Hot Air America

Hot Air America

: Against the predictions of skeptics, including me, Air America is expanding. It’s now in 45 markets. And I’m glad for it since I’m now (warning: plug coming) on Morning Sedition Mondays at 8:30 to blather on media. (Nondisclosure: I don’t get paid; I don’t even get a friggin’ hat so there’s no financial relationship to disclose.)

  • Robert McClelland

    “to blather on media.”
    Don’t you mean to attack the “liberal media”? Because that’s all you do.

  • Jill

    Now if you only would stop talking out of your ass and do your homework about things like the so-called “Dean paid the bloggers” non-story/right wing lie, perhaps you could provide a valuable function to the Morning Sedition guys. All you did this past Monday was show yourself as a tool of the right wing media. If that’s not what you intended, perhaps you need to re-examine your approach.

  • Sluggo

    Two satisfied customers. Yikes.

  • Todd Eaton

    Can someone pass Jill the Midol, please?

  • Twn

    So, what’s easier? To be a right-wing tool or a left-wing tool? Is all it takes, in either case, a bald assertion by somebody who doesn’t like what you say?

  • jeremy in NYC

    Well this continues my theory that for some people, their unhappiness is too large not to share with eveyone on the internet.
    Seriously, Jill & Robert – do you just sit there at your computers, waiting for Jeff to post something, anything, so that you can jump in and spew?
    I mean seriously- all he said was that he’s going to be appearing on Air America.

  • Todd Eaton

    Jeremy, you’re obviously a tool of the right-wing media too, lol!

  • jeremy in NYC

    I am starting to think BuzzMachine’s tagline should be “The Snippiest Commentators in the Blogosphere”

  • EverKarl

    Jeff took my tinfoil hat and won’t give it back!

  • Richard Bennett

    Jill and Robert sound like typical Air America listeners, or perhaps typical Air America afternoon hosts. While the morning people – Mark Maron and Al Franken – aren’t too bad (for leftwing tools), the afternoon people are obviously working for Karl Rove. Any person of moderate views who can be forced to listen to Randi Rhodes and Janeane Garafolo for a couple of hours is bound to make a major cash donation to the Republican Party.
    Air America is probably responsible for at least a couple million Bush votes in 2004, so I applaud Jeff for encouraging them.

  • VP Admin

    I have my own way of holding the media and the politicians accountable – dirty pictures to embarass and annoy:
    Rush Limbaugh humps CNN’s Daryn Kagan…
    Bush and Condi’s secret relationship…

  • O’McSomething

    Congratulations! You are a media whore through and through. Especially since you are putting out for free. I’m so proud.

  • Ptolemy

    I think that would be media slut O’Mc. Whores get paid. Your impotent spite and bitterness is satisfying to witness though.

  • Dann

    I enjoy your writing and your site. But your affiliation with the unentertaining, and knee-jerk response driven network knows as Air America tarnishes your reputation, IMO.
    I’ve heard smart and entertaining leftist. Sadly I’ve not heard them on Air America.
    …..and yes I did give them a try. They sound like whiny 16 year olds that are P.O.ed about Dad taking away the car keys on Friday night.

  • O’

    Ptol–Sometimes whores get paid, sometimes they don’t. Slut is OK by me, though. It fits.

  • Gary Johnston

    “Air America is probably responsible for at least a couple million Bush votes in 2004”
    At least as many as Rush Limbaugh costs Republicans in an average year.

  • sbw

    I’m confused: By appearing are you:
    1) Supporting Air America?
    2) Undermining Air America?
    3) Diving on a hand grenade to spare the rest of us?

  • paul_lukasiak

    1) Supporting Air America?
    2) Undermining Air America?
    3) Diving on a hand grenade to spare the rest of us?

    sorry, the answer is
    4) doing everything in his power to become famous enough to eventually write a book that will be published by Regnery and get on the Times best seller list because Scaife buy thousands upon thousands of copies…

  • Jeff Jarvis

    Paul: Don’t get in the habit of obsessive trolling here as you did at the webcred site. This is my home. Don’t crap on the carpet, man.

  • paul_lukasiak

    don’t worry jeff….once webcred is over, I’ll probably forget you ever existed :)

  • Jim Treacher

    Wow, guys… All Things Embittered!

  • Dexter Westbrook

    Mr. Jarvis,
    Why aren’t you getting paid?
    And if not, why are you doing it?
    I’m not trying to be a jerk. I would think Air America would pay someone who is a regular contributor.
    Is it common for regular guests on radio shows to work for free?

  • paladin

    All the liberal intellectual heavyweights are on talk radio—-I hear Jerry Springer is starting a liberal talk show too.

  • Robert McClelland

    Robert – do you just sit there at your computers, waiting for Jeff to post something
    No and I just want Jeff to either be the fair and balanced media critic he pretends to be or admit he’s a right-wing shill. Instarube finally admitted it so there’s no reason why Jeff can’t admit it too.

  • paul_lukasiak

    No and I just want Jeff to either be the fair and balanced media critic he pretends to be or admit he’s a right-wing shill. Instarube finally admitted it so there’s no reason why Jeff can’t admit it too.
    I think you are misreading Jarvis. Unlike Glenn Reynolds, he’d probably be embarrassed to be associated with Freepers (except when the discussion turns to Michael Moore or ITM.)

  • John

    Jeff, you forgot to mention the biggest reason for Air America’s growth is their shows are being added on in big city markets by Clear Channel Communications — the same Clear Channel that was being attacked by the left in 2003 and 2004 for being a lapdog for George W. Bush, because it’s chairman, Lowery Mays, was a friend of the Bushes.
    The left went wild because some Clear Channel country music stations pulled songs by the Dixie Chicks in 2003 after Natalie Maines’ commentsabout Bush during their London concert — this despite that fact that the company that refused to refund money to irate folks holding Chicks summer concert tickets was Ticketmaster, also owned by Clear Channel Communications.
    The point some of us were trying to make then is that Mays is just a businessman looking to make some bucks, and while you may not like what Clear Channel has done to radio in general, they’re doing it for bottom line, not ideological reasons. The same thing holds true here — CC has some underperfoming AM radio stations in big city markets, and they’re flipping a lot of them to liberal talk radio in an effort to boost ratings, not because Mays has suddenly become Barbara Boxer’s soulmate.
    Most of the stations that flipped are the lower-powered AMs in markets where CC has multiple AM stations (like WWRC in Washington, which switched last week). But if those shows get ratings and ads while their conservative talkers in the same markets were to falter, they’d have no hesitation towards flipping the stations and putting Air America on the 50,000 watt signal, because that’s where the money would be (and at the same time, if the ratings were to bomb, CC wouldn’t hesitate to go to an all-Spanish format, or whatever else they thought might make them a buck).

  • HH

    Now living in a new Air America affiliate city (on a station where it barely comes in in the day time… I can almost make out Mike Malloy’s insane rantings at night), I have to say it’s truly God-awful radio. I haven’t been able to catch you Jeff, and I’m sure you’re the best thing on there but damn, it makes NPR sound exciting from what I’ve heard.

  • HH

    Of course the problem with your analysis, Gary, is that Limbaugh has many, many, many listeners. He urged those listeners to get out and vote when the flawed exit polls came out on Election Day. Air America has yet to have enough listeners to cancel out those who hate it when they hear it. Much of what I have heard is Franken, and he’s supposed to be GOOD, and his show is just horrendous (to say nothing of the annoying cheerleader for assassination Randi Rhodes). When Conason and Lanpher were hosting without him, it was truly NPR but slightly more biased and that was it.

  • EverKarl

    I don’t know whether Jeff has ever claimed to be “fair and balanced” on this blog. IIRC, he’s said this blog is about his opinions. Indeed, if you scroll down the page a bit, Jeff has a post about ethics in blogging versus ethics in journalism — Jeff doesn’t seem to be touting objectivity as a core principle of blogging.
    As for Jeff being a right-wing shill, it ought to suffice to note that Jeff did not think Bush made the case for invading Iraq, supported Kerry, supports Howard Stern, regularly criticizes Michael Powell and the FCC on indecency and … is regularly appearing on Air America. Mondays at 8:30 a.m. Check your local listings.

  • Richard Bennett

    Perhaps Clear Channel is carrying Air America because they know it’s a great recruiting tool for the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

  • Jimmy Robison

    Good grief, please stop employing hack clich

  • Franky

    Robert, Paul
    It does seem a little rude to make such snidey posts on the man’s site. This is without question the best forum for commentators, with a good balance of left and right – so Jeff is obviously doing something right. But yet you treat this as an opportunity to make snide insults.