Video Skype

Video Skype

: I’m putting this here just so I can find it when I need it: There’s a video plug-in for Skype, at last.

  • fred

    post it, tag it, and share it in
    i just did

  • slim999

    Perhaps you should post their terms of service? This software is (or will be) adware.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that … but your readers should know what they’re getting with this “free” software.
    You should also note that the terms of service can change at ANY time, with NO NOTICE to the user of the software.
    So, for example, this company could, without warning or announcement, and with no input or agreement from the user, begin tracking your internet reading habits or, also, whatever you transmit with your camera.
    Anything you transmit with your camera, also, can be used against you. This company retains explicitly the right to “preserve” the content you video and hand it over to government officials.
    Although the terms are displayed on the download page, the company’s privacy policy is not linked, even though it says “click here” to see it.