Podcast, Inc.

Podcast, Inc.

: Now I can take the gag out of my mouth: Blogger cocreator Ev Williams, one of the handful of people who made blogging happen, is now moving his attention to Podcasting with a new company to enable people to create and find and play audio. He showed it at TED and The Times wrote it up today. When Ev showed me the plan a bit ago, I was jumping up and down on the couch: We need this kind of work to make the inventions of the pioneers — Adam Curry, Dave Winer, et al — ready for mere mortals and prime time. I’m also glad they’re thinking advertising support from the start. And the possibilities are endless (think vlogs). Ev hitched up with Noah Glass, who started Audblogger, an idea whose time has now come. Here is Ev’s post on how it happened. Here is Odeo.

  • Gregg

    Now I can take the gag out of my mouth
    I thought you didn’t believe in embargoes:

    If all you do is wait for the embargo to be lifted and the press release to be sent out to write your story, then we don’t need you, Mr. Reporter; we, too, can read the press release. That kind of news is a commodity. It’s also controlled news; by then, it’s spun into cotton candy. Let me say that again: We don’t need reporters to give us that sort of “news.” …”reporter,” you still should be serving your audience, your public, by telling them what you know as soon as possible. That’s when it’s still news, not just a press release.

  • http://www.buzzmachine.com Jeff Jarvis

    Gregg: It’s a fair point but there is a difference. In the news item to which you link, Rafat Ali found out something with his own reporting, as I recall. So he was not party to an agreement to embargo. He reported the news he knew. In other cases, you are told thing only if you agree to hold the under your hat — the NDA (or FrienDA, as a friend of mine calls it); then it’s a matter of trust among people who know each other. Ev told me about his plans and asked that I not reveal it; we’re distant friends (and, full disclosure: I got my company to invest in Pyra). I agreed. And I’m not really a breaking news site. If I were, say, Rafat or Om Malik, who do pride themselves on scoops, and I’d found out about this, I probably would have reported it. But I didn’t find out about it via reporting; I found ot about it via Ev. That’s the difference.

  • Gregg

    Fair enough. Cheers, Gg

  • http://lonewacko.com The Lonewacko Blog

    “pronounced like ‘rodeo'”? How exactly is one to pronounce it then? oh-di-OH or oh-DAY-oh. Perhaps people who don’t like it will play on oh-di-us? And, why do I keep getting deja vu to the glory days of multimedia whenever I see something like this? And, who has the time or inclination to listen to bloggers talk? Isn’t skimming their posts onerous enough?

  • http://democracyinmedia.typepad.com Alex Rowland

    That is going to be one of the biggest problems Podcasts, vlogs, and other downloadable citizen’s media. It’s very tough to get a quick sense as to whether the content is relevent to you or not. Titles and descriptions can help, but it’s not the same as being able to scan an entire article quickly. The number of steps to get from searching to listening/watching to liking are enough to push a lot of people towards the head of the curve, it’s just too difficult to wade through all that crap.

  • http://www.tonypierce.com tony

    my favorite post of the Odeo blog