Posts from December 15, 2004

Give until it helps

soalogo.gifGive until it helps

: There is one day left to the Spirit of America blogger challenge. Please give.

I do not have a tip jar. If I’ve ever done anything you’ve ever felt was worth anything, please give. I don’t annoy you with ads (yet). That has to be worth something. So please give.

But to hell with me. That has nothing to do with the reason to give. Freedom is the reason to give. Changing the world is the reason to give. Omar, Mohammed, Ali, and Riverbend — yes, Riverbend and a thousand more voices who will be heard thanks to the Arabic blogging tool this is supporting — are the reasons to give.

This post is staying on top of the blog through Wednesday night. Please think about what blogs mean to you and about what freedom means to you and what free speech can mean to the Middle East. And please give.

: UPDATE: We’ve just about doubled the amount given via the team from yesterday to today. Keep it up! Give!

: Kathleen Parker writes as stirring column about Omar and Mohammed and Spirit of America. Read it. Then give.

Change radio

Change radio

: PaidContent is reporting that NPR is hiring a director of digital media. That’s a job that could change radio. Here’s how.

The FCC follies

The FCC follies

: Just did an interview for ABC Radio on the absurd investigation of alleged indecency in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics (which I blogged here). Today, the NY Post reports that this came because of nine complaints.

I have a fantasy that we’re going to find out those nine complaints came from a guerrilla comedy troupe.

: If the so-called Parents Television Council can game the system, why can’t the rest of us?

Atrios suggests that we should all complain to the FCC about Rush Limbaugh using the word “dick.”

Let’s make the FCC head spin (instead of the other way around).