upset or distracted in their personal life, then if they try to hide it from their audience, it will be felt or detected by the listeners. I’m sure Dave is happy in his personal life, but he will eventually learn to share more of himself as time goes on. It has only been four weeks!!! I will keep listening and check back with you in a month. In the meantime, keep posting these hilarious posts.

  • Eddie

    Most of us are DLR fans for the music dude. Most of us check in the show for a segment in the morning only to find that it has not changed. I for one am happy with Sirius. Would love for DLR to make it. And as for happy in his personal life? How would you know? His coworkers at the station do not even like him because he is doing the same shit that he did to get thrown out of Van Halen. You call that the behavior of a happy man? VH fans can never see the original band again thanks to DLR beng a jerk. Tallyho to you.

  • Brian

    Checked in again today just in time for an interview with Johnny Damon. After the compelling haircut questions Dave made the prerequisite comparisons of Dave leaving VH to Johnny leaving Boston. He then asked if Johnny’s leaving was marked by some sort of celebration at a game or something!?! When will this dope figure out he has to be prepared to do good radio for twenty hours a week. He’s taken to asking dozens of questions of his sidekicks. DLR couldn’t drag an interesting tidbit out of a guest if his life depended on it.

  • Eddie

    With the whole Yankee Boston rivalry this jerk Roth could not even pull off the Johnny Damon interview? Well Howard had Train on live doing an Aerosmith cover. It was the bomb! Glad I got siriius. Cannot believe DLR did not prepare. Great production team too!

  • los

    WOW…this guy is such an arrogant ASS. David, get over your self. I used to think DLR was just a victim of bad press all these years, I OVERLOOKED ALOT, b/c I loved his music so much. Now, hearing his music/voice grates on me. I wish DLR could be replaced with RussMartin re-runs. GIVE US MORE RUSS MARTIN!!! …I’ve got to go burn my 1984 concert shirt…yes, the one with the black 3/4 length sleeves, unfortunately I still have it…

  • Drum-Man

    ThE SHOW SUCKS. END OF STORY. PLEASE PLEASE Take it off the air!

  • Tallyho02

    I can admit when I am wrong. The Damon interview was definitely lacking. But, he at least got a guest on today that is not related in some shape, form or fashion to the roth family. When he talks music and stuff he knows, he is fine. Stay away from the sports world. Next Sunday is the World Series right?

  • http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/removedlr James in Dallas

    Dave really sucks!!! He’s got to go NOW!!http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/removedlr

  • Da Dog

    Dude plain sucks ass on the radio. Where did hey drag his has-been rocker ass from?

  • Diz Grace

    I find all of your nonsense postings amusing. David Lee Roth represents all that is good and true in the world of entertainment, a beacon of light in the otherwise murky waters of radio gibberish. All you zeroz need to get with the hero.

  • McK in DE

    DLR show is a train wreck, which of course has already been said. To add to the pain is the callers they let through, all seem to be over 50 years old giving their lame opinions on whatever the topic of the moment is.
    Daves interviewing skills are so horrible he will take whatever the caller is saying then put it into his own words…..going back…. asking the listner if thats what they mean, only to have the caller saying a very unsure “umm yea i guess thats what I think”
    His “team” is what? A guy named Animal who has NOTHING to say, and some girl(sorry I dont even know who she is) who has again NOTHING significant to add to any conversation……I’ve heard her start out a sentence saying her opinion is one way and end it by having her stance on the other side of the fence??
    Of course Stern is the man. And anyone who says sterns show is all about T&A is someone who has never listened to the show…
    (My example of this)
    My mom was one of those people who said “Ohh Howard Stern is a pig…..etc….” Then I asked if she ever listened to the show and she admitted she had not… So after laughing I convinced her to listen on her drive to work in the morning and give it a chance. She discovered his show did/does have a LOT of other topics besides topless girls.. And she went from one of those (I hate stern cause because someone told me to) to someone who became a fan.
    So I guess I’m saying I wonder what percentage of people that don’t like stern actually have LISTENED to ONE or more show? Not just heard from a friend how bad and filthy he was.

  • Tommy in NYC


  • 5150

    Hey McK of DE,

    So now mayby your MOM can be another one of those old, lame callers and bore us with stories about YOU.

  • Carl


  • Diz Grace


    Your command of the English language is astounding. Stringing that many words together, and in CAPS for added effect! It certainly got the point across, so I would assume the show has been removed from the air already. I’m assuming that you are a Yale graduate?

  • Carl

    Harvard… as a matter of fact. Diz, I assume you are a graduate of the David Lee Roth school of comedy because amusing you are not. The show is horrible. Forget Howard, I do not get good reception where I live and there is not much on the radio for me. The station with DLR has good range for when I am driving but the show is unlistenable. I will get XM or Sirius, I just have not decided which one yet. and PS.. The DLR show really does *&%^$-ING blow….

  • Diz Grace

    Well, Carl, that certainly was a relief. Given your first lengthy posting, I would have been concerned that you would not have even been able to spell XM if I would have spotted you the X.

    Fine citizens, the good book tells us that a prophet is never recognized in his home land, among his own people. What it fails to mention is that those very same people may be dim witted ham and eggers who can’t follow any humor further than the bathroom. Seems to me that line of thinking applies to most of the people posting on this blog. That McK in DE came as close to formulating an opinion worth articulating as anyone, in that it was said that DLR tends to twist what a caller says and put it in his own words. That is constructive criticism, something he could tone down and work on. It may also be construed as entertaining radio, for the open-minded like myself.

  • Sam

    I stopped listening the second week. Looks like its a good thing I did not waste my time anymore. Howard Rules…

  • sean

    Nothing new, DLR is unlistenable. I have devolved to local sports talk and NPR as a new and admittedly pathetic habit. Having read throuh a few of the postings, including Diz Grace (whose praise is parody), I must know; does anyone truly think DLR is anything but brutal and unlistenable?

  • Diz Grace

    Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder, Sean. My admiration for DLR is legit. We are talking about a pillar of academia, a man who speaks multiple languages (and I don’t mean pig Latin), and can hold conversation on more topics than just boob size and flatulence proficiency.

  • Chris

    Dallas has completely lost me as a listener in the mornings. I find David Lee Roth to be unlistenable. I have tried to be patient, and give him a chance to get his show in order, but I fail to find one redeeming quality in his program. He is an arrogant ass who thinks that throwing out big words and inane sayings make him sound intelligent. They don’t. He obviously feels he is more intelligent than everyone else, and he doesn’t connect with listeners in any way. His show comes across as a abrasive vaudeville monologue, instead of something that actually makes you want to listen. I will not continue to torture myself waiting for David Lee Roth to discover that he cannot hold an audience by being a pompous ass, and laughing at his own horrible jokes. Not to mention that he interrupts guests / callers constantly. I’d rather listen to music, or nothing, until I can get to work and listen to the Adam Corolla morning show on the internet. Who the hell says “speak to that” anyway? And that pedophile voice he uses when talking to women makes my skin crawl. And I’m a guy. Thanks for ruining morning radio you pseudo intellectual poser. Go read your thesaurus for some more smart sounding words, and leave people that want to actually be entertained alone. P.S. If you guys want to listen to the funniest afternoon show of all time, check out Russ Martin / Dallas / Free FM / Afternoons. Peace.

  • Kenny



  • Diz Grace

    Ever notice how the best things in life start with the letter D? David Lee Roth, Dallas Cowboys, Darth Vader. Delicious and delightful entertainment, one and all.

  • Ralph

    With regard to the DLR show most of the comments by listeners and critics are pretty critical. That is the truth and that is because it is very hard to do a radio show. It takes work and effort. I do not believe that DLR puts the same effort in his radio show as he does his music and conserts. I find it hard to listen to him and I find that very sad. There just is no honesty.. dave drives the show and does not let things evolve. I do not believe the show will survive

  • Jack


  • Brian

    Does anyone care? I tune in once a week to see if he’s still on and while some of his crew has changed he remains as self-absorbed and unfunny as week one. He follows his deepest thoughts with a silly laugh and is more interested in turning what he thinks is a witty phrase than making an intelligent point. Henry Rollins is trying to relate what should have been an interesting story about traveling on a Transiberian train and Dave cuts him off with a “it’s like being stuck on a bus with foul-mouthed hooker”???? No it’s not!…and the story dies. Animal does for ebonics what Dave does for craptacular talk radio.

  • Davey

    I’ve read all the comments and I agree with a good share of them, including Brian above me. I’ve given the DLR show a month-plus before I really critically evaluated it and I’ve come to the conclusion that it simply has no substance.

    First, I’m really confused at what format he’s attempting. Is it political-lite with comedy, miscellaneous discussion, or just one 4 hour long ramble-session by DLR himself? Regardless, it all falls short and ends up just being a monotonous lecture on every random topic thinkable by DLR with some half-hearted attempts at comedy. Any of these formats require an accomplished host to guide the show and generous help from the staff. For whatever reason, DLR has a non-existant staff that adds nothing to the show. Either his ego is too large to allow anyone to assist him, or he’s scared everyone away.

    Roth also lacks radio presence and charisma in general. His witty banter comes across as self-fellatio rather than interesting. The worst examples of this are his frequent one-liner quips. I find that I’m always listening to him banter and I’m waiting for the point or the conclusion to anything he says… and its never there. The rambling and the random subject matter leave me unsatisfied, exactly like an argument with a significant other like someone perfectly described earlier. I suppose if you love DLR then you listen to hear DLR. However for the rest of us, we’re left with little else.

    On the positive side, he does listen and banter okay with his callers and guests and I do believe he has some interesting things to say. He’s also had some interesting guests, such as Henry Rollins who was on this morning. However he’s also allowed some guests to ramble uncontrollably on about shit no one cares about (Russell Simmons rambling about religion was painful). The show has no focus or substance and it shows. I see it lasting a few more months, then he gets the axe or leaves. As Ralph above me said, the effort isnt there. The audience won’t be there either.

  • Hohn Lee

    I shouldn’t feel fatigued after listening to drive time radio but Dave is such a yawn that I am sleepier at work than I was two hours earlier. He grabs on to his guest like a life vest but he’s such a poor interviewer that they both sink. A guy who wrote a book on bio-diesel? That’s your guest? ZZZZZZZZZ.

  • fabrichick

    okay – when are they firing him! i tuned in yesterday for a minute — he was interviewing a guy from the TOY FAIR!! who cares!!

  • Majorpain

    Have you ever seen a guy stiffed by guests like Dave does? He hyped an interview with a stripper and then she didn’t even show up. That’s about the third time that’s happened. You could tell he was seething but he’s got to get used to the fact that he’s gone from rock star to radio rookie. His Friday show was so boring that even his sidekick seemed ready to climb out a window. Hey Dave, why don’t you tell us one more time how you can fly a helicopter. Yawn.

  • Jack

    The dude from the toy show was a fan who asked him for an autograph the day before. Talk about seat of the pants and d list… what a loser show.

  • Donald

    The toy fair guy qualified as the worst guest ever for any show. That’s not a guest, that’s not even filler. Dave doesn’t even know how to pick topics. An hour on bad dental hygeine? What’s next? Toe fungus?

  • Vixen

    Dave’s trying hard. He shows up on time and certainly isn’t a prima donna. He may be a radio amateur but he’s getting better. I kind of like the show.


    i love reading these posts…but i keep thinking just like Howie Stern has a producer (Gary D. aka Ba ba boey) who’s responsible for lining up guests and the
    over all feel of the show, DLR must have a producer. The problem I think is this producer thinks that interviewing someone connected to a toy show would be good radio.
    Just like in any professional sport, you can’t fire the players you fire the coach, in this case, it’s his producer.

  • Ron Ron

    The biggest problem is that DLR promised to be an exciting wild man that was “like a thunderbolt in your cheerios.” That’s license to be a pompous ass, if you’re funny. The problem is he’s not wild and he’s not funny. He’s middle-aged with the high mileage of a ’72 Ford Pinto. It’s like the pilot light burned out.

  • Terry

    Hey I hear the doorman is his next guest!

  • Gary

    Good posts – a lot of these hit the nail on the head. I gave DLR about a week in Cleveland and in addition to being unlistenable, his show made me realize how talented Stern really was. Even though I’m in Cleveland, Stern made me interested in what was going on in the Big Apple. The East Coast mind-set is different from how we look at things here in the midwest. Now with DLR, I can’t relate to absolutely anything he is saying, either about the city or himself. I’ve got no reason to listen. Too bad Infinity didn’t see this coming. I hope all of the Infinity sales reps had enough foresight to leave the company before Howard did. This show is one turd that they’ll never be able to polish.

  • Brian

    The producers of this fiasco must spend all of their time beating the bushes for Van Halen fan club members and screening negative calls.
    Today’s show: Take some phone calls, interview an aging porn star and ask her if she works out, discuss the phenomenom that is American Idol…
    Dave’s quote: “We’re trying something completely unigue” !?!
    Translation: We’re trying to take a huge audience and bore them with my inane rants and ramblings until they all switch to other stations.

  • Bo

    Just get Sirius…..

  • Danny

    Thie remove Roth from radio petition has gained alot of steam and is funny as hell..

  • Diz Grace

    Take your petition and shove it up your superior posterior. David Lee Roth provides hope to an uncivilized world, guidance to the disenfranchised, and rhythm to hopelessly white crackers who yearn for Stern.

  • fabrichick_35

    Is Diz Grace actually DLR? The two of you sound like the same person – I have been reading the posts & was wondering…

    I wish Howard would reveal all the DLR/ freeFM secrets he keeps talking about !

    I thought I heard DLR diss Tom Chiusano this morning…he is just so dull.

  • Danny

    Dave is going on vaction for a couple of weeks starting 2/27. Kidd Chris is his replacement. The beginning of the end is here. I have never seen an online petition take off like the remove DLR one has… ha ha ha ha.. Hey Diz Grace.. the show sucks..

  • Paul

    My friend from college is an intern at the old K-rock where DLR is. He says that Roth is not suck a nice guy and is a real jerk to mostly everyone.

  • Chuck Snow

    WBCN, what have we done to deserve this?

  • Danny

    Chuck.. they you must sign the remove Roth from radio petition and spread the word..http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/removedlr

  • Diz Grace


    I have to know: What specifically have you done, entertainment-wise or other, that qualifies you as an expert in the field? Should the show be removed, as you have expertly proposed, what would you put in it’s place? Because I would think a trained expert such as yourself, who becomes stiff at the sight of a “remove whoever” petition, would have some interesting thoughts on the subject. You are probably the same guy with the Ryan Seacrest poster on his wall.

  • fabrichick_35

    I listened for a few minutes today – the discussion was about the Jimmy the Greek statement about African-American athletes and if they were faster, better runners, etc. I couldn’t believe it…just horrible radio, no humor in the show and yes I think the show should be removed. I hope Howard can get Tom Chuisano a job over at Sirius.

    I have noticed that the sponsors are getting more “low end” – all the hi-end people who were advertising on Krock and no longer there…

    Who would I put in his place? Somone else.
    Booker and that crew. At least we would laugh. I know his show is a watered down Stern with some unoriginal ideas, but there is humor in it.

    Next week I am back on Sirius during my commute and I cannot wait. I listen to the replays of Howard at night and laugh myself to sleep.

  • Diz Grace

    So, Fatchick, or however it is that you want to spell what you call yourself, you seem like an educated woman of intellect. Perhaps a person of dignity and refinement. When you listen to the comedic stylings of a person like DLR, his tone and educated wordplay, you are going to tell me you would rather listen to some no-name, slack-jawed yokel named Hooker, rather than allow yourself to bask in the sunlight emitted by an intellectual like David Lee Roth? You don’t need to laugh yourself to sleep. You already are.

  • fabrichick_35

    Boy oh boy – that’s the best you can do?
    You must be getting nervous with an answer like that.
    I cannot believe that this is the way you are taking this…

    All I said is that I tuned in and this is what I heard this morning.
    I personally was insulted and did what people do – change the station.

    Educated Wordplay? Is that what you call the annoying disjointed way DLR talks?

    I was sort pulling for DLR to be successful but instead, he makes me uncomfortable and I chose not to listen anymore.

    Hooker? That is the dumbest.

    Instead of insulting me and calling me FAT you should just admit that you are DLR posting all these messages.

  • Danny

    Hey Diz Grace.. errrr. I mean DLR…are you even listening to the show? Seems like (you) your boyfriend Dave has had hookers on for the last few days. He even screwed that up. And what’s with messing wth Fabri.. ? Diz, now I know why your name is Diz. Or is it DIS-GRACE.

  • Diz Grace

    I will clear the air for you, Flabchick, and be happy to tell you that I am, in fact, not DLR. I am a simple kazoo salesman who does his best to get by, and is entertained riotously on an everyday basis by THE premier entertainer of our time. Put it this way: If you lined up morning show chatterboxes like teeth, David Lee Roth would be the BICUSPID MOLAR of radio talk show hosts.

  • Diz Grace


    I can see the thought bubble over your head:

    “Diz Grace….Dis Grace….Disgrace! His name sounds like Disgrace! Only he spells it differently, with a Z!” From that point, we would inevitably listen to you devolve into Bevis and Butthead-styled laughter. Now, the real questions are, How long did it take you to figure out the complexities of the moniker I chose, and did it take a team of twelve to help you reach that well-thought-out conclusion?

  • WTF?

    Geez … I just don’t get it.

    The majority of the posts on this blog compare DLR to Howard Stern, when it was made clear from the get go that Dave’s show was meant to appeal to a different audience.

    And as far as the ‘sheep’ that blindly carry the HS torch so high and mighty … Ol Howie has not done anything original in 10 years … unless you call ramblings about his girlfriend, ex wife, kids, ex and current brown nosing cronies that either once (if they wised up) or currently cackle at his every un funny word, his current ventures that you’ll know doubt be sucked into, so on and so forth … FUNNY, you guys and girls are living in the past.

    Heck, if O&A had taken over Howard’s time slot … you wouldn’t even remember Mr. ‘Radio Edit’ existed.

    But … alas, they were the first to be buried by satellite radio’s limitations … as Sir Howard will no doubt be in the near future.


    Because … in the long haul, folks will not buy the cow if they can get the milk for free.

    Neither XM nor Sirius will be able to defeat the 800 pound gorilla, free radio … it’s a novelty that will wear off.

    My 2 cents.


  • Blahblah

    Dave’s on vacation next week. Call it blessed relief. Does he actually come back? 50/50 he’s canned.

  • Danny

    WTF.. I now listen to my Sirius almost all day. At home, on the net, at work and leisure. I actually watch less TV, have expanded my music interest and will not go in the car without it. I have an antenna for my home, my 2 cars, and my motor home . For 12 bucks a month it has brought me much joy. AND HOWIE in the morning. You could get a cup of coffee for 50 cents at the corner grocery but people pay 3 or 4 bucks for starbucks. If money is the issue cut down on a latte once a week and enjoy Sirius of XM. My dad said that people would not pay for cable because TV is free. Dad finally got cable…..

  • Danny

    Hey Diz… by the way… I have this gut feeling that you are related to Dave. you protect him like a mother bear protects her cub. I actually think it is heartwarming. I admire your loyalty and your sharp wit.

  • Wild Child

    Dave’s supposedly exhausted after 4 weeks of work. What’s a matter? Never had a real job?

  • Rock Talk

    I actually liked Dave’s persona from the ’80s. He was a swaggering, arogant party boy. “I am the party” was one of his lines. Think babes, midgets, satire, Fellini meets gonzo lifestyle.

    So, when I heard that he was going to replace Stern I thought he might actually be fun. What’s it to me if he’s obnoxious? It’s entertainment.

    Well, to put it bluntly, I was shocked, not by how obnoxious the freewheeling Dave was, but how dull this Dave is. He talks a lot about this not being a morning show but that it’s really the last night time show of the day, but it is only in the sense that there’s always ony loser left at the bar who’s surrounded only by stale beer and cigarrette butts.

    Where’s the party?

  • Joel

    Wooo, Rock talk… Cold but so accurate.

  • WTF?

    Danny …

    Cable blew away regular TV because network television was severely limited when compared to the former … just a handful of channels, in addition to the commercials and censorship that pay radio offers as IT’S main advantage point …

    … that’s not the case with radio (there are plenty of great stations, DJs, and talk show hosts).

    Hey … whatever works for you … what I gave is my opinion.

    As far as HOWIE is concerned, I rarely listened to him when he was still on FREE radio … I’d never even consider paying for a service using his presence as a draw (but that’s ME).

    What I can’t understand is the apples to oranges comparison between DLR and Howard … if you miss Howard on free radio, fine … but don’t trash his slot follow up because he isn’t a clone of him.

    Again … my 2 cents.


  • Diz Grace


    You can have heartwarming feelings from 5PM till next February for all I care. But the fact is, I can’t get past the image of the annoying girl in high school who simply HAD to have everyone’s signature in her yearbook, and became offended when someone would not sign. This person is a modern day you with your wacky petition. Perhaps your name is not Danny, but Dani.

  • Brian

    Can’t we all just get along? This site is for critiquing the 4 million dollar flop that is/was Roth Radio, not for attacking his fan.



  • Hal

    DLR won’t be back from vacation! He’s so done.

  • Read it and weep

    What hath David
    Lee Roth on FM?

    New host loses most of Stern’s audience


    In the year’s least surprising radio development, morning host David Lee Roth’s early ratings at WFNY (92.3 FM) have taken a steep drop from the heights of his predecessor, Howard Stern.

    WFNY’s parent CBS says this is a valley it expected to enter while it rebuilds former Stern slots and stations, though some people in radio warn that it could signal a more serious problem.

    It’s also unclear where displaced Stern listeners are going.

    Arbitrend ratings released yesterday show that in January, Roth’s first month, WFNY’s morning share among its target audience of 18- to 34-year-olds fell from 13.8% to 1.3%.

    Shares in other age groups dropped less drastically, and single-month numbers in radio, where ratings are done in three-month clusters, can show wide fluctuations. So CBS says it’s not worried.

    “Everyone knew there would be a drop,” said Rob Barnett, president of programming at CBS Radio. “We’re starting a new radio station, introducing new personalities people are discovering every day, in a format that’s been very successful for us in other markets.

    “This is just the beginning for this station and these hosts. We’ve said all along it’s an 18- to 24-month process and we would never judge any show by one 30-day [ratings report].”

    Editor Michael Harrison of the trade magazine Talkers agreed it is too early to make any final assessment, but warned Roth’s task is daunting.

    “Replacing Stern on the radio is like replacing John Lennon in the Beatles,” Harrison said. “And it’s even harder because Roth has no radio experience. The company went for celebrity.

    “Can he succeed? It will be very difficult. He has to listen to people who’ll make him better.”

    Adam Jacobson, daily news editor for the trade mag Radio & Records, was less diplomatic.

    “This is perhaps one of the biggest and most high-profile failures in radio history,” he said. “These ratings show that all of New York has pretty much rejected Roth.”

    As for where Stern listeners may have gone, the big gainer in January was WSKQ. Mike & Mike on WEPN also went up, while two potential beneficiaries, Curtis and Kuby on WABC and Star on WWPR, stayed flat.

    Stern replacements in Chicago and Los Angeles, Rover and Adam Carolla, also fell sharply.

    Elsewhere here, WLTW remained a dominant No. 1.

  • Dizgusted

    Stick a fork in him.

  • Teddy

    And The ratings speak…..Loudly. CBS trying to sue stern is sour grapes and distracting from their FM disaster. I can’t wait for Howard to rip them apart. Shame on You CBS….You look like the scorn lover..

  • Diz Grace

    DLR represents a passion, the wondrous pursuit of eclectic taste and interest. Note the topics of conversation, ranging from politics, to music, to religion, to family life. This is a true renaissance man, a person of vision. You may certainly choose to reject the wizdom. But you are also foolz with no vision. And no rhythm.

  • Sayso

    Hey Diz Grace,

    I like D-Roth as a performer of rock music but a “a true renaissance man” pleeze!!! You’ve got to be kidding. He doesn’t know the difference between racism aand sexism. He kept asking a woman caller if discrimination against a woman would be rascist even after he was corrected that that’s sexism not racism.

    He’s horribly uninformed about just about every issue including sadly music.

    While some of his snap reviews can be a bit fun to listen too, it’s odd that a guy who claims to have thousands of hours of music seems to have missed the last 20 years of recording artists. When he was doing his Grammy previews he didn’t know a single artist. Los Lonely Boys, “are they from S. America?” No, they’re from Texas, you moron. They only won a grammy the prior year for Best New Artist so they’re not exactly a secret, except to Dave.

    Just about any issue the Davester pontificates on is hard to listen to because it’s so full of illogic and factual errors. Stem cells, abortion, you pick the topic, it’s not that Dave’s got an opinion that I disagree with, it’s just that he mixes these issues all together so that they no longer make sense. Atribute it to his ADD or call it the lack of a college education, but speaking a little Spanish and a little Portuguese does not make him a man of the world.

    It just makes him boring.

  • Carl

    Unlistenable Show – PERIOD

  • Davey

    You nailed it Sayso. Blathering is the perfect word to describe his radio show. It takes a fairly intelligent person that has a lot of random factual tidbits in their head to be an effective blatherer, and DLR is that person. It’s a technique used by con-men all the time in order to occupy a person long enough to trick or delay them. Luckly for us, we don’t pay for FM radio, otherwise we’d be pretty pissed by now.

    Put Booker in mornings already. At least he knows enough to develop the personalities of his staff so they can actually banter and entertain.

  • Chris

    DLR is stuck in the 80s. He professes not to use a computer. His references are outdated. His only modern music seems to be the techno junk playing in the background which is totally distracting and sounds like a bleed from another FM station. He is soooo not honest. It is very disappointing. I LOVE my Sirus. Yes I am happy to hear Howard again but I am literally addicted to it. I really enjoy it.

  • http://www.JohnKorduba.com John Korduba

    Bottom line: I enjoy DLR’s radio show. Unfortunately, he may be too smart for a mass audience, so who knows how long he can endure.

    Comparisons with Howard Stern are pointless, since there’s no one else like HS, and also since Howard fans still have Howard available..what exactly are they missing? Not having Howard for free? Buy a few less wings and you’ll afford him.

    To me, DLR is someone who has lived at the speed of light, but each morning slows down to tell us about it. He’s eloquently hip. A funny guy who enjoys telling interesting stories in the tradition of Jean Shepherd. It’s a big radio world out there, there ought to be room for gabby genius like Mr. R.

  • Dizgusted

    Comparison to Howard Stern are fair game. After all, he’s in his time slot (although not for long). “He’s eloquently hip.” C’mon. You’ve got to be kidding. I listened to Penn Jillette the other day and he much better fit that description. I’d take a guy who lives “at the speed of light” if only that were true. Where’s the energy.

    Speaking of low energy, Animal’s his sidekick? An ass-kissing bodyguard with marbles in his mouth is the best he can do?

    The show is not only doomed but will go down in history as one of the biggest mistakes in broadcasting history.

    Forget Howard, when a company puts in a replacement that drops you form #1 to #18 in the NY market just think what that means, it means you are coming in behind college radio and the coast guard’s short wave band.

  • Keith

    It just goes to show you that there were alot of people listening to Howard. Even those who did not admit to it. Now Howard can be heard 3 times a day. He will impact FM even further. As for DLR. He has such potential to do a great show but he is neither getting the backing or guidance he needs. WHo knows if he even accepts help. Based on his attittude and ego I highly doubt it. I can listen to Howard all day. Even the repeats. Howard is honest – DLR is not. DLR would not accept Howards calls or advice on being honest. As for CBS… They are showing their true colors. What talent on radio or TV would trust them after what they are doing to Howard who made them millions upon millions. Same on CBS. DLR.. I hope you do reunite with Van Halen. i would not want to see you go out this way.

  • Channel Changer

    Hey DLR!

    Sit down, you made a fool of yourself.

  • Diz Grace

    Channel Changer,

    Put down the remote. DLR has not made a fool of himself, as you so eloquently put it, but rather he has taken a chance on a new career option. The King of Eclectic Thinking has added one more successful notch on his considerable belt of worlds conquered. You would probably be hard pressed to change socks and underwear from day to day. DLR is a pillar of vision who can juggle multiple careers (singer, author, EMT, radio host) and still provide a three mile smile all the while.

  • larry

    I don’t even turn on the show anymore. I just can’t do it anymore. I gave him a shot, wanted him to do well, but i can’t bear it. I need someone more entertaining, and less “yeaaaah”. Kid Kris would be a good option..much much better than DLR….but a little to O&A for me.

  • Brian

    Too smart for the mass audience? He sounds it. Especially when he refers to the agony of defeat ski jumper as Franz Klammer the Olympic downhill gold medal winner. But why let the details get in the way of a good ramble. God bless him for taking the time to jump out of his helicopter and enlighten us with his thoughts on Paris Hilton. Maybe he’s shooting for the Jean Shepherd, Greaseman, kazoo salesman, eclectic thinking audience……and a 0.1 share.

  • Channel Changer

    Hey Diz,

    You’re right, my mistake, DLR’s really fantastic. He’s pioneering new ground that no broadcaster ever imagined. He’s a genius. That’s, um, why nobody’s listening to him.

    Look, people have already voted and they’ve voted 10-1 to ditch him. Don’t say he’s only for the knowing few because that’s not the rqadio biz, it’s a mass medium.

    He was a rock star and I’m sure he preferred play Madison Square Garden to some dingy bar.

    He’s a has been.

    I did change the channel and now I see his “Tikki bunker” is the bunker on Lost. There’s nothing going on in there either.

  • Tom

    AllAccess is reporting that KiddChris is replacing DLR


    STERN FAN Network says its Danny Bonaduce.

  • Dizgusted

    Just put on a the Emergency Broadcasting Test. More people will listen.


    Just got Sirius…it is awesome

  • WTF?

    Alas … if Diamond Dave doesn’t make it, I hope Eddie Van ‘my career is failin” Halen has the brains to go out on top with the guy that helped put him there in the first place … do it for the Fans!

    I’ll just devote my time to Jim Kerr’s Rock and Roll morning Show … as I’ve done for years, as opposed to paying to hear Howard ‘the chairman of the bored’ Stern babble about breast implants and his home life (WOW he can CURSE now! … Whoopie!).

    He always joked about Imus being old, boring … since he strayed from the bits that made him funny in the first place … he’s become exactly that.

    But … well, if you find that entertaining … knock yourself out.


  • Diz Grace

    My sources indicate that Dani The Petition Girl is in line to replace Roth, given his/her extensive background as entertainment critic.

  • Dizgusted

    Listeners have a right to be critics, after all the show is for them. They’re not the ones getting 4 million a year to read from Page Six and brag about their helicopter.


    Hey Diz Grace that Remove DLR petition has over 500 names. And there is some very really funny comments. Maybe you should start your own Petition to keep DLR on the radio and see how well it does….

  • Diz Grace

    Sorry there, Brent, but it’s not really necessary to start a petition. It would appear that all of the predictions made by the pillars of intelligencia found on this blog seem to be a bit misguided. There was some level of scuttlebutt that suggested that DLR would not be returning after his week of relaxation. But lo and behold, there he was Monday morning, kicking the wizdom and painting the pictures as usual.

    See, here’s the deal, and I hate to break the news to you would-be geniuses, but 500 names is a drop in the bucket. With some level of effort and proper motivation, I could assemble 500 names on some wacky list of folks who want Howard Stern off satellite radio. Where would it get me? Your little idealistic rebellion is insignificant compared to the multitudes like myself who dig the Diamond and are happy to enjoy his work.

    Instead of creating lists, bitching, itching, and twitching about one guy on the radio dial, I have another enlightened idea: Why can’t you and the 500 other members of the insignificant non-majority simply change the station on your radio dial? It ain’t that hard, dude.

  • Dizgusted

    We and the other 90% of NY listeners already did.

  • Sushik

    I refuse to listen any more

  • Sushik

    Sadly I simply have stopped listening to WBCN all together up here in Boston just because I want to avoid hearing him in the morning.

    And I gave him a few weeks chance to get it together.

  • Diz Grace

    Just curious, Dizcrusted, if you and the other 90% of the NY listeners already tuned out, then why waste your valuable time writing about a show you don’t listen to? Seems like a fruitless effort. I would suspect that you would be better served writing on the Martha Stewart blog, or whatever you’ve decided to turn your morning attention to. Why continue your rants on this one?


    dude needs to pull out the black book and start calling some of his coronies

  • J. Black

    If you don’t like DLR, just tune out. I’m surprised how many of you say you don’t like the show but every day your back writing posts about what you didn’t like on the show that day. If I don’t like a movie I walk out, I don’t go back for seconds.


    diz grace I miss my ny radio. It has been ruined. I bought Sirius last week. I am glad. won’t be posting anymore. But it is fun t watch the trainwreck

  • Diz Grace

    Glad to not know ya, Spent. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And take your ruined radio with you. It probably has a knob on it that turns to other stations, but enlightenment like that would just ruin all the fun.

  • http://icomplain.blogspot.com/ W U

    Agreeing with the boredom with DLR that has been expressed here…synopsis at:


  • Channel Changer

    Sounds like DLR is resigned to that this is his last week. Show is like helium leaking out a balloon. He’s dragging across the floor…




    Channel Changer, not able to listen to the show due to being in LA, what do you mean by “Sounds like DLR is resigned to that this is his last week”.
    Has he made mention of this or alluded to the fact that upper mgtment is giving him the boot.

  • Diz Grace

    The Psychotic,

    Not sure what show you are listening to, but the one I enjoy in the morning found DLR in his typically unflappable high spirits, waxing eloquent about the fact that for the foreseeable future, he will enjoy creative freedom. On the radio show he currently occupies.

    So I heard you here first. What good is your information if it is inaccurate?
    You’re just one more bozo whose opinion is like an anus: Everyone has one, and 9 out of 10 emit a pungent funk when exposed.

  • Brian

    If the critics stop listening will his ratings even be a blip on the Arbitron screen? “It’s designed to upset you” says Dave and it grates on the nerves of the people who enjoyed listening to this radio station for 20 years. You follow? What he thinks is snappy repartee is nonsensical gibberish followed by his Precious Pup laughs. He smothers his callers and his guests because he’s his own biggest fan and loves the sound of his own voice. If DLR wasn’t so convinced of his own brilliance he may have been saved the embarrassment of being the poster boy for miserable failures. Does this guy really think that a couple spanish phrases and interviewing a Venezuean voice-over actress is good radio and attracts a Latino audience? Dig in your heels Dave and your fans will soon be adding former radio host and Quiznos spokesman to your resume. I’m sure those same fans would list Dave’s cameo on the Sopranos as “starred in award winning TV series”.

  • Dickie

    The freakin’ guy laughs at all his lame jokes and comments. It’s like a laugh track from hell. He’s toast.

  • Steve

    God, this show sucks. Roth is cheesy, always ends an unintelligble sentence with “Agree or Disagree”, won’t shut the F up about being an EMT or taking kendo, and sucks so so so hard.

    I can’t stomach listening to this show in the morning anymore.

  • SUZI


  • Roth is My Coffee!

    What a difference a week off made. DLR came back confident and with a much better guest list. I think he’s a winner!


    Diz Grace,

    Two things are obvious:

    1) You ARE DLR, because only DLR could/would speak so highly of that crappy radio show.

    2) You read the first four chapters of Verbal Advantage 2x, and pause everytime you throw out a ten cent word like “Scuttlebutt”, or “Recrimination” on the radio.

    The latter is obvious because you use the big words incorrectly. For instance, you once mentioned that callers could call and discuss whatever topic they wanted, or even mention their recriminations. A recrimination is a counter-charge, and is typically legalese and is only used in court, by a defendant against a plaintiff. It made absolutely no sense in the context that you used it. This might sound intelligent to many people who don’t know what a recrimination is, but to those who do, it sounds totally moronic. Unless you think you’re a plaintif charging the public with some crime (i.e. wasting their valuable time listening to your program)

    Honestly, I could forgive your sophomoric attempts at sounding erudite on air, but I can hardly forgive you for laughing at every unfunny, washed up, cheesy line you say every morning. And last but not least, your commercials are inspiring me to NEVER again buy the products you’re advertising. This morning you were advertising Vermont Teddy Bears, and it made me feel like I needed to bathe after listening to you for 2 minutes. If I was the client, I would literally SUE you for brand damage.

    So, go on an be pretentious, and tell yourself that people want to listen to your show. You’ll be off the air by the next Arbitron ratings. BTW, it’s obvious that you were in your lawyers office that week you were supposed to be on vacation.

  • Diz Grace

    Roth is Honorable,

    Thank you for your kind indulgences. Given the fact that you can name all of the productz being peddled, it certainly shows that you are listening, which is all that matters anyway. Who cares if the press received is good or bad? It’s when there is no press at all that problems ensue. Again, as I’ve recriminated before, the door swings wide both ways. You are free to leave whenever you wish. So it is very intriguing that you, who profess to not want to have anything to do with this failed show, can erudite the whole stable of sponsors verbatim. That’s exactly the type of scuttlebutt the sponsors are looking for.

    Just a quick dose of reality, for those of you who still do not buy that I’m not DLR: Check the early morning times of some of my nuggets of truth. How would I be able to continue a show from 6AM – 10AM and have the time to artfully post my wizdom during the show? Hate to break it to ya, but you ain’t talking to the Master, but rather the henchman. Foolz.


    Funny. Today Vermont Teddy Bears actually aired a REAL commercial on DLR. They obviously weren’t happy with DLRs commercial either. Yes, I do tune in for about 5 minutes every morning. No, I don’t like the show. I’m tuning in waiting/hoping to either hear the DLR has quit, or got fired, or is going to get fired.

    BTW, to prove that DLR/Diz Grace are both morons, erudite is an adjective, not a verb. It means to be learned (pronounced Learn-ed, DLR). It is not synonymous with enumerate, list, detail, or any other word that would comfortably fit into your lame attempt to use it above.

    As for what time you post on here, here’s my theory. I think DLR is an egomaniac. I have no doubt that he has a laptop in the studio and is checking emails and other things during commercial breaks. So, it’s totally concievable that DLR can make posts during his show (the commercial breaks last for 2-3 minutes).

    DLR will be off the air by April 1. However, he’s not being replaced by Opie and Anthony. He’s being replaced by Elvis.

  • Diz Grace

    I think the most entertaining part of the mindless word drool above is the fact that this person thinks I’m serious when utilizing “recriminated”, or “erudite” to express thought. I threw your 10 cent words in there simply to make fun of you. Guess ya didn’t quite pick up what I was puttin’ down. Now if you’ll please just sign the very worthwhile petition to get DLR off the air, we’ll make sure your 10 cent voice that goes along with your 10 cent opinion is properly documented. Then you can go back to the hole you crawled out from under, and I’ll go grab a drink.

  • Cameron


  • Brent

    Yo, Diz Grace. It’s so obvious you are DLR. I agree with Roth is Horrible. You’re not very smart, and you ARE DLR. It looked to me like you don’t know how to use those 10 cent words and now you’re trying to back track, saying it was all just a joke.

  • Brent

    DLR said in the beginning of his show that he does not kow how to use a computer or the internet. If that is the case that that would make diz grace just outright pitiful.

  • Diz Grace

    Um, Spent? First of all, I thought you weren’t going to waste your highly valued time posting on this blog anymore, devoting precious minutes of your day worrying about the failed DLR show and anything associated with it?

    Second question, if DLR can’t use a computer, how exactly does that make me “just outright pitiful”? What does DLR’s admission of being computer challenged have to do with me? I’m actually using a computer to educate you and the rest of the blithering idiots. Every time you reappear out of oblivion, you set back human thinking by 10 years with your nonsense logic and garbled English.

    And to you, Diz Grace Sucks, I applaud your originality in the choice of moniker. Must’ve taken you what, 10 hours to come up with that?

  • Brent

    Pitiful because if you are not DLR (and you are NOT) you have a distorted sense of reality about David Lee Roth. Ok we get it you LOVE DLR, but that radio show sucks… bad. DLR has no interest in giving us himself…just his bravado. I happen to be in advertising…so why I am on this board as well as the Stern Fan Network, Wackbag, and other assorted blogs… its just business….

  • Diz Grace

    Well, Spent, a few days ago, you said you were done with this blog, and now you re-appear, so indecision may or may not be your problem, you just can’t seem to decide. The Ryan Seacrest show must not have had as much appeal to you as you thought, or you wouldn’t be back with your nonsense.

    Last I looked, reality is what you perceive. Whether I’m right or wrong is irrelevant. All I’ve ever said is that I enjoy the show, maybe because I’m a life-long fan. Do I agree with everything? Hell no! When he discusses his views on abortion, I cringe, because they are the polar opposite of what I believe. But 99% of everything he says I can relate to and enjoy, so if it sounds good to someone, then it is good to someone. And if I happen to be alone in my opinion, then so be it. But I highly doubt that’s the case, because the show presses on for quite a few more than 566 dissenting opinions.

  • DLR Deathwatch

    Boston Herald
    March 16, 2006

    …Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers magazine, said there are two obvious choices: syndicated talk jock Mancow Muller or former WAAF duo Opie & Anthony, who have an XM Satellite Radio show and were rumored to be in talks with CBS.

    “Somebody is going to replace David Lee Roth,” Harrison said. “Radio people do much better on radio than non-radio people.”

    Don Kelley, programming vice president for Greater Media’s five Boston stations, said WBCN could always return to playing music.

    “People have given it a try and they’re not liking it,” Kelley said of Roth. “All you hear are stories about how he doesn’t want any input. That’s not the way to win.”

  • Roth Rotten

    DLR was supposed to broadcast from Boston on Thursday and Friday but cancelled. The reason was “scheduling conflicts.”

    Perhaps he had an appointment at the unemployment office.

  • Brian

    DLR is “breaking the mold”!?? Maybe he’ll read verbatim from the newspaper again today. His prostitution story was one of the worst examples of story telling I’ve ever heard on the radio and the execs should withhold his pay for today. A prostitute calls, she says she’s 41 and been in the business for twenty years….Dave asks “how old were you when you got started?” Brilliant. He compares a pimp’s exploitation of women to that of a fashion magazine. Good radio deserves some thought and planning and it’s evident that this egomaniac thinks he can fly by the seat of his assless chaps. Don’t ask the wrestler Triple H about steroids. Ask him about how he stays in shape. Breaking the mold baby.

  • Danny

    I have never seen an online petition take off like this one. 600+ names and still growing. What does that tell you? Boston? Seems like CBS is not wasting money on remote broadcasts…


  • Diz Grace

    Hey Dani

    Keep up the good work with your petition. It must be your full time job, what with the amount of time you spend on it. When it gets to 700, word is that DLR will immediately be replaced with the guy from Motley Crue. Then you and your petition brethren can enjoy the real radio that you so crave.

  • Danny

    Diz Grace…
    Now now….it is really a very funny petition. Some of the stuff on it is hilarious. Say, is dave being replaced by the guy from Motley Crue?

  • Miserable Schmuck

    From the Boston Herald:

    The longtime producer for legendary talkmeister Don Imus trashed radio rival David Lee Roth yesterday, calling the former rocker a “miserable schmuck” whose show isn’t going to last.

    “I hear from inside sources that he’s just a miserable schmuck and, no, he’s not going to last – nor should he,” Bernard McGuirk told the Herald yesterday after Imus’ live St. Patrick’s Day broadcast in the Hub.

    “He doesn’t do a good job, he’s a prima-donna rocker,” McGuirk said. “People are trying to give him constructive advice and he flips them the bird. It’s just not going to work.”

    “I heard a tape of his first day,” McGuirk added. “I’d rather listen to a tape of Star Jones passing wind.”

    “If you want to do a morning radio show, you have to put some work and effort into it,” McGuirk said.

  • Oh My!


  • Diz Grace

    “I heard a tape of his first day,” McGuirk added.

    That statement alone is all you need to know about the validity of this opinion. This character listens to one tape of DLR’s FIRST day on the job, and is able to effectively pass judgment on a show that has rocketed stratospherically from a quality perspective in the almost 3 months it has been on the radio airwaves.

    Don Imus and Bernard McGuirk, with a combined age of 207, providing expert analysis. We can all rest more easily now that we know what Bernard thinks.

  • Brian

    One show is not a fair assessment of a person’s work. The DLR archives now contain over 50 examples of how to rocket catastrophically to the bottom of the ratings charts and Imus knows that territory well. Judging by the overwhelming number of female callers, that make it through the screening process, it’s clear that this show has found an audience. Women who can’t tune in to Regis can now listen to radio’s version of The View. Unfortunately for Dave advertisers won’t be willing to shell out big bucks to reach menopausal Van Halen groupies. Let me know when he does his first live progesterone cream commercial. I’m finally at the acceptance stage of the greiving process for good free radio.

  • Danny

    Game, set, match – Brian….

  • Roth is Oblivious!

    Hey Dave, congratulations on your mangled, amateurish interview with American Chopper stars, the Teutuls. Of course you seemed to have never heard of them. They’re only known around the world. What a maroon. They’re name, Teutul, is pronounced ‘tuttle’ not ‘tootle’ as they had to correct you right off the bat. You also seemed to never have watched the show so you didn’t have a single interesting or insightful question to ask them. You were more interested in babbling on about your enjoying the sound of a motorcycle more than riding one. Hint number one, interviews are about the guest not the interviewer. Hint number to, do your homework. That way you will not only stop coming off as an ingnoramus, your interviews might even be interesting. I’ll say one thing for the sound of a motorcycle, it’s more interesting to listen to than your lame voice.

  • Diz Grace

    Ladies, please calm down. Especially you, Dani, given that you continue to rocket obliviously between your many blogs. Excuse me, your “marketing research”.

    DLR, being a renaissance man of diverse tastes and interests, is certainly a fine connoisseur of motorcycles as well. Witness the sight of him riding gloriously on his Harley in the “Panama” video. Mispronunciation of a last name? Sorry, I’d never heard of the Tootle guys either. They must be important or something.

  • Oh My!

    Yeah, the Teutuls, who? They’re only stars of a hit TV show. Besides being TV stars they’re spokespeople in the TV ads for AOL that ran during the Super Bowl. Why? Because they’re famous. Not a has been! Besides, if you’re doing an interview why bother to prepare? That’s so David Letterman, Jay Leno, or anyone else that actually gets ratings. No wonder he’s #18 out of 18.

  • Diz Grace

    So let me make sure I get what you’re trying to sell me here: These Toodles characters are supposed to be world-wide recognizable brand names, similar in recognizability to Ford or Disney, where I could walk over to the mall across the street here in Philly and 4 out of 5 dentists surveyed will recognize their names immediately? In the same way that all 5 dentists will immediately be able to recognize the name David Lee Roth? These guys are that important that EVERYONE knows who they are? I’ll have whatever you’re drinking.

  • Oh My!

    Yeah, they’re that famous and they’re that famous TODAY. People know DLR, they know him as the guy who USED to be David Lee Roth. Hey Diz Grace, it’s not 1984 anymore. Take off your spandex and come out of your basement.

  • Roth is Oblivious!

    Nice job DLR shouting down the poor guy who works in the hotel industry. He had the nerve to suggest that rock stars and actors are extra work for everybody when they come to a hotel because they expect to be treated like princes. Yeah, you sure showed him. You acted like an arrogant, ranting, spoiled, thin-skinned primadonna. That sure proved him wrong.

  • No More

    Yeah, he lost me on that one. What a prick. From now on its me and my iPod.

  • Diz Grace

    Someone thought DLR was certainly talented enough to provide him with a forum to dispense wisdom and thought-provoking intelligence. Put it this way: I would certainly be much more comfortable being a “has-been” than a “never-was”. My guess is that you have not recently fielded the question, Didn’t you used to be ‘Oh My!’

  • Tony

    Can you really listen to DLR? Wow, it is almost impossible to do that. It takes me about 1 minute and I have to change the station.

    Now that the rating are in, and they are not good. Do you really think that “DLR” the great ex lead singer of Van Halen will have a chance. I do not think so.


    David Lee Roth attracting about 32,000 listeners at any given moment. Way down from Stern’s average of 277,000…..

    92.3 Free Fm in NY the station he is at, went from 8.3 went Stern was on the show to 1.1 now. The Morning show…DLR’s crap show .9 NICE move Dave.

    OH and that petition well it is still going: Now it has 688


  • Tony

    Is this true?

    DLR suspended and will not be on the air wednesday? This was just post on the New York Radio Message board. Something about the show in general and the Miami Show?

    Well it is about time they start to do something to change the morning show.

    I for one would like to see JV and Elvis take that slot.

  • fabrichick_35

    they just announced it on howard too — what happened?
    did he resign/

  • Danny

    Diz Grace.. let me guess. what you would say…
    The brilliant mind and free expression that is DLR would not allow the cose minded suits of the CBS establishment to curtain his genius radio persona and therefore , his resistance led to the suspension because he would not compromise his DLR-ness. And we should be thankful DLR touching our lives with his GRATE-NESS.
    (Grating is the word for him)


  • Diz Grace

    Um, Dani…What are “cose minded suits”? Your overall butchering of the English language and inability to grasp spellingg are a continued thing of beauty.

    Suspended for the day…what of it? The most brilliant minds in history have spent at least one or two days of penance in the principle’s office from time to time. Call it a battery recharge.

    I’ll bet you love your Howard. I’ll bet you could hold stock in Kleenex for the amount of boxes you go through each time you hear his voice babble on about farting.

  • Tony

    This just in:

    DLR Gone – 3/29 – This just in: CBS Radio has removed the low-rated David Lee Roth (right) from his post-Howard Stern morning slot at the company’s stations in NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, and Pittsburgh. Just in time for the spring ratings sweep, which starts tomorrow. “JV And Elvis” now airs in NYC, at least.

    Source: dcrtv.com

    Have fun with your EMT stuff Dave. And yes Eddie just called and said, no. Sorry Dave

  • Diz Grace

    And now for the actual story from the source above, as opposed to the doctored version:

    DLR Gone? – 3/29 – A Wednesday link on Drudge crashed our main dcrtv.com server. From DCRTV’s Rumorama. Not confirmed! Repeat: Not confirmed! But DCRTV hears that CBS Radio has removed the low-rated David Lee Roth (right) from his post-Howard Stern morning slot at the company’s stations in NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, and Pittsburgh. Just in time for the spring ratings sweep, which starts tomorrow. “JV And Elvis” now airs in NYC, at least. CBS recently flipped Philadelphia rocker WYSP, which carried Stern in morning drive, to “Free FM” all-talk with Roth in mornings. And it has plunged from 4th to 19th place in the ratings…..

  • Danny

    Diz Grace.. sorry I do not type too well… sort of like DLR not doing radio well.. or life for that matter. DLR creates turmoil where ever he goes and with whom ever he deals with. Those are the facts. No more excuses. If he was not such an asshole and horror to work with CBS would have given him the 18 months to find an audience. But no.. good old Dave knows better and his wisdom leads the way to the unemployment line. Face reality… Eddie was right. Dave has virtually alienated everyone he has ever done business with. It can’t be everyone else all the time. And your you and your DLR army types… I feel as sorry for you all..

  • Top Jimmy

    you morons, dave is not done:

    CBS: David Lee Roth Will Return Friday

    CBS Radio spokesperson Karen Mateo tells R&R, “Contrary to erroneous reports, David Lee Roth has not been let go. He is on his way back from Miami and is scheduled to return to the air on Friday.”

    Roth’s unscheduled day off on Wednesday certainly didn’t help the rumor mill cycle down for the past 24 hours. According to Roth’s website, he’s in Miami, reportedly attending the Winter Music Conference, and the rumblings emanating from South Beach claimed Roth didn’t get any sleep Monday night and needed some time off.

    JV & Elvis, the midday duo on Roth’s Free FM flagship WFNY/New York, were hastily pressed into service to fill in for Roth this morning, while night jock Booker is filling in on middays.

    — Kevin Carter, R&R CHR/Pop Editor

  • Tony

    Just so you know the truth it was not changed. The one I posted was from earlier in the day and DCRTV.net changed it later. If he is not gone yet, well it will be only a matter of time. Why would they waste all that money sending him to FL for a radio show he never did.

  • Diz Grace

    Sorry, there, Dani. Better get that petition started again.

    That’s p e t i t i o n.

  • Tony


    It takes 3 days to get from Fl to NY right.

  • No More

    What? He wasn’t on the air? Whe knew? No one. ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  • Say Bye Bye

    From the NY Post:


    March 30, 2006 — DAVID Lee Roth appears headed for another showdown with CBS Radio – this one potentially fatal.

    Howard Stern’s replacement – who got more rotten ratings news earlier this week – was mysteriously absent from yesterday’s show on Free FM (92.3), the day after a reported run-in with management.

    Roth has been broadcasting – with frequent technical glitches – from the Winter Music Conference in Miami this week.

    “He is on his way back from Miami and is scheduled to return to the air on Friday,” said a CBS spokeswoman, declining to explain the two-show gap except to say that “he was not suspended.”

    The former Van Halen frontman was ordered to make significant changes to his radio show this week, sources told The Post. CBS brass read him the riot act last month, too, but this time were much more forceful, the sources said.

    CBS execs are insistent that the famously stubborn Roth get a Robin Quivers-style sidekick, take direction from his bosses and put more effort into his show.

    There is reason for concern. Roth’s audience was down to an estimated 32,000 listeners last month, off 88 percent from Stern’s 277,000 last December.

    Stern has claimed on Sirius Satellite Radio that he heard Roth “does no show prep or post-production meetings, curses when he has to record commercials [and] is always angry and complaining.”

    After his first dressing down last month, Roth complained on the air that CBS wanted him to be a Stern clone (“more Paris Hilton than Paris, France”) and vowed, “I refuse to dummy down.”

    Since then, however, his guest roster has included strippers, porn stars and even Roth’s own version of Stern’s Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf – a diminutive lad named Two-Foot Fred.

    Roth was replaced yesterday and today by mid-dayers JV & Elvis – no strangers to early rising after hosting a top-rated wakeup show in San Francisco for several years.


    FINALLY…Told you Diz Grace…

    ROTH WILL BE GONE. I’m not buying that he’s on a scheduled break. My guess is that he’s at his lawyers’ office.

    I’m praying that Roth is finally gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooo Hooo!!!!

  • Diz Grace

    I love all of these gnats that come out of the woodwork, trying to call me out regarding some fictitious level of impending doom for DLR. First, I get Dani the Petition girl, who supplements her boredom waiting for her husband to come home each day by starting and monitoring online petitions. Then some slack-jawed yokel named Roth Is Horrible tries to tell me…well, what, exactly? Got any facts to support your position? Far as I know, Diamond D is returning from a well-earned vacation to Miami, and will grace our radio airwaves on Friday. Until you have anything better to offer than “I’m not buying he’s on a scheduled break”, go pick the thong out of your ass and come back when you have something a little better to offer.

  • Say Bye Bye

    Roth is on a much needed vacation? Hardee! Har !Har! That’s a slap in a face to everyone that goes to work every day. This is his second vacation in a month. The guy’s not exactly a workaholic. Funny how his vacations always coincide with Arbitron announcements of his further slide in ratings. The Titanic went down slower.

  • Tony

    This is from the NY POST. What a great show ROTH has. Lost about 88% of the listeners that did not switch to Stern. Nice going Dave. Oh yes he really needs another vacation. Or maybe he is just stuck in “LOOP LAND”



    March 30, 2006 — DAVID Lee Roth appears headed for another showdown with CBS Radio – this one potentially fatal.
    Howard Stern’s replacement – who got more rotten ratings news earlier this week – was mysteriously absent from yesterday’s show on Free FM (92.3), the day after a reported run-in with management.

    Roth has been broadcasting – with frequent technical glitches – from the Winter Music Conference in Miami this week.

    “He is on his way back from Miami and is scheduled to return to the air on Friday,” said a CBS spokeswoman, declining to explain the two-show gap except to say that “he was not suspended.”

    The former Van Halen frontman was ordered to make significant changes to his radio show this week, sources told The Post. CBS brass read him the riot act last month, too, but this time were much more forceful, the sources said.

    CBS execs are insistent that the famously stubborn Roth get a Robin Quivers-style sidekick, take direction from his bosses and put more effort into his show.

    There is reason for concern. Roth’s audience was down to an estimated 32,000 listeners last month, off 88 percent from Stern’s 277,000 last December.

    Stern has claimed on Sirius Satellite Radio that he heard Roth “does no show prep or post-production meetings, curses when he has to record commercials [and] is always angry and complaining.”

    After his first dressing down last month, Roth complained on the air that CBS wanted him to be a Stern clone (“more Paris Hilton than Paris, France”) and vowed, “I refuse to dummy down.”

    Since then, however, his guest roster has included strippers, porn stars and even Roth’s own version of Stern’s Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf – a diminutive lad named Two-Foot Fred.

    Roth was replaced yesterday and today by mid-dayers JV & Elvis – no strangers to early rising after hosting a top-rated wakeup show in San Francisco for several years.


  • Tony

    sorry I saw that someone less posted the same thing. My bad

  • greglips

    Two days of that frat boy crap from those retards Elvis and what’s his name is more than enough. DLR is the man.

  • emzee


    Finally, someone’s making sense here.

    A mature voice…Agree or Disagree?

  • Tony


    Those guys JV and Elvis had the number 1 radio show in SF for a number of years. That idiot Roth thinks he can talk about loops, and Music from Africa or whatever it is that he is talking about. Roth is an idiot and has never hosted a radio talk show before, and as you can see from the ratings it shows. Stern did some of the worst stuff in radio history and had the Number 1 show of all time. So what does that say….lets see, people that are driving to work would like to laugh and not cry like Roth is making us all do. He is making over $4 million doing nothing at all. Agree or disagree….”Live life like your hair is on fire” Sorry, ROTH is an idiot.

  • Diz Grace


    I’ve mentioned this to some of the other hair brains that have graced this blog, and I guess I’ll mention it to you as well. One would assume that you are in possession of a little knob that serves as a channel changer. If you feel that strongly that DLR is synonymous with bad radio, then…change the station. No one will think anything less of you, and you won’t be missed. But those of us who enjoy the high quality value of Roth Radio will sure as hell not be apologizing any time soon to you for enjoying it.

    You sound like sour grapes, Dude, wishing he was off the air, but to your obvious chagrin, Roth remains. It didn’t quite turn out like your informative article said it would. Guess you didn’t have the inside scoop. Tough one, buddy. Guess it’s back to flipping burgers for ya.

  • To The Lifeboats

    Hey Diz,

    New York City Population: 8 Million

    David Lee Roth Listeners: 32,000 and dropping fast.


  • Tony

    Diz Roth…sorry Grace,

    What the people would like is for something to listen to on the way to work. If you really believe in your mind that Roth is doing a great job, WOW. Not sure if you know this, but the way radio works, you need good ratings. Stern was pulling in the biggest rating of any DJ in the country. However only 30% of those people followed him to Sirius. So that leaves 70% of the largest radio following. What happened to those people? They for sure are not listening to “Diamond Dave”. With a rating of .9 one of the lonest at the CBS flagship station that SUCKS!!!! He has been at work, if you would like to call what he does work for 3 months now. Oh and 2 vacations because he one of the hardest workers in the radio business. His rating have fallen each month. Now he is down to 32,000 listeners. Nice move right, not. Stern had 277,000 and that was at the end at KROCK. Are you for real when you say his show is good. Could you please explain good? He talks to his friend animal, who by the way can not talk, and then he talks down to the listeners. Why, because he wants everyone to think he is a smart guy. Ever wonder why Eddie kicked his ass out of Van Halen? You are right about changing the station for sure. I do it each and everytime I turn on the radio and I hear his voice. Well that is good for rating right? I happen to like JV and Elvis who by the way have done a great job filling in for your boy. Word is that the rating have gone up for the two days that they have filled in. You see JV and Elvis worked in radio before, unlike roth, they had the number 1 radio show in SF. They were number 1 for years. So they know radio and they have a following. Booker is another great show on Free Fm in NY, again in the business for sometime and has won many awards. Let us look at Roth the 4 Million dollar mistake. He wanted a new studio with a window. Tom C gave it to him, Roth says it has dust in it and will not work out of the new studio. He shows up to work late and leaves 2 seconds after the end of the show. He has no idea what any of his guests are about nor does he care. He just wants to play is “LOOPS”. And if you think he can still sing then you are really sad. Wow he has lost his voice and his mind. The once great David Lee Roth is now just a wasted up rock star and soon to be washed up radio host. Sorry I can not call him a DJ because he does not know what the hell a DJ does.

    I hope this helps you

  • Mike

    Hello Diz Grace,

    It seems that you are the only Roth fan here. Sorry about that. It is the worst radio I have ever listened to in my life. What idiot at CBS thought that a idiot like ROTH would be a good talk show host. He has guests on and knows nothing about them. That is called doing your job? Right. Please take Diamond Dave, DLR, D-RO, ASSHOLE, D-IDIOT, Dave shit, Dave Lee Roth, Ex-Lead Singer of Van Halen off the radio. PLEASE

  • Tom C

    Diz Grace,

    I am new to this post. Roth is the worst and you know it, but you can not get over your Van Halen days. Are you for real, he sucks as a radio host. I will help you understand your problem. He wants people to believe he is smart, ok talk about big words and really have no clue. Next you need to think of yourself as “A lead singer in a rock band”. Ok now you are ready to make a total fool of yourself. Ok, enter DLR………A total fool!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diz Grace

    Tony: Keep flipping those burgers. At some point, if you get the right break, you might get a gig at the school newspaper with your extensive deep thoughts. What, did you get let go by McDonald’s again, is that why you have that much time to share your rambling word drool?

    Mike: Based on your snippet of verbal diarrhea, I would actually pay a subscription to satellite radio if you had a show, and forgo free radio. Obviously you should have your own show, given your talent.

    Tom C: What?

  • Brian

    Poor Dave laments that he needed some time to hit his stride and he likes to use the new band analogy. New bands don’t open as headliners at big venues but Dave wasn’t willing to hone his skills in a small market. His ego needed the big stage and now he shrinks from the bright lights and the criticism. This guy hasn’t attempted to build a repore with his audience. Does anyone believe that he shakes hands with the garbage man, was rolled over by a “broom jockey” in post op after back surgery or paid for show promotion out of his own pocket? Ok if enormous pictures of himself are promotions I can see him footing the bill. We know he can talk for 4 hours. The question is will he say anything? Anybody who gets anything from this show except a glimpse into the mind of an egomaniac is starved for entertainment or you can’t help slowing down at the car crash like myself. Anyhow, thank God there will be no more Animal abuse of the english language. I enjoy listening to Dave talk tough one week and capitulate the next. It’s clear that DLR isn’t committed to the hard work and preparation it takes to do good radio. He’s just buying time until they can find 6 housemates that will be willing to spent a month with him on The Sureal Life.


    Diz Grace,

    We all must be wrong, and you must be right! In fact, D.RO’s show is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome that they fired his 2 sidekicks (Blues Scale Young and Dumb Animal). I thought I’d NEVER tire of listening to B. Young play the same Blues Scale over and over no matter what loop DRo happened to play. And as for Animal’s commentary? Brilliant stuff – his opinions really mattered. Of all the people D. Ro could pick to go on air with, those guys were the best he could find? Or were they the only two people he could find who would consistently sound so dumb that he’d sound smart in comparison (or who would laugh at his incessantly unfunny jokes & demeanor)? I think the latter. Anyhow, it’s hilarious that they fired those two clowns and replaced them with some English dude. Totally sucktacular radio.

    As for the new format, I kept laughing my ass off this morning! His NEW format is awesome. It’s like watching a train wreck happen before your very eyes. If he can keep up the kid in detention act for another week, I’ll listen to the whole thing. Now he’s actually trying to do bad radio, which is pretty scary, because he thought he was interesting before. Who knows how low he can take the format when he’s actually TRYING to be bad. I can’t wait to listen again!!!

  • http://comcast Jim

    Fuckin Roth! Man didn’t he say a few weeks ago that he would not change his format?. He said he threatened to quit if they made him change. Well today Dave showed his true self. A money grubbin pay check hunter. He swears allegiance to that in bred criminal crip animal and the shitty studio guitarist and then does shit for them as they get fired because he sucks. Wonder how they feel not working and he sits there crying like the spoiled fag that he is. AHHH poor Dave always the victim. Man I got sick of him in the 80s and was like what when I heard he was what they had in mind to replace Stern. The dumbfuck that hired him needs to go. This is the worst fuckin peice of shit radoi show I have ever heard in my life, and as for the people that tell me to change the station if I don’t like it I say go fuck yourself. I been listening to 92.3 for over 20 yrs and now this bitch is gonna try and fuck up my mornings? I will not pay for Stern unless Jackie comes back and that aint happening anytime soon so now I gonna channel surf because this shithead has a big ego. N bitches he needs to go away. I like all the other shows on free fm but this tird. He is in it for money only. He never preps and does not care at all and never did. I say pay him and bring on JV and Elvis, cause I am sick of having to switch between baldy and Preston and Steve who suck too but not like Roth. I hope he gets so upset this weekend that he o.d.s on whatever drugs he’s into. Believee me this is a drunk druggy that just wants to keep money coming in so he can pay cronies to party and hang out with his washed up stupid ass. Fuck DLR and anyone that likes his shit show.

  • Diz Grace

    Truly amazing thing about all of these posts: Common denominator between all y’all is how much Roth sucks, how bad his show is, he’s washed up, yada yada. And yet…you’re still tuning in, listening to how bad his show is. You’re giving the guy exactly what he wants, and you don’t even know it. He could care less whether you like or dislike him, just as long as you’re listening.

    I swear, this situation, as it plays out, is amazingly similar to the Howard Stern movie, when the powers that be tried to re-shape him to fit a mold. I could give a rat’s ass about who is paired with DLR. When I see him play live, I’m not concerned about the drummer. The drummer was hired to compliment the star of the show, not be the focus of it. So Animal, B-Young, Sasha, not on the air anymore? Who cares? I wasn’t tuning in for their opinions anyway. I’m here to embrace the entertaining pontifications of DLR.

  • Tony

    Diz Grace,

    I happened to tune in the last fine minutes of the show waiting for the Booker show. I thought that D-FOOL was about to cry. Wow, what a waste of air time. I am going to do the show the way they want me to. And I am going to fuck it up even more. He even said at the end that he knows his days are numbered and that whoever follows him with be better. NO SHIT DAVE.

    Grace good luck telling this blog how great dave is. Sorry what few hundred posts and how many like dave? Not many.


    Diz Grace,

    You got a bunch of wedgies in school. didn’t you? You were that kid that EVERYONE hated because he would argue with the teacher just to try to prove he is intelligent, weren’t you?

    One of three things is true:
    A) You’re David Lee Roth and are getting paid $4 mill. year to like your sucktastic show
    B) You’re taking a contrarian position to nettle and annoy
    C) (I think this is the case) You still have the same ugly ass mullet hair cut you had in 1985. You weren’t popular in school, and you always looked up to a guy like David Lee Roth, who got the chicks and could wear spandex. You wear spandex. As others around you have cut their mullets and stopped liking “Poison”, you only were able to move on to Dream Theatre in the 90’s. In the 2000’s, you got really excited by “The Darkness”. You didn’t realize they were a joke. You secretly like Kelly Clarkson. You openly loathe “Pearl Jam”. You secretly want to “be” with David Lee Roth. You wear spandex while playing air strumming your Ibanez 777 Steve Vai Model, while sporting a pink tank-top and blasting 1984 in your mother’s house. You do this in front of the mirror and pretend to be Eddie Van Halen. You hate the fact that it is no longer 1984. You laugh just as hard at every lame one-liner out of D. Ro as B. Young. You wear spandex.

  • Say Bye Bye

    If you get Penn Jillette in your area (I listen to him online) give him a try. He’s everything DLR is not; a professional entertainer that’s entertaining.

  • Diz Grace

    Roth is Honorable,

    I happen to have a contrarian opinion to yours because I happen to enjoy DLR. Doesn’t make me wrong. Certainly puts me in the minority, but I can live with that, because popular opinion was never my deal. I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin. Since you know me, and my affinity for spandex, I will go out on a limb and say that I know you as well. You are the same dweeb who absolutely HAD to go to the mall to see Tiffany perform, because she was popular, and you HAD to share the popular opinion with everyone else. You sound like a fat, bald, wanna-be-never-gonna-be loner who enjoys quiet evenings alone with the JC Penny’s lingerie catalogue.

    When you run out of nothing to do with your time, go flip burgers with Tony.

  • This Is The End My Friend


    “Call me Dave, no more D-Roth.”

    The rebel got racked. DLR sounds like the kid who got sent to the woodshed. What a weak show today. The fire was gone. They broke him. His name is Toby. They fired his cohorts and made him eat crow on the air. Even he admitted that he was suspended not “on vacation.” I actually felt bad for him. Have a nice life.

  • Tony

    Hey grace,

    I happen to own a company with 20 people working for me. And most of them enjoy listening to the radio in the morning. Well D-ROD has killed that for all of us. Sorry that you Love him so much. I understand that they have just about finished him off. It was sad to hear that he almost cried today on the day. I bet that he cried like that when Eddie kicked him out of the band.

  • To The Lifeboats

    Talk about wallowing in self-pity. Wah! Wah! Waw!

  • Say Bye Bye

    Yeah, he sure sounded like he was 50+ today. He sounded 90.

  • Totalloser

    Face it DLR(Damn Lame Radio) is horrible.
    DizGrace we are listening since everyone loves to look at a car wreck to see how bad it really is. I listen to him so that I make sure I can get out of bed inthe morning, because after 2 minutes I can’t wait to get up and go to work. Dave proved he is just in it for the money, since he has to have seen that ratings have gotten worse but he still stayed. Must have spent all the money he made with that Shlock Rock band VanHalen. They will probably end up buying him off and then that will be the end of Dave.
    If he had any self respect he would quit now. As for Animal he is probably sitting home laughing with his friends about how bad Dave is and that he doesn’t have to wake up at 4am and deal with an idiot.

    Dave does not have a mullet since he has gone fairly bald. He looks almost as scary as Imus does in his press photos.

  • Diz Grace

    Hey, Tony, good luck at that McDonalds you employ 20 people at. Next time, serve me my Big Mac a little quicker. And tuck your shirt in.

    Good friends, please understand that Diamond Dave is an American institution. An entertainer known worldwide for his prolific voice and home-spun witticisms that have spawned a million imitators, but to date, no duplicators. This is a person under siege by wack management that fails to recognize a prophet in their midst. The reason he stands alone atop the mountain of entertainment is his ability to laugh through tough moments such as these where his creative genius is questioned.

  • Danny

    Dave just had to do it his way… Can you imagine if some new musician told Dave how to run his band? NOT.. but Dave of course knows radio..NOT

  • Tony


    Dave stands alone on the top of the pile of garbage. Hate to burst your loving bubble of D-FOOL, but he can not SING anymore. Agree or Disagree? Now he is saying that no one booked any guests for him. What the hell, maybe they hired him to do some work. Maybe he could book his own guests. I am sure that Eddie kicked his ass out of Van Halen,because he is an ASSHOLE. Agree or disagree? I just listened to his show now, for a laugh, and man was it full of laughs. He is a beaten down wonderboy. I really do believe he was crying. They fired all the other fools and now he and some other guy are all alone in Daves world. A world of loops….Because of all the crap he did over his life, it is just one big loop in his mind. Now I might as what the hell you do.. I know I forgot you are the President of Kiss Daves Ass CLUB. You will need to work harder on your ass kissing. Take some pointers from Dave, he did a ton of it today on his show. Maybe not really his show, they showed him. Agree or disagree. Maybe he can interview some other people and not know shit about them. Sorry, sorry, he lives in a time warp…loop after loop after loop. Agree or disagree. So you are also President of D-RO club. Come on tell the truth, you really are Dave right? Agree or Disagree? LOL

  • Chris

    Bullshit about CBS not booking guests. The guy is impossible to work with and his manager sounds even worse. They probably ignored CBS refused the guests they lined up and are lying about it. What a clown DLR and his manager are. DLR fights with everyone he does business with. He is spoiled, arrogant and washed-up. F-Him

  • DLR

    Diz Grace…
    thank you for your unrelenting defense of me. You really know me. If my spandex pants were not so full of shit like me I would send them to you. Take care.. Dave

  • DLR Reality Check

    read um and weep Diz….

    New York Post’s “The Starr Report” reported yesterday that Roth’s February Arbitron numbers were only half of what he averaged in January. According to Post radio reporter John Mainelli, Stern had 277,000 listeners at any given moment last December — while Roth had only 32,000 listeners last month.

  • Matt

    Diz Grace,

    Are you kidding? DLR has to be by far the worst radio show of all times. JV and Elvis are funny as hell and they have done this before. Sorry to hear that your idol was so sad today on the radio, and did I hear correct, almost cried? How sad. NOT Sad for the millions of people in the areas that he broadcasts in.

  • greglips

    JV and Elvis appeal to idiots. Gee another butt plug joke? Turn it up loud bitch? Wow that is great stuff NOT.

    Roth’s show is great. He is different. Even with no loops, no Animal, no B. Young he is more listenable than Elvis and what’s his name.

    I don’t care if he is a jerk to the radio execs. They should let him do his thing. I doubt that the other programs are getting good ratings either.

  • http://comcast Jim

    I bet dizgrace is that old bitch. you know his played out ass is obsessed with all things said about him. He struts around like he is still touring in 79. I bet he sits and reads all this shit as he drinks and crys and snorts his coke. I bet he has his old studio set up in his apartment, loops playin shitty foreign music and B Shitty playing the same weak ass blues scales he always played. Eddie Van Halen is probably laughin so hard he shit his pants. I love it. This fucker finely let the whole world in on how much of a little bitch he really is. I can’t even listen to Van Halen anymore. I might have to give Sammy another shot. Dave go to hell and stay there.

  • greglips

    All you haters probably are pissed off that DLR dissed Coldplay. ” A 1000 little tiny notes. So light is sounds like you are hearing nothing at all” You like that whiney wuss music.

    DLR kicks ass no matter what. I’m sure he is laughing all the way to the bank. Unlike you douchebags.

    How do you speak to that?

  • http://comcast Jim

    Coldplay like you and dave blow.

  • Tony

    I speak to that like this…DLR sucks.

    As for JV and Elvis Number 1 show in SF for many years. DLR worst radio show of all time. Just do the math. Agree or disagree?

    DLR is so looped out that he does not even know that the hell he is talking about. Sorry that he had to cry on the air today. I am so heart broken for the fool. Agree or disagree?

    32,000 people listen, that is great. They are paying him $4 Million. Nice it cost Free Fm $125 per listener for his crap. I bet they are on line to run ads on his show? Agree or disagree? Disagree…Fact Free Fm ad staff pissed off to no end. No one wants to run spots on the DLR show. Worst part of all he F’s up the spots he does himself.

    DLR————–THE END

  • Mrlos

    Yeah, he sucks, most individuals (DLR’s word for “people”) agree. But what’s going on now is the most entertaining show on radio. Here’s what’s going on. If DLR quits, he’s broken his contract and doesn’t get paid. If he refuses to do what management asks him to do “reasonably” he’s broken his contract and he doesn’t get paid. If he’s fired, he gets the full $4 million. So the brass wants him to quit. They take away his trademarks (elevator-music versions of funk and reggae) and his sidekicks, publically humiliating him. But if he refuses or he walks out, no money. So he decides to go along, figuring that they’ll have to fire him for putting on the show they demand and losing even more audience. Then they’ll have to pay him. I don’t blame him. So it’s a broadcast game of chicken. How much can they provoke him till he quits? How long can he provoke them by staying? It’s not watching a car wreck, it’s a whole demolition derby. I’m going to be glued to Free-FM to see what happens. This is fun!

  • greglips

    Tony, DLR makes those idiotic spots entertaining with that jive ass stuff he does. Those companies should be happy he does that. Otherwise who listens to them?

    JV and Elvis are truly derivative retards in the Opie and Anthony/Mark and Brian style. Their schtick is unoriginal garbage. Agree or disagree?

    If JV and E were #1 in SF, how does that speak to the intelligence level of that city?

    Go DLR!!!!!!!!

  • Tony


    Wow, that’s not nice talking about SF. Are you for real, Stern did this for the biggest rating in history. And his jive ass loops are total bullshit. He is a total retard from the 80’s and anyone that listens knows this. He is stuck in a world of loops and retarded music he found in a drug induced world of the unreal. Listen close as he talks, he is not on this planet. He is still the lead singer of Van Halen and thinks he is the worlds most important person. So off to never, never land he goes. Now it is only a matter of time before the roof falls on his head. Think about it, people want to have someone to entertain us. Jv and Elvis do that all the time. Stern did to a level of madness, but he was still King of the hill. Have fun wishing that DLR was good at this and when you wake up you will find he is gone.

  • From VH TO VHasbeen

    You know his listenership may actually go up! It’s like the Iran hostage crisis. It’s day 92 of the DLR death watch. The guy’s so bad, really the worst ever, and now he’s got no guests, music, sidekicks, sound effects, no nada. He’s not allowed to tell stale stories from the ’80s, speak in bad Spanish or Portugues, or joke with a talentless mumble-mouthed bodyguard turned sidekick. It’s like the guy’s naked in public…and he can’t quit or he loses all the dough. It’s like a reality show. Make Dave look stupid because he can’t quit. I can’t wait to tune in Monday. Maybe they’ll make him broadcast in the rain or send someone in to vacuum the studio while he’s working. It’s like he’s a performing monkey. Dance bobo dance.

  • greglips

    From a business perspective you are probably correct. You sound like you work for freefm. DLR may not be for the “masses”. What the avg person needs is “baby food-easy to digest.” Familiarity. Like JV and E are similar to Howard. Boobs, buttplugs, and vagina gags. This is NOT entertainment, it is reworked recycled Howard copycat BS.

    Just like when you go to Times Square, where all the tourists are, there are the old favorites: TGI fridays, Chilis, Olive Garden etcetera. Tourists dont want to eat NYC food.

    Part of DLRs appeal IS that he thinks he is the worlds most impt person.

    I agree with Mrlos, this is going to be interesting to see how it works out. Don’t give in DLR. Sit there and talk for 4 hours if you have to. Those fools at the station should have known what they were getting.

  • From VH TO VHasbeen

    Hey DLR,

    Maybe you should switch to singing Springstein.

    “You end up like a dog that’s been beat too much
    ‘Til you spend half your life just covering up.”

    Sounds like your Friday exactly. You quivering mass of jello.

  • http://comcast Jim

    Hey man I want to be entertained in the morning not aggravated by a stupid bore. He thinks he is a innovator, innovator of what? He had a guy on as a guest that was promoting a toy convention in atlanta. Wow now that was compelling, I also love how he goes off on how anyone 25 and under need to have abortions available to them cuz it aint fare to the children to try and raise them at that age. Yea thats what I want in the morning on my way to work, a stupid know it all he has never done a days work in his life. Yeah thats what we all want to be pissed off by radio shows. I’ll take the pee pee poo poo humor of JV and Elvis thankyou. By the way Roth is no better then Sabastion Bach, Brett Michaels or Axl. Should they get paid 4 million to suck also? If you like this show I suggest you start taping cuz this shit is gonna go away real soon. Get out of the 80’s Roth fans. This guy is a shithead that thinks he smart. Check out the pics he has on Roth Radio. Everyone in the pics have their backs to the camera. Well I would too. Why the hell would anyone want to be associated with Damn Lame Radio.

  • Tony


    I agree with you. He might have a small following and that might be great for a station in the middle of no where. However he is in the number 1 market in the country and they can not afford to have only 32,000 people listening. I think they would have been happy with 100,000 to start and then build it from that point. 70% of Sterns listeners did not switch to Sirius. That is something like 190,000 listeners. He could not even grap 20% of them. I am sure that is why they are pissed off at Free Fm. Maybe they should just put him on at 3am and see what happens. If he still have a following from the rock days those people will listen. The fact of the matter is that his show does not work for the 6-10 slot and it will never work. Free Fm needs to change it now and maybe they can still save some of those 190,000 people. If you really believe that the people want Roth, you need to just look at all these numbers. It’s a fact that the people want something like Stern. Stern is a wild man and at times took it way to far. However his ratings don’t lie. So a JV and Elvis show at 6-10 would be the clear answer for CBS. All the best

  • Matt

    Roth Radio v2.0: Smacked By The Man:

    Our slightly dented crystal ball turned out to be right: David Lee Roth returned to mornings at his East Coast Free FM outposts on Friday — minus his posse and having been given a talking-to by the CBS honchos. Accompanied only by board op Hutch, Roth announced that he was “relaunching” the show under a new “format.”

    “We’ve been asked to get rid of the loops and songs, and we’ve been asked to get rid of the gang here,” he said, calling his two-day vacation a “disciplinary action.” He announced, “I’ll take the fall for what happened in Florida. I wasn’t following directions, and I was playing a lot of black music and playing foreign-language IDs, which I’ve got to get rid of. I wasn’t dealing with the news and traffic, so we were taken off the air for a couple of days. They told me to come right back to New York, and I understand that came from Joel Hollander. All of this has to happen or there’s going to be disciplinary action.”

    He added that there was now extra security in the building and that he’d be fired if he continued fighting with Hollander and Les Moonves like a caller suggested he do. “I’ve gotten four letters in the last five days. The infrastructure has been disassembled for us here,” he said. “Joel Hollander told me to be flexible, but I didn’t know he meant I’d need a lubricant.”

  • Out of His League

    WhenI first heard that DLR was taking over for Stern I actually thought he might me good in his own wise-cracking way, but he just blew. It sounded like he never rehearsed and now even he admits that’s true.

    “I didn’t know what I was doing,” Roth said. “I asked for rehearsal, and they didn’t give it to me.”

    What? You couldn’t rent a little studio time and practice.

    What? You thought your bodyguard would be an entertaining sidekick instead of a seasoned radio pro?

    It all looks easy Dave, because there are pros with years of experience doing it. You’re like the kid who plays a little guitar in his basement and thinks he could out jam The Who if only they put him on stage.

    I don’t buy this “nobody helped me, nobody supported me” bushwa.

    You got suckered, you believed all of Stern’s railing against Tom C. instead of seeing the truth; that that was only part of Stern’s anti-establishment shtick and these “suits” could actually help you.

    You did it your way because you knew better.

    You were wrong.

  • Matt

    Now this is funny as shit:

    On ROTH’s PHILADELPHIA affiliate, CBS RADIO’s WYSP (94.1 FREE-FM), the BARSKY midday show took a potshot at ROTH, as BARSKY signed on by saying, “Is anybody listening?” Sidekick VINNE THE CRUMB chimed in: “Open the window and scream ‘It’s ten o’clock’ so people know they can listen now.'”

    Funny thing it happens in NY also: Most people will not listen to the crap Roth is starting the day with. They tune back at 10am for JV and Elvis.

  • Laney

    Poor Dave….on Friday it sounded like someone was stomping on his nuts.
    Give the guy a break. How do any of us feel when people shit all our dreams or visions??? Hang in there.

    P.S. been waiting to hear more of Hutch (fave dj)

  • Send Him To The Showers

    I hope DLR can recover from this. Not that he’ll ever be on radio again, but after listening to Friday’s show I hope he can perform again. He’s an all-time great rock star and that takes the courage to be outrageous. He sounded like a broken man.

  • greglips

    If you like JV and Elivs better than DLR that speaks a lot to your intelligence level. If you like fart gags, just get Sirus and get over with it.

    DLR is the man. Bring back the loops, Animal, and B. Young and of course the foreign language IDs.

  • Matt


    Are you for real? That washed up ex-rock singer can not even sing anymore. Everything that I have heard from the DLR show sucks. It has to be, no it is the worst radio show of all time, hands down. Oh yes bring back the loops of crap and the guy you can not understand, great idea. Agree or disagree?. And of course bring back foreign language Id’s another great Roth idea. You are listening to a guy that lives in the unreal and dances with twisted loops of crap in his mind. You seem to over look the fact that NO ONE LISTENS TO HIS SHOW. The rating prove it and it will not get any better, because he does not know radio, and he does not know what is real or unreal anymore. I hope you listened to his last show, and you heard the fool about to cry. They fired his whole crew and now it is Roth alone to finish himself off. I bet you were one of those people that did not understand why Eddie kicked his ass out of Van Halen? Well now that the world has seen the true D-ROTARD, it is all answered.

  • Tony


    You seem to think that people want to be listening to crap in the morning. You also seem to think that the 12 Million that listened to Stern were all fools. Roth always seems to get in a “BIG” word so now the world should think he is smart, right? Agree or disagree? Or maybe just lost in his own mind. You see Roth is just a big loop, shit comes out of his mouth and into his ears and back out of his mouth again. He is a shit loop.

  • http://comcast Jim

    If you think that Roth is intelligent it just shows how mentally challenged you are asshole. Only a stupid person would bask in that stupid bastards thoughts. Fuckyou and him . You got the lips he has the ass get to work greg. I bet you cry like that little bitch when he gets the axe. Who you gonna defend next CC Deville?

  • Matt

    Diz Grace and Greglips,

    Here is your hero!

    Someone should tell him that the 80’s are over. That was in 2004. WOW..


    Now your leader today… Still looks lost to me.


    I know what I am doing so just leave me alone. More loops please.


    This is why I can not recall anything. More Drugs please.


    I am the KING OF LOOPS AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME.. More looping drugs please.


    This is your mad leader calling.



  • Radio Carnage

    Man, there must be enough blame to go around for a thousand execs, but the number one person to blame is Dave, because even he admits he didn’t know what he was doing. No shit Sherlock, and we had to listen to it. One thing I’ll bet is that he knew it all, he was the genius, and they were all just a bunch of fools. Well they may be fools but Dave is too because he accepted a job he was completely unqualified for. He may be glib, but he sure doesn’t know radio. P.S. here’s a tip, don’t go for a helicopter ride with him either, because he thinks he’s a genuis pilot too. Coming soon to the 6 O’Clock News, rock has-been dies in helicopter crash. Stay tuned.

    P.P.S. The one thing the obit will leave out was that he was a radio personality, because he never was one.

  • greglips

    Jim, did I insult you? If you don’t like DLR, then what do you like? Stern? JV and Elivis? Judging from your post you would rather hear about farting midgets than than intelligent discourse.

    Matt, those pictures are cool. I agree that he didn’t age well as a rocker. But he looks okay now.

    All you who dis DLR remember…he has forgotten about more pussy than you will ever get. And he has the $$$. So you think he really gives a shit what you say?

    Give him credit for trying something new and taking chances. I would say the 4 mil was worth it.

  • http://comcast Jim

    Thats whey you idolize him, money and pussy? Guess you never have any.

  • DLR Reality Check

    Bullshit that CBS did not let DLR practice. Remember in the beginning he dissed Howard and said radio was easy. Sounds like DLR thought he did not ahve to show up to “spring training” and now is blamming the manager for not letting him practice. Dave Roth is a tool. He is what he sounds like and he is trying to convince the world that he is the victim. Well guess what? Once of the greatest bands with the potential to make millions and millions more kicked DLR out on his ass. Nothing can convince them to let him back in? WHY???? Dave thinks he knows it all. Just listen for 1 minute to the show. Dave is playing with fire. CBS will sue his ass before they give him 4 million. He is too stupid to shut up on the radio and id making it apparent that he is “giving them what the want” yet he is barely doing radio. Dave Roth.. its the end of the road. Grow the hell up.

  • Diz Grace’s Conscious

    Deep inside I know the truth about David Lee Roth….

  • Jim

    Today JV and Elvis put a couple of shots across Roths bow. At the end of the show they said that someone in the station should just stop crying and do his job. They were sick of the attitude and all th BS. Earlier they defended there show and the others after Roth said the whole station is in the dumps rating wise and they are picking on him to draw attention away from that. This guy is out of control. Not one bit of reality has touched this dumbass since 77. Hey Dave, with or without the telemundo music the show will always suck. The reason is you. As simple as that. Now speak on that would you.

  • Brian

    Is DLR believable or likable? Does anyone believe he shakes hands with the “garbage man” every morning, that he was rolled over by a “broom jockey” in post op after back surgery or paid for show promotions himself? OK, if enormous pictures of himself are promotions I can see him footing the bill. Does anyone believe he really wants to be a good radio host when he doesn’t take the time to prepare? “Hutch tell me what we’re talking about, I’ll give you my opinion and maybe some listeners will call in with the details and facts”. I suspect he is just biding his time until the producers can find six people that are willing to spend a month with him on The Surreal Life. Does Dave really believe anyone wants to hear Animal abuse the english language? We all know he can talk for four hours. The question is “will he say anything?” If this is any barometer of DLR interest….Gerry Garcia’s stolen toilet seat got more press than Daves absence/suspension.

  • Totalloser

    Hey Brian, Jerry Garcia’s toilet seat probably had more to say than Dave!

  • greglips

    From your posts, it looks like you all have an agenda. Perhaps you work for FreeFm and Dave passed you in the hall an didn’t give you the time of day. Yea, so he’s difficult. So what.

    Or could it be that one of you is either JV or Elvis. They have made it public that they are “gunning for DLR’s time slot”.

    In other words, if you hate DLR so much then why don’t you change the channel? Or get Sirius. The most reasonable answer is you have an agenda.

    Agree or disagree?

  • greglips

    As a follow up: For a group of individuals with such hatred for DLR, you all sure listen to the show a lot. HDYSTT?

  • Ted

    Greg..we are angry commuters with horrible morning radio in our cars while we are stuck in traffic. Of course we surf the radio and surf and surf and surf.

  • Tony


    For one thing, we hate to listen to crap in the morning. And you and the rest of the world know that listening to DLR is total crap. He has no idea what the the hell his talking about or who he is talking to. You might forget that JV and Elvis had the #1 show in SF for many years. As someone that listens in the morning and does not want to listen to loops and agree and disagree it is time for CBS to make the move. JV and Elvis are the only ones that can handle the slot. They did a great job in CA and now NY and all the other areas that D-ROTARD are on can get the full value of a true morning show. Tom C. u are a total asshole of even stopping half the bits. What the hell is wrong with you and CBS. Hello this is the USA and we have right to say what we want.

  • Jim

    If Dave was to pass me in the hall I would punch him in his adams apple so he couldn’t talk anymore. Great show again this morning. Starts out crying about his poor show. It the same shitty movie just minus the crap soundtrack. Dave sucks. I think Hutch would do a better job. i think greg is Dave. Greg Lips Roth.

  • Brian

    A cocky replacement has to put up or shut up or in Dave’s case blame it on someone else. Dave doesn’t want to prepare and paraphrase the news story, he wants to read it and add his blah blah blahs and criticise the writer and his management whatevers for suggesting he do something topical. Good radio hosts make the most out of what they have and draw out something interesting from their guests. Dave miscalculated and thought good guests would flock to his show. It looked so easy when someone with years of experience was doing it. You have to earn good guests. (lip smacking) Dave’s taken to rehashing the Today Show topics but claims he’s breaking the mold etc. etc. and soforth. (cough, cough) Did the management types sap the show’s energy when they nixed the cheesy music loops or is Dave just phoning it in because he sees the handwriting on the wall? I would like to hear from a Roth Radio fan who thinks “when all the monkeys in the trees are making noise you know you came up with the big banana” is witty. A fan of his radio show… not some aging fan of his music or his 80’s persona.

  • mrlos

    Can’t the guy or his producers read a newspaper (even online) to come up with some current events to talk about? And to know a thing or two about it before bringing it up? Instead of blaming someone else for putting something in front of him? I remember early on when the host and some woman they put in with him mention Jill Carroll, the reporter who was just freed after being kidnapped in Iraq. This was just after she was taken. He did some junk about how people shouldn’t go there, it’s dangerous. He and his sidekick read that she was from the Christian Science Monitor and decided that was some kind of kooky church organization trying to do good deeds. They didn’t know it’s a newspaper, and obviously didn’t even read enough to find out — and they brought the topic up. Hell, I’d look it up for just $1 million…..
    Now he’s just dull, not even enough arrogance to get mad about. I’m done with even checking in to see what’s going on. Somebody keep me posted here.

  • Jim

    Every show on the station is slamming him the last 2 days , its the typical scenario for this loser. I just want him to go back to his little fantasy world and stop trying to play with the grownups. I checked in on his show like 3 or 4 times and everytime I did he was bitching about how bad he is being treated. JV and Elvis slammed him for like 5 mins today and it was great. I could listen to 8 hours straight of people that had to deal with him slam him. If I was Tom C I would get sammy Hagar to fill in the first day after he gets canned. Now that would be the funniest thing they could do to finish this bald non talent off. Keep combing it forward Dave we can’t tell.

  • Tony

    Open letter to Tom C: (CBS FREE-FM)

    I have the answer for you guys about DLR. Don’t fire him, just make him come to work everyday and build a small studio where he can talk to himself for 4 hours. Let him sit in the little studio and talk to a mic that is not connected to anything but a tape recorder. Maybe you can sell the tapes in the future to schools that are training DJ’s. It would be a what not to do on the radio lesson. Next you put JV and Elvis in the real studio and let them make some money back for the station. I think you have something special with them and you know it. They will turn mornings around for sure at Free-FM. Think about it Tom, more people are tuning to other stations at 6-10, save the station now.

  • Diz Grace

    What a bunch of maroons you naysayers are. Tony, wipe that sauce off your face when you’re talking, because you’re embarrassing yourself. And get me some salt for my fries while you’re at it.

    Brothers and sisters, David Lee Roth represents a lifestyle free of struggle. A picturesque look into a world of refinement, merriment, and free-flowing drinks. The sound of his voice provides a soothing comfort in a world gone haywire.

    In time, you will come to realize the height of his wizdom. Actually, you don’t have a choice. He ain’t goin’ anywhere, because he’s not quitting, and they’re not firing him. So sit back and get comfortable, foolz. Reports of DLR’s demise are indeed greatly exaggerated.


    Diz Grace,

    You have proven you are not Roth, with your last sentence. Even Roth knows the end is soon and imminent. But look at the bright side Diz, he won’t have to leave you at 5:30 every morning to go do his show. You can cuddle longer.

  • Tony

    Diz Fool,

    You should do more drugs, I think they are wearing off. D-ROTARD is a fool and everyone knows it. All the other DJ’s at FREE FM and all the other stations are making fun of the fool. Maybe if you got your head out of your ass you can see that he is driving you around in circles. Your mind is wasted from the crap that comes out of his mouth. You should follow your leader all the way down the drain. His days as a DJ are numbered and you know it. His world is falling down around him and soon his world will be EMT again.

  • Tony


    When you wake up from your drug high it will be 2006 and not 1985. Sorry to tell you but your great DLR is not the leader singer of Van Halen anymore. And yes Eddie kicked his ass out just like CBS will do to him any day now. Did you follow him around the country and kiss his ass as much as you do here? A “world gone haywire” wow, the only thing that went haywire is Roth’s brain. Why do you not go down to the studio and suck up to him like you do here. I am sure he would love to see, he is all by himself now, they fired all of his other fools.

  • Radio Carnage

    “This is garbage,” says D-Roth, commenting on the quality of his show this morning. “The show sucks, I agree with you,” he told a caller who called to complain.

  • Jim

    Diz you are in a dreamworld. Go to rehab and give back that computer you stole from your mama and get back down into the basement. She’ll yell down to you when its time for dinner. Lame as they get Diz. Now I know what the blind lead the blind means.

  • Is It Over

    Look for this stalemate to end with a buyout. Like him or hate him you won’t hear him much longer.

  • Diz Grace


    I find your blubbering fascinating. A few days back we read how this is the USA and we have the right to say what we want. Then you lamely attempt to put me in my place by telling everyone I’m a DLR ass kisser? I’ll use your whiny words: This is the USA, and I have the right to say what I want. And I say that the celebrated life of DLR is poetry in motion, while you and your 20-member team of hamburger flippers remain junk mail in stagnation. That’s the way it is. That’s the way it’s always gonna be. Now go fix me some McNuggetts.

  • Sal

    So Diz Grace why do you put down “hamburger flippers”?. Very uncool to make value judgements.

  • Jerry

    Roth spent 15-20 minutes this morning rambling on about Country music… Country music?!?!?!? you gotta be kidding me, how much more meaningless can the show possibly get??? They may have taken away his crew (which by the way didn’t help the show at all, more of a blessing in disguise that they were booted) but he has managed to take the most boring content and spew it all over the air waves. the show plummeting in ratings is his own fault at this point – it’s not a funny show and it’s not an interesting one, the sooner they replace him the sooner my morning commute will be more enjoyable.

  • Tony

    Diz Fool,

    You are correct I said this is the US and everyone has the right to say what they want. So I have the right to call you a D-rotard ass kisser. It is not a lie you are in love with this moron. As for the fries, sorry all out nothing for you. Hope you are listening to all the bad pr D-rotard is getting and it is from all the other NY DJ’s. He sucks as a DJ and he knows it.

  • Brian

    Dave would love to hear from all of the “broom jockeys” and “hamburger flippers” ,who don’t find his rambling fascinating, on his instant feedback at.


    His helicopter instructor says he’s doing a great job. How much more objective can you get?

  • Tony

    Diz fool,

    One correction for you. I own 3 pizza places, so yes I do flip things. Not fries, but pizzas. You are the other hand are a stay at home mom that wishes she was still in the 80’s so you can chance D-Rotard around the country. I bet you hate the fact that you are not making your own money and have to ask for everything. Maybe you can call d-rotard and ask him for a job on the show. You can sit next to his lawyer in the hallway. Did you know that the great D-rotard needs to bring his lawyer to work with him in the morning..How sad is that……So when you get back from shopping you can tell the world how great the asshole really is.

  • greglips

    Dear Suffering Commuters,

    Why don’t you just get sirius and listen to howard and Jerry why do you subject yourself to 20 minutes of self-punishment?

    Go D-Ro…. J-O and Elvis blow.

  • Matt


    Are you for real? You come on and tell the world that Davie is the man and then you tell them to pay for Howard. What the hell do think is so good about D-tard? He sucks and the world knows it, and now he is bring his shit ass lawyer to work with him, wow, what an asshole. You know it and the rest of the NY area knows it that JV & Elvis are in town and that is going to be big. They have a Major following already and that worries Howard and that makes D-tard a pissed off loop crap head. He has no idea what the hell is going on in the world at all. Now word is that he is calling the Howard Stern Show to talk about a job, cbs, and the world of being an EMT. I hope Howard gives him a job at Sirius to clean his studio at the end of the day. We all know that D-tard talked trash about Howard before he was off the air on K-Rock. And now he thinks that he can buddy up with Howard against CBS. Do I think that CBS is wrong about the bullshit with Howard, yes. But D-tard is in a league of his own, the league of I wish I had a clue what the hell is going on. He is not in touch with anything at all, he did not even know what myspace was and had to ask listeners about it. Come on Greglips, do you really want us to believe that you and Howard and D-tard are not worried about JV and Elvis….Well you know you are..Just wait a few weeks and you will really feel the pain. JV and Elvis will rule the world from NY. Howard opened the door for them and D-tard let them in. All the best. Jv and Elvis rule the NY air ways.

  • Jim

    Fuck howard. He hasn’t been that great since Jackie left the show. Artie sucks. I also will not pay for radio with commercials. Howard is a money whore just like that nothing Roth. Howard recently did a magazine interview where he called his listeners that didn’t follow him a bunch of cheap bastards. Fuck you too Howard. When Stern first started promoting his move to sat he was bragging about it being 6 to 8 a month and no commercials. Well it 13 and he runs commercials. I wonder how many people would continue to pay for HBO if it ran commercials during it shows and movies. That is why I want Leetard off, so I can enjoy my drive again. Country music conversations are fucked as it gets. I guarantee he is trying to weasel his way into the country scenne. Well we all know what will happen with that. He will just piss off everyone he works with it will go no where like this show and he will bad mouth and blame all but him. Leetard is a dead end street. He has been done since VH ran him off. And he needs to shut up about Hagar already. Little bitch never lets it go. Sounds like a jilted ex girlfriend to me. At least Hagar has his own hair on his head, and stays the fuck off my morning show.

  • Diz Grace


    We have identified your overall issue. It’s reflected in the work you do. I’m trying to provide useful criticism to improve your state of being, just by broadening your horizons. Much like your obvious inability to embrace the eclectic nature of DLR’s experiences and humor, you would not be able to expand your horizons past the next pizza you drop on the floor. You need to add hamburgers. And then you need to serve me properly, on plates without crusted cheese. Have some pride, you subservient plebian.


    You sound terribly angry. Mad at Howard, mad at Dave, mad at Artie. Unhappy with the intrusion of commercials in your daily listening routine. I’d like to refer you to Tony Bologna’s Greece Shop, where the food, atmosphere, and overall service resemble the smell and feel of an unwiped anus. One meal there will get your mind off your commute.


    Keep plugging JV and Elvis. They talk so much about such activities, you must be some sort of expert.

  • Tony


    It is odvious that you are not in touch with “the real world”. All you can see is that you think DLR is funny. Wow, how off can that be. Please tell me how the hell he is funny? He always laughs at his own jokes, which are not funny. Oh, and I heard that he changed agree or disagree, to no or yes. What the hell is that all about? What did you mean when you said “plebian”? I think you really wanted to use the word plebeian. By the the way the common people of the world listen to the radio each day. It’s the less then plebeian’s that listen to D-Rotard. And yes D-rotard’s experiences, what they? He was a singer in a rock and roll band. He dressed like a retard then and now. He decided to be an emt. His mind is full of loops. So with that said, Grace you can go back to being the lonely and lost in your little nothing world. So now go and flip on the vac and clean the house. Then go and make the bed and wash the clothes. Your day is finished now that DLR is off the air and you have nothing else to do.

  • Diz Grace

    What does “odvious” mean? Must be some sort of restaurant term. Not too familiar with the provincial lexicons of dough makers.

  • Matt


    You are really an a-hole if you think Roth is “good radio”. He sucks so bad that in a few weeks he will not even have the rats listening to him. Wow, what a great idea to get rid of the rats in NYC. Pipe his crap show down the drains and all the rats will run away.
    As for JV and Elvis, they rule. Funny as hell and have been in the radio business for years and years 10+. Now your boy Roth is on the radio for 3 1/2 months and everyone wants him off. You pick what would be better for Free-Fm. agree or disagree? Sorry my bad, it’s now no or yes. What an asshole Roth is. Still can not stop laughing when I hear is shit ass voice on the Radio.

  • Tony


    That is a special word just for you. It means “it’s so odd that you can not see the obvious” odvious. It will be in webster next year . no or yes, agree or disagree? LOL

  • Diz Grace

    Ever notice how when I chose to educate the palookas of this blog with my nuggetz of truth, that I make certain to ensure that vulgarities are typically omitted? That’s because I’m a man of dignity, and high class. I take my cues from DLR is this respect. Notice how his predecessor felt the need to revolve his show around tired locker room language and humor, with obligatory farting? There was a constant need for beeping out of certain words.

    Not so with the Roth show. Men of style and colorful substance like Roth can find ways to class it up for you. But, for the sake of a contrarian point of view, take this Matt character above. He may not be refined enough to appreciate such an approach. So he will probably be quite at home in the 3rd grade intelligence level with Howard.

    On second thought, he did clean it up for me by calling me an “A-hole”, so I’ll give credit for some level of 6th grade refinement. Nice going, Matt! Bet your boyfriend is proud.

  • Matt

    Diz Grace is a Man???? WOW……

  • Matt

    Diz Grace,

    What is so refined about D-Rotard? You are so right, the idiot is a class act. What the hell are you talking about? He talks down about woman all the time, I had this one or that one or they sent me a letter and I was with them after the show. Are you for real? He walks around thinking that he is better then everyone else and his SHIT does not stink. You know it. And the rest of the world knows it. agree…yes we do….He made them build a new studio with a window so he can look out as see the city. Then he will not use it because it is dirty, and dusty. Class act for sure. He has guests on and does not know a thing about them, why, because he is even better then his guests. Now he has is lawyer sit in the hallway. What the hell is afraid of? A class act like him, he should not worry about anything. The idiot did not even know what myspace was. Class act all the way. More like a idiot that is way out of touch with the people or the planet for that matter. So please follow your class act right to the toilet.

  • John


  • Jim

    Hey Diz . You are like Roth thats why you like him. You think you know it all and thats it. The fact is that you are both fuck heads. Thats why you like him, that and you probably went to a couple of his concerts when you had hair and a future. Well 20 yrs later you sit here and defend your childhood hero and sound as sad and moronic as he does. Go sit outside the building and try to talk to him. I bet he would love to here from 1 of the 2 Leetards that like the show. Nothing you say will change the fact that this show is unlistenable. Its not even fun to listen to hear him cry anymore hoping Tom comes in and fires him. I bet if everybody loved the show you would be bitchin it sucks. You are a bitch and thats the type of shit bitches do. As for being angry I am. Angry that people like you and Roth exist. There is no shortage of stupid in this world and you 2 prove that everytime you try to sound smart. Why don’t you do a backflip into your own ass and disapear.

  • Diz Grace

    Some of Angry Jim’s Greatest Hits:

    “you are both fuck heads”

    “are a bitch and thats the type of shit bitches do”

    and, my personl favorite:

    “why don’t you do a backflip into your own ass and disapear”

    Fascinating words from the mind of obvious Ivy League material. OK, Angry Jim, I’ll humor you. I’m certain that’s not too hard of an accomplishment. But let’s say DLR is provided with a golden parachute, a deal is cut with the intelligencia of CBS, and he is given a buyout of $1.5 to $2 Million to part company. That’s fair compensation for an entertainer of this man’s esteemed caliber, who has traveled the world, and whose picture has seen more walls than paint.

    Let’s contrast that to your situation. If they fire you from the Jersey City Municipal Waste Department, what are you going to get for your troubles? You’re going to go back to that night shift position at 7-Eleven, and now maybe even have the time to travel as far as Hoboken this summer!!!! So I can see where you derive your anger. Dave can afford to buy a hat to cover his head. You need to worry about rent and where that next $4.00 is coming from to by cigarettes.

  • Brian

    “Like nothing you’ve ever heard”. You would think this guy had revolutionized radio and one would expect Dave to blame an audience that couldn’t appreciate his brilliance as the horrible rating continue to roll in. Meanwhile he continues to bask in his own glow and talk down to the listeners. Explaining who Sigfreid & Roy are and what Cirque de Solei is are two of today’s examples. I think this show has become interesting only as an insight into the world of an egomaniac. No one knows where this guy stands and few people believe he is the wild and crazy DLR he alludes to but rather a bitter, jealous prima donna. Dave is a contemporary of Howard’s like Pauly Shore is a contemporary of Tom Hanks’. The pain of listening is lessened by the sadistic pleasure of watching this self-annointed radio genius twist in the wind. Can’t get good guests, can’t get advance copies of new movies and can’t get ratings.

  • Sam

    Copy of a letter just sent to Mr. Hollander

    Dear Mr. Hollander,

    When in the world will CBS learn it’s time to get this idiot(dlr) off the air. Buy him out of the contract and move on. It was a mistake and learn from it. Be smart this time and listen to the people. They all want JV & Elvis and you know it. Pay them the right kind of money and you will have a great morning show again. Watch the ad money come it and the listeners come back. Tom C are you at home? 70% of Stern’s listeners are still listening to normal radio, but you lost them all. Get them back with JV & Elvis…You can not go wrong.


    Thanks for listening.

    PS. I listened to Stern for years and years. Now I have nothing to listen to in the mornings. Sorry but DLR just does not do it for me and from what I know alot of other people also. My company has about 20 people working construction and we really all love JV & Elvis so we will tune back in at 10am. Sad that you took away an hour of the show. We really do not need to know things that Cramer is pushing.
    Again thanks for listening.

  • Steve

    What the hell is cbs waiting for…

    My god I caught 2 minutes of this shit as show today..I wanted to shot my radio.

    What the hell was he taking about kayaking down the hudson river with a cd player wrapped in plastic and listening to “these off the wall loops”. I thought I was listening to the drugged out dj show. Does anyone have a clue what the hell this guy is doing on the radio? Wow, what a total mess his show is.

  • Tony


    The problem is that D-ROTARD thinks he is smart and funny. He laughs at the stupidest shit. What you are saying about kayaking, well that his another one of wonderboys great hits. Now he kayaks down the hudson. Maybe he can kayak right out to sea and never come back. I bet he does “loops” around the statue of Liberty. Maybe a big ship can just run him over and we will all be done with this.


    dude should be making prank calls to Eddie on the air or be calling Val and trying to hook-UP with her, that would be good radio.

  • Max

    The dude is out of his mind. If you listen for a few minutes you want to kill yourself over the bs that comes out of his mouth. What a waste of 4 hours. I wonder if CBS even gets anything in ad money for those 4 wasted hours. The man is out of his mind and his show proves it. What a total waste of time and money

  • Dan

    Roth has the worst show on the radio. Diz Grace has to be roth himself. No one else would say that the show it good. The shows days are numbered. I know no one that listens. And all these people were stern fans.

  • Sal

    No commercials.. did all the sponsors pull out. All I have been hearing is dead space and continuous station promos. CBS must be losing millions..

  • Diz Grace

    Sorry, Dani, but as I’ve said on many occasions, I am not DLR, but rather one of his legions of fans who enjoy his top notch wisdom, storytelling, and overall sunny outlook on life. This is a man who has proven time and again that he is a rose in a field of dandelions, and your continued patronage of his show is very much appreciated.

    Friends and neighbors, this is show is a happy place, and we even welcome petitioners, pizza droppers, and men of anger. Thus sayeth Roth: “Suffer the retardae and the clueless unto me, and I will give them happiness, strength and wisdom”. So you guys (as well as you, Dani) are in the right place.

  • Jim

    thats right diz. You got me and the rest of us totally pegged. You are like Roth, always right and never wrong. I bet I have alot more going on financially then you. I work for myself and have employees . You are probably sitting in your old bedroom under yor Fag Halen posters listening to Daves crap and spritzing your bald spot with som Rogaine. Glad to see you are printing all this shit out. Whack job. Glad to see that we effect you after you log off. You probably sit there and brood like the nutjob you are. If you don’t like whats written here go to a Roth ass army site and talk combovers with your brethren. The best part for me is that I know Roth will be gone sooner or later. Now you on the other hand probably go from site to site looking to defend your hero. Keep it up cuz there aren’t too many of you. Now play in your room nice until mommy calls you for dinner.

  • greglips

    D-Ro, B young and the loops are back. Large and in charge.

    All you suffering “individuals” better get Sirius…DLR aint goin anywhere. Stop torturing yourselves.

  • Diz Grace

    Angry Jim,

    I’m sorry, but employing 2 guys to pick up wind-blown litter in Jersey City does not constitute financial well-being. 7-Eleven may actually look better at this point.

    You are filled with anger. Go shave, take your weekly Tuesday bath, and turn on the radio. It’s always a sunny day when Dave is on. You have two choices: Become enriched in the sunshine of Roth, and shed that man-o-war demeanor, or continue to act and smell like an orangutan’s ass in heat.

    Yes indeed, GL, life as we know it is good.

  • Dallas Alice

    I usually catch DLR over the Internet out of 105.3 in Dallas (they run it an hour delayed), but when I tuned in yesterday it looks like he’s been pulled. They had another DJ on at 9 so either they’re pruning back DLR’s show or pulling it all together.

  • Jim

    Man of War. Wow you really dated yourself there putz. Think whatever you want about what my lot in life is I care not. You have the same stuckup attitude that fag you love so much has, by the way great James Gandolfini interview he did the other day. What a retard, can’t even verify who he is talking to. Real pro right there. Anyway Dizhead to get in a pissing contest you have to have a dick,being a dick doesn’t count. Cool people your age listened to AC DC or Sabbath not pop rockin stadium bands like fag Halen. Stop longing for the old days cut that strand of hair you have left and stop trying to prop youself up as someone that knows what the hell there talking bout. Oh and by the way the next time you play that shit too loud when you’re picking up my trash I will come out and beat the hell out of you. Later on dickless.

  • Diz Grace

    Angry Jim,

    You’ll have to forgive me for not backing down at the first derisive comment lobbed my way. I live in the Philly area, and I am as fervent a supporter of The Dallas Cowboys as I am of Roth. Dealing with people who can’t see the truth is nothing new to me. So to take on dumpster-dwelling know-nothings like you who are full of piss and wind, sorry, it ain’t my first time around.

    So not only are you angry, and you lack command of the English language, you also suffer from acute Tourette’s Syndrome as well. Maybe I’m wrong to try to educate you in the refined style of Roth, as this aggravates your sorry condition, and angered state of being. Might I suggest that you try listening to something more soothing, like Air Supply? And take a laxative after your weekly bath.

  • panos

    at least he’s not Shawn Lee

  • diana

    Panos “little fantasy world and stop trying to play with the grownups”. Shawn Lee brings with him the funk-ay.

  • diana

    p.s. have mercy.

  • panos

    he also brings with him the boring derivative ‘swing’ thats causing intelligent people at ‘lounge’ parties everywhere to slit their wrists in the gaudy pink bathroom of their hosts, thier final moments in a pool of blood, their hearing blissfully dying out as they stare at the 70s style hindu lightswitch hanger.

    do you wear a beret by any chance diana?

  • diana

    I gave my beret to yo’ momma because she’s “a bitch” and “thats the type of shit bitches…” like.

    Shawn Lee could kick your badass and any other ‘Lees’ that might want a piece. Bring it Jet Lee and Ben Lee! Even Leelee Sobieski can come and try to to knock my man down.

    Put THAT in your crack pipe and smoke it.

  • panos

    ahh but what if david lee roth turned up? shawn lee would turn and run like a little sissy girly-man.

    and i prefer crack in my crack-pipe, thankyou very much. however, being a man of culture unlike you who, very obviously, are not a man at all, i hire a small indonesian boy to smoke it for me thus not only saving myself from the perils of addiction but also exploiting a small indiginous child.

  • diana

    I hope your very small penis shrivels up and falls off.

  • panos

    seems like yours already has

  • http://www.theriseguys.com/index2.html scott aka p1da bomb tech

    dlr is a great performer im not able to hear his show tho so i cant comment on anything other than the fake James Gandolfini interview. my morning show was the ones that scammed him and after listening to the whole interview i didnt think dave did a bad job at all with the interview. its not his fault his people didnt check “james” out enough. but it seems that dave took the scam with a chukle. even coming on our show tomorrow to talk about it. so i have to give him kudos for that. our guys also got lex and terry the same morning with it. my god those 2 old farts got pissed. even called the station and physically threatened skip and mat.
    if yall wanna hear a great morning show they do a pod cast once a week. in the next few months they should start streaming. to get the pod cast just go to http://www.tgrpod.com.
    come join the p1 nation now, and they will email you when they start streaming.

    their site is http://www.theriseguys.com/index2.html

    peace to all the DLR lovers and haters. the rise guys and the P1 nation rule! im out

  • Jim

    Oh Diz you also are a bore. Only thing you ever said that made any sense is about the Boys. I hate to say we have something in common but I love the Cowboys also. I go to everygame they play in philly wearing my jersey and hat so don’t cry to me about stupid eagles fans. I also brave giants stadium when I can score the ticks. I was there when the shitheads in philly cheered when Irvin hurt his neck and wasn’t moving and had to pretty much fight my way out of the place. I am used to dealing with fools from philly pretty much my whole life and you are par for the course. I guess you have fond mems of Van halen at the Spectrum and prefer the past to the present. I on the other hand do not idol worship singers,bands or even athletes. I appreciate them if they are good at what they do but won’t defend them like a little girl if they enter into a area they are not qualified to be in. Roth sucks plain and simple. He started the last 3 mornings talking about wedgies. He now plays bad cuts of his shit songs and gets porn stars that are either retired or in their 40’s as guests. I spend less and less time switching to free fm to see what mess he is making of his show. I would now rather listen to preston and steves commercials then check on Roths insanity. Now I will just tune in at 6 to see if he has been fired . The shows sucks man. You have alot of nerve calling anyone stupid when this is the shit you think is smart radio. Bad is bad and thats it. I know a good cross section of society and none of them like Roths show. Most of them like me gave it a chance. I listened for about 2 months. I did not go into it hating him for replacing Howard or any other reason. I learned to hate the guy, it was easy because he laughs at his own sad jokes has nothing to say and believes he is the end all be all of any topic he talks about. He is the old big mouth drunk with a little bit of money that sits at the end of a bar and rattles off bullshit and has 2 or 3 idiots that gloat over him cause he buys them drinks. That is what it is like to listen to this fool. If you want to be told your views by a washed up drunk drug addict go right ahead. I at least gave him the 2 months to see if he would get better but we all no that aint gonna happen. Go out into the real world Diz. The guy is irrelevent. Now excuse me I am growing weary of slap fighting with a retard like you.

    P.S. You should stop trying to insult those of us that hate Roth by judging what jobs you think we do. At least we work, whatever we do is better then sitting in mommys house all day getting mad at people who don’t agree with us. Get killed.

  • Brian

    I guess it should come as no surprise:

    that Dave’s fans write in the same flowery, nonsensical, garbled style that their hero tries to pass off as entertaining commentary.

    that a DLR blog would lose it’s focus like the radio host who often forgets what he’s talking about…. if it’s not about him.

    that DLR would make Free radio true to the old axiom that you get what you pay for.

  • Diz Grace

    Well Angry Jim, that last statement says it all. “Get killed”. Guaranteed you were one of those jackasses cheering Michael Irvin when he lay prone on the Vet’s concrete turf, because I also guarantee you are a johnny-come-lately Cowboys fan. Because only a soulless waste of space like yourself would wish injury on someone else. You are also a person who boos Santa Claus and throws batteries. And, as bad as this blog is in terms of haters of DLR, you are still in your own little angry minority. Because just about anyone writing on this will at least agree that, radio career and views aside, Roth and VH made up one pretty damn good rock band. But you were too focused on Slayer or Air Supply to notice. Pick up my trash, you stench-filled yard ape.

  • Jim

    Get some reading comprehension idiot. Read it again and get the meaning . As for come lately I was a fan since I was 6 years old. And I fought with the fuckheads that cheered him asshole. I am a Cowboys fan. Why would I cheer if they get hurt stupid. I really know what a hate filled simpleton you are, now once again. GET KILLED. Well I gotta go make sure the people that work for me are doing there jobs. You just sit in your darkened little hate hole and wait for me like you been doing. You are daddys little cutey . I love that I bother you so much.

  • Diz Grace

    “like you been doing”

    Now I know who I’ve been speaking with this whole time. It’s Animal from the Roth show! Complete with Ivy League command of English! Very impressive.

    No wonder you’re angry. You really are out of work.

  • Sal

    Diz Grace so loves Diamond DLR
    Even though his show is not up to par
    Grace tries and tries to convince us so
    That DLR has got the greatest show

    Grace loves to use those big bad words
    Ones that he/she thinks no one has heard
    Those insults hurt not one little bit
    Cause that stinkn’ show will NEVER be a hit

    Who will replace old Diamond Dave?
    CBS so badly needs a save
    JV and Elvis? maybe O&A?
    The sooner the better – Hopefully today

    Then what will become of old Diz Grace?
    Who stares at the poster of DLRs face
    Will Grace cry, and scream at the show’s demise?
    Because thunderbolts in cherios was just all a lie…..

  • Diz Grace

    It is certainly about time that someone of my greatness and superior intellect would be honored with well thought out prose. It depicts me as what I am: A start among stars, with prophetic wisdom for the disenfranchised, the meek, and the mild-mannered. A ray of sunshine in the otherwise gloomy murkiness of the mundane. Angry Jim, sorry to say, ain’t no one making no poems about youse (I dummed up the werds fer ya so ya coulds understand it).

  • Joey

    Tell CBS DLE sucks… here’s the info

    Shavonne Harding
    Communications Coordinator
    (212) 846-3906

    Mr. Leslie Moonves
    President and CEO of CBS
    7800 Beverly Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    CBS message machine:
    (212) 975-3166 in New York

  • Joey

    51 West 52 Street
    New York, New York 10019-6188

    1515 Broadway
    New York, NY 10036

    Joel Hollander
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CBS Radio
    [email protected]

    Dana L. McClintock
    Senior Vice President, CBS Communications Group
    [email protected]

    Karen L. Mateo
    Vice President, Communications
    (212) 846-7638

    Shavonne Harding
    Communications Coordinator
    (212) 846-3906

    Mr. Leslie Moonves
    President and CEO of CBS
    7800 Beverly Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    CBS message machine:
    (212) 975-3166 in New York

  • Joey

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    How many bloggers
    Think Diz Grace is DLR too!

  • bud hill

    What the hell do we care about pizzas ?

    Well dudes, I must say most of the comments suck. Although I was laughing my ass off when I read Diz Grace. Not especially because he likes Dave, but because he does have a sense of humor, and a certain cleverness that most here just don’t really have/use, prefering to call each other “assholes” for not having the same tastes and points of views.

    I’ve been a big David lee Roth fan for years, and I know his career very well. That said, that does not stop me from being objective.
    He certainly does not have the voice he used to. He doesn’t want to admit it, so keeps on singing the high-voiced songs the way he used to, so they end up sucking live.
    Although he never released anything really bad, I truly believe his last masterpiece is 1988’s skyscraper. He and Steve Vai were one hell of a great combination, they shared a common ground, this wild and crazy sense of humor. After that, he had good albums, or average-good albums, with some great songs, but i believe the magic wasnt there anymore. His latest, Diamond Dave, has its moments, but being a mostly cover record, it also shows that he’s not that creative anymore, musically, or maybe just lazy.

    There is something that has to be said, as a lot of dudes here keep repeating it over and over again : DLR never got fired from Van Halen, he quit. Eddie said it, Dave said it, everyone is supposed to know it. Why did he quit ? In DLR own terms, he thought he didnt need the band anymore, and wanted to fly with his own wings. No matter what happened later, he released some cool things on his own, and Van halen, depsite replacing him with a singer with a charisma closer to average than over-the-top Roth, did some cool stuff too. Now for sure, would Roth have put his ego on the side, Van halen would have had greater days later, and Roth too.
    I am absolutely aware of the fact that Roth has a large ego. That showed at many occasions, being when he tried to reunite with Van Halen in the early 00’s and they couldnt work together depsite recording some new songs, or when he toured with Hagar.

    That said, he’s also one of the most interesting persons out there in the rock world.

    He knows how to speak, he has charisma, he’s outspoken and lectured. He’s travelled a lot, tried many things and has a lot of experience. How many of the radio hosts have that inside of them ? Most of them can speak, but they just cover their emptiness with a lot of noise called words. Now Dave speaks. A lot. And sure sometimes doesnt listen to callers enough. But that sure isnt air. Have you listen to what he said about Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes’ way of treating their child the first 7 days ? What he said about the Scientology ? Agree or not, that’s one interesting point of view, clever, and with roots in reality. Now it might be too clever actually, people are not used to hearing actual meaningful sentences, and that might be also one of Roth’s problems : he means something.

    People who offer something new always get criticized at first. Pissed on. Shit on. Now, of course, other people don’t have balls and guts and all, so they just write shit on the net, in the blogs, and just vomit their hate, most of the time without even offering some clever idea. How many of these people, who spit at him on this board, actually sent a letter or an email to the radio station, telling them how they feel about Roth, in a clear and organised way of writing, without being insulting ? Well, you’re living in America and are so proud of being able to say what you want ? Say it to people WHO WILL LISTEN, then. How do you feel your writing on this board is gonna change anything ? It’s like people complaining about fucking George Bush in their kitchen, preparing salad sauce. Who cares ? Onions ?

    Now we’ll see what happens at the end. The majority hasnt always been right in history. In fact it’s often been very close to being fascist. “Think like us, or be wrong”.
    Once, Peter Boyle (actor) said to Julia Phillips (producer) something interesting as she got the oscar for Close Encouters Of The Third Kind. He said to her : “You’re going to lose a lot of friends now. People really like you when you’re on the way up. The only thing they like better is if you’re on the way down.”

  • Laney


  • Tony

    Let us all call it like it is…Roth sucks

  • panos

    but not as much as shawn lee. can i write to all those other addresses and stuff and tell them shawn lee sucks but im pretty neutral about david lee roth?

  • Mike

    Bud, you hit the nail on the head. Even Howard got panned in the early days. But the question really is can Roth leave the demons and the ego behind and go good radio? The formula is honesty, hard work and leaving your ego at the door and occasionally using it to your advantage. Roth getting out in NYC and singing for songs of love, his charity, is a good start for exposure. Maybe he has decided to have a cease fire with CBS as well as himself and give his show his best shot. I got that feeling this week. even CBS is giving in on some stuff. I think Roth turned an important corner this week, and he did not fall off a cliff.

  • Diz Grace

    Bud Hill: Well thought out, objective, insightful prose. You could not possibly have said it any better.

    Tony: Um…Thanks for your input. Underwhelming as usual. You are the pharmaceutical equivalent of Tylenol PM.

  • Tony

    Diz Grace,

    Did I tell you that the DLR show sucks? Well it really sucks.

  • Tony

    David Lee Roth’s radio show struggling
    Observer: ‘He’s a dead man talking’

    NEW YORK (AP) — For David Lee Roth, morning drive time is turning into a car wreck.

    The former Van Halen frontman, barely into his fourth month as replacement for the departed shock jock Howard Stern, is the subject of rumors about his radio demise. Roth’s four-hour show was already revamped once, producing an on-air tirade against management. And initial ratings were discouraging.

    It appears that following Stern, radio’s own rock star for the last two decades, is more difficult for the fast-talking Roth than staying on estranged bandmate Eddie Van Halen’s Christmas card list.

    “He’s a dead man talking,” said Michael Harrison, founder of the trade publication Talkers magazine. “Based on reports from behind the scenes and critical reaction, coupled with early ratings, it’s not looking good.”

    The once-spandexed lead singer has rarely hit the right notes since his January debut on New York’s WFNY-FM (billed as Free-FM) and six other CBS Radio stations. In a recent broadcast, Roth claimed he was bombarded with four management letters in five days about content and predicted his show could be finished before May.

    Several of his on-air sidekicks were dumped as the program struggled to find its groove. Roth disappeared from the airwaves for two days amid the turmoil.

    “I think the radio industry expects this will end sooner than later,” said Tom Taylor, editor of the trade publication Inside Radio.

    CBS Radio spokeswoman Karen Matteo declined to comment on the Roth show. But it was widely believed, even before Roth’s choice, that replacing Stern was a near-impossible task — particularly for an inexperienced broadcaster.

    CBS Radio, realizing its dilemma, replaced the self-proclaimed King of All Media with several people, including comedian Adam Carolla (who’s also struggling to keep Stern’s audience in Los Angeles). Roth landed the plum job in New York, the nation’s No. 1 radio market.

    Billboards and bus ads heralded the beginning of Roth radio as Howard sailed into the satellite radio sunset with his $500 million deal. It didn’t take long for critics to tear into Roth’s performance.

    “Roth’s show is … skin-crawlingly awful,” wrote Rob Sheffield in a Rolling Stone piece. “In these days of bland Clear Channel/Infinity corporate radio, it’s bracing to hear a guy who has no idea what he’s doing. … Listening to Roth, you feel actual physical pain.”

    The nasty cracks soon spread to Roth’s competition in the cutthroat New York morning radio market.

    “He’s a mess, and he’s a loudmouth punk,” said syndicated radio host Don Imus in a recent critique of Roth.

    Over on WKTU-FM, a Van Halen song was played on a Friday morning.

    “David Lee Roth singing on that?” asked co-host Goumba Johnny. “More people heard him on ‘KTU this morning than on Free-FM.”

    It wasn’t this way back in October, when Roth was rolled out as Stern’s replacement. The shock jock hosted the rock star on his radio show, and wished his successor well. But by March, indications from the Arbitron monthly trends indicated Roth was drawing a fraction of Stern’s New York audience.

    Roth, bristling at what he considered management interference, responded by doing a show that sounded like a hostage tape. He later changed his tune, promising to stick with the program: “I’m going to give it a try. I’ve invested too much in this show not to.”

    He returned this week with a renewed enthusiasm, attempting to make the best of the situation.

    “You just hope the bitterness and rancor don’t continue, and that everybody finds a peaceable ending,” said Taylor. “Watching a train wreck — or listening to one — isn’t a great way to spend your morning.”

  • DLR Speculator

    My guess is that the reason he had no quality guests the first week was that management already new they had made a gigantic mistake. He was such a prima donna right out of the box that they must have been trying to torpedo him from the start. He had them remodel the studio and then wouldn’t work in it because of imaginary mold. He wouldn’t take advice. He wouldn’t stay and work on ads. He wouldn’t take feedback. What a putz.

  • Tony
  • greglips

    DLR (Big Wave Dave)’s show kicked ass this week. He is here to stay.

    Don Imus calling DLR a punk? Maybe he should go back to his vacation home/charity concern and take care of some sick kids.

    I would rather listen to DLR laugh at his own jokes than hear that retard Elvis’s affectatous batman-villian-like laugh. JV and Elvis truly are unlistenable idiot Stern/O and A clones.

  • Tony


    Just so you know….JV & Elvis had the NUMBER 1 rated show for 10 years in SF, CA. DLR show just plain and simple sucks. It is agreed that a few people like the show and a LARGE number of people hate the show. Now that’s a problem for CBS. They need rating for the ad dollars and if not that many people are listening, that sucks for them. Agree or disagree?
    I think DLR might have a place at Free-Fm, really, really late night. I think that would be just fine. If he was on at 2am to 6am. That would work well for his show. He can drink and sing and talk about loops and sing more.

  • Jim

    Come on Diz, ta know that Animal left the show because he got the lead in Othello.
    But really Dick I mean Diz, I think that this is the most entertainment that the Roth shitshow has provided so far. I say when Roth gets fired we should team up and take over mornings. We could call it Shut up Stupid.
    With Jim and Stupid. Agree or disagree? You’re in the spotlight. Speak to that would you.

  • Jim

    I put 2 months into giving Roth Radio a chance. Hated every minute, so excuse me if I talk my real amongst bros lingo. I like to curse,oh well. Still alot more entertaining than the show that most people hate. Roth sucks plain and simple. Most boring show in the world. Basically a guy talking about himself like he is the best for 4 hrs.

  • Pete

    diz grace are you for real? You really think that Roth’s show is good? Wow, the show is the worst in radio history.

  • Tony

    This is how D-rotard walked into work the first day.


    So that’s your leader…just add http://www.

  • Jim

    Hey Diz was just wondering whats on your IPOD since you know all about the best frontmen ever???

  • Paul

    Hey KROCK or whatever your new name is. I have taken 92.3 off my radio…Roth sucks.

  • Matt

    I hate the Roth show. If you agree with this, let the station know direct.


  • Mike

    I am really angry that I have no decent morning radio to drive to work with. F-it… I am springing the bucks for Howard. I cannt take the Roth-tard anymore.

  • Diz Grace


    You are the culinary equivalent of yeast. Whatever you say may get a rise or two from time to time, but ultimately ends up as tasteless fluff. But I’m sure you’ve heard that from your 3 faithful restaurant patrons before.

    Angry Jim,

    No need to team up in the unlikely event of a re-appropriation of the skills of Roth. There is already a show about us. In Looney Tunes, we see the superior-witted, always one step ahead rabbit with the wry smile, baiting on his hot-headed, dim witted foil, Yosimite Sam, into inevitable pratfalls. Gee, I wonder which character is me, and which character is you?

  • Tony

    Diz Grace,

    You go on and on about nothing. 32,000 people listen to D-Rotard. THAT JUST SUCKS. Also this just in, from a friend. Today he ask for people to call in on a topic, and no one called, because no one is listening

  • Lisa

    Roth is the worst show in the world. What the hell is he doing on the radio? He has got to go.

  • Finally, Roth is Gone

    Diz Grace,

    Roth is finally going to be gone on Monday morning. Screw you. Expect him to cry about it tomorrow morning. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t even show up.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Roth is finally going going gone!!!! He is being replaced by Opie and Anthony.

  • Jim

    Hey Diz I bet you sit on the floor in your mamas living room wearing footy pajamas watching cartoon network and listening to Roth radio. Word has it that CBS is letting Roth do the show the way he wants now because they are building a case to fire him and not pay him. He has appeared on 2 other morning shows as a call in guest and according to his contract that is not allowed. Enough rope to hang himself. Shouldn’t be but a few more weeks till he is gone. And to all the people that think Roth will be on Howards channel when he gets fired you can forget that. Howard is a smart business man and has no interest in Roth. JV and Elvis will be the morning show soon.

  • Diz Grace

    Angry Jim,

    Any true Roth fan wears spandex to bed, not footy pajamas. The essential difference between you and me is that I actually bathe, such that I don’t have 24-hour jungle ass like you practitioners of the sacred custodial arts are accustomed to. So I would suggest stepping up your routine of going down to the Schuylkill River to wash from once a week to twice. The folks who care about you, whoever they are, will thank both you and me for such forward thinking.

  • Sal

    Dave is not respected by his fellow DJs at the station. Allthe shows through digs at the “DLR take the money and run show”. Why do they goof on him? Because he is not a team player. He is no better than the spoiled brat that screams in a store until mommy buys the toy and then brat won’t even play with it. Dave made demands at the station when other DJs can’t even get a decent paycheck, like JV and Elvis. Dave is and has always been about Dave. He is not a nice person and it shows. All that bullshit about “songs of love” is a gimmick to change his crummy image. But, the public is not fooled. He will be thrown out on his ass and CBS will sue Dave like they are suing Howard and CBS will win against Dave.. watch and see. Dave is a loser.

  • Michele

    David Lee Roth is a DOUCHE BAG.

  • Dave’s a Joke

    Yes… Dave IS a DizGrace

  • Brian

    Poor Tom Chiasano. He can only hope that Dave volunteers for the handicapped suicide squad that Dave was proposing this morning. I caught another twenty minutes of throat-clearing, lip-smacking whatevers and so forths today. The intern review made my skin crawl. The lack of anything remotely funny makes the sexual comments of a 50 year-old man about of a young subordinate really creepy. Fans of good radio are waiting for the Big Wave Dave…the Big Wave goodbye.

  • DizGrace Clone

    Gee Brian I would not expect you to exuberate the over-flowing preponderence of wit thus fully clarifying the ever brilliance that is known as David Lee Roth.

  • mrlos

    I tuned in today to see if he was still there. He was. His speech is even more baroque than it was last time I listened. I couldn’t figure out what he was trying to say. It was fascinating for a minute, and then quickly irritating. I switched back to NPR. Would someone have the courage to tape a little and write up a transcript? I’d really like to see it. In an odd way, I’ll miss the guy when he’s gone.

  • Tony

    So it sounds like DLR is gone. Rumors are flying that Opie and Anthony will be taking over on Monday. DLR should be proud of himself, I only gave him 2 months and he made to month 4. Also look for CBS to sue him over the fact that he was selling his new “country” album on the show today. Now that is another train wreck altogether.

  • Matt

    Those Opie & Anthony rumors won’t die.
    The ones about O&A returning to terrestrial radio — and CBS — to do mornings in some East coast markets. The new rumors are that Gregg Hughes and Anthony Cumia would do their show from CBS studios in NYC — but continue to clear it on XM.

    Source : http://insideradio.com/

  • Steve

    Yes it looks like big things are happening at Free-FM. Just finished listening to JV and Elvis and they mentioned a few times that something happened with the morning show. They also said they were pissed because they were overlooked for the job. They did a great job filling in for Roth when he disappeared a few times over his long and happy radio life. I think they have a point. Talk all over the place is that Opie and Anthony will be the replacements. Strange were they not the ones that got fired for having a couple have sex in a church? Well anything to get back at Stern.

  • DizGrace Clone

    Dear Steve:

    I could swear your name is Matt (see remove DLR petition)

  • Steve

    DizGrace clone,

    You could swear to whatever you wish. Fact is your leader is going, going, gone……………..See you

  • Diz Grace

    There’s our dough boy Tony again, providing his informative scoops. It is rather interesting that this guy, bastion of knowledge that he believes he is, has provided us with the same tired predictions of Roth’s demise for who knows how long now. And yet, mysteriously, Roth remains on the airwaves.

    There is a reason I typically pass at the chance to provide my knowledgeable responses to Tony, or this Brian character. You people are boring. The tired claims that Roth’s sky is falling eventually fall on deaf ears. DLR is an impregnable fortress of solitude, an umbrella from the rains of mundane radio. Opie and Anthony? I’d rather sit and watch Angry Jim’s hairline recede.

  • Tony

    Oh Diz Grace,

    As you sit and think back at DLR’s great radio, you know in your heart, he sucks. The world knows he sucks as a radio host and that is FACT and not a scoop. It’s all over for poor d-rotard and his bunch of idiots. I agree look for CBS to sue him over using CBS air time to promote is crap “DLR sings Van Halen Country Style”. This has to be the great waste of radio dollars in RADIO HISTORY. Add in the fact the lost ad dollars and lost listeners, you have the greatest train wreck in radio history. Oh poor diz grace and all the other d-rotard followers, just follow him to the local kayak rental place and then you can follow him down the Hudson and out to sea. The true mystery is why CBS let this go on for so long.

  • Diz Grace

    Blah, blah , blah, Roth show sucks, blah, blah, blah, D-Rotard, blah. Same stuff, over and over. If you were a sitcom, you’d be a cancelled rerun by now.

    But I’d rather light a candle than curse your darkness. I’ll give you the essential difference between us. When I’m on my deck, reclined in leisure on a Saturday, drink in hand, enjoying DLR music, I’m going to eventually get hungry. What am I gonna do? In reality, I’m not going to call you, as I enjoy only the finest in quality food. But for the sake of the comparison, I’ll say that I’m going to pick the phone up, and I’m ordering my pizza from you. That is because you are working, as that is your place. Your rightful place is to serve me when I’m hungry, and to wear an unstained tie when you deliver it to me in my state of relaxed reclination. And I want it delivered in 30 minutes or less, or I’m not payin’.

  • Tony

    Diz Fool,

    You might call one of my places, but you will not find me at any of them. That is because…I no longer have to work. You see you work all week so that on Saturday you can sit on your deck. Oh but first you will have to do all the things that your wife has on her list for you. And then maybe just them can you take a 1 hour break. Sit on your deck and dream of the day you no longer have to work. As I travel the country enjoying all the best that Money can buy. I have not worked a day in the last 5 years. I let the partners deal with all that work. I am of course retired, until you or d-rotard. So next week when I am in Italy I will think of you working your ass off each day so that you may buy another D-rotard album. Work more and more, because he has his greatest craps coming soon.

  • Paul

    First time that I ever listened. What the hell is this show? From Rock Star to idiot? I’m not from NY and glad that I do not have to listen to this shit.

  • Howard

    Rumors are swirling about the fate of David Lee Roth on old fashioned, boring radio. Is he about to get canned? Howard 100 News Reporter Steve Langford caught up with DLR for an exclusive interview.


  • Manny

    Roth sucks on the radio. Agree or Disagree…OK

  • franksters

    I absolutly love the show!!!

    if you love it as much as I do let free fm know about it!


  • Tony

    “Surprise comeback expected for Opie & Anthony”


    Long-banished radio bad boys Opie & Anthony are returning to the air to save the company that fired them nearly four years ago, Post sources say.

    The toxic twosome, canned by CBS’s WNEW-FM after contest contestants were caught making love inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral, are expected to return “within weeks” to the sister station Howard Stern abandoned — “Free FM” (92.3), formerly K-Rock.

    That means curtains for Stern successor David Lee Roth, who’s been fighting noisily with CBS over his show’s format after lousy initial ratings.

    Opie & Anthony — aka Gregg Hughes, 41, and Anthony Cumia, 43 — were No. 1 with men in “afternoon drive” until the St. Pat’s scandal drove them to unregulated XM Satellite Radio 18 months ago.

    Stern, a long-time enemy of “O&A” who got CBS to ban all mention of him on their WNEW show, debuted on rival Sirius Satellite Radio in January.

    XM is expected to continue to air O&A while syndicating them — carrying both a sanitized, “FCC-compatible” version for Roth’s seven CBS stations as well as a shorter, free-wheeling version for anything-goes XM.

    The unprecedented arrangement means radio’s highest-rated rebels will finally go head to head, albeit with one — Stern — costing $12.95 a month to hear.

    Ironically, Opie & Anthony will expand their potential audience massively by adding conventional stations in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and elsewhere while Stern’s current satellite-radio audience is only about a tenth of what it was on more than three dozen “terrestrial” stations.

    “CBS should never have let Opie & Anthony go in the first place,” said Talkers magazine publisher Michael Harrison.

    “Giving them a morning showcase on big-time FM radio is very smart and will immediately grow their ratings,” Harrison said.

    It’s not known if CBS has plans to sub O&A for Stern’s other two seriously-struggling replacements — Adam Carolla on the West Coast and Shane “Rover” French in the Midwest.

    CBS and XM declined comment yesterday.

    Roth, Van Halen’s former frontman, was never expected to equal Stern’s huge ratings, but his 88 percent audience drop disappointed the most pessimistic of CBS insiders.

    “If I didn’t know better, I’d think there were trying to sabotage the deal,” Roth told listeners last month after a two-day suspension for allegedly ignoring management and not working hard enough.

    To add insult to injury, CBS is not only replacing Stern with his long-time rivals but continues to press ahead with its mega-million-dollar lawsuit claiming his final months with the company were a giant commercial for Sirius.


  • Diz Grace

    Sorry, Tony, but traveling around Little Italy in south Philly does not constitute world travel. Your daily household deliveries from town to town of your cold, stale culinary contributions could be loosely interpreted as travel if it makes you feel any better.

  • Jim

    Hey Dizhead like Roth you are not funny so stop trying it isn’t working. You just prove that you are a dumbass with each post. I just read in the NY post that opie and Anthony are getting the morning show. Ahhh Diz don’t cry, you can go back to NPR for your entertainment you boring fuck. Only a Leetard like you would say they wear spandex. If you can’t live without your boring tired old man you could always use your spandex to hang youself. So once again I say to you GET KILLED!

  • Tony

    well diz fool,

    Now you can sit on your deck and cry all weekend for your poor little d-rotard. Poor Roth, lost his job in only 4 months. Oh and that really looks good, got his ass fired. Now don’t you wish you travel and not worry about money. My life is great and yours SUCKS!!

  • Tony

    O&A Get All 7 Roth Markets
    April 20, 2006
    By Paul Heine and Mike Boyle

    In one of the first satellite-to-terrestrial radio syndication deals, XM Satellite Radio has an agreement in place to license its Opie & Anthony Show to CBS Radio in seven markets.

    According to sources familiar with the situation, the duo, whose terrestrial radio career went up in flames in 2002, will bring David Lee Roth’s short-lived CBS morning show stint to a screeching halt within a few weeks.

    Opie and Anthony will air on all seven stations where Roth replaced Howard Stern in January: WFNY New York, WYSP Philadelphia, WBCN Boston, KLLI Dallas, WNCX Cleveland, WRKZ Pittsburgh and WPBZ West Palm Beach.

    Coming days before Winter 2006 Arbitron results will document Roth’s morning ratings disaster, the agreement allows CBS to air a three-hour version of the O&A show that will originate from its WFNY studios. CBS will have control over this portion of the program, which will simulcast uncensored on XM.

    After they wrap their CBS show, plans call for the pair to travel the block or so to XM’s midtown Manhattan studio and put in another two-hours that will air exclusively on XM.

    Since CBS is beholden to FCC indecency regulations, the first three hours of the morning show will be cleaner than the anything-goes environment the pair enjoy at XM.

    Signatures are still being applied to the multi-year agreement, which gives CBS a morning lifesaver that previously paid ratings dividends for the company in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. It gives XM the right to have its star hosts plug the uncensored version of their show on CBS airwaves and further validates satellite radio as a content provider.

    The hosts of one of XM’s 10 most-listened-to shows, Greg “Opie” Hughes and Anthony Cumia previously did afternoons for CBS predecessor Infinity Broadcasting at WNEW-FM New York and were simulcast on WYSP and WBCN. Fired after their infamous “Sex For Sam” broadcast, where a couple allegedly had sex in St. Patrick’s Cathedral at their urging, the pair sat on the beach for two years before XM hired them in August 2004.

    Roth replaced Stern in seven markets in January, when Stern began a new 5-year deal at Sirius Satellite Radio.

    CBS Radio and XM officials declined comment.

    In addition to inciting anti-indecency crusaders, the deal will generate more fodder for Stern and his legal team. One issue at the center of CBS Radio’s lawsuit against Stern was how he gained financially from plugging Sirius on CBS’ airwaves for more than a year.

  • He’s Outta Here!!!

    Hey Diz Grace,

    I’m going to miss your ’80s inflected blogges. It was a last little dose of ancient, worn out spandex in the modern age. Say bye, bye.

  • Jokey McJokinson

    I just have to say, i give Dave credit for the whole Van Halen thing. But thats not reality anymore. He sucks at this radio gig. He’s cocky and self centered. He can’t even pull off an interview without interrupting the guest and telling some ridiculous story about him. it’s always about him. Nevermind the fact that every sentence he utters is a puzzle. Hey, i’m college educated and can understand big words and all, but thats not what i want at 7 or 8 am while i’m battling rush hour traffic.
    And as for you morons who keep taking stabs at JV and Elvis, maybe you should try listening. Of course there’s some toilet humor involved but they also have had some great discussions about real life issues and they take the time to listen to callers instead of arguing with them, hanging up and screaming “yeah baby” as some obnoxious techno beat starts blasting. They are just 2 normal guys who are trying to be laid back and entertaining. And judging by what i’ve seen and heard, many people feel the same.
    Dave can suck it. Go back to being an EMT and do something useful for society.

  • JV and suck this

    JV and Elvis suck that is why they were passed over for DLR’s spot. O and A suck too. They all smoke Stern’s pole.

  • Ba-Bye Dave

    It could not happen to a nicer guy and his asshole of a manager. After terrorizing CBS and the 13 listeners, it is finally over. Dave is not a nice guy. Songs of Love Charity yeah right ! The dude needed to change his image fast. Dave has not had a decent relationship in his entire professional life. But of course its always someone elses fault – its never Dave. CBS might have stuck it out with Dave but why bother when his friggen manager hits and threatens executives, Dave would not listen to anyone or take suggestions and he is just as asshole.. Who would put up with that shit on top of crummy ratings. Fuck you Dave and your shitty -really shitty attempt at re-inventing yourself as a country-blue grass singer. An asshole is an asshole pure and simple. You got what you deserved. Its sad but you will never learn and never change. Ba-Bye Dave…

  • Mike


    Good luck with the country thing…NOT. That is another waste of time and money. You will be lucky if you even sell a few cd’s of that crap. Van Halen should sue your ass for fucking up some really good songs. Bye-bye asshole. Oh and to that DizGrace person…bye-bye to you also. You better start looking for the Country Dave on the road show. Maybe a few morons will show up to see him dance around in a cowboy hat and play his fucking loops live on stage. BYE-BYE

  • Randy

    Poor Dave,

    I once was a great rock star, then I was nothing. I then thought in my own mind I was a great DJ, but no that was not true. Roth last seen rowing his boat down the hudson and out to sea. Bye-bye idiot.

  • DLR

    I was a great rock star. That is a fact. I am a great radio DJ. I know in my own mind, but I am great. I can fly a Helicopter, I am an emt, I can sing to loops, I can sing to myself, I can sing to no one at all. I am a great person. I can kayak, I can rock climb, I can do a shitty radio show, I can talk over my guests, because they are not me. I can do anything I want I am THE GREAT DLR. But now that they are firing me, what should I do? I know that the country Dave rock show will be a great hit, but I am not ready to go on the road just yet. Oh Eddie please return my calls, I want to sing with you guys again. I want to be a great rock star again. Listen if the Stones can still do it, I am sure that I can. I promise that I will not be an asshole. I will go to asshole classes. I will learn to play nice with others. Please call me back, I have called a million times and you just will not call me back. Oh please Eddie, call me. ok. My fans are so little now, I only have 3 listeners left at Free-Fm, and they do not even call anymore. I want to have a few of you call so that I can talk dirty to you on the phone. I know my voice is sexy and that I am a great person. Please I only have a few more shows left so please call. I need you. Please.

  • Tom

    Bye Dave, We are so glad to see you go.

    Now good luck with the Country Dave Show.

    Looking forward to see you dance around with a cowboy hat. Maybe you can even do some bull riding. Or come riding on stage on a horse. No better yet a donkey. Because that is what you are A JACK ASS

  • Diz Grace (Clone)

    Sniff sniff….

  • Wave Goodbye

    Don’t worry folks, I’m sure Dave will reappear on the Country Music Channel in a revival of HEE HAW! His stale jokes a perfect for that.

  • Tony

    Thu Apr 20,11:45 AM ET

    No surprise: David Lee Roth’s run as morning radio host is about done. Big surprise: It appears raunchy satellite radio stars Opie and Anthony will replace him on seven CBS Radio stations.

    A deal was in the works to dump the ex-Van Halen singer’s ratings-deprived program with shock jocks Greg “Opie” Hughes and Anthony Cumia, according to two people with knowledge of the deal. They spoke Thursday on condition of anonymity pending an official announcement of the agreement next week.

    Opie and Anthony were banished from terrestrial radio in 2002 oddly enough by their new boss, CBS Radio after airing a live account of listeners having sex in New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral. CBS Radio was then known as Infinity Broadcasting.

    Opie and Anthony resurfaced on XM in October 2004. The satellite radio provider has more than 6.5 million subscribers, with the Opie and Anthony show one of the most popular programs on its 170 channels.

    XM will now syndicate the program to the stations in New York and six other markets, with three hours of the program airing on the CBS Radio stations, the people familiar with the deal said. XM will simultaneously broadcast that portion of the show, along with another two hours of exclusive O&A, they said.


    Yes No
    Yes No

    Yes No

    A spokeswoman at CBS Radio declined to comment on the report, as did a spokesman for XM.

    Roth’s radio career began in January, when he replaced Howard Stern on the CBS stations. But reviews were poor and Roth fought with management over the show’s format, putting the show on the skids less than four months into its run.

    Roth, during one angry on-air rant, predicted the show could be yanked before May.

    The move marks a shift in the dynamic between terrestrial and satellite radio. In the past, satellite raided terrestrial radio for big-name hosts such as Opie and Anthony or Stern. Now, the seven FM stations will rely on a syndicated satellite program.

    In addition to the Free-FM station in New York, Opie and Anthony will reportedly air on WBCN-FM in Boston, WYSP-FM in Philadelphia, WRKZ-FM in Pittsburgh, WNCX-FM in Cleveland, WPBZ-FM in West Palm Beach, Fla., and KLLI-FM in Dallas.

    Stern, who engaged in a lengthy on-air feud with Opie and Anthony, is in his first year of broadcasting for Sirius Satellite Radio. O&A will now fill in his old time slot.

  • Art

    So this is how Dave got his job. This explains alot.

    The Missing Link…

    We have discovered the answer to the question we all have been searching for. Why did CBS Radio choose to replace Howard Stern in their flagship station with David Lee Roth. Experts have been baffled about why such a large radio conglomerate would select a non-radio talent to do the most important time slot for their most profitable stations.

    Well, Cold Kiwi has been investigating and has discovered ‘The Hidden Link.’ We have found that Sumner Redstone was born Sumner Murray Rothstein in Boston in 1923. He changed his name from Sumner Rothstein to Sumner Redstone later in life.

    David Lee Roth was born in 1954 in the town of Bloomington, Indiana. His parents Nathan and Sybil changed their names from Rothstien to Roth in 1948. Nathan had two bothers, the well known Manny Roth, is who was an influential New York City nightclub owner and entertainment entrepreneur.

    But, the family secret appears to be Nathan’s older brother, and David’s other uncle, Sumner. Uncle Summy, as David called him growing up, decided he did not want anything to do with the Jew’s so he told his family he did not want to be associated with them and created his own, non-Jew history.

    Well, Cold Kiwi, has uncovered the real story. David Rothstien and Sumner Rothstein are related. Sumner gave his nephew a nice gift for his Bar Mitzvah, a morning drive time slot. Cold Kiwi is asking for a DNA test to prove they are not related. This is the only way to be sure at this point.

    Note – this whole story is not a surprise given the nepotism that is rampant in CBS. With Les Moonves hiring his wife to run the CBS morning show; Joel Hollander hiring his brother Les to run the radio group; and now Sumner hiring his nephew to be the morning drive time talent.

    Look, the nepotism is so obvious; Les even used 15MM of the CBS shareholders money to hire away his wife’s morning competition Katie Couric.

    I guess ‘The CBS Family’ is more than just a marking pitch.

  • Pete

    The official Opie & Anthony can of worms that was opened yesterday by ST Daily was followed quickly by the mainstream press, as speculation grows that the once-banished team will soon move homes to CBS Radio, perhaps as soon as next week, to replace the rapidly unraveling David Lee Roth science experiment. The current scenario, as we understand it, is O&A will cut a unique deal to work on both terrestrial and satellite radio, working early in the morning from the CBS Radio’s WFNY (92.3 Free FM)/New York studios, then wander down the street to do another few hours of non-censored radio at XM’s New York studios. Here’s the interesting twist: the duo will reportedly be able to cross-promote their XM show on CBS — a factor that should nicely irritate their longtime nemesis Howard Stern, who’s currently being sued by CBS for allegedly doing something similar for Sirius when he still worked for CBS. While nothing of an official nature has been announced yet from either CBS Radio or XM camps, sources close to the office of Opie & Anthony’s longtime superagent Robert Eatman would neither confirm nor deny that such a deal is pending. We suggest you stay tuned — this thing will happen within a matter of days.

    DLR DeathWatch ’06 Back On? We’ve all been hearing rumors of David Lee Roth’s radio demise for a while, but now ST is hearing it’s a matter of when — not if — CBS Radio, frustrated with Dave’s inability and/or unwillingness to play nice with management, will finally be forced to pull the plug. There is strong speculation that we could we see heads roll sooner rather than later — perhaps after the winter book hits next Wednesday? Then again, we could be massively full of crap, but somehow we seriously doubt it this time.

  • Jokey McJokinson

    Ok, ok, ok…so it has come down to this. It’s quite clear that some of us dislike DLR and then there’s the one or two others that worship the ground he walks on. But why exactly has this turned into a petty argument? mostly everyone here has stated the same thing over and over just using different words. And this Diz Grace person should take a step back and think about something. If you are just like your hero, DLR, and so above everyone else, then why are you logging onto this message board with us “losers” once or twice a day just to argue back with all of us “losers”? Whether or not someone works in or owns a pizza shop doesn’t make any difference. Any hard working, decent individual has more class than you would ever hope to. People like you are a drain on society. You speak to others using complex vocabulary and rhetoric only to disguise the fact that you really have nothing to say at all. Hmmm…sounds familiar…DLR, thats it!!
    Everyone is here to express an opinion which is their right to express and i think that that’s great, but let’s not get crazy. Arguing with Diz Grace is like arguing with a 6 yr old child. No no, thats actually an insult to 6 year old children all over the world. Its like arguing with DLR…a whole lot of talking but not really saying much. So is it worth it? I propose to ignore Diz Grace. I think i’ve seen alot of cool people writing in who i’d much rather have conversations with.
    Diz Grace- it’s not even the fact that you like DLR that really irritates me, it’s the attitude you have about those who don’t. Grow up.

  • Tony


    I agree with you and from now on…I have nothing to say to disgrace. It should be really something in a few days. DLR is going to have a cow on the radio I am sure. It is if they do not remove him sooner then later. All the best

  • Diz Grace (Clone)

    Will the real Diz Grace please stand up….

  • Laney


  • Roth’s A Rube

    And, and, and…DLR was the last to know. The poor spandexed radio rube only learned that he was fired when Howard Stern’s Howard 100 news told him. He was completely surprised. I guess it’s true that he doesn’t use a computer. Why listen to the radio when you can listen to the voices in your head, ay, Dave?

  • Diz Grace (Clone)

    Spandex.. what’s wrong with spandex.. no ironing

  • Mike

    Stern Show

    A caller reported that O & A are about to go back the terrestrial radio station that fired them for getting a couple to have sex in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which led Howard to report he had heard David Lee Roth has indeed been fired and a heavily censored version of the duo’s satellite program will run in on regular radio. Given this, Howard pointed out the pair will probably be talking a lot about satellite on their terrestrial radio show, which was one of the very reasons he’s being sued by CBS. Howard played a clip of Steve Langford interviewing David Lee Roth after his show yesterday. In the clip, David commented he’d love to talk to people at SIRIUS about doing an afternoon program for the company and, in another tape, Tim Sabean said he’d be interested in hearing what David had to say.

  • SAL

    DAVE IS A DOUCHE AND HOWARD AND TIM WILL BE SORRY! Dave and his manager are monsters.

  • Gary

    Oh poor DLR and his band of fools. How strange is it that he learns of his being fired from Stern. And now he wants a show on Sirius. Wow, that would be really great. No one listened to him for free, maybe they will pay $12.95 per month for him. Good idea Dave. Like everything else you have been talking about for the last 4 months…Bullshit.

  • Jim

    Oh what a beautiful morning. The last time that D Blow will bother people on a morning show. I can’t believe it took this long but boy am I happy. He will spend the whole last show blaming everyone but himself for the failure. I have a feeling the next time anyone hears from this idiot will be on Surreal Life. I also predict that he will walk off of that show because of the fucking idiot that he has always been. Keep looking at your own nose Dave cause everyone knows you don’t see past it. By Bye Diz. Guess I won’t have to read anything more on Roth now that he is gonna be off my fav stations. Get current would ya. Roth was a high kickin hair flailing spandex wearing dancer that was a alright singer. That shit doesn’t float anymore and most people have forgotten those arena rock days. Keep on dreaming of your glory days Diz, they like you and Roths hair are long gone. Good riddance.

  • Joey G

    Trust me. DLR and his manager are TOOLS. They acted like a bunch of A-holes here in South Beach/Miami. DLR tool was upset because Mr. Prima Donna had to stay in a less than 5 star hotel and took a hissy fit like a little bitch. After his crew started an all-out brawl it was all downhill from there. And now the little bitch is fired. Anyone who thinks DLR is a nice guy think again. I hope CBS sues the crap out of him. He is rude and thinks who the hell he is. H A S B E E N.. thats who this asshole is. And disgrace – whoever you are… your idol is a nasty bitter man. Sorry but its the truth. He has worn out his welcome…its over

  • DLR’s New Employer

    Hey Dave,

    Repeat after me, “Would you like fries with that?”


    Your New McBoss

  • Hunk of Coal Dave

    Sabotaged I tell you. CBS wouldn’t twist anyone’s arm to get good guests to come in to the studio to promote their movies and music to all my fans in Yacuma. Sabotaged I tell you. They wanted me to fail. They knew that people wanted to hear Animal speak ebonics and they canned him. They knew that when my Strokin with the Devil tour takes off I’m going to be harder to work with for a couple weeks. CBS wouldn’t tell me how to pronounce my recognizable guests names, those bastards. Hutch didn’t have the stamina to laugh at my disjointed rambling for 4 hours a day like I do. They were cutting off all the calls from my fans who love hearing me read the news and know I was doing something groundbreaking. I designed the album covers and Eddies guitar, wrote the songs, sold t-shirts for Van Halen and saved countless lives for Christ’s sake. I’ll show them when I get my 2 AM -6 AM slot on Sirius and take my “did you wake up or stay up?” line. CBS got 4 million laughs for their money…just because they were all mine shouldn’t matter. Sabotaged I tell you.

  • He’s Outta Here!!!

    No sign off, just faded away…like his talent.

  • Diz Grace

    People of unfortunate simplicity,

    Whether you make stale, tasteless pizza for a living and pretend to be a world traveler, whether you are filled with equal parts anger, unintelligence and growing chin fat, or you simply choose to try unsuccessfully to denigrate my high admiration for one of the finest entertainers of this or any era, it doesn’t matter. A person of DLR’s great capabilities certainly thanks you for your continued patronage, and looks forward to any and all opportunities to bring you entertainment options par excellence. While some of the intelligence quotient-challenged contributors find it necessary to drool the phrase “get killed”, DLR will take that to mean that he should continue to “knock ‘em dead” at each and every stellar performance.

  • Jim

    Hey Tony maybe you could give Diz and dave a job delivering pizzas. I mean Dave needs a job and Diz’s mama is sick of his 45 year old ass sitting on her deck getting fucked up and blasting DLR on his 80’s dual tape boom box. I have ate at alot of pizza joints in philly and most of them kick ass. I am sure yours is one of the better ones. Fuck Diz. The guy loves to take personal shots of what he thinks we do for a living. Thats a sign of a person that is miserable about how his life turned out. All the crews that work outa my shop were so fuckin happy this morning about Dave demise. What a great day. The guy bitched and then just played music till he had to do his 2 lame interviews. He really came through for his fans didn’t he. He wouldn’t even do his best for the leetards that actually liked his show one more time. Thats the great DAVID LEE ROTH, all about his fans. Well I took the rest of the day off to enjoy the afterglow of his departure from free FM. Unlike Diz I own my deck and I’m gonna sit on it with a couple of friends and laugh at what a joke Roth is. Shit we were calling him David weave Roth in the late 80’s when he started becoming a real joke. Now this is just like living in paradise. They mad Davey go home. boobidy boobidy bop the shit has stopped. Loved posting with you haters. Somebody throw Diz a box of kleenex and the want ads please.

  • Diz Grace

    Of course you took the rest of the day off. Trash gets picked up on Thursdays. You must be tired.

  • Only a Painful Memory

    Tried to catch the replay of the show online but Dave’s free.fm page is already gone. I guess the debris met the sea. Sayanora!

  • Jokey McJokinson

    I was waiting for this day….

    ummm…anyone notice that annoying mosquito still in the room?
    where’s the Raidâ„¢ ???

  • Ba-Bye Dave

    Finally relief.. see you guys around…

  • hmmm

    Person Found Dead on Deck

    April 21

    A person dressed in spandex covering genitals of inderterminate gender was found bludgeoned on a deck chair outside a Philadelphia apartment.
    Police said they found a pile of Van Halen albums and a semen-stained gold-lame scarf at the scene. It is not known if the semen came from the victim or someone else.

    The police said that the list of possible suspects was too long to warrant the time required for an investigation, so they closed the case. “No one really cares anyway,” a police spokesman said.

  • Jokey McJokinson

    ahahahahahahahaha…thats great.

  • Tony

    Well it is finally over. Thank God

  • Diz Grace

    Jokey McHokie,

    There is a difference at work here, a yawning chasm that exists between guys like me, and people like you, as well as others that are angry, and world-traveling pizza pushers. I’m the guy Jim and Tony always wanted to be but never came close to. I speak with the smooth fluency of an educated man, a man of style, culture, and substance. That is how I comfortably live. I sound just as I look, which is better than you. And the fact that a simple radio show involving someone who I’ve enjoyed for years has been pulled does nothing to change any of this. Tomorrow morning, I will still be better than you. I will still sound better than you.

    And Jokey, please adjust that girdle. Either that, or go on a diet. Your hips are showing again.

  • Diz Grace (Clone)

    And because my arse is so much like butter butts in spandex , I can undoubtedly scrutinize the unsophisticated jibberish of the exhaustive agree or disagree counter balance of my selective brain organ that is the DLR segment of my imaginable sectarian whatever because you deliver pizza and take trash out but not as fluently as I.

  • Tony

    Oh Poor Dave,

    JV and Elvis said they saw in the hallway as he was getting is crap together to leave for good. They said they saw tears in his eyes. Well Dave, all the listeners have had tears in their eyes listening to your crap. Have great life as a cowboy. Bye-Bye Dave

  • Tony

    Diz Grace,

    Seeing as you will have nothing to do with your life. I am looking for dishwashers at my places. Dave just called as was asking if I had something for him to do also. I told him to just Jump…….off a bridge and end the pain. As for you it looks like you will be sitting on your deck and thinking about all the great things that Super Dave could have been. It is a sad day at the Disgrace house. Just get out all the cd’s and listen to Van Halen and it will be better. As for dave he is off to be a Cowboy..singing his Country Blue Grass Super Dave Show. Now that really is funny shit. Well have a great life, well maybe not. This is finally over and I no longer need to post here. Bye-bye disgraced DLR fan

  • Hunk of Coal Dave

    If I could just have another 9 months I think I could jump up to 17th in the market. “The flow was smoking” Some of my fans think, like I do, that this was the best radio shoe ever. They also list me as their favorite author, helicopter pilot and Quiznos spokesperson. Some even list me as the EMT they would most like to be resuscitated by and the best actor on the Sopranos. Uncle Manny had me booked for the 5th Thursday in February at Club Wah and I passed so I could concentrate on the clever lines that my loyal fans have come to love. Now if the Roth Army could just get 100,000 people each to call CBS maybe they will see the light or at least let me clean out the Tiki Bunker. I forgot my cowboy hat.

  • totalloser

    Do not confuse DLR with a true comic genius Like Super Dave Osborne. DLR is a no talent loser just like his ex-band mate EVH. New your radio will not miss him, now he can crawl back under the rock that he looks like he crawled out of. If he is still getting chicks they will be over 50 and over 200 lbs.

  • Matt

    Well it is about time. So Diz Grace we were all wrong, right? Agree or disagree. OK You are the biggest ass on this post. You are in love with an idiot who is in love with himself. David Lee Roth is a wasted up rock star and now is looking to go country. I am sure the country people will love his self-centered ass. So now you can go to your deck, get on the rail and JUMP.

  • Steve

    This just in:

    DLR last seen running down the hallway at Free-FM singing JUMP. No one has seen him since. His people are worried. If anyone has seen him or know what happened please call someone that cares. Sorry no one cares.

  • Paul

    ROTH RADIO IS NO MORE…..It’s about time

  • Jokey McJokinson


    Jokey Hokey?? Gee, that’s awfully clever coming from such a classy person such as yourself? Tell me, what exactly is it that you do for a living that you think makes you better than everyone else?

  • Ding Dong The Bitch is Dead

    A live wire. Barely a beginner, but just watch that asshole go.

  • Jim

    This is what Dizhead does for a living. Looks like he needs to get a job. maybe you can be a garbage man. I mean after all you seem to be gay for garbage men. Well Diz Dave can’t be heard anymore and I doubt anyone will hang around here to argue with a mentally challenged person like yourself. I want you to sober up and move out of your mothers house. I think then with a little help you might graduate to a fuckhead. Cya Leetard Diz. I’m not gonna help you have something to do anymore. Get a job and for gods sake stop molesting your cat .hahahahahahahahahahahahaha we won. Dave is gone. Agree or Disagree??????? What a beautiful day.

    P.S. Diz GET KILLED……… by a garbage truck

  • Matt

    “It was just a morning show…DJ was the part I was playin’…Thought I’d be a smash, but suddenly I trashed, and oooh. . .what they’re saying. . . Stations in dismay, when ratings came their way. . .It’s the end of my show, good decision to let me go, because radio’s best without me. . .”


    dude should of called val & ed with pranks calls……
    word on the street in LA is roth will front VH with a late summer stadium tour, nothing major as ed appartently wants to be back in LA for the holidays. it seems that knowing the gig of the century was blessed by the lawyers, he just let the the DJ thing go to shit.
    there’s been talk of a no compete clause that has come and gone with roth gaining royalites….lot of shit has happen within this band in the last 10 yrs that one day we’ll read about.
    have a friend that knows about contracts involving merchandising items to be hawked at the shows…no actual details are know but it seems from my source that these things are on the table and ready to be processed once the parties ( VH) has approved the revenue sharing of the profits.

  • 61yearold hotmom

    Are all of
    you people “LIBERALS”?!

  • Tom

    No one here could give a shit about what he does after radio. We wanted a good morning show and he gave us CRAP. So Dave….I say JUMP. off a f’in bridge. You f-ed up the morning slot in many areas and you know it. I hope you get back with Van Halen in Russia…F- OFF

  • 61yearold hotmom

    I repeat..”are all of you people liberals..i.e. NO BRAIN!

    Sure sounds like it to me!

  • Your Orders Ready

    Hey Tony,

    Thanks for the job! Which one am I suppposed to put the extra cheese on?


  • Tony


    Your fired, because I have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Good luck with you Cowboy thing. Maybe you could take down your old car off the wall in your CA house and sell it for scrap. You worked so hard to make it as an emt, and Pizza Maker. I think you should go back to doing art work. You worked so hard cutting up your first “Van Halen” car and getting a fake deer to make it look real. Wow, you really are out of your mind. Good luck with your next thing, Cowboy Dave…Well that sounds about right. You have f-ed up everything else, so why not f-up the country blue grass world. Dave you sucked from day one…Thank God they fired your ass today.

  • I Hate the ’80s

    Oh woa woa Davie’s Cryin’…

  • 61yearold hotmom

    Hey “I hate the 80’s” and all of the other Rothradio
    blogbashers who just didn’t “get it”
    hmm…SURE Davie’s cryin’…he’s cryin’ all the way to the bank and on the plane ride down to his new mansion in Palm Beach on the InterCoastal..

    One question…since he’s gone and you have nothing to whine and moan about on this blog, what will all of you morons do with all of the spare time on your hands..(no wait, it’s too horrible to contemplate!!)

    I, personally, will NEVER resort to Sirius..to quote a famous line from a classic movie, “Risky Business”:
    ‘You don’t understand, I don’t have to pay for it Joel,..I get it for free!’

    Now do like Mommy says and go play like nice little boys

  • Diz Grace (Clone)

    I’m just a Diz Grace
    that has to hide my face
    Maybe I am also the 61yr old hotmom

    Some thought I was Diamond Dave
    because of how I raved
    about how I love that man in spandex

    But now my dave is done
    and the critics have all won
    what am I gonna do without him

    I would love to sing and dance
    with spandex I would prance
    but now all I do is insult pizza parlour owners
    I ain’t got no diamond
    and no nobody..no body… cares

  • Laney

    it’s too bad dave couldn’t get over himself. i have been a fan for 20 years and he did have interesting things to say BUT he should have done more research and not talk over the guests and everyone else around him.

  • Mike

    61 year Hotmom,

    What the hell are you going to do with your day now? Poor shit ass Roth is gone and you will not have your idol to listen to in the morning. Are you not alittle old to follow Roth. I see you were left back many times in school. I got it.

  • Paul


    David lee Roth the former Lead Singer of Van Halen and former host of the ill fated David Lee Roth radio show was just spotted at the top of the Empire State Building. People that saw him said he looked really bad. He was wearing spandex, had a long blond wig on and was singing “Jump”. They all said that he somehow had carried a kayak up to the top with him. They said he looked like a crazy man. As he started to climb over the railing, still singing Jump. He pulled the kayak over the rail with him. When police came over to him to talk him back, he told them do not come any closer or I will start to sing my country version of Jump. The police all ran back and covered their ears. So it seems that he just wants to JUMP. And ride his kayak into the sunset on a rain filled April afternoon.

  • greglips

    I would rather listen to DLR talk over his guests and agree or disagree than listen to JV and Elvis talk about buttplugs and gays.

    Diamond Dave’s tiki bunker will rise again!!!!! Perhaps on Sirius, which unlike you cheapskates, I would be willing to pay for.

  • greglips

    Oh yeah…and what’s his name/JV/Opie/Elvis/Andy/Anthony whatever etc etc are PUNKs Hope you meatheads enjoy it.

  • Tom

    Thank god that BITCH Roth is gone. That was and will always be known as the “WORST RADIO SHOW IN HISTORY”. Have a nice life Dave, really hope never to hear your shit ass voice ever again on the radio. And yes you can not sing anymore, it’s over idiot.


    So greglips, 61 year old , Dizgrace.. The rest of us were wrong, right, agree disagree, ok . You fools really thought that show had a chance. Best part of the whole thing was they fired his ass on air. Good. That is what they needed to do, tell the world he is just a punk bitch. JV and Elvis rule.

  • Jokey McJokinson

    61yrold wrinkly mom…
    whats the deal with you? what the hell does liberal have to do with anything. the fact that dave’s show sucked has nothing to do with politics. You obviously haven’t been doing your research, not unlike your good friend DLR. I happen to not like DLR, but i still respect his work musically, no one can deny that, however, his morning show just plain sucked. There’s not much else to say about it. The fact that 9 out of 10 people feel the same says something does it not? why are you taking this as a personal attack against you, everyone has a different opinion? and since when do you have the time to come here and argue this? your rocking chair is getting cold and your grandkids want some peanut butter and jelly…go do what you do best and leave the intelligent thoughts to those of us with common sense. you wouldn’t happen to be the 61 yr old mother of diz grace would you? or maybe this is like the movie “psycho” and you’re the mother and the son at the same time.

    As for you Greglips (wtf?) whats all the anger about jv and elvis. i can’t speak about opie and anthony because i’ve never heard them. but what have you done, listened to 5 minutes of them once when they happened to just be cutting loose and acting silly? Now you know all about them right? and you have the knowledge to go around bashing them? Besides the fact they are like every other well balanced individual who just like to have a little bit of fun, they also discuss important and interesting issues about politics, religion and things that affect someone’s daily life. Maybe you should take the time to get things right before you open your big mouth. DLR was the laughing stock of that entire station. So what? Does that mean that everyone there knows nothing, but you know it all? I don’t think so.

    David lee roth was a lead singer of a rock band whos not cut out for a radio show. thats like saying howard stern, don imus, radio chick…whoever…could go out and sing for a band just because they are good at radio.

    get over it, stop whining.

  • Diz Grace (Clone)


    You obviously don’t understand that the wisdom that is DLR has a master plan and having the worst radio show in history is to add to the lore of the exteme persona of the man who was thoughtful enough to give us his insightful food of wet cherios minus the thunderbolt so that we won’t be shocked. His master plan also includes imparting the wondress resonance of bluegrass and maybe we will be lucky and the next tribute will be rap and hip hop. How dare all you make fun of the king of spandex and 80’s hair. I shall sit in my back yard and think of sweaty spandex.. hell you all do not know what you are missing…And I love 61 year old groupies who give/gave of themselves to DLR…

  • hmm

    The 61-year-old mom can’t talk right now. She’s baking cookies for the Nazi rally.

  • Mike


    On Friday April 21st 2006, David Lee Roth was fired from Free-FM. Roth Radio is no more, truth be told it never really was. Roth being the idiot that he is, ask Howard Stern News if he can get a job at Sirius radio. When the news people stopped laughing, Roth ask what is so funny. They replied, you and your Radio Show. So it seems that the poor lost soul that is David Lee Roth will just have to go on to his country thing. Many in country are waiting for the great DLR to show off his country blue grass singing. So this reporter wishes David a long and happy life as blue grass.

  • The Boys Are Back

    Opie & Anthony started broadcasting this morning in DLR’s slot. All is right with the world.

  • KIM

    I’m just glad he’s GONE!!

  • 61yearoldhotmom


    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO quiet here……………..

    Nobody to trash and demean…………………………..

    Who will be the next victim!?????

    ‘Tis a mystery

  • mrlos

    I’d guess you are busy on blogs where you can rant against “liberals.” Why bother with this place? Just looking for more people to be angry with?
    Seems this sad story is over. Though maybe there will be some fun legal fights.

  • Jo Jo

    Anyone ever notice that the Diz Grace guy talks alot like DLR. I’m sorry, I forgot 97% of audiance tuned out after the first week. Never mind.

  • Diz Grace

    For the benefit of the retarde (that means you, dumb-ass, trash-pickin’, bad breath stinkin’, yard ape Angry Jim), as well as selected other brain surgeons on this blog:

    David Lee Roth represents a navigational buoy in the troubled waters of confusion of everyday life. He provides hope for the disenfranchised, comfort for the chastised, and loving for those that wish to be womanized (sounds like you, Jokey McHokey – but shave your legs first, please). A man who still has the hip swivel, the howling giggle, and now in the background plays the country fiddle. His eclectic style and taste is often imitated, never duplicated, and certainly lubricated with a hint of Jack Daniels and a three-mile smile all the while.

    And while all of you exalt over his loss of one insignificant radio program, I can assure you that the money he was paid for four months entertaining you foolz will buy his Mexican cigarettes for the rest of his lengthy existence.

    Back to angry Jim for a second. Tip: Use soap when you cleanse yourself of your many impurities while bathing in the river. You smell like cottage cheese after two days in the sun. Fat punk. The image I get of you is of George “The Animal” Steele, chewing wrestling turnbuckles, just because he’s angry over an ingrown toenail.


    won’t you tell me!
    where have all the good times gone,

  • Jokey McJokinson

    Boy, that “Jokie McHokey” thing really isn’t getting played out at all. What exactly is the matter, having trouble coming up with another name that’s supposed to insult me? Also, quit with the references to me being some fat and hairy woman just because you’re unhappy about being fat and hairy. Pull up YOUR girdle, shave YOUR legs (if you can even bend that far), maybe your ass while you’re at it and get a life. I came here with the intention of just talking about a specific issue. You came here to argue and insult everyone else because of how angry and disgusted you are by the sight of yourself in the mirror. Stop projecting.

  • Diz Grace

    Aw, shucks, there Hokie Jokey, did I hit a nerve? Sad cause you’re a heavyweight? With skin that needs lotion, and teeth that need Colgate? You need to come to grips with the fact that you sound fat. And if you sound fat, you are fat. I would recommend Celebrity Fat Club, but alas, you don’t even have that going for you, because you were never a celebrity. You are a fat chick with aspirations to be clever on an internet blog. So L.A. Weight Loss will have to do.

    I, however, see greatness in the mirror. I see the fit and trim beauty of the successful mid-30’s professional, a man comfortable in my own skin, who can take the criticism of some no-name, hairy-legged non-intellectual in need of acute electrolysis and smile the smile of a confident man. I brush insignificant people like you away like an ant on my picnic blanket. A large ant, to be sure, but nonetheless a here-today-gone-later-today ant with no meaning or purpose.

  • Jokey McJokinson

    Haha…i can’t even believe what i’m reading. you think you actually have what it takes to hit a nerve with me? dead wrong. Buckets of yuck such as yourself have no bearing on my life what-so-ever, so please do not give credit where credit is most definitely not due.
    I find it highly amusing that you think you’re speaking with a “fat” person. After all, apparently I sound fat…now you’re just making shit up off the top of your head. Well it seems you have assumed wrong and made an ass only of yourself. I’m not fat, unless you consider a 5’6″ 130lb person fat. and my teeth are straight which is why i smile at how pathetic you are taking your message board “fight” so seriously, consulting a thesaurus for every word in every sentence you type to try and mask your obvious ignorance.
    No you can take some more time out of your “successful, professional” lifestyle to reply. However, i’m officially signing off due to the fact that i have a life, all complete with a career and a great relationship with someone of the opposite sex – you should try it sometime.

  • Diz Grace

    For the record, you are the one who originally called me out onto the carpet, so that was your mistake. But perhaps I’m wrong. I don’t know you at all, and it’s intriguing. I mean, you sound large, but what do I know? I will provide a series of statements. Please identify which ones apply to you, such that there are no further false images:

    Dresses poorly. Plain. Extraordinarily kinky in the sack.

    Scatty. Weird. Into candles. Too hairy. Likes it up the bum

    Wears lots of Laura Ashley. Likes doing it in fields

    Deeply dim. Overweight. Tendency to fart.

    Suckled at the teat of Satan himself. A liar, cheat and thief

    Pathetic. Would wank lots, but is afraid of her genitalia

    Compensates for being totally useless by being very loud. Collects teddy bears

    Can always be found in someone’s bed or in the pub

  • Jokey McJokinson

    would it make any difference if i said none of them apply to me? no. so why should i waste my time defending myself against someone that means nothing to me?

  • Diz Grace

    Perhaps you should think twice the next time you decide to zoom up out of oblivion and slam someone unprovoked. I have merely dispensed the wizdom of the great Diamond Dave, recognized him as the prophet that he is, and professed an admiration and appreciation of his work, which neither makes me right or wrong, just a person with a different opinion from the public at large. And then, I get some goofball chick with a fat girl’s name calling me out? Someone who wasn’t even here while the radio program was going? Normally, I would just smile and dismiss you like I did so many others who dared question me on this blog. But I find toying with you somewhat amusing.

  • Laney

    any dave sightings???

  • Mike

    You nailed it Disgrace. “while the radio program was going on”, it’s over Dave is out and does not have radio program. He sucked on the radio and the whole world was against him. I posted then and now and he still sucks. And by the way he sucks as a singer now also. That should really get your blood boiling you idiot.

  • Diz Grace

    Um, who are you? You said you posted on this blog before? Must’ve missed it.

  • Jokey McJokinson

    A fat girls name? i wasnn’t aware that “jokey mcjokinson” implied a certain weight. Its obviously not my real name… which maybe isn’t obvious…at least not to you. And no i wasn’t here while the show was going on, because i hadn’t even found this site until i happened to search the web when i found out DLR was booted off the airwaves. I wasn’t slamming you unprovoked either. Scroll up a bit and you can see exactly how everything took place. I was as understanding as anyone could be at first. I just don’t appreciate someone like you taking personal stabs at people because they express disagreement with you on a particular subject. Do you see how this is going? Are you capable of understanding simple logic?

    I really am just getting exhausted with explaining myself. You are just “toying” with me anyway and have no desire to let this go and i guess that’s just the kind of person you are. You can say what you want about me, i’m done actually insulting you back because it’s useless and immature. Even though i am not fat and hairy, you will still continue to insist that i am because either Jokey McJokinson is a “fat girls name” or you have an oppositional disorder which causes you to argue with someone just for the hell of it.

  • Jokey McJokinson

    A fat girls name? i wasnn’t aware that “jokey mcjokinson” implied a certain weight. Its obviously not my real name… which maybe isn’t obvious…at least not to you. And no i wasn’t here while the show was going on, because i hadn’t even found this site until i happened to search the web when i found out DLR was booted off the airwaves. I wasn’t slamming you unprovoked either. Scroll up a bit and you can see exactly how everything took place. I was as understanding as anyone could be at first. I just don’t appreciate someone like you taking personal stabs at people because they express disagreement with you on a particular subject. Do you see how this is going? Are you capable of understanding simple logic?

    I really am just getting exhausted with explaining myself. You are just “toying” with me anyway and have no desire to let this go and i guess that’s just the kind of person you are. You can say what you want about me, i’m done actually insulting you back because it’s useless and immature. Even though i am not fat and hairy, you will still continue to insist that i am because either Jokey McJokinson is a “fat girls name” or you have an oppositional disorder which causes you to argue with someone just for the hell of it.


    I never listened to DLR’s show, and don’t even know if it’s still on. What I do know – and what I do detect – is that many of his “fans” are confusing his PAST career with his PRESENT endeavors.

    I’ve heard Dave on many different radio programs, and he’s almost ALWAYS a horrible guest. Why? Because he thinks that everything – EVERYTHING – is about HIM.

    The original review in this thread was so on-the-nail with regards to Roth’s personality. I don’t know him, I only know what he chooses to project. And that projection is one of an unfocused, self-important, wanna-be intellectual. His attempts at humor are transparent and shallow. So are his intellectual diatribes.

    Perhaps if he ever figures out that entertainment is about the AUDIENCE, and not the entertainer, he’ll have some future somewhere. Until then, he can’t even sustain relationships with 40-something former bandmates… even with MILLIONS to be gained.

    Sammy Hagar summed it up perfectly, in my opinion, on the Bob and Tom show last year. “The guy is an asshole, man.”

    For those of you who pine for the “Jamies Cryin” days, enjoy them in your musical archives. I enjoy them too. However, rest assured, his chart-topping days are long-long gone – in any realm imaginable.

    Someone said once that the definition of a BORE is anyone who thinks that whatever he or she says is terribly important. That, to me, is Roth’s epitath.

  • Yup

    The definition of a bore:

    a person who evokes boredom

    also see: David Lee Roth

  • mrlos

    Boring, yes. But he was also really irritating. Why do you think that was?

  • mike

    Because he is a self center bitch. Thank God they pulled his shit as show off the radio. Boy did that show suck.

  • Diz Grace

    C’mon Jokey, get with it.

    No oppositional disorders here. Just an amusement when people take things so seriously that they can’t see that 99.9% of everything I’ve said here is with tongue firmly planted in cheek. I can’t believe that you wouldn’t see through that statement “suckled at the teat of Satan himself” as a joke. I enjoy beyond belief skewering people that obviously take themselves and their sacred viewpoints way too seriously. You qualify as having been Punked in this instance.

  • totalloser

    I miss DLR , Opie and Anthony are not funny at all. At least the train wreck that DLR is, was funny in that you didn’t know what stupid thing Dave would say. Also with Dave you would listen just to see how bad and over the hill is actually is.
    O&A are another excuse for Lame Howard ripoffs. I’d prefer that they get rid of personality (sic) radio on FM and just play music again.

  • Jokey McJokinson

    You know it’s very easy for you to think I’m an idiot for not knowing that you’re joking in some instances. Unfortunately, when you read something that someone wrote, there’s no tone of voice. I can’t see your face either and so actually I don’t think it’s all that hard to understand that I wouldn’t know you were joking. As crazy or even funny as some of the things you say are…that doesn’t mean you couldn’t be serious. I’m sure you know as well as I do, that there’s plenty of f-ed up people around who would be totally serious about this topic. I really don’t take any of this seriously. I know that you think i’m trying to make a career out of internet blogging, but thats unfortunately not the case. I was only reacting to what i thought was seriousness on your part.

  • Diz Grace

    If I learned one valuable thing from being a fan of DLR over the years, it’s that any situation can be diffused by employing a sharp wit and a sense of humor. If you are faced with detractors, being able to laugh at, or with, whatever they say and lob a grenade back when possible while still laughing is the optimal way to walk through life. Whether what Roth says (or, for the sake of argument on this blog, anything I’ve said) is funny or clever is certainly debatable. But keeping a sense of humor about all of it is key.

  • hmm

    He said teat.

  • Tommy in NYC

    How cool.. everyone is finally getting along.. KUMBAYA

  • Wanted to Like Him

    I’ll only say that I really wanted to like DLR. I was excited when I first heard that he would replace Stern because I’ve always liked his “life is a party” attitude. I thought it would make the morning drive go quicker. In the end, I think Dave was just too inexpeerienced and not outrageous enough. I don’t mean that he had to be offensive like O&A, just that he was such a pro at conveying a sense of hedonistic fun as a singer. His show simply was not the last bender of the evening.

    Every performer has their element. I’m always amazed when Stern or some other radio pro is a guest on David Letterman and they’re not all that funny. It’s because they’re out of their best element.

    I salute DLR for trying.

    JV & Elvis shouldn’t be too smug. There’s a reason radio pros are radio pros…they’ve got too many zits for TV.

  • Jokey McJokinson

    JV and Elvis will rule radio…just watch

  • Tony

    JV & ELVIS are the best show on the radio today. First it was Stern, then O & A …well they should move over because JV & ELVIS are in the house!

  • Tony

    New JV and Elvis BLOG


    Just put http: in front

  • Tony

    JV and Elvis blog



  • greglips

    Tony, Jokey: Sorry… JV and Elvis blow. They talk about the lamest crap. Gee lets say “gnat bread” over and over again. Like dick cheese is so goddamn interesting.

    O and A are better. DLR was better still.

    Does anyone out there besides me think that JV talks like Patrick Swayze?

    I think Tony is JV.

  • ner06

    Hey, Greglips, I think you are David Lee Roth!!! Elvis and JV are the best.!!!! just face it.

  • Tony


    Funny how you know about gnat bread. That shows that you are listening to the show. JV and Elvis RULE!!! Plain and simple.

  • greglips

    Tony/Matt/ner/jokie/JV (probably all same guy), Seems like it is not JV and ELIVS but O and A who now rule.

    And yes I listened to them when they were subbing for DLR. Now that they are on at 9 I catch a bit of their “show” before I pull into my parking spot.

    Problem is… they do this JV…JV in your face….ELVIS….ELVIS…in your face bullcrap for about 30 freaking minutes at the start. So not really much is going on at that point.

    Tony I must say that I’m not impressed by these guys. They are neither good nor bad…just there.

    topics on DLR’s former show: rock n roll, strippers, jack daniels

    topics on JV and Elvis: gnat bread and buttplugs.

    which would you rather hear about?

  • Tony


    The problem with DLR was that is what the people were waiting for stories of his old rock and roll days. That is not what he gave them, loops, singing, stories of the hudson river, he old car on the wall of his house. Morning drive is about getting up and laughing and listening to something good. Well DLR gave non of this and JV and Elvis are funny, work great together and do really good interviews. Sorry DLR never did one good interview, always talked over the guest and ask them if they agree or disagree. JV and Elvis will rule NY in no time. And as for O&A they are ok, but I never really like them. All the best

  • Jokey McJokinson


    umm…it would be hard for me to be the same guy as Tony/Matt/ etc…because…I am a girl. However, if you think that the only thing JV and Elvis talk about are gnat bread and butt plugs, you’re sadly mistaken. Try giving it a listen again. And the JV and elvis coming atcha thing that thay play for 30 seconds (not 30 mins) is supposed to be annoying. It’s a joke, a spoof on some of the other radio shows that actual do that seriously. Anyone with a sense of humor can figure that out.

  • greglips

    Yes Jokey you are right. They do talk about something besides gnatbread and buttplugs. Today, farts were the topic.

  • Jokey McJokinson

    So, why is it you keep listening?

    and actually that wasn’t the topic, if it was it was for about 3 mins. Get over it.

  • Jokey McJokinson

    oh and another thing, theyve been on radio in large markets for 12 yrs now, very successfully…just a coincidence? I doubt it.

  • greglips

    Why did you guys keep listening to DLR?

  • Tony

    We listened to hear the next train wreck. Each day it was something new, he was and is out of his mind and you know it and we all know it. DLR was a great rock and roll star, now he is nothing. That’s sad, isn’t it. Well that is life and he can always go and save someone with his EMT skills. Because you see he was killing everyone on the radio. As for JV & Elvis they are a great team that will win NY over in no time. All they can do is move to the top.

  • ner06

    I’m from the bay area and NYC is so lucky to have JV and Elvis (the doghouse). I’ve been streaming online and so as the thousands of their followers here. They were number 1 here even beating Howard Stern’s ratings. They have helped alot of people here, not just to make them laugh but in many ways. It’s only in a matter of time and they will rule the the radio industry. Check: http://www.myspace.com-thedoghouseradio and see how much followers are waiting for them to get syndicated.

  • greglips

    I check their myspace, looks like their followers are all from Oakland if you know what I mean

  • Jokey McJokinson

    First off I didn’t keep listening to DLR. I simply sat back patiently and waited for him to be fired.

    And what’s that you say? You check JV and Elvis’ myspace, yet you hate them? Seems a little backwards to me. I mean you must have lots of time on your hands to research them so well. Good luck with that.

  • Tony


    As for JV and Elvis’s myspace, it is not run by them. It is run by someone back in CA that was a part of the show back in SF. It is true you seem to talk about JV and Elvis alot, and listen. Makes people wonder, doesn’t it. They have a great show and it will be no time that they are as big in NY as they were out in CA.

  • Axis

    It’s all about ratings. Using this blog as a sample you can certainly see where DLR was hovering. I listened to him off and on for the first few weeks and was surprised with some of his conversation and opinions. Did I like the show? Hard to say but I know I didn’t outright hate it. But I also found that I wasn’t listening for anything more than my morning routine. I didn’t start switching him off. It was easy enough to hear him yap while I got ready for work, but I didn’t continue to listen to him at work or after the 8pm hour. No real desire to… I dig Howard and have listened to him and the crew since the WNBC days. Putting that aside, I gave Dave a chance. We all did. He failed.

  • greglips

    DLR’s rating no worse than Corolla’s. Why don’t they fire him too?

  • Jokey McJokinson

    Funny you should mention Corolla…his time may be up very soon.

  • Tony


    Because DLR has a really big mouth and does not know when to keep it closed. Add in the fact that he thinks he is God and you have the reason he was fired.

  • greglips

    Attention Roth fans: You can still listen to DLR’s really big mouth. Links to podcasts to ALL his shows can be found at diamonddavidleeroth.com.

    Beats the hell out of JV and his bitch discussing pubic hair caught in his teeth or listening to retarded dwarves on O and A.

  • Diz Grace

    A month later, and we still have the likes of Tony yammering on about the horrors of listening to the great DLR. I would assume that world travel did not suit you very well, and as such, you are now back to providing us with mindless word drool about the virtues of the second-rate replacements currently found on the radio. JV certainly should stand for Junior Varsity in this context.

    The brass at CBS could not see the visionary refinement that DLR brought to the radio, which is everyone’s loss. Except for Tony. He likes his discussions to center around butt plugs. I’ll bet that makes for entertaining plane rides, sitting next to him during his many adventures in world travel.

  • Tony

    Welcome back disgrace,

    The board has not been the same without your well educated outlook on life and the world of DLR. Oh second rate replacements, right. You are so smart, and all the people that run CBS are fools. Well they were fools for starting the mess with Roth and then they got smart and fired his bitch ass self. He thinks and still thinks he is better then the rest of the world, as do you disgrace. Face it you and Roth are just washed up and over.

  • mrlos

    So, are there any reports about settling DLR’s contract with CBS? I’m surprised he hasn’t been making noise — maybe his lawyer is talking sense to him. Too bad, cuz the corporate friction was always the most (the only) interesting thing about his short radio career. I’d like to know what happens.

  • Diz Grace

    “Bitch ass self”. Tony, old friend, you continue to amaze. The only mistake DLR made when assembling his cast for the show was in hiring Animal as his lead linguist. He should have given you strong consideration for the role, given your mastery of English. You’ve got the travel part down, you obviously are highly educated, and are sharp as a tack on current affairs and highly informed opinions. If you were on, the show would still be going.


    where is everyone?

  • mrlos

    gone with the windbag

  • Laney

    hey did anyone hear? david lee will be at foxwoods (conn) in september.

  • greglips

    windbag better than DOUCHEbag replacments.

    Mrlos, I know you are a closet DLR fan.

  • Posh

    Sorry he wasn’t given enough time and people plain just didn’t listen. Was it entertaining radio? Yes it was. Give the guy a break, stern didn’t make his fortune in 3 weeks, the bar was set too high for Dave. The bottom line is Dave’ s an entertainer plain & simple and is very good at it. Maybe he could have played more mainstream music but in my mind it was fresh, something radio is desperately lacking. They took a chance and I applaud them for it but for christs sake, if your gonna try something give it a little more time you greedy bastards.

  • WaWa

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….Just like Dave’s show.

  • Diz Grace

    As reported in the AP this morning, the great Diamond David Lee Roth will return to splendor in January, 2007, in his accustomed role as front man and toastmaster general of a fine new polka rap super group, Cheeses of Nazareth. A major high school gymnasium tour is currently being planned.

    Reports of his demise have obviously been greatly exaggerated.

  • http://www.heidikoch.com/pharmacy/23 Pharmaceutical

    When will the people that listen to Limbaugh quit drinking his poison Kool-aid . Wake up people. WBR LeoP

  • sayso

    I had no Idea DLR was on a talk show I do know he made the Band Van Halen. Honestly it was the best the Band ever did far as Im concerned they were outragouse, and I miss then in their old forum. We all love the old tunes I for one do , but I dont believe in DLR as a talk show personallity anymore than a soldier as a politician.Dont get me wrong Im
    crazy about Sammy,but Sammy does well on his own he does not need Van Halen to help his ability to ROCK!!!

  • http://myspace.com/imrockingout4mylife Jamie Lynn Griffin

    oh sorry to say but,
    he is the best ever. hes not a jackass. wtf do you mean? cuz everybody thinks he is great? greater than you? dont think that. if you ACTUALLY met him you would make a wwaaaay different responce. and wow, you really messed my day up. thanks alot.

    Jamie Lynn.

  • http://myspace.com/imrockingout4mylife Jamie Lynn Griffin

    WAIT. for those who think he sucks, i dont really care. i kno you listen to that “rap” dosent mean he sucks. more people in the world like david lee roth then hate him. soo…. oh well, ^_^ i feel better. i might do something now. i noticed not to git my feelings down what other people think :)

    CHEERS! to all david lee roth fans!,

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