But you won’t hear me boo-hooing

I didn’t catch this quote from my call with Howard Stern yesterday but Scott Anderson did:

“He’s a good writer and now he’s writing a blog. That’s kind of sad.”

— Howard Stern on Jeff Jarvis during a call-in to his radio show on Monday by the former TV Guide and People critic and now BuzzMachine blogger.

And while I’m on the ego corrective track, Forbesreview is in:

WORST: Posts can be rambling.

  • David

    Gee Jeff, didn't you know that when you start to blog you start writing like a three year. D'uh

    Actually this goes hand and glove with Mr. Kinsley's sad piece that you fisked below. A lot of people are fealing a loss of power, but we know that many more people are feeling more powerful.

  • David

    Speaking of writing like a three year old. SHeeesh, the second corrective, hand IN glove.

    Can't you son give us a preview mode?

  • http://bennett.com/blog Richard Bennett

    Howard Stern (AKA Paris Hilton's daddy,) is strictly an Old Media Fart. Ignore him.

  • http://www.mythusmageopines.com/mt Alan Kellogg

    Casual conversation be ne'er as formal as a prepared speech.

  • bobdylan

    I have heard you before on his show and i think he should put on more than Debbie Schlussel (?) (the UC JAP). UC = ultraconservative.

  • http://www.tonypierce.com/blog/bloggy.htm tony

    just remember, he picks on those that he loves… and demolishes those he hates.

    keep up the good work

  • whodat

    who has he demolished–other than his marriage? Did I miss something?

  • http://sethf.com/ Seth Finkelstein

    And after all you did for him too! :-)

    [him == Stern]

  • http://bennett.com/blog Richard Bennett

    Look at it this way: the most powerful man in the world, Rupert Murdoch, tells American Society of Newspaper Editors that they need to get hip to Jarvis, but this man/boy castrati Stern says he's over.

    Who you gonna believe?

  • Duneview

    If I read the quote correctly, it sounds as if the diss was aimed at blogs – not Jeff. Apparently, in Sternworld blogging is a lower form, and it's sad that Jeff has lowered himself to such a plebian enterprise.

    Howard is an extraordinary talent and — I'm going go out on a limb here — the best stripper interviewer in the history of Radio. Of course, in Sternworld roller-boogie and 70's style Metal rocker hair-cuts still rule the day — so look to Howard for cutting edge media assessments at your own peril.

  • http://round5.blogspot.com Andrew Harris

    I caught the interview – Howard and Robin are totally out of touch with the blogosphere and news in general; he was very skeptical that you could possibly make any money from it (and is right, on one level). I like Howard, but hearing his comments during that segment just made me want to dismiss (even more) any opinion he has on newsworthy issues. Also, Bababooey (?) or some other guy wrongly said that Bernie Goldberg was affiliated with ABC News (it was CBS News). Howard Stern should NOT be on Goldberg's list of people harming America, but Stern was just a d*ck about it without knowing the facts of the matter. In any case, Jeff held his own.

  • John

    If it involves any sort of media and Howard didn't invent it, then to Howard, it's not important.

    Tell 'em Fred.

  • http://www.edicius.org eddy

    The sad thing about Howard is that he was once hip and relevant. As time as passed, he's beginning to show his age. Aside from distancing himself from his listeners with his ridiculous displays of arrogance and wealth (the whole deal of whining over the limo made for him comes to mind), he's lost track of what's popular today.

    I can't even tell you how many times I've listened to him over the past year where someone on the show will mention something prevalent in popular culture…and Howard is clueless as to its existence. It makes me want to scream into the radio, "How can you not *know* that, Howard?!"

    It's no surprise that he's not hip to the phenom of blogging as he's unfortunately still stuck back in the 90s when it comes to such issues.

  • http://www.thebmrant.com Matt

    whodat—look up John Debella. Stern did more than demolish him in Philadelphia when he was first syndicated there.

    As for everyone else—stop taking Howard so personally. How many of you are making a living off of blogging? Anyone? Thought so. Howard is responding to the notion that Jeff does his writing on a blog now as opposed to old media. Until bloggers are living indpedently off of their blogging, his attitude is not ill-placed. Old media is still where the money is to be made, and Howard is about making money.

    You guys are funny.

  • http://www.thegreatsatan.com Gabriel Chapman

    The ignorance of the Stern crew when it comes to current events is legend. Most times facts retold during their discussions are off base, incorrect, and mostly outright wrong. Just remember his webiste during the election and all the bullshit links to places like Common Dreams, etc, in an attempt to pass them off as legitimate news articles.

    Most long time Stern listeners know that Howard and Robin are usualy ignorant of the news stories they discuss, also Howard has a tendancy to go into uber-jew mode when it comes to the disucssion of making money in electronic mediums.

  • http://www.troyworman.com Troy Worman

    Jeff! I like the new look and feel.


    I'm curious. How did Stern's mention impact your traffic?

  • Ben Sparks

    >>> tony Says:

    >>> just remember, he picks on those that he loves…

    >>> and demolishes those he hates.

    are you living in 1995? when was the last time stern demolished anybody he hates? O&A are still kickin'

    howard has lost his juice… his fans ain't die-hard like they used to be.

    he used to demolish people on air… now the big witch takes it behind the scene. coward stern has lost it… let's face it.

  • http://www.tonypierce.com/blog/bloggy.htm tony


    what are you living in 2001? O&A? they may still be kicking but before they (justly) got booted off the air how many markets were they beating Stern in? how many markets were they #1 in their attempt to be Stern Jrs?

    the people that Stern has burried over the years is as long as those who have ignorantly claimed that he was over-the-hill, predictable, and too NYC to beat them. everyone from Imus to Rick Dees to every variety of Morning Zoo has tried to compete and laughably failed. the only way that one has proven to be successful is to broadcast in a foreign language, and judging by the ignorance of you nay-sayers, that language is obviously idiocy.

    i love how all of you anti-sternites talk out of your collective rears but never have any facts to back yourselves up. this isnt Rovegate where you can just bury your heads in the sand and call anyone that speaks up a moonbat or whatever juvenile names that someone else has chosen for you – in tv and radio there's an acutal scoreboard: ratings, and Stern across the country has talked the talk and walked the walk leaving fakers and imitators in his dust.

    you dont think Rush, Hannity, et al would love to move to mornings and knock Stern off his throne? they dont dare because not only would they be buried but Howard would mock them as his ratings continued to increase and their hype continued to, rightfully, dwindle.

    as for knowing "facts", part of Howard's schtick is his ignorance of certain trendy fads (blogging, American Idol, top 40 hits). at 50+ years old, he doesnt pretend to be a hipster or on the cutting edge of american culture, nor has that approach hurt his popularity. he leaves current events to Robin, music trends to Gary, and everything else to the rest of his crew. and im sorry but anyone who claims to be a regular listener would know that.

    on top of that, he's the master of transparency. whenever he or his gang get something wrong, a righteous caller is allowed on the air immediately to correct them which leads to insults and embarrassments to the offending party to the joy of the listener. this is done not because Stern loves the facts as much as he loves breaking the balls of his closest friends – and vice versa.

    "he used to demolish people on air… now the big witch takes it behind the scene. " ben your ignorance preceeds you. just Monday Wilson Phillips singer Carnie Wilson was on to talk about post-partum depression and the insults and wisecracks that howard and the gang levied on Wilson were vicious, unyeilding, and neverending. and yes, funny. it was far more of an ambush than the Duetch show that so many of you harped on Jeff for being part of. because this one was 6 to 1 while Fred nearly sprained his finger pressing the Cow-mooing sound effect whenever Wilson opened her mouth.

    why on earth would Howard waste his time talking trash about someone behind the scenes when he gets paid to do it on the air with the victim right there – all to the delight of the listener? That tension and discomfort is primo Stern and when wannabes like O'Reilly attempt it its neither fun or funny – nor is it entertaining.

    if you haters continue to claim that howard has "lost his juice" either back it up with numbers to prove it or provide some rationale for your opinion. chicken little has more credibility than you who criticize the show that you clearly know nothing about.

    and by being so ignorant in this matter you only lose more credibility with your other curious and predictable opinions that you muddy jeff's comments with, proving that the only thing youre expert at being is clueless.

    dank you.

  • http://jackieblogs.com/hole Jackie Danicki

    Jeff, please don't ever sacrifice clarity for the sake of brevity. Your posts are far from rambling.

  • http://www.akkamsrazor.com rzklkng

    Meh, and I bet howardstern.com morphs into a blog between September and his start at Sirius. I guess the blogosphere should undertake a "blogging is cool" campaign to elevate the perception of blogs in the media to contrast all the blogging will kill you, get your white women snatched, get your identity stolen, put spyware on your computer, etc.

  • Jesse

    Yea, don't change a thing. Howard loses credibility on any subject that does not involve strippers, hookers or farts.

  • http://www.musiccherry.com Fenton


    If you didn't ramble, I wouldn't read you. I loathe 10 word answers and illogical soundbites.

  • Ben Sparks

    tony –

    >>> how many markets were they #1 in their attempt to be Stern Jrs?

    two – NY and Boston…. afternoon drive. "stern jrs?" don't you mean "clones?"

    >>> just Monday Wilson Phillips singer Carnie Wilson

    >>> was on to talk about post-partum depression and

    >>> the insults and wisecracks that howard and the

    >>> gang levied on Wilson were vicious, unyeilding,

    >>> and neverending.

    you mentioned "demolished people he hates"… he hates wilson phillips? no… i'm not talking on-air guests… and i don't think you are. i'm talking other DJs/chevy chase… yes he used to rip them apart and made their live's miserable. fact: when opie and anthony worked for infinty they were not allow to mention howard's name on their show. they got dumped every time they did. why? 'cause howard cried to mel that they were making fun of him.

    censorship? why did howie pull down his message board?

    one day you'll realize what a fake he is…. and i would have taken a bullet for howard back in the billy west/jackie days.

    btw – your overuse of the word "ignorant" is stupid.

  • http://www.tonypierce.com/blog/bloggy.htm tony


    think about who youre defending: O&A, stern wannabes, whose only claim to fame was a sex stunt, including among other things, giving "points" to a couple (who eventually were arrested) for having sex in St. Patrick's church – and who have done zip noteworthy or newsworthy since, despite being on satelite. if howard went to mel and said that he didnt want their show to be not just a stern rip-off but all about stern – then thats his right. however, it was ultimately up to mel to make the call. and it was up to O&A to get some real material, which they obviously have difficulty with.

    as for howard's message board – you may want to look up censorship in the dictionary. he hasnt stopped anyone from making their own message board, he just didnt want to host, or be responisible, for the incredibly popular board that frequently turned into hatefilled and juvenile bukkakes of bs.

    i too appreciated jackie and billie but jackie chose to play chicken with tom and mel and lost. they felt that they offered jackie a significiant raise and he felt he could get more on the open market. whose the joke on now? artie has been a breath of fresh air and, as i continually have to reiterate, the show has never been more popular. and billie is missed but i dont hear him talking trash about howard and why he left the show.

    i dont know what your real problem is with the show, but if its that howard was successful in having management distance himself from those two jerkoffs, jackie, or that he took down his own messageboard, then thats a very odd reason to abandon the king of all media. but realize youre in the minority and many of us long-time listeners are happy with his continual rise and constant evolution.

    if its O&A you really want, then have all you want. O&A now have the freedom to say what they want and it doesnt look like anyones listening. but theres no denying that they would be selling insurance if it wasnt for that gangly little dicked half jew whose every major business and creative decision so far has been right on the money and has kept him peerless and amazingly valueable.

  • http://bennett.com/blog Richard Bennett

    Howard Stern is sad and pathetic.

  • Ben Sparks

    tony –

    >>> i dont know what your real problem is with the show.

    simple. howard let me down. from everyday man to hollywood howie. he is no longer a "shock jock."… he lost his edge. in the olden days… howie would have battled O&A… now he backs off. that's all… i still listen on and off during a week, but now i can hear all his fakeness… which i was unaware of prior.

    please at least admit this… robin is unbearable. no?

    >>> O&A now have the freedom to say what they want

    >>> and it doesnt look like anyones listening.

    facts please.

    >>> but theres no denying that they would be selling

    >>> insurance if it wasnt for that gangly little dicked half jew

    *nobody* denies that… not even O&A. it's just O&A do it better now. you've never heard them… have you?

    >>> whose every major business and creative decision

    >>> so far has been right on the money


    – Where is his ABC News Interview show?

    – Where is Doomsday?

    – Where is Porky's?

    – Where is Rock n' Roll High School?

    – Son of the Beach?

    – "When I do this internet thing… I'll do it right… it isn't ready for me" – howardstern.com is just another DJ site.

    whatever… opinions… a-holes.

    much love –


  • http://www.tonypierce.com/blog/bloggy.htm tony

    robin is robin. she has always been the same except for the period that she was unstable. she laughs at howard's jokes and gets picked on because of her childhood. shes howards perfect sidekick.

    you want facts that nobody cares about O&A now that theyre not doing sex stunts and getting people arrested and getting justly fired?

    fine. Google "Opie and Anthony" (http://www.google.com/search?q=%22opie+and+anthony%22&hl=en&lr=&c2coff=1&rls=GGLD%2CGGLD%3A2005-06%2CGGLD%3Aen) what you see is either a few message boards, their site, xm's site, and old news. theyve done nothing as one of the pioneers in sat radio. nothing.

    dont like Google? fine. Technorati "opie and anthony" (http://www.technorati.com/search/%22opie%20and%20anthony%22). scanning 14 million sites, O&A has only been talked about 20 times in the last 6 days, yes theyve had 823 posts in total but for guys who are on the air every day thats nothing.

    want perspective? Tony Pierce has 2,007 posts with 20 posts over the last 4 days. (http://www.technorati.com/search/%22tony%20pierce%22).

    when more people are talking more about a nobody blogger than "shock" jock who are on the air every day, the jocks should tremble, cuz im not even in the technorati 100.

    as for ABC not wanting to make good on Howard's talk show, that's obviously their decision, but what do you expect from Disney in a post-Janet Jackson era? Doomsday, Porky's, and RRHS – theyre in production, do you think these things just appear? Son of the Beach – it ran for three years and its hottest chick got pregnant. it wasnt my cup of tea but if the question is did Howard make money from it, id think he did, without selling out. that show was the juvenile humor that you seem to enjoy.

    but what you are obviously clueless about it perspective, talk radio is predominately right-wing political talking points, and it has been for years. where's Rush Limbaughs production deals? wheres his network tv talk show? nowhere. that list you made is a radio hosts wet dream and nobody has a list like that other than howard, who by the way had a very successful feature film that you want to seem to overlook, and two best selling books.

    if you miss the shock its not because howard's changed its because you have changed because of howard and because culture has changed, in part to howard. in the last year howard has had the biggest hemorriod contest, fathers disrobing their daughters as they lose trivia, anal ring tosses, and a face-off with the head of the fcc who he did not back down from. if none of those things were shocking enough for you or entertaining then i seriously wonder what youre looking for. but of stern listeners youre in the minority as most of us are quite satified and his numbers only get better.

  • http://www.mythusmageopines.com/mt Alan Kellogg

    Howard Stern never convinced anyone the space shuttle was landing at a small local airfield.

  • Gigi gekko

    Bennett you are a loser and have NO idea what you are talkin about he is “the king of all media” and you are still a loser!