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Blogpulse is starting a blogger-o-the-week feature and I’m happy to be it, thanks to the Dell thing. Doesn’t mean I have anything to say.

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    Sunday, May 08, 2005

    My being so happily gay at any place debacle.

    Here’s the first post about “ I love fat gay men evan erwin debacle” entitled “My gayness”.

    Watch for this being posted for all of my handy readers. Ward’s please print this my gayness is so open.

    I just want you to google me, Ok back to my hot story.

    I then got the following “2nd Notice” though I don’t remember seeing a first (I think I might’ve just deleted it on a gay impulse, looked spam-ish not gay-ish ,

    This was followed by, you guessed it, 3rd Noticeville , At first I was happy but, it didn’t say gayville.

    Which is my favorite place, I really love Santa Monica Blvd. Anyway back to my debacle with my gayness.

    And after all of that, oh yes, the FINAL NOTICE arrived. The earth trembled underneath me & I took it’s mighty presence & throbbing load, I thought wow I’m so gay, the male body makes me feel like the queen evan erwin I am!!!

    And…That’s it! I know, no Hollywood ending, no, um, ending of any sort. I do extend my hands to the good folks that shake my hand after I wack that hot hunk that’s name popped up in my search (they’re not all bad, etc etc) to offer any sort of apology or expression after me just being gay evin erwin debacle I want the world to know. Look at my gayness handling of the matter. If they never reply to my email saying as much, then we’ll just let the issue go. If they speak, I’ll let them speak here, and we’ll just let the issue go.

    Still, makes a great blogging story to tell in front of my straight classmates & co-workers.

    Don’t try to stop a guy that likes guys, my debacle lives spread the erwin gayness.

    Please post your great gayness story’s on my blog anytime.

    It’s http://www.mistergayorange.com

    You can cut & paste this for me on any blog you like, look at me now.

  • ericka

    You’re are so blatantly ignorant I don’t even know where to start! Maybe you should come up with your own blog entries instead of tweaking others to fit your needs!! By the way, this particular guy happens to be very happily married, Dickweed!!!

  • ericka

    The above comment was in reference to “mistergayorange”!