On the air

On the air

: Barring dead celebs, I’ll be on MSNBC’s Connected today in the 5p hour doing the regular blog segment (Tony is exec-producing the show for two weeks). Will be talking about blog reaction to the Supreme Court decisions, the Iran election, and LBJ and the internet (below). Please leave any tips and links in the comments.

: LATER: Ian Schwartz has the video.

  • david

    Will you be mentioning how blogs make money by letting us know how much MSNBC is paying you for your services?
    God I hope a set of Dell commercials bookend your segment :-)

  • http://www.buzzmachine.com Jeff Jarvis

    Yes, you bet, I would reveal a business relationship. Sadly, there isn’t one; I’m not paid. Judge my IQ accordingly.

  • http://asbestosden.org Shawn Levasseur

    “Barring dead celebs,”… or an upper middle class white woman goes missing

  • http://www.dartblog.com Joe Malchow

    Afternoon Jeff…
    A few words on the Supreme Court:
    http://www.dartblog.com/data/002957.html – Grokster
    http://www.dartblog.com/data/002956.html – O’Connor retiring?
    http://www.dartblog.com/data/002955.html – 10 Command.

  • david

    >I would reveal a business relationship. Sadly,
    >there isn’t one; I’m not paid.
    Hmmmm I might have to take back some of the things I’ve said about you in the past maybe you really are a LIBERAL.

  • whodat

    a liberal or a guy who likes to see himself on tv.