Seth Godin at BlogOn is presenting Squidoo, which I’ve already said I like (go there for the explanation of what this is). He calls it “a platform for meaning.” He has the knack, Seth.

I asked the question I forgot to ask when I last saw this: Spam. He said that humans have to create lenses; computers can’t automate it. He said spammy lenses will fall to the bottom of rankings. And he said that anyone who creates spammy things will be killed off the service, no notice.

He said that the ad revenue from Google AdSense will be pooled and half will be divvied up among “lensmasters” according to traffic. I asked whether that’s fair to the guy who writes lenses on high-value topics vs. cats. He said this is an attempt to answer clickfraud, but he also said the algorithm can be changed.

He hired respected Heath Row to manage relations with the community.

: By way of introduction, Seth says that he saw Good Night, and Good Luck last night and there’s no question that Murrow would blog today and would not have to argue with network executives.

: He also says that big companies have been shocked that, “It doesn’t matter who you are when you start blogging,” he says. “It matters what you say.”

  • http://www.topix.net Chris Tolles

    Glad you asked the question and posted Seth’s answer — I was curious as to how they’re looking at the problem, and this gives me a little insight into what they’re thinking.

    Being able to build something that scales and provides value as a recommendation web remains as a major prize here for the producers *and* the consumers of the service — good to get them thinking about some of the secondary issues early on, especially if you like what they’re doing.

    Being a recovering community manager, remind me to send Heath Row a bottle of Bourbon six months from now :-)

  • http://marginalizingmorons.blogspot.com/ CaptiousNut

    Murrow may have blogged if possible, but he would have had to EARN credibility from an uncaptivated audience.

  • http://peterdawson.typepad.com /pd

    This good that Seth speaks up @ blogon.

    Being able to build something that scales and has meaning is the best way for the future. Without meaning it becomes choas. Without Scalability it becomeS “corning” the market !!

  • http://www.bloodandtreasure.com Noel Guinane


  • http://www.topix.net Chris Tolles

    >Being able to build something that scales and has meaning is the
    >best way for the future.

    My point was that it’s not enough to build something “good” with user generated content, it has to get a lot of people to participate, and *then*, it has to deal with the dark hordes that want to bend the results for their own self interest at the expense of usefullness to others (Splogging anyone?).

    So — scale has to be both in getting big, and staying useful — it’s the *only* way into the future.

    Asking them about it *now* at least makes sure they’re thinking about it for the future. Making something Spam proof can be very hard to do as an add on once you’re big and unwieldy

  • http://www.laurencehaughton.com laurence haughton

    Thanks for hte link to your previous post (http://buzzmachine.com/index.php/2005/10/10/squidoo/)
    The comments are incredible… wow.

  • http://www.laurencehaughton.com laurence haughton

    I’ve got to know…

    When you wrote “By way of introduction, Seth says that he saw Good Night, and Good Luck last night and there’s no question that Murrow would blog today and would not have to argue with network executives,” were you just messing with us?

  • http://www.rateitall.com lawrence coburn

    I think Squidoo sounds really interesting, and I love the incentive/recognition aspect of sharing Adsense revenues with contributors.

    However, I think it’s a scary proposition. Whether or not ad revenues track back to a particular lense or not, there’s still going to be a tremendous incentive for click fraud. Squidoo will have plenty of savvy users who will understand that repeatedly clicking Adsense ads on the mortgage lense will raise everyone’s payout.

    And the worst part is that there won’t be any accountability for the click fraud perpatrator, other than deleting the person’s account. Squidoo could well end up being booted out of Adsense if abuse is too rampant.

    I don’t know what the answer is, but I will be curious to see how the bright folks at Squidoo handle this thorny issue….

    On a related note, it would seem like an opportunity for Adsense / YPN to come up with a program that is geared towards parceling out ads and payments to individual site users.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/access2 Ed Watts

    I wondered why the top 100 lenses were IMHO such garbage, until I realized that they’re by people who are flooding the SquidU Forum with useless “me too” posts (all linking back to their garbage pages) So easy to fix with an Index,Nofollow entry in robots.txt! So much for “No Spam”