: Google put up its new video service but I’m not on it. As soon as they announced they were taking submissions weeks ago, I put up a vlog just to see how it worked. Now Google’s video service and player are up but I can’t find it. No idea why: Not up to Google’s high standards (“Love ya, babe, but your dialogue needs some work”)… pissed off Google… need a new agent. Doing the latest new ego search, it did find two videos that mentioned me… but those videos, from PBS, are not available, only searchable. Drat. And I was so ready for my close-up.

  • erik

    You didn’t edit it with your Dell, did you? :P

  • Casey

    Google Print where you can search through books is up in Beta. It’s one of the most amazing research tools I’ve ever seen. They only have books that publishers scan in so far but it completly rules. It’s amazing what you can find out about any subject just by typing in a search on it. I did a search on Shreveport Louisiana-don’t ask-and found out all about the musical history of the city with the Louisiana Hayride and Leadbelly. I even found a book of old vintage postcards from the city, and two books on its Jewish comunity, and from a biography of Howard Hughes I now know that he flew in and stayed over night there once and was hauled in by the police. It rules.