Strange bedfellows, indeed

Strange bedfellows, indeed

: In a Times of London interview, Mikhail Gorbachev reveals that he is a Blairite socialist and Jesus was the first socialist and he and Pope John Paul were penpals and he thinks Margaret Thatcher should be a model for Vladimir Putin.

  • Jackie Danicki

    It would be funny, if it weren’t so sickening, to read a communist claiming to be all about the individual. And his denial of Chernobyl is mentioned in passing, as if some insignificance, as is his admission that: “Later I came to understand Stalinism had to be rejected, but it took a lifetime to come to that conclusion.”
    The guy is no cute and cuddly humanitarian, and I wish daft journalists like Jasper Gerard would stop regarding him as such.

  • HA

    So could this little man extending his hand really be the giant who ended the cold war and dismantled the ìevil empireî?
    What a crock. Gorbachev tried and failed to preserve Communism and the Soviet Union. He didn’t end the Cold War. He merely admitted defeat. This ex-post facto rehabilitation and canonization is absurd. Gorbachev should be given credit for accepting the reality of the failure of the USSR – and nothing more.