: On NBC News tonight, an ITN reporter went to a town that was gone, simply gone: only the mosque left standing, not a single soul left. He couldn’t find out the name of the town and said it didn’t matter now anway.

: Later… Ann Curry is in south Asia reporting on the tragedy for Dateline. I might have dreaded that; as nice as Curry is, she can drive me nutty with her theatrical concern. But she’s doing a very good job here. The tragedy is so apparent that there is no need to amplify it for TV.

  • http://www.themediadrop.com Tom

    Just read one of the more horrible stories about this whole situation – where people are selling the corpses of people found in certain areas to family members.

  • Frank S.

    Thanks for the link, Tom. I had not read that one before. I’m running out of adjectives for this tragedy.

  • david hume

    What is your take on Richard Quest anchor newsreader at CNN and his tsunami reporting? Is he theatrical too?

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