: It’s a big deal that Sony, the Japanese giant, is about to name Sir Howard Stringer as its CEO.

  • Bill K.

    Plus, he doesn’t speak Japanese, is not an engineer, but is a media wonk (Dan Rather’s former producer @CBS). He’s the one who got Letterman for CBS.
    I guess he’s expected to change Sony into a clued company. They were totally smacked down by the ipod phenomenon, are looking for a major change.
    [This is from WSJ’s Web site which has a better story than your link, but alas, behind a money wall.]

  • sunsetdog

    It is a big story. It shows the character of the company while many other Japanese companies are conservative and will not allow such thing to happen, Sony chose the best person regardless his nationality. It’s cool, and stock price went up today. This could trigger the beginning of destruction of closed Japanese media companies in the near future.