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Citizen sleuths

Citizen sleuths

: Doing a blogcast with MSNBC this morning about 10:30. Topic: BTK citizen sleuths online. Here are the links:

: has been online for ages trying to catch him. See also this home page. has a BTK page. The sleuths are enjoying this… some, perhaps too much. This reminds me of the crime magazines my grandmother used to read (in the days before supermarket tabloids). There’s an obsession with crimes, a romance even. Some are comparing this to Black Dhalia and Zodiac. Others are wondering what unsolved crimes they’re going to swarm around next; it’s almost as if a few of them are disappointed the mystery is over.

: See the Witchita Eagle message boards on the crime, where they’re buzzing about whether BTK himself actually posted there: “I knew it. I knew it!! It was here folks.”

Then again, I’ll bet that sometime soon, these citizen sleuths will solve a crime because this new medium brings together the wisdom (and evidence) of the crowds.

: See also the Revealer fretting over the church connection.

: And getaloada this: When you Google “BTK” you get an ad from something called asking “Are you dating BTK?”

The new New York Times online

The new New York Times online

: David Weinberger reports on new “topic pages” that NYTimes Digital is launching to try to create resources on topics and squeeze Googlejuice. David thinks this new road may take some surprising twists.

The Vanishing Newspaper? A webcast

The Vanishing Newspaper? A webcast

: Next Wednesday afternoon, the Media Center is holding a free webcast about The Vanishing Newspaper: Survival and Public Service in the Age of We Media. (I would have put a question mark in there, by the way; it’s not vanishing but it sure is changing.) The folks who’ll do the discussing:

* Phil Meyer, Knight Chair in Journalism, UNC, Chapel Hill; author of The Vanishing Newspaper: Saving Journalism in the Information Age

* Stefan Dill, Online Editor,

* Mary Lou Fulton, Publisher,, the Bakersfield Californian

* Tim Porter, newspaper analyst and blogger

I’ll do the moderating.

It’s free. Register here.