Keebler’s Gates

Keebler’s Gates

: Steven I. Weiss sends along a wonderful picture by his friend Shaya Potter that really captures the flavor of the Gates.

  • Sissy Willis
  • Sissy Willis

    Check out today’s Opinion Journal for a fresh look at “The Gates” in the light of day: Orange Revelation

  • Jody

    Then there’s the “Bill Gates

  • Mike

    This shows more creativity than the Christo’s joke display of art.

  • J. Peden

    Will the lowly blogosphere not relent its pinhole circle jerk? Great God of Gates!

  • jonny goldstein

    Here’s my humorous take on the Gates as a quicktime movie:

  • Shaya

    it’s not my pic. It seems to be floating around, don’t deserve any particular credit.