The single best word in the English language


That’s it. I can’t think of a better word. Odd, isn’t it? Fantastic isn’t the best word. Love isn’t. Benign is. No harm. No foul. God bless.

Terry Heaton’s benign. God bless.

  • Michael Parekh

    Benignant news indeed…amen.

  • Daniel

    Benign huh. I never really use that word but maybe I’ll try using it and see if I get lucky or something.

  • DLoye

    Benign is indeed a wonderful word, but it’s wonder is in the relief from a web of fear. Much better if the fear could be removed altogether?

  • Kimball C. Kalangie

    True. But I think “triumphant” is a very good runner-up.

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  • JM Hanes

    With apologies for posting this here, but: Ever since your remodeling, I cannot access your main page; it just comes up blank, except for a banner ad at the top. Same thing when I click on tag links, nothing but the gray background. I can follow links from other sites to specific archived pages here, but that’s it. Although I’m using Internet Explorer on a Mac (OS 10.3.9), I’d be surprised if I’m the only one having this problem. Unfortunately, there’s (apparently?) no email link on your archived pages, so perhaps you’re not hearing from folks like me as you might expect. I do miss my daily buzz! Best regards.

  • Steve

    How about “scrotum”?

  • luke

    would that make “end” a particulaly bad word ? is it the worst word…

  • harris

    nosegay is the best word… oh yea, its a real word. it means a small bunch of flowers

  • Oni


  • Cathy

    I disagree with you. LOVE IS THE BEST WORD IN english cuz God is unconditional l-o-v-e. Everybody agree with me?

    • Me

      No I dont. God isn’t real… All you bible bangers are tards, when you die, your spirit don’t go NEwere. Get a F***ing life.

  • william j

    benign is good, i think drab, and daunting are also very nice words.

  • Jack Novelo

    How about jeffjarviscompletelywrongbecausebenignisastupidwordgeesh?

    Or is that even a word?

  • david simard

    i think that yes is the best word, although if i needed to hear the word benign that it would definately be music to my ears. It seems that life always is about your frame of reference but the beauty of being a human is our capacity for empathy. God bless indeed.

  • Nick Newell

    i agree with steve.. scrotum. i mean cmon. just saying it takes so much weight off my shoulders.

  • Nick Newell


  • Will

    Lampoon and moist are two excellent words.

  • Ben


    As a synonym for nonsense or disaster ” What kind of fuckery is this?”

    As an adjective “What kind of fuckery are we”

  • ramster

    The single best word in english: vagina.

    Men have waged wars in order to see this.

  • Andy

    scrotum is latin, not english

  • Sentenza

    The best word in the english language is “blast-furnace”.

  • Mourad