: I love reading pissed-off posts by people who went to conferences I didn’t go to. It makes me feel as if I just got two bonus days not wasted in life. Rex Hammock wrote just such a post about the Online Politics confab in Washington. And he says:

My admiration for certain of my fellow bloggers who appear on lots of panels has grown. I don’t know how they can endure appearing on a panel called something like, “How to cope with those crazy bloggers” and not jump over the table and slap the hell out of the next guy who has obviously never read a blog but is an expert on how blogs have already reached their zenith.

  • http://www.drcookie.blogspot.com JennyD

    Maybe you guys should stop going to conferences. You know, those can, do. Those who can’t, go to conferences. What if you wake up on the day of your death and the only thing you can say for yourself is that you collected a big paycheck and went to conferences?
    Jeff, you are actually a lot more interesting when you DO something, instead of just talking about things.

  • http://rexblog.com Rex Hammock

    Did I sound pissed off? Did it show? Actually, Jeff, I’m glad you recognized that I was talking about you when I said my admiration has grown for those who are trying to explain this to people who don’t want to actually learn firsthand what’s going on…Fortunately, I’m now at the SXSW interactive festival in Austin where it’s like being on a vacation sitting in the back of a room surrounded by people who are doing brilliant things in their work or free-time…and then coming here to spend a weekend (or longer) hanging out with other brilliant people who are doing the same. Or, maybe they’re just a bunch of possers like me.