Consider the source

A certain blogger and comment troll I won’t name or link to – nya, nya — has been getting lots of links in the last two weeks with his list of ham-handed, sophomoric insults, some sexual, aimed at those he thinks are right-wing bloggers. I went back to look at some of his trollish comments here just to give you a sample of how this little gut talks. Here’s what he said to one woman in a comment:

Trying pouring drano down your throat, then slap a piece a duct tape over your mouth. Shake well.

Consider that he also made remarks about Malkin’s “tits” — not to mention affirmative action “jokes,” dismissing that Democratic cause. Somebody ought to take away his official PC Club membership card. He’s the guy who tries to decree who’s liberal. But I don’t think he’s really liberal.

  • Eric Jaffa

    If affirmative action is a Democratic cause, why doesn’t the Republican Congress pass a law that any university which uses race as a factor in admissions is ineligible for federal money?

  • Maureen

    Jeff – I love ya, but let me clear up the myth of “liberals” being perfect saints who never say anything racist or sexist. Shall I start with Bill Clinton & Ted Kennedy–two of the most sexist pigs who’ve ever oinked on 2 legs, but who’ve gotten away with their sexual harrassment over the years because they made nicenice with NOW. Should I point out that Larry Flynt considers himself a liberal?

    But the idea that someone who’s a “liberal” wouldn’t make racist or sexist comments?! Please. Read back thru Michelle Malkin’s blog. She constantly gives examples of the vicious racist & sexist rhetoric she gets from “liberals.” I have cousins who are devout Democrats–they hate Republicans, Dubya in particular, & have never voted Republican in their lives. Yet they’re incapable of referring to Blacks, Hispanics, or Asians by anything other than the crudest racial terms.

    And of course my favorite example is that I live in Prince Georges County, Maryland. It happens to be a heavily minority county–one of the largest in the country. The town I live is particularly heavily minority. I’ve lived here for over 6 years & love it. When my “liberal” colleagues find out I live there, I always get the disguised-racist comments–“Oh, isn’t that dangerous?” “Aren’t you scared?” Or just plain “Why would you want to live THERE?!” As they, of course, all live in their safely white communities & send their kids to safely white (private) schools & toss a few bucks to the local Democratic party while breaking their arms patting themselves on the back with how PC & open-minded & “liberal” they are. Need I mention that the one time my Democrat cousins visited me, they were absolutely horrified at the number of minorities?

    (Want another test? My mom lives in Miami–has for over 10 years. Absolutely loves it. Just run Miami by the average “liberal.” You’ll inevitably get the liberal codeword for Miami of “dangerous”–meaning, of course, too Hispanic. Her “liberal” friends from our university hometown of State College, PA–all “liberal” wives of “liberal” Penn State University professors–have flat out refused to visit her in all this time, because it’s too “dangerous.” She can drive up to “safe”–meaning white–Orlando or Ft. Meyers or other places to meet them, but uh uh, them coming to Miami is too “dangerous.”)

  • Jeff Jarvis

    Maureen: You bet. But this bozo in particular makes an uncareer (he says he’s a corporate lawyer) of deciding who is and isn’t liberal and this is his illiberal behavior. As a liberal, I’d be ashamed to call him one of our own.

  • Joel

    I don’t think the internet is helping much either… Penny Arcade’s take on it is right on ( I agree with you about 50% of the time Jeff, but you’re totally right not to allow people to use your space to insult others.

  • Noel Guinane

    Mithras is another arrogant yuppie full of his own ego and is really not worth bothering about. His mind is mud. Let him self-destruct.

  • daudder

    isn’t it best to get them out in the open where they can be refuted/be-littled/scorned? Boorish, piggish, sexist comments can’t really be disguised as anything but what they are.
    or maybe i’m being too liberal.

  • Kevin K.

    I guess Mithras should have just referred to you as “pond scum” and everything would be cool, right? And since you’re a huge fan of Stern, who uses “sophomoric insults, some sexual” and talks about women’s “tits” on a daily basis, I think it’s rather silly of you to develop a case of the vapors as you pluck away the “PC Club membership card” I’m sure Mithras never owned (or wanted) in the first place.

    But that’s just me.

  • David

    Well Jeff, he isn’t one of your own, you are safe on that ground. Hopefully you will work on your friends to see that these types of people are the most unliberal people. In politics the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Reread the parts of the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich that deal with the 1931-1933 years. (I have been rereading that book for the first time in thirty years, can ya tell?)

    Recently the Republicans have done a fairly good job of getting their lunitics to shut up (not a perfect job), the Democrats need to work much harder to get their lunitics to shut up. By the by, the recent NARAL fiasco didn’t help.

  • The Lonewacko Blog

    The Democratic party is built on anti-white racism; without that it would collapse.

  • NameWithheld

    Mr Jarvis, regarding comments, why won’t you acknowledge Kat for her all the work she has done to educate all of us about Islamofascism as Eileen has asked you to?

  • Jeff Jarvis

    Kevin: I’m not the one acting like the self-appointed cop of what’s liberal. He is.
    Anonymous Eileen: Don’t tell me what to write. You can write what you want here so you say it. I will write what I want to write. That’s called blogging. And I guess praising Kat is such a scary opinion that you can’t even give your name.

  • NameWithheld

    First to make one thing clear. I’m not Eileen. Eileen doesn’t like me and she probably would like you to belive that I’m her. Personally I would prefer that you would give Kat some negative remarks to her hate speech.

    But as I have stated in other threads, some of the threads here is starting to look like LGF II. And it’s true that it’s your blog and you can write what you want, but I get curious when you allow the hate speech without commenting it.

    Finally I like the name I have chosen, that’s why I use it. I could use a common name, but I won’t.

  • Azael

    Nice that you didn’t put Mithras’ whole quote in context – noticed you didn’t even provide the link. Kind of a cowardly act, that. Anyways, for the rest of you, there’s the link to the post and comments in question. As to the comment itself, here’s the exchange between Mithras and Andrea Harris, someone every bit as offensive as anything Jarvis claims about Mithras.

    Hey, Mithras, what do you use? Because I’ve scrubbed my brain twice, and I still can’t get the stains out of it from your site.
    Posted by: Andrea Harris on September 12, 2004 01:19 PM

    Trying pouring drano down your throat, then slap a piece a duct tape over your mouth. Shake well.

    I guarantee you won’t have to think about my site any more.
    Posted by: Mithras on September 12, 2004 03:52 PM

    It’s pretty clear from reading the whole thing in context that your good pal Stern would have reacted to Andrea in precisely the same way.

  • Azael

    Sorry, have no idea why the bits in my comment are bolded – wasn’t meant to be.

  • Alan Kellogg


    And this makes it legitimate?

  • Eric Jaffa

    Azael –

    Thanks. The quote is different in context.

    It was deceptive of Jeff Jarvis to take that out of context without a link to the original.

  • NameWithheld

    Mr Jarvis, are you going to answer my question? Or is your silence the answer?

  • jon

    labels are useless. liberal does not mean tolerant, preclude bias, bigotry or being stupid at times. And conservative doesn’t mean being right, patriotic, for smaller government or being stupid at times.
    best we lose the labels.

  • Azael

    Alan: I’m not really sure what you mean by “legitimate”. Is Howard Stern’s potty mouth “legitimate”? Certainly, Mithras was giving as well as he was getting from Andreas. Go do some research on Ms. Harris and I think you’ll find that she’s every bit as offensive as JJ is claiming Mithras is. One of her old sites is Spleenville.

    So, regardless of whether this legitimizes anything, what it does show is that Andrea isn’t some lilting wall flower who was innocently ambushed by that big bad Mithras.

    And JJ was pretty clearly trying to paint Mithras in this light by using a quote out of context.

    Which is pretty nasty in its own right, regardless of whatever Mithras is or is not guilty of.

    I suppose we should convene a panel on blogger ethics to get to the bottom of this.

  • Jeff Jarvis

    Withheld: I don’t have patience for p eople who don’t have the balls to use thier names.

  • George Gallagher

    Mr Jarvis, If I called myself George Gallagher instead of NameWithheld would that mean that you would answer my question? Not that you would ever know if my real name is George Gallagher or if my actually surname is NameWithheld (I’ve seen stranger surnames). Or do you want my social security number too to answer my question? A photo of me? My fingerprints? A copy of my DNA? If I set up my own blog and link to that would that make me any more real? Because in the end there is a lot of people on your blog that doesn’t reveal their names.

  • Jim Dermitt

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste and sometimes a mind is a terrible thing that just must be wasted. That’s why there is Mr. Jack Daniels.

  • Jim Dermitt

    Maybe you could use Mr. Jack Daniels George and get some clear answers from Mr. Jeff. I’m going fishin’ with Mr. Jack today.

  • Mark J

    The problem here is that “liberal” has come to mean “leftwinger.” The two are hardly synonymous. It has also become clear to me that sometimes the only attribute you need to exhibit to be considered a “liberal” is intolerance and hatred of anyone more than 2 inches to the right of you in the political spectrum. Only being openminded to leftists ideals doesn’t make you a liberal, it makes you a leftist.

    You lack the courage to comment using your real name… at least have the courtesy of communicating your off-topic messages via e-mail instead of wasting space here.

  • Andrea Harris

    Wow, seeing my old comment here from last year brings back such fond memories… ah, me and Mithras, the drinks at the lodge, the time Cindi fell in the punch bowl…

    Wha– Huh? Where was I? What was the subject? Oh, Mithras. Imagine my surprise when I came across links to a blog post of him that was the most pathetic, sub-pubertal attempt at matching “rightwingers” slam-for-slam mockery that these eyes have seen in many a year. (You know the post — everyone linked to it.) Not only was the shock of seeing that he was still online (who knew feces could float that long?) part of it, but it was also the sad realization that there is only so much some minds can, er, grow. I guess I still had some vestigial remnants of that old liberal belief that human nature could be improved still in my brain. Anyway, they died that day.

    As for “Azael” — yawn. Go back to your all-black bedroom and play your Apoptygma Bezerk cds and let the grownups deal with reality.

  • Andrea Harris

    That should be “a blog post of his” — what can I say, WordPress doesn’t provide automatic preview (you have to add it) and I haven’t had my coffee yet. Well what am I waiting for!

  • Andrea Harris

    By the way, isn’t my “old” site — it’s my main site! Come one, come all, and be offended! Penis-washers to the likes of Mithras are especially welcome.

  • Azael

    I think the all black bedroom is yours, baby cakes. Kiss, kiss.

  • Eric Jaffa

    Jeff Jarvis-

    This is wha Andrea Harris, the woman you’re trying to defend from Mithras says about Cindy Sheehan, a woman whose son Casey was killed in Iraq:

    Cindy Sheehan
    August 11, 2005

    Can we bring back the public stocks? Seriously, can we? I mean, we can make it into a reality tv show (there, Hollywood’s on it like a shot, The Making of special on the Travel Channel showing the factory where the manufactured Lyptus™ wood stocks are cut and shaped and polished is already in the works). Because there are people in this country in serious need of some real public humiliation, involving being held immobile in an uncomfortable position, not in a discreet prison far away like Abu Ghraib, but in public — in, say, Times Square, while rotten cabbages are thrown at them.

    Chief on the list is Raggedy Mom Doll Cindy Sheehan, who is currently occupying Camp Pathetic Wastes of Human Flesh outside of the President’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. One thing this proves is that Texans are sadly a whole lot more liberal and tolerant than they are always being accused of by the shitforbrains left: if they were actually as bigotted and short-tempered as they are always accused of being, there would be nothing left of Cindy Sheehan but a grease spot in the Texas dust.

    Mithras didn’t fantasize aloud about murder by a mob. Andrea Harris did.

  • Andrea Harris

    God, you’re stupid. I didn’t “fantasize aloud about murder by a mob” I pointed out that she wasn’t going to be murdered by anyone. I understand, though, that reading comprehension is difficult when your eyes are all red and swollen from crying along with Cindy. A fresh cucumber slice on each eye for twenty minutes will help the inflammation go down. Don’t know what to do about the brain damage, however — I’m a blogger, not a neurosurgeon.

  • Azael

    Still, major props for using Abu Ghraib and Cindy Sheehan in the same paragraph.

  • Eric Jaffa

    Andrea Harris –

    You want us to believe that nameless people told you that Texans are so terrible they are on the verge of forming a mob and murdering Cindy Sheehan, and you are just refuting them?

    That is garbage.

    This mob-murder is your fantasy.

  • Andrea Harris

    Geez, the brain damage is deeper than I thought. My condolences to any family members of this Eric Jaffa person who might be reading this. You have my sympathies.

  • Eric Jaffa

    Andrea Harris –

    Can you name the people who say Texans are”bigotted and short-tempered?”

  • Azael

    See? Just a non-stop font of sweetness and light. Who could ever be mean to someone that cuddly? It’s like attacking one of the care bears.

  • Andrea Harris

    Azzie: 1) I’ve never claimed to be a “non-stop font of sweetness and light” or “cuddly,” and it’s not the meanness I object to, it’s the stupidity. 2) You seem rather intimidated by the idea of a woman who isn’t sweet, light, and cuddly. Well that’s your psychological problem, not mine.

  • Azael

    Andrea, you seem to be mistaken that this is all about you. This is about JJ and his rather transparent attempt to take a quote out of context and use it to defend himself against a post that pretty much nails him. You’re just a prop in this, not the point of it. And I must say you’re playing the part perfectly.

    You are what you are, and although it’s kind of tragic that someone with so much obvious talent is so frickin’ miserable and bitter, that’s none of my concern and entirely your own choice.

  • Andrea Harris

    Why do silly people think that when a woman engages in invective she is “miserable and bitter”? Wishful thinking, most likely. Alas for your misconceptions, I am quite content and happy.

  • The Real JeffS

    Azael, I think you are making a mountain of nothing. Yes, Andrea and Mithras were snarling at each other, in a manner that would see chairs hitting the floor in any bar.

    Balancing the two comments, I’d have to say that what Mithras says is more offensive. Andrea says Mithras website offended her; Mithras uses a new (and quite nasty, methinks) variation of “up yours”. Pure one upmanship on his/her part. Or should I say, “one downmanship”?

    So I don’t see how you can turn this minor exchange of flames into something against anybody, Andrea, Jeff, or Mithras. It’s a non-example, especially if you step back even further to look at the whole relationship.

    But I suppose as long as Jeff lets you use his bandwidth on a meaningless quest into cyberspace, feel free to continue. The INTERNET is both information and entertainment, and entertaining you are.

    But back to the bar room brawl….I’d be on the sidelines, taking bets on Andrea. Not only is she more intelligent than Mithras (a troll by any definition), she is far more inventive with her invective.

  • Azael

    Well, fine. You’re a blissfully content and happy person.

    Still curious as to wtf your double x chromosone has to do with any of my comments. I understand what it means in context of this post by JJ, because he is trying to use your double x as a shield for himself? But other than that, what relevance does it have?

  • Eric Jaffa

    The Real JeffS –

    The implication of the original post by Jeff Jarvis is that Mithras is an obnoxious sexist who insulted Andrea Harris out of the blue.

    That isn’t what happened.

  • Mithras

    I don’t think this was such a good move on your part, Jarvis. You want to criticize me by going to the record? I’ll take you to the record.

  • The Real JeffS

    Mithras is obnoxious, period. I don’t see where the “sexist” part comes from, but that’s your opinion.

    But I agree with him being a troll wholeheartedly I concluded that from the content and leanings of his other posts across the Blogosphere. Jeff has that smackdab right, and certainly that aspect is not quoted out of context.

    Indeed, the whole point of Jeff’s post is that Mithras is an obnoxious, insulting jerk — somehow, you’ve landed on Mithras’ side, and have tried to argue that Jeff is wrong for bringing up one of many examples to support his original premise, merely because Andrea was unpleasant to him in the first place.

    Poke someone with a stick long enough, and that person will poke back. In this case, Andrea (who never suffers a fool gladly) poked back. And not for the first time.

    Is it written somewhere that bloggers have to submit meekly to trolls? If so, please provide a link. Mithras will want it for sure. Until then, don’t complain about partial links to flame wars between two people who have a history of said flames. Your whole argument is based on a non-issue.

  • Azael

    Right, that’s why JJ brought up “tits” and “woman”.

  • brandon davis

    Hey …Wait Just One Minute.

    I do think Andrea is pretty darn “sweet & cuddly” …and tough.

    Ugottaprobwitdat, girly man?

    And actually, I “discovered” her brilliant talent with biting invective originally through Jeff’s original putdown of her old Twisted Spinster blogname (one of the all time great blog names btw) that he semi-alludes to. THANKS AGAIN, JEFFIE!!!

    Oddly enough, I de-linked the [opinion with-held …this is his sandbox after all] Jarvis shortly thereafter …but Andrea remains near the top of my daily must-read list for her occasionally brilliant (and always entertaining), er, insightful comments; second only to Ace, natch.

    What’s the point of reading someone’s opinion, if they don’t, like, you know, have one? (Or refuse to be honest about it.)

  • Eileen

    “The implication of the original post by Jeff Jarvis is that Mithras is an obnoxious sexist who insulted Andrea Harris out of the blue.”

    Well, Eric, perhaps you can’t see the forrest through your own trees. ANY man whose brain could even arrive at – much less suggest – that a woman should drink draino, have her mouth taped shut with duct tape, shake…..and die…..has got to be ONE SICK F***. I’m reminded of the BTK animal I listened to last night. Sexist is w a y too mild a term. Troll is w a y too mild a term. Obnoxious is w a y too mild a term.

    Lock your doors and windows.

  • Azael

    Again, you seem to be confused as to what the issue is here. “Sweet n’ cuddly” or “bitter n’ whiny”, she holds her own. She gives as good as she takes. Absolutely no one here disputes that.

    In fact, this is precisely the point. She isn’t a lilting wall flower who is being savaged by nasty ol’ Mithras: crypto fascist (or something).

    My lord. Don’t you people read before you comment? I mean, kudos for the Andrea love fest n’ all, but lordy….

  • Mithras

    ANY man whose brain could even arrive at – much less suggest – that a woman should drink draino, have her mouth taped shut with duct tape, shake…..and die…..has got to be ONE SICK F***.

    Well, I am that. But the reference was to a infamous crime committed in New York in the 1970s, I believe, so I can’t take credit for thinking it up. Anyway, she asked for suggestions on how to clean her brain. I was just trying to be helpful. Sheesh.

  • Eileen

    That you would even dare to suggest such a thing to a female – or Any human being for that matter – speaks volumes. Sick volumes, Mithras.

  • Azael

    I guess you don’t read Andrea, do you Eileen.

  • Mithras

    That I would dare suggest such a thing to a female? Who is the sexist here? Andrea is a mental gnat, but I don’t denigrate her for her sex.

    In my post on Malkin, I wasn’t criticizing affirmative action, or criticizing Malkin for being female (or an ethnic minority). The idea was that her ethnicity and sex provide a useful cover to anti-affirmative action conservatives, and that I think she consciously uses who she is to promote herself. I don’t argue that a woman or a minority can’t be conservative, anti-affirmative action, or pro-racial profiling. I think Malkin is sincerely all of those things. She’s just cynical, opportunistic and hypocritical, too.

    Huh. Now I see what she has in common with Jarvis.

  • Eileen

    “That I would dare suggest such a thing to a female?” Yes Mithras, or Any human being.

    It’s a beautiful day where I live. Outa here. I need some fresh air.

  • Jeff Jarvis

    Watch Mithras backpedal to try to keep his liberal credentials. Ye doth protest too much.

  • Mithras

    It’s not backpedalling, Jarvis, it’s explaining things slowly so that even the very dim can understand.

    Did you read the record? Look at those comments and spout off again about how I am a troll.

  • The Real JeffS

    Actually, I read Andrea quite regularly. She’s opinionated, sometimes blisteringly so, I don’t always agree with her, but her logic is generally straightforward, and amazingly consistent. IMHO, anyhoo.

    We get the message, you don’t like Andrea. So? What’s that got to do with Mithras being an obnoxious jerk of troll, possibly with sexist tendencies? Non sequitur. You are but going off on a tangent.

  • Regan


    Whoa there fundies!

    Jarvis, stop swinging boy … fights over!

    Here let me help you up off the canvas.

    You people just sound dumber and more ignorant with each passing day.

  • Tommy

    I’m sorry, but are you people actually defending a racist like Michele Malkin?

  • Mithras

    I’m out of here, too. This has been fun, though. Thanks, Jarvis. You’re always good for a chuckle.

  • Andrea Harris

    And just when I’d made some popcorn, too. Well, more for us then!

  • Sarge

    Yes, there’s always more for you … rich glutinous greedhead republicans.

    But it’s never enough, is it?

  • Jeff Jarvis

    So I’ve found a way to get Mithras to leave the party. Excuse me while I run to the patent office.

  • Andrea Harris

    “Yes, there’s always more for you … rich glutinous greedhead republicans.”

    And we use real butter too! Note: it tastes even better when you snatch the popcorn from the hands of weeping Third World infants.

  • George “NameWithheld” Gallagher

    What you write on your blog reflect who you are, but if you allow comments then I also believe that comments left by others unchallenged by the person who owns the blog also reflects the owner. For instance John Cole’s blog has been “taken over” by people on the left because they see him as a good republican, but when they go too far to the left in their comments John Cole challenges them. On this blog I’m seeing that the owner regulary confronts the far left, for instance Faramir recently in the 9/11 thread. But for some reason when the far right (Kat and Eileen for instance) start their hate speech against all muslims, Mr Jarvis is silent.

    And when you don’t challenge them, not even by a small rebuke, I gather you support their views. Or am I wrong?

  • dave

    Moronic brownshirt fucks… who gives a shit?

  • jerry


    You and Andrea are meant for each other, although I do think I know who would wear the pants.

    Now would be a good time for an update and a correction, but we know what that would do to the “buzz!”

    That you consider yourself a liberal is laughable.

  • Mike

    # The Lonewacko Blog Says:August 12th, 2005 at 7:07 pm
    The Democratic party is built on anti-white racism; without that it would collapse.

    This is classic Republican projection. The world knows that Nixon’s Southern Strategy was to make the Republican Party the party of the racist, white Southerners. That strategy succeeded admirably.

  • Jeff Jarvis

    Nice to meet you.
    No, I do not respond to or even read every comment. Certain people (especially the anonymous) I ignore. Sometimes, I just don’t have time. I do read most comments. I enjoy the conversation. But I figure I already have my say on the blog and so I respond to thing here only when I feel compelled. And I certainly do not feel compelled to respond to every comment or most comment or even many comments’ there are too many. So I won’t play the game of having to say what you want me to say about any and all comments. You are free to say what you think. So just say it.

  • George “NameWithheld” Gallagher

    So you don’t feel compelled to answer their hate speech. Good to know. You don’t need to say anything else. The picture is crystal clear.

  • Jim C.

    I agree, putting Mithras’ comment in context puts a much different light on it.

    Out of context it’s a vile, sadistic, and utterly despicable suggestion to commit suicide in a particularly horrible and excruciatingly painful way pathetically attempting to masquerade as humor.

    In context, it’s merely a sadistic and utterly despicable suggestion to commit suicide in a particularly horrible and excruciatingly painful way pathetically attempting to masquerade as humor.

    All the difference in the world.

  • Alan Kellogg


    Sometimes you have to let the bile, invective, and stupidity speak for themselves. ‘Sides’ as you’re showing, reasoning with them does no good.

    To put it another way, you’re never going to be satisfied. You’ll find something in Jeff’s response to bitch about, something lacking. You’ll never be satisfied, so why bother?

  • Eric Jaffa

    Jeff Jarvis-

    Do you consider yourself a liberal?

    If so, why?

  • Alan Kellogg

    Eric Jaffa,

    Do you consider yourself a mature adult?

    If so, why?

  • WTF

    Alan Kellogg,

    Do you consider George Bush a mature adult.

    If so, why?

  • Andrea Harris

    So what’ll it be, boys — real butter or soy margarine? I don’t want to cause any lactose-intolerant folks any upset stomachs. :twisted:


  • Jeff Jarvis

    I am not my bloggers’ keeper.

  • George “NameWithheld” Gallagher

    Alan Kellogg, if Mr Jarvis don’t care that people is using his blog to spread hate then it’s sad. And I never asked him to reason or debate with them, but I atleast think he could comment on it. I think that would have been enough. But I guess he doesn’t find it important enough to be compelled to give us his view on the subject.

    But I guess if he shares their views he probably shouldn’t acknowledge it since it might hurt his chances to appear on TV. Unless he wants to be on Fox with Bernard Goldberg.

    And I guess Eileen sortof got what she wanted in his last response in this thread…

  • Alan Kellogg


    You’ll understand when you’re older.

  • Alan Kellogg

    George Gallagher,

    Who died and made you Jeff Jarvis?

  • Robin Roberts

    George, you need to grow up. This line of yours is very kindergarten. Adults have to actually priortize their time since they can’t spend 24×7 in the playground.

  • Eric Jaffa

    Alan Kellogg-

    Jeff Jarvis started this thread by describing Mithras as ” the guy who tries to decree who’s liberal.”

    That is why I asked Jeff Jarvis if he calls himself a liberal.

  • George “NameWithheld” Gallagher

    Robin Roberts, priortize is the keyword… Since he obviously have time to respond to hate speech from the far left but for some reason he doesn’t feel to be compelled to reply to the hate speech spewed by the far right….

  • kat

    Eric: Read under Politics:
    George–I am not coming out to play. You are too immature for me. I know kindergarten kids who are more mature than you. nitey nite, georgie porgie. Don’t forget your little pink soother. And don’t cry sweetie pie.:):)

  • Alan Kellogg

    Eric Jaffa,

    And if he’s not the right kind of liberal?

  • Eileen

    Say Andrea? Could I please have some slathered with tons of real butter And salt?

    Sleep well, Camp BuzzMachine. Don’t stay up too late making rabbits.

  • George “NameWithheld” Gallagher

    Kat, I don’t want to play with you. I’m staying in the center and you are way too far to the right for my taste…. But it is interesting that Mr Jarvis isn’t man enough to tell us what he really thinks about your views…

  • Jeff Jarvis

    George: I resist most all attempts by people who think they should tell me what I should write. The more you insist I should write something, the less likely that I am going to write it.

    Not that I am drawing a parallell, but go to the 9/11 Records post above and see how I dealt with Faramin, who’s nothing but a shit-stirrer. I don’t answer each one of his posts. I don’t decree what I think of what he says. In his case, I long, long ago stopped reading a word he writes. He shouts. I keep my iPod on and hum.

    Most people in these comments make wonderful contributons and I am privileged to have them here. A few don’t. I know that the readers have the good sense to decide what they think of other commenters; they certainly don’t need me to decide for them. I have my say. They have theirs. I have my view of the conversation .They have theirs. That’s the way blogs work.

    So you can stop now. Move on.

  • The Real JeffS

    Moronic brownshirt fucks… who gives a shit?

    You forgot that we are, in fact, digital brownshirts. Algore said so.

  • Mark J

    The more you insist I should write something, the less likely that I am going to write it.

    I see a reverse psychology loophole here that could give someone indirect control over what you write. Perhaps better to completely disassociate your writing from others’ wishes. :-)

  • George “NameWithheld” Gallagher

    Mr Jarvis, I’ve never told you what you should write. I’m just pointing out that while you have got time and feel compelled to answer Faramir and me, you, as you have written here don’t feel compelled to comment on Kat’s and Eileen’s hate speech.

    Eileen on the other hand has asked of you to acknowledge Kat’s great work in teching us all. But I guess she and Kat has to settle for your silent support.

    And it’s true that the readers can judge the other commenters. Also true that you don’t answer Faramir’s every comment, but you have answered enough so that the readers can judge your view about his comments.

    If some fundamental islamists should decide to use your blog to spread their drivel, would you still be as silent as when the hate speech is coming from the far right? I doubt it. You do seem to be a bit further to the right than you ready to admit.

  • O’McSomething

    Hasn’t anyone poured drano down Andrea Harris’s thoat, slapped duct tape over her mouth, and shaken her yet? Long overdue.

  • Eric Jaffa

    kat –

    Thanks for the link.

  • kat

    George–I am tired of expaining to slow learners–I do not hate muslims, just terrorists. Prior to 911 I lived the love thy neighbor as thyself rule and I believed all religions were equal and I respect atheists, agnostics,etc. and I respect Andrew Sullivan but am against gay marriage. Criticizing what the terrorists preach is not hate, but self preservation. All I pray for is multitudes of moderate muslims to issue an honest fatwa against terrorists.
    If muslims believe jihad is necessary and establishing a caliphate is a goal, then I hate islam. No, it is not them i hate–just their policy. You know what I mean? I’d not think it right that people should be forced at machete point to accept Jesus or mohammed. I love Jews and buddhists,too,but I don’t plan to become one. I have to go to Church. Have a nice day. BTW–I love you too, George.

  • Alan Kellogg

    Jeff Jarvis,

    Here’s a link you may want to check out. While the subject is gaming, it is applicable to this thread.

    How so?

    Consider the behavior typified by a minority of gamers, and contrast it with the behavior of some of the commenters in this thread. You know, rigidity, insistence that things be a certain way with no room for flexibility. That sort of thing.

    Not that certain people are going to see any connection between themselves and either terrorist or gaming nerds. :)

  • Jeff Jarvis

    One last time, George: You are telling me what to write about. And I’m not doing it.
    I have many times in the past asked Kat and Faramin and others to “take it outside” because their reptititive screeds are tiresome.
    So is this discussion.
    Move on, George, move on.

  • George “NameWithheld” Gallagher

    Kat, your promotion of the Barnabus Fund, a reflief organistation that only gives to Christians, after the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake says alot about your views. If you can’t find it in your heart to give to people of other faiths after such a terrible disaster then you are below contempt (as are the muslims who acted just like you).

    Mr Jarvis, once more I don’t tell you what you should write about, I just point out what you fail reply to. And I do understand why you find me pointing this out tiresome.

  • Alan Kellogg


    About Mr. Jarvis. You’ll understand when you’re older.

  • Ravo

    I nominate George as “gamer” of the year. The game is to make people wrong. A statement is seized with an aaha! and categorized with a label. He then attempts to show where you are not being true to the label he has pinned you with. His own position of “center” facilitates his ability to move and reason with each new angle of each new subject….the very rules he seeks to deny his prey. If you say black, he will say white and vice versa. The aim is to lock you into a narrow box and “catch” you violating whatever. “If you think this, a “then do you” or “you must” support that” type of twisting turning dialog ensues.

    It works best with people who have a need to be right and a need to prove they are. It does not work well with people who know who they are and have no need to categorize or justify their sincerely held opinions. People like Jeff and Kat who know who they are and trust their own opinions without needing the approval of others frustrate him immensely.

    Note the newest tack taken with Kat (one of the sanest people here in my humble opinion). He says she gave money to a Christian organization that helped members involved in the Tsunami. Note the conclusion George reaches….and do I mean reaches…for. To follow that conclusion…Kat would have to give to all in the Tsunami..and hey why stop there, …why just the Tsunami, what about all the other disasters in the world…..aren’t they just as worthy after all?

    I have no doubt, George would take whatever roads, however obscure, that lead to making Kat wrong for giving some money to her fellow Christians.

    The game (in his own mind) will be won when he feels he has backed her into a corner…with perhaps a play on words…or a conclusion he deems unarguable (in his own mind) …..whatever it takes to “win”.

    He was trying to draw an “always” conclusion, and trying to paint a label on Jeff, with an absence of words. To succeed in “making Jeff wrong” would be a checkmate of the month for him.

    A “discussion” with this man is a waste of oxygen.

  • Andrea Harris

    “O’McSomething says” etc.

    You always were a coward, O.

  • George “NameWithheld” Gallagher

    Ravo, calling Kat sane? That’s enough to know where you stand.

    Actually Kat gave money to a Christian charity that only gave relief money to other Christians. Which is good if you don’t want to give your money to Muslims, Buddists, Hiduists and so on. She could have supported a fund that gives without checking their religion first.

    I do believe that both Mr Jarvis and Kat knows who they are. The difference is that Kat admitts it.

    Anyway I have no interest in Kat what so ever, she’s just a tool in this discussion, as is Eileen.

    If the “discussion” is a waste of oxygene, then why did you reply?

  • Eileen

    Whose tool are you, withheld? Centrist Islamofascists?

  • George “NameWithheld” Gallagher

    Eileen, personally I despise Muslim and Christian fundamentalists alike, but you can continue to try to smear me with the Islamofacist labels since that seem to be how you and Kat deals with people that doesn’t agree with you. It’s a bit… …simplistic. But what do you expect from a tool?

  • Eileen

    So-called George? You lying taqiyya trash talkers really need to improve your English skills if you expect to be taken even the least bit seriously. Clearly you’re *not* a Christian or a “Hiduist”. “Admitt” it. The “oxygene” we’re forced to breathe in your midst is rancid “since that seem to be how you deals with people” who speak truths about Islamists. We all know you tools are encouraged to lie in your taqiyya cult handbook, the koran.

    I’ll preach in your terrorists’ choir when….well, NEVER. I’ll be your dhimmi when….well, NEVER. Just so you know where I stand. You can expect kat and the rest of us to pay our dhimmi taxes to support your Muslims and your caliphate, well, NEVER. I will continue to criticize the gutblowers and their tools until they’re all safely obliterated from the face of the Earth. Run along back to your cave and study English now. Scat.

  • George “NameWitheld” Gallagher

    Eileen, you are true, I’m neither a Christian or a Hindu (Hinduist? maybe you shouldn’t pick on my English skills). I’m an agnostic.

    For the rest of your ramblings, they only prove that you are a lunatic and a tool.

    And BTW, you should run back to your catering.

  • Eileen

    Uh oh, the “agnostic” terrorist AKs (ass kissers) are trackin’ me now. Honored, I’m sure.

    Yes I am “true”, unlike you. How about I make a nice porkchop for you to go with along with your bacon grease coated popcorn? Surely you must be tired of bat meat and bugs by now, hmmm? Mmmmm.

  • George “NameWithheld” Gallagher

    Eileen, it’s true. The Agnostic Center has long seen you as a major threat to our mission to bring uncertainty to everyones religious beliefs. Therefore we have had you under constant surveillance. Sadly I seem to have blurted. The leader of my cell has already adminstered a severe punishment, I’m going to be transfered to the cell watching Kat, and if there is a deity or deities I might recieve further punishment in the afterlife.

    I kiss Muslim ass and Christian ass equally btw ;)

    Actually I don’t eat pork or bacon. So I’m probably a muslim. Or I could be a vegetarian. So I’m guessing forcing presumable muslims to eat pork won’t work as a detector test…

    And yeah since having to taste your food during my undercover work I have decided that bugs really don’t make the food any better, so I guess there is a silver lining in me being transfered to watch Kat :D .

  • George “NameWithheld” Gallagher

    Ooops. Kat is not being watched. I repeat, Kat is not being watched. I don’t know where I got that from.

  • Eileen

    “The leader of my cell has already adminstered a severe punishment…” Well, Excellent Then! This has turned into quite a lovely day at Camp Buzz after all!! Keep sweet talkin’ me that way, and you just might get your very most ‘favorite’ raisinbug oatmeal cookies. I know. I know. Longing is such sweet sorrow…

  • kat

    Gee, I’m being stalked by George. Is that supposed to be a threat?{ I guess there is a silver lining in me being transfered to watch Kat .}
    And George–the Barnabas Fund is my personal choice. Most of my charity donations and fundraising is through my Catholic Church–we raised over a million in our diocese for tsunami relief and almost a million for Haiti. Now we are focusing on Nigeria where the government charges starving Nigerians for a scrap of food or milk for a baby. Even a stalker like you must know that most Nigerians are muslims. I do not know how the Catholic Church uses the charitable donations, but I am sure we helped all faiths through the tsunami relief fundraiser. You can be such a dork sometimes. Do you expect me to go to the local mosque or synagogue to drop off my donation rather than donating through my Christian Church?

  • Ravo

    I think most of us belonging to Church organizations probably used that venue.

    Since George says he is an agnostic, I wonder how he chose to send his donation along. Um, he did send one I hope…especially after that snarky attack on Kat’s contribution.

  • Eileen

    “Do you expect me to go to the local mosque or synagogue to drop off my donation rather than donating through my Christian Church?”

    No, kat, you’re expected to drop it off at the closest mosque/ DTPC – Dhimmi Tax Payment Center, by order of the caliphate. There will be NO further contributions to synagogues or churches for any non-Muslims or apostates, as the infidel halls of worship are no longer in existence. All ‘contributions’ will henceforth be paid to Allah’s martyrs by order of the caliphate.

    Further. There is no need to donate to any Non-Muslim tsunami survivors, for the sooner the infidel spawn die the better.

    If you should suggest otherwise, you will be further fined for infidel “hate speech”. A second infraction will result in your death.

    It Is So Ordered: Anonymous Fatwa Number 666.

  • Ravo

    With every vile Satanic act, threat, and proclamation, many suspect they are indeed witnessing the coming of 666 and the beginning of the end times. Those seeing that, will probably join the religious right while there is still time.

  • Eileen

    It is interesting to me that a professed “agnostic” – Mr. “if I called myself George Gallagher instead of NameWithheld” – would be SO concerned about to whom kat contributes charitable donations in the first place. Why did he insist she Must donate to Muslims, specifically, and those of other non-Christian faiths, or risk his continued charge that she (and I) are responsible for “hate speech” (repeated no less that SEVEN TIMES in this thread)? Why would an agnostic even care? Efforts to diminish (‘we are just his tools’), ridicule (I am a lunatic; he ‘knows where Ravo stands’ for vouching for kat’s sanity) and otherwise attempt to discredit the two of us for daring to speak against terrorism were at the base of his repetition. As a supposed agnostic, why would he care so much? Why the thinly veiled threats? Why the effort to shut kat and me up?

    This thread was hijacked by an anonymous terrorist AK whose parallel object was to force Jeff to ‘take a stand’ on those who speak against Islamofascism; to wit, what anonymous calls “hate speech”. Jeff was REQUIRED to prove his ‘support’ for that by chastising kat and myself. Anonymous was like a dog with Allah’s bone in this regard, accepting Nothing less than his repeated, insistent demands. In the absence of that, Jeff’s silence was then deemed to state what he arbitrarily decided he meant it to be.

    Again, why would a supposed agnostic without a dog in the race even care?

    And his most telling and humorous question to Jeff of all: “If some fundamental islamists should decide to use your blog to spread their drivel, would you still be as silent as when the hate speech is coming from the far right?”

    “IF” they should”. Indeed.

    And I doubt the effort to educate about the truths of fundamental Islam/jihad are the exclusive province of the “far right”. ANY person who sanely objects to either 1.) becoming a Muslim, or, 2.) risk being murdered or subjugated by the caliphate should spread the truth about our enemy. And anyone who RESISTS those efforts or who otherwise attempts to undermine them by calling the truth “hate speech”, speaks loudly about their own motivations and loyalties. Oh, maybe they don’t want to see a full caliphate in place. Maybe they ‘just’ want to see all Jews dead. Either way, THEY’VE taken their own, sick stand.

  • Jack Roy

    God, you’re a wimp. If you don’t think his post was funny, you can often dissect the non-humor on the web for a good laugh. But just clipping some comments (without a whole lot of explanatory context, I notice) to prove someone’s a racist or a mysoginist is something that tired and lamentable ten years ago when liberals were the ones playing identity politics. Being an American with a healthy respect for freedom of speech means you don’t get to pretend to have hurt feelings. And being a blogger means you don’t get to demand someone say they’re sorry.