Dell hell, continued: Laptop 51

Dell hell, continued: Laptop 51

: I have no way to verify whether this is true, but a commenter in my Dell laments says he found a spy in his laptop.

It didn’t take two seconds to smoke the hoax: see the comments. I posted this on the train; found the nearest starbucks; came online and there was the fact-checking mob. Thanks, guys. Of course, something smelled funny but I’m glad you found the cheese. You’re better men than I, Gungas.

: UPON REFLECTION: What I should have done: (a) I shouldn’t have posted this on the train, where I was bandwidth-challeneged and didn’t have the time, in any sense of the word, to look it up. (b) I should have posted it as a question: I can’t believe this is true; has anyone seen anything about this? (c) Whenever I see anything that’s too amazing to be true, I should go to Snopes first. I’m going to head over there right now to see whether Google’s stock price is a hoax.

Lessons learned.

  • Chap

    The Dell keylogger site made the rounds of the gadget blogs earlier this week. The general consensus is that it’s a hoax:
    I really enjoy the site,

  • Dan

    I can’t believe you posted this and linked to that page. I’m speechless. If you really can’t take the time to check out if something like this is true or not (atleast check for christ’s sake) then don’t bother posting it at all, ok?

  • jeremy in NYC

    And another thing. I don’t like the font and colors you use in this blog. If you’re not going to maker your page exactly the way I like it, don’t bother blogging at all, OK?
    Oh, and your name. “Jeff Jarvis.” I don’t know…kida dull. Maybe something more exciting, like “Giancarlo” or “Brock.” If you’re not going to have a name I like, don’t bother existing at all, OK?

  • Seth Finkelstein

    Claim: Account claims Dell is selling computers with keyboard loggers installed at the behest of the Department of Homeland Security.
    Status: False.

  • Ed Cone

    Jeremy, isn’t a critical comment about a specific item (e.g., a link by a prominent blogger to a shopworn hoax) a potentially useful element of this whole blogging conversation?

  • jeremy in NYC

    It depends, Ed. I actually enjoy it when people engage in dabte here. As I think I’ve made it clear, it’s the over-the-top snarkiness that sometimes cracks me up (“don’t bother posting it at all, ok?). I just think that Jeff has some amazingly hostile commenters who, if they were in any other kind of debate forum, wouldn’t act like pissed-off 14-year olds, but seem to feel unfettered here. I mean, look at the difference between “Chap” (who posted something useful, i.e. that this is a hoax) and “Dan” (who basically just showed up to say something petulant).
    Look, it’s not like there’s an official code of conduct or anything. I just see a blog I enjoy reading (even when I disagree with it) where a lively debate happens, and then there always seems to be some idiot who feels the need to get his or her aggression out without actually saying anything useful.

  • JAS

    There’s a less aggressive way of saying it, which might be something like this:
    1. Jeff has a certain positive reputation — that’s why so many people enjoy and come to this site.
    2. Jeff’s reputation is harmed when he posts links to (and treats as true) hoaxes. I assume that no one debates that.
    3. Something that is probably more open to debate is the larger problem with the Dell link — Jeff posted it because he’s mad at Dell, and is using his blog (and the traffic it generates) to “bring the fight to Dell’s door.” I think Jeff needs to be much more careful about doing this sort of thing. Jeff is obviously free to post what he wants — he’s much more of a fan of wikis than I am — but he risks losing visitors to his site if he simply turns into a cranky product reviewer. I would be willing to bet that most people don’t come here to read about how Jeff hates Dell or FedEx. And at some point Jeff starts to seem like a big bully, hoping that the company will notice that he’s famous and give him some sort of special treatment. I understand he’s mad at Dell, but I hope he doesn’t morph into the radio personality who’s looking for free dinner and drinks at the local bar… “or else.”

  • Dan

    wow. glad i checked back. yeah, ok, i was a little rough. it was early, no coffee yet, so pardon me.
    but JAS gets it, and jeremy clearly doesn’t. who gives a shit about the colors and fonts. it was the content that pissed me off. the post reminded me of those shitty emails i get from my sister. it didn’t seem like something that should come from someone who’s blog i read, someone who i respect, and someone who has more savvy than that.
    anyway. sorry for the attitude, i was just really disappointed.

  • Dan

    1 more thing. just re-read my second post. maybe not everyone knows my sister. that line was meant to refer to those relatives we all have that get online and send us all the hoaxes they hear about because they think they can make $1000 from Microsoft by fwd’ing a message to the world. sorry again.