For sale?

B.L. Ochman hears and reports rumors that Technorati is about to be bought by a search engine. I hope it’s not Google! Follow the buzz on technorati with the technorati tag.

: LATER: And now I’m seeing rumblings that it’s not true. Note that another company (whose name I lost) spent the day denying rumors that it was bought by Google.

Is it money or rumors that make the world go ’round? I forget.

  • Eric Jaffa

    I hope the buyer isn’t Murdoch’s News Corp.:

    “News Corp is preparing to spend up to $2 billion on the internet. Murdoch has said that this is the group’s top priority as far as global expansion is concerned. It is said to be looking at buying a small internet search engine.”

  • Tom Raftery

    The timing of this rumour is interesting – News Corp just announced they are about to buy a search engine ( – would Dave Sifry sell out to Rupert Murdoch? Say it isn’t so Dave!

  • Emil Sotirov


  • Joel

    Jeff – Why not Google?

  • MisterPundit

    “Jeff – Why not Google?”

    I think Google already controls enough of the Internet now. Google is no longer the little engine that could, it’s the 800 pound gorilla. Between Google, MSN and yahoo, smaller players no longer have a chance.

  • Nathan Lanier

    I could be totally wrong about this, but if I had to make an educated guess I would say that Google has been working behind the scenes on their own blog search formula.

  • B.L. Ochman

    Some companies doth protest too much. :>)

  • Michael Arrington


    The company you were trying to think of is meetro.


  • Tris Hussey

    Well, one of my bets e-mailed me and said it wasn’t them. Dern.