You are what you buy II

You are what you buy II

: Last month, the NY Times reported how the GOP used marketing patterns to sell their president to their voters. Today, The Times adds more fascinating details (story here, chart here):

: Democrats watch more TV than Republicans. Fill in stereotyped conclusion here.

: During the week, Republicans turn off the TV earlier than Democrats. Republicans who stay up watch Leno, Democrats who stay up watch Letterman.

: Big Republican channels: Speedvision, Golf channel. Big Democratic channels: CourtTV, Game Show Network.

: Democrats are more likely to go to the movies.

: Republicans and undecided voters to go health clubs.

: Get this: “One of the shows most popular with Republicans, especially Republican women ages 18 to 34, turned out to be be ‘Will & Grace.'”

: Republicans are more likely to drive Porsches, Jaguars, Land Rovers. Democrats are more likely to drive Volvos, Subarus, Mazdas, Volkswagens, Honda. Boy, we drive our own cliches.

: Republicans are more likely to water-ski, snow-ski, and do volunteer work.

: Republicans are far less likely than average Americans to dance; Democrats are far more likely. See Will & Grace, above.

: Republicans are more likely to like Nascar, and college football. Democrats are far more likely to like women’s basketball. See Will & Grace, above.

  • Maria Young

    Oh the many differences between the Democrats and Republicans. Based on them, I still manage to be the same confused, politically indecisive young woman that I always have been. Go figure. *lol*
    (Found your blog accidentally: have been reading past entries for a half hour: very intrigued)
    Have a great day.

  • The Lonewacko Blog

    Inline skating is a Republican activity?
    Out of 30 activities, Dems (supposedly) only do 5 more than Repubs: surfing, basketball, antiquing, casino gambling, and dancing. Seriously, how many surfers are there? Wouldn’t those who “antique” also do other things like volunteer work, gardening, and photography?
    Casino gambling I can understand; something about average IQ.
    An interesting chart would include location/cost info. Ice-skating would appear to be a low-cost activity and available in liberal areas like the Northeast and upper Midwest, yet it’s largely Repub. Tennis is a fairly low-cost activity, as is fair weather dayhiking.

  • dries

    there is some truth to it, hehe. i’m a 35 y.o. NJ republican, who dives an Audi, likes “W&G” and cannot dance if my life depended on it. i just cannot…

  • Tim Oren

    OK, who will be the first to do a blue/purple quiz site based on these indicators, as opposed to mundane things like what you think?

  • Michael

    Republicans like “Will & Grace” becuase it’s the vision of homosexuality they want to believe in: wealthy, cosmopolitan, funny, attractive, just like everyone else’s life, without concern or mention of HIV, and, most importabntly, non-sexual.
    Democrats don’t like it becuase they know better.

  • Kazmin

    Michael: Funny, I’ve heard the exact same thing said about Democrats on multiple occasions (except for the non-sexual part).

  • Kathy K

    Republican’s don’t dance? I always knew there was something I didn’t like about that party. OTOH… I very rarely watch TV.

  • Kathy K

    BTW, what is ‘Will and Grace’ about?

  • Tim
  • Brett

    Jeff, you’re a businessman, so consider this:
    “Democrats watch more TV than Republicans.” Why is that?
    Do you suppose it might have something to do with concerns about the content on TV?
    And if so, in your advocacy for no-holds-barred TV, don’t you suppose that you’re squishing the TV audience?
    Is that your goal?

  • Alan

    Why are Americans so obsessed with pigeonholing?
    I am ‘X’ therefore I do ‘activity X’, unlike ‘Y’ over there…

  • Damian P.

    Hmm…on one hand, I watch a lot of Speedvision (now called “Speed Channel”). On the other hand, I drive a Mazda, I don’t water ski and I like Letterman better than Leno.

  • Mike

    Wait a minute, people actually like women’s basketball??

  • Franky

    Further commercialization of our great political heritage – fantastic!. In the future, the selling of the candidate will come with a free pack of detergent (according to studies, that plays very well with soccer moms and maids).
    God forbid we encourage politics to return to well-reasoned arguments, principles or appeals to our better nature. No, let’s just buy a buttload of air during Will & Grace.
    On a scale of 1 to 10, how disappointed would the founding fathers be with our political degeneration?
    I’m betting a solid 9

  • MWB

    I think you just demonstrated another Repub/Dem divide:
    Dems (you? i’m guessing) bemoan how niche market pandering is degrading politics/government, while Repubs bemoan how niche market pandering is degrading entertainment/culture.
    But they agree on one thing: In each case they paint the others’ regulatory impulses as unthinkable violations of the First Amendment!

  • ali

    Pfft. I’m a 23-year-old Republican who adores Will and Grace, but for God’s sake, Michael, they rarely have ANY sex on that show, hetero or homo. We get allusions to sexual activity, but actual scenes of romping between the sheets, not so much. Furthermore, “just like everyone else’s life” pretty much describes the lives of my gay friends… they’re middle-class, just out of college, trying to find jobs and make their way and none of them have AIDS. Granted, that’s only six people out of the whole gay world, but Will and Jack are only two. Can two gay men not be attractive, intelligent, successful and AIDS-free in the enlightened Democrat’s worldview?

  • DeAnna Spencer

    Oh my gosh. I found your blog on blogshares when I was looking for my blog of the day, which you have the dubious honor of being and I fell out laughing. I actually wanted to puke when you even mentioned Will and Grace. I am a yellow dog Democrat and the only time I watch TV is sports, but who asked me?? Great blog!!

  • Eileen

    Hey DeAnna,
    I’m not a yellow dog, so when I got here no one was actually open-armed – wonder why. Nonetheless, I realy like your ‘fell out laughing’ – Great Phrase – so welcome to you. And yeah, Will & Grace, I wanted to puke, too.
    JJ, you don’t mind – or if you do I’m sure you’ll tell me? :) – if I become your welcome wagon, eh? We need good people here.
    Blog of the day……..heeehaaaaaa

  • Karen
  • Mark